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Chapter 110 - The Eternal Void - Part 2

This is the first case where signs of a dungeon out were detected at the same time as the creation.

When this type of dungeon is additionally created, the Dungeon Management Bureau named it a 'mutant dungeon' for clear classification.

"I'm coming out!"

"You cleared the dungeon!"

The tightly closed gate opened and people poured out.

In the case of the mutant dungeon, it was the first discovery, and there were many people waiting in front of the gate because it was large and had the highest level of difficulty.

Of course, most of them came to interview Han Jin-woo, the strongest hunter in Korea.

"Who came out?"

"Supernova Kang Hyun-jun! And the Race Guild!"

"What about Jinwoo Han?"

"I can't see it!"

All the race guild members left and the gate was closed. There were no Jinwoo or Asura guild members.

In the dungeon, the vacancy felt even bigger because Hyeonjun reverse-summoned the SS.

"What, why can't I see a single Asura Guild?"

"May this be… … ."

The reporters who exchanged glances recalled something and ran towards Hyun-jun.

At the sudden approach, hunters from the executive branch including Taemin blocked the reporters.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang! I can't see the Asura guild members! What happened?"

"Where is Jinwoo Han?"

Questions poured in. Hyun-jun stopped walking and turned his head to the reporters.

"Do you want to know where Jinwoo Han and Asura guild members are?"

The noisy surroundings became quiet in an instant. Everyone focused on Hyunjun. waiting for an answer

He was predicting it to some extent, but he wanted to confirm it when he came out of the dungeon.

"We are the only survivors."

After answering, Hyun-jun moved on and the race guild members followed.

The remaining reporters did not even think to ask any additional questions and could not take their eyes off Hyun-jun's back. It was such a shock.

"The strongest person in Korea is dead?"

Jinwoo had a bad personality, and the public opinion was not good because of his bad behavior, but he was nonetheless a representative SS-level hunter in Korea.

His death was enough to shock everyone, and articles poured in the next day.

[Hunter Han Jin-woo died while attacking the dungeon.]

[Dispute in the dungeon?]

[Korea's strongest changes.]

[Hunter Kang, who is he?]

At first, it focused on Han Jin-woo's death, but the reaction was cold.

The public showed curiosity about the new Taeyang, and reporters wrote articles about Kang Hyeon-jun.

The public's attention was focused on Hyun-jun. As the situation progressed to this level, a competition broke out among reporters to get an interview with Hyun-jun.

"Although the Dungeon Administration is putting the investigation on hold due to the position of the guild leader, not all questions have been resolved. We need to be interviewed to calm public opinion."

Taemin said. Jin-woo played chess while he was alive, but it was not that he lacked support for him.

The current Asura guild leader gathered such forces and shouted to tell Hyun-jun the truth.

"You have to be careful when choosing a reporter to interview. We need to find journalists who are influential and will write articles that benefit us."

It's not easy. Hyunjun was worried. Did you think about it for 5 minutes without saying anything? Hyunjun's eyes twinkled.

"Do I have to be a journalist?"

"surely… … ."

"That's it. Call Son Tae-hee right now."


From the moment Hyunjun made a decision, Taemin acted without saying a word. He immediately contacted Tae-hee.

"This is Kim Tae-min, the deputy guild leader of the race."

- How did you get my phone number? I don't remember where I sprayed it... … .

A voice with a sad life was transmitted through the smartphone.

'Is this the life of an S-class hunter?'

We didn't even meet in person, but it was to the point that it took my breath away.

If he had been an A-class hunter, he might have had difficulty breathing.

"I will contact you after receiving the phone number from Hyun-Jun Kang, who is in charge of the race guild."

- Kang Hyun-jun? Was there anyone like that?

"Don't pretend you don't know. There is no way that Tae-hee Son doesn't know our guild leader."

The race guild leader Hyeonjun Kang was currently the strongest and the only SS-level hunter in Korea. If you were a Korean citizen, you wouldn't have known.

-It's a joke. Don't take it too seriously.

"I want you to be careful about what you say about the guild leader."

It was Taemin who was armed with fanatical loyalty to Hyunjun.

He said it was a joke to say anything bad about Hyun-jun, but he couldn't just listen to it and pass it on.

- I said it was a joke! Anyway, let's start with the gist. 'cause I'm very busy

Taemin briefly summarized the task and explained it.

- What do I get?

"This is an interview with the current strongest Korean."

-Why does it benefit me?

"You know why? If you're thinking of doing push and pull, I'll find someone else."

Hyunjun is the only SS-class hunter in Korea. If you do an exclusive interview with him, Taehee's number of subscribers will increase significantly.

Now, knowing that, she is looking at the liver. Even if I pretended not to, there was no way Taemin would not know. He warned in a rather unpleasant voice.

- Okay. That's what I apologize for. When can I visit you?

"the faster, the better."

- I'll be there soon. Let's discuss the detailed schedule slowly.


After Taemin's answer, the call ended. It didn't take long for her to return.

The very next day I got a call to schedule an appointment, and within 3 days she visited the race guild office complex.

"Wow, that's huge."

I knew from the passing internet news that the Race Guild had bought a lot of land the size of a soccer field and started building the guild office complex.

It was almost the end of December, so there was a lot of construction going on.

So Tae-hee was able to capture the majestic appearance of the Race Guild office complex with her two eyes.

"Son Tae-hee?"

I turned my head in the direction of the terrifyingly cold voice, and there stood a pale man in black.

It was Shahyeol, the commander of the Shade and the captain of the bodyguard.

"The guild leader entrusted me with Son Tae-hee's guide. The complex is large and you will need my guidance."

Sahyeol calmly explained her role. Tae-hee nodded her head with a slightly nervous expression.

'Wasn't the second person in the Race Guild Kim Tae-min? What else is this monstrous kid?'

Taehee is an S-class hunter. So I could guess the state of the bloodshed.

Originally, he was a top-ranking A-class person, but he was promoted to the lowest rank in S-class after receiving the engraving of the captain of the bodyguard.

It was not strange that Tae-hee looked like a monster in the eyes of Tae-hee, as she had the life she had already held.

'According to the words of the guild leader.'

Seeing her reaction, Sahyeol admired her inwardly. Hyun-jun was the one who designed all of this.

The bloodshed was to show off the power of the Wraith Guild in preparation for the war against the Asura Guild that might start soon.

Taehee, who has a light mouth, will spread the existence of bloodshed everywhere, and it will soon reach the Asura Guild.

Although it is said that they lost Jin-Woo Han and Jin-Myeong Kang, their movements, who are still preparing for war, may be a bit stymied.

"I will guide you. Come this way."

Sahyeol took the first step, and Taehee followed. Soon the two got into the black sedan that stopped in front of them.

'Wow, it's really spacious.'

The scenery outside the window was more overwhelming than the Asura Guild office complex I had visited before.

'Is this owned by a platinum tier guild? Damn, how much money does Kang Hyeon-jun have?'

As the sedan carrying Tae-hee crossed the guild office complex, she had to receive a different shock.

"Im here."

said the driver. Blood came down first, followed by Tae-hee.

"This is the main building."

A 10-story building is right in front of you. Men in black suits were guarding the entrance to the lobby.

"I will guide you to the guild chief's office."

Sahyeol took the first step. The two took the elevator and went up to the 10th floor, where the guild master's office was located.

The elevator door opened, revealing a long hallway. In the hallway, people in black clothes similar to those of the guiding officers were patrolling.

"Come in."

The door to the guild master's office opened. Tae-hee slowly moved forward. When I went inside, I saw Hyunjun standing by the window.

"Shall we get to the point?"

"I like it too."

Tae-hee briefly answered Hyun-jun's words and pulled a chair nearby and sat down.

"I think there must be something as a condition for allowing an exclusive interview… … May I ask what you want?"

Hyunjun opened his mouth with a smirk at the direct question.

"Incitement and fabrication."

* * *

"Senator. Jinwoo Han and Jinmyung Kang suffered."

Under the dim lighting, the executive director bowed his head and reported.

"Did Jinwoo Han get hit?"

"Is that really true?"

Not only the person who was called a member of the council, but also the man who was called the president abruptly stood up and asked a confirmation question to the executive director.

"Yes, when the first article came out and the intelligence service was operated to confirm it, it turned out to be true."

"Nonsense… … ."

The MP's poker face collapsed. SS-class hunters Jinwoo Han and Asura Guild were the most powerful long-term partners that could move in the 'inner circle'.

The trump card I took out with great enthusiasm was smashed. Fear crept into the senator's face under the dim light.

"Hyunjun Kang… … How strong do you mean... … ."

According to common sense, Jinwoo, who first reached the SS level, and the Asura Guild, which has the most elite executive hunters, would naturally win the battle in the dungeon.

So their defeat was not expected, and the result was even more shocking.

"Now what shall we do? Executive Director."

The lawmaker posed a question to the head of the municipal executive branch. Although he was a high-ranking executive of the Inner Circle, there were many things he didn't know about the world of Hunters.

So, to act prudently, the lawmaker asked the executive director for his opinion.

"Even though we lost the elite, the Asura Guild still remains. You must give them all your support. If even the Asura Guild is lost, there is no force in the Republic of Korea to stop Kang Hyeon-jun."

The political pressure did not work because Hyeon-jun, who has reached the status of an SS-class hunter, can exert a tremendous amount of influence in Korea.

"The Asura Guild Leader is also said to be preparing for war to avenge Han Jin-woo and Kang Jin-myung."

"Then I will not spare any support for the Asura Guild."

"In case of emergency, we must secretly cooperate with the special police and the South Korean military. You shouldn't be afraid of what's next, and first you need to kill Hyeonjun Kang and subdue the Race Guild."

At the words of the executive director, the lawmakers and the president nodded their heads. However, there was one thing they didn't know, at this point, the priority of special police and military orders was that Hyun-Jun, a member of the committee, had a higher priority.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 110


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