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Chapter 111 - The Eternal Void - Part 3

When I woke up, I was again in the Hall of Previous Life.

'I'm driving out.'

The past lives, who had not appeared for a certain period of time due to some kind of interference, recently sent invitations one after another.

It was certainly nice to be able to become stronger, but entering and exiting the rooms of a previous life one after another was mentally exhausting.

'Maybe even this is a test.'

A strong will shone in his eyes. Hyun-jun stared at the ground briefly, then raised his head. The door in front of me was a little odd.

Strangely, it was a glass door, but the inside was not clearly visible. It wasn't because it was opaque.

Beyond the glass was thick darkness. The word abyss is truly appropriate.

'Eternal Void.'

Tinnitus engraved on the glass door. A premonition that an unusual past life awaits even at a glance.

But there was no hesitation. Hyeonjun vigorously opened the door and walked into the darkness like an abyss.

"Come here."

A man in a white robe appeared from the darkness. The darker the background, the more vivid the color of the robes.

The hood was pressed deeply, so it was hard to see his face, but at first glance, his skin was white, like the color of a robe.

"My name is Behemoth, the Void-Swallowing Priest."

"nice to meet you. Behemoth, what kind of blessing can you give me?"

"This reincarnation is good because it is practical. I don't hate this, no, I'd rather recommend it."

As soon as I met him, he asked me what kind of power he could give me at first glance, although it could have been unpleasant, but Behemoth had no sign of that.

Rather, he had a good smile on his lips.

Half of the emotion that leaks out of your eyes is curiosity. The rest was arrogance. He smiled and nodded and took a step closer to Hyunjun.

"I can present you with the protection of the void."

"Then what will happen?"

"If you can satisfy the Void, the Void will bless you."

"Are there different kinds of blessings?"

Hyunjun asked. definitely needed to

"The one thing you most need is the same reward until it is satisfied."

"Then, if it is fulfilled, it is said that there will be new blessings again."

"I'm glad you understood it so quickly. If you want magic, I will give you magic. If that power is satisfied, I will bless you to satisfy your craving for something else. If only I could satisfy the void."

A smile spread across Hyun-jun's lips as he heard Behemoth's explanation. According to him, it was a greedy ability.

'Isn't this a complete personal trainer?'

A voice shouted, 'I promise you a balanced training!' seemed to be heard from somewhere.

"How do I satisfy the void?"

Hyunjun asked a question. Behemoth raised his head. His eyes gleamed coldly in the shade under the hood.

"Give me your soul."

Wait a minute, what? soul? The moment I shook my head and turned around.

"I am not asking you to sacrifice your soul. Dare to sacrifice the soul of the enemy who blocked the will of 990,000."

Is this a bit tempting? He turned towards Behemoth again.

"Please explain in detail."

"Killing enemies, taking souls from their corpses and sending them to the Void. However, if the soul is not in good condition, the Void will be satisfied only by giving a large number."

"Do you mean the soul of a strong person by a soul in good condition?"

"You got it right."

In summary, if a few souls of the strong or many souls of the weak are sacrificed to the Void, blessings will come down.

"Are there any side effects? If you look at movies and novels, you don't think the character 'empty' has a good personality."

If you complain that you are not satisfied, there is no answer. Especially if the being who is doing the trick is a god.

"Kuk. you are a funny reincarnation A previous life system was created in preparation for aggression, and side effects were minimized based on hundreds of thousands of experiences. This 'Void' also had side effects to the extent that it was initially evaluated as a 'curse', but now you can rest assured."

The corners of Behemoth's lips rose.

"Because the present 'void' has succumbed to our 990,000 chairs."

Hearing his words, Hyun-joon just laughed. In a nutshell, because he didn't listen, he inhaled and made me come to my senses... … .

There are no thugs

* * *

It's a familiar ceiling.

- Kkeuk. Good morning.

As soon as he got out of bed, he heard the voice of hell yam, and Hyun-jun let out a deep sigh.

- Master, why are you doing this? Do you hate this body's morning greetings so much?

"I want to express my deep regret that the owner of the first voice I hear as soon as I wake up is a man."

- Do I look like a man?

"Then, are you a woman?"

-That, let's keep it a secret for later fun.

Hell Yam didn't bother answering, but Hyun-jun just shook his head. The patient with an excessive amount of self-consciousness who spits out the middle ear disease lines is a female Chely Riga.

"Is today's schedule a visit to the guild general office… … ?"

finished showering. Mumbling to himself to bring back memories, he put on his clothes and picked up his coat and hell yam.

When I got to the garage, I remembered my schedule. Today, I was supposed to visit the Dungeon Management Bureau and receive a brief investigation.

It was an investigation into what happened inside the dungeon that was attacked with the Asura Guild a while ago, but everyone else's turn was over, and Hyunjun's second investigation remained.

They said they would send an investigator, but Hyun-jun said that he would attend as well as having an affair.

"Are you here?"

Jong-seo, who was waiting in the garage, found Hyun-joon coming down the stairs and bowed his head.

The platinum tier guild leader, and the only and strongest SS-level hunter in Korea, is the way to go. Of course, practice follows.

Hyun-jun didn't like this, but Tae-min had organized a training team that it would be convenient if there were a lot of manpower available in case of emergency.

"I will take you to the Guild General Bureau."

I went to the guild general office in the car driven by Jong-seo. A black sedan departed together for security.

The investigation was okay. Government agencies, including the Dungeon Administration, already considered Hyeon-jun as the leader of the Korean hunter society, so the investigation proceeded thoroughly.

"The second investigation will end here. Depending on the progress, further investigation may be required, but it is highly unlikely and an investigation would be insignificant. I bet."

Judging from what the executive of the Dungeon Management Bureau in charge of the investigation was saying, it seems that the higher level has already reached a conclusion.

"If possible, I would like the investigation to end here."

"of course. I will actively suggest it."

At Hyeonjun's words, the investigator nodded in agreement. If I hadn't been organizing the papers, I might have rubbed my hands and shed a sullen smile.

"I'll see you."

As soon as the flash of 'under investigation' ended, the door opened with a short knock. The servant came in and bowed his head.


"I am ready."

Hyun-jun took the first step without paying attention to the investigator, followed by Jong-seo.

Two black sedans were parked in front of the front door. Jongseo went ahead and opened the door.

As Hyunjun boarded, the two sedans departed. I sat in the back seat and closed my eyes for a moment while listening to Jongseo's work report.

Nothing will happen to Suwon. But things didn't go the way the world intended.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

I opened my eyes at the sharp warning.


"Security team! Waiting for battle!"

Jong-seo quickly picked up the walkie-talkie at Hyeon-jun's cry and gave instructions to the security team.

A light of tension flashed across the face of the executive hunter who grabbed the steering wheel.

"Chief of Information! It's an RPG all around!"

An armed force holding an RPG is visible.

"Don't be scared! This is bulletproof glass!"

"Bah, I'll step on it!"

RPG in the middle of Seoul?

"Stop the car! Annihilate!"

"Security team! Annihilate the enemy at the current location!"

As soon as the sedan stopped, rockets poured down like rain from all directions.


You don't even need to use a suffix. Two hunters from the executive branch got off the security vehicle and deployed defensive magic.

About 20 rockets were blocked by the defensive magic. But the attack was not over.

Dozens of hunters appeared between the buildings.

-The RPG attack was meant to stop us.

I pulled out the hell yam.

-A level 20 people and B class 50 people.

there are not many Asura Guild? Or is it the clan? Maybe both.

'There is no need to summon the SS.'

If an S-class hunter was not mobilized to attack an SS-class hunter, it is more likely to be a 'power reconnaissance' rather than an attack aimed at 'kill'.

'It's called power reconnaissance, but they're crazy to mobilize 70 people in the middle of Seoul.'

Hyunjun shook his head. Suddenly the enemies got closer.


Hell Yam has warned. A number of magical reactions were felt in the sky. Hyun-joon raised his hand upwards with his gaze fixed in front of him.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

magic destruction. Dozens of magic that had been aiming overhead were scattered in the air. That was the signal. Hyun-jun, who was guarding his seat, disappeared.

"Sa, it's gone!"

"Enemy can use 'Full Stealth'! State boundaries... … Whoops!"

A dagger protruded through the neck of the hunter who was giving the warning. Hyeon-jun's figure was revealed as the secret was lifted.

"Uh, soon… … !"

"How can you move so quickly in stealth!"

"You bastards! Attack without explaining the situation!"

Hunters kicked the ground and ran towards Hyun-jun.


A high-level magic that suppresses enemies with gravity. With Gildre's protection, it won't work.

As they waved their hands and expressed their protection, the high-ranking magic disappeared in vain.

"Hey, high-level magic doesn't work!"

It's not that it doesn't work at all. Destroying high-level magic consumes a lot of magic power.

"The magical world deals with bodyguards! Auxiliary system is buffed! And the battle world, hunt the supernova!"


Auxiliary Hunter deployed a buff. It was 'Haste' to catch up with Hyun-jun's monstrous acceleration. Hunters who received the acceleration buff flocked like wolves.


When dealing with a large number of people, wide-area magic is the best.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

"Fire Breath."

Flames poured out all over.


There were some who were caught in the flames, but most of them avoided it and narrowed the distance. A smile hangs on their lips.

He had surpassed the attack magic and had a foolish thought that he would be able to subdue Hyeon-Jun with hap-gong as the distance was close.

- The harsh flames of Eastel are with you. It wields absolute dominion over fire.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 3 times.

The flames spread. With one gesture, his entire vision was dyed red.


"Sa, live… … Crackle!"

Dozens of B-class or higher hunters were swept away at once.

"Hey, this can't be… … ."

"Are we the only ones left?"

It happened so quickly that the expression "evaporated" is appropriate. The rest were terrified.

Those who were dealing with the bodyguards were also annihilated, and now only a few assistants and recovery people remain.

- What are you going to do?

Hell Yamdo asked. Hyunjun smiled and opened his mouth.

"There is no mercy."

Then it disappeared again. The moment he appeared in the center of the enemies, the hunters around him fell down, pouring out fountains of blood, saying, 'Puwk!'.

- The sleeping void opens its eyes.

A voice came. It was then that he realized that he had learned a new blessing and raised his left hand.

-Behemoth opens his empty mouth and consumes the souls of the dead.

The souls of the dead gathered in their grasp.

-Many souls satisfied the Eternal Void. You are blessed with magical powers.

The magical power limit has been increased by 5%. Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression. This wasn't bad enough.

"Guild Master! Are you all right!"

The servant came running. The moment he saw that figure, Hyunjun thought of Sojin.

She also had a schedule to visit the guild general office today due to a dispute with the Asura Guild.

What if this wasn't a power reconnaissance but a bucket operation? What if you were aiming for exhaustion from the beginning?

"Chief of Information! Call the chief executive right now and find out what's going on there!"

There is no time to leisurely enjoy the blessings of magical power given by Behemoth's protection. Jong-seo took the smartphone to her ear at Hyun-jun's urgent voice.

And after about 30 seconds, he opened his mouth as he looked at Hyunjun with a stiff expression.

"I couldn't reach Lee Gyu-hwan, the head of the executive department… … not… … ."

Gyu-hwan was the bodyguard for So-jin today.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 111


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