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Chapter 114 - Destroy - Part 1

Asura Guild's chief of staff, a mysterious man in a suit, and a knight rank of the clan were arrested by the special police.

Hyun-jun was planning to thoroughly track down their background in connection with Song Tae-sik.

"Guild Master."

Kyu-hwan, who had just finished recovering, approached Hyun-jun, who came out of the morning meeting.

"What's going on?"

"A man came from the UN."

"Good timing."

As I said, this is actually by design. The day after the raid happened, Hyun-jun held a press conference.

The reason was to inform that the clan and the Asura Guild were related, but in fact, it was a detour pressure to the UN to expedite the appointment of an official member.

Thanks to the help of the 'master of agitation' at the previous press conference, Hyun-jun was still paying attention to the world, and because he was the only SS-level hunter in Korea, the power of his voice was strong.

And in two days, the UN sent a person like this.

The visitor was a former UN executive, Taylor. He handed Hyun-jun a security card and a terminal.

"With this security card, you can prove the identity of a member, and you can send instructions to each institution through the terminal."

Brief description. As soon as Taylor finished explaining whether he was busy, he hurried back home.

"Are you inserting a security card into the terminal and giving instructions… … ?"

Hyun-jun inserted the security card into the terminal with a self-talk. Hyeon-jun taps the screen a few times to connect video communication to the Special Police Department and the Capital Defense Command.

- This is the Capital Defense Command.

- This is a special police department.

Two organizations responded. Officers of the ranks of Major and Inspector, respectively, appeared on the screen of the terminal. These are the people who manage the dedicated contact network for the committee.

"In the name of the Commission, I pass the first order."

Orders that can be delivered to state agencies under the authority of the Commission are divided into five major categories. Among them, the 'priority order' is the third highest order and is treated one level lower than the order of the head of state.

- First of all, are you sure of the order?

- The situation is not known. You need a good reason to move your subordinate forces.

The procedure is complicated even if the name of the committee is borrowed because it is not a national institution. Subangsa requested data, but the special police department, aware of the situation, was ready to act immediately.

'It seems that there is no coordination between the national institutions.'

Hyunjun shook his head. If there was a proper connection, the information should have been obtained from Subangsa by now.

'Is it normal in a way?'

It may be unavoidable because the jurisdiction is different. Hyunjun let out a short sigh and opened his mouth again.

"From the special police department, send the relevant data to the department in charge of the police department immediately."

- I will send it immediately. Please wait a moment.

The transfer took less than 5 minutes. It seems that the special police department is also in a hurry.

- This is the Capital Defense Command. I was aware of the current situation. Waiting for the commissioner's instructions.

- The special police department is also on standby.


"From the Capital Defense Command and the Special Police Department, mobilize troops to surround the Asura Guild office complex right now. Keep that in mind. This is a 'first order'. Unless it's an 'emergency order' or a 'supreme order', it should be done first."

Since the highest order can only be given to the head of state and there are restrictions on emergency orders, in fact, the current police officers and special police forces were in a position to carry out Hyun Jun's orders first.

- I will move the military force.

-I'll send in the hunter riot squad.

The command has been delivered. The police department and the special police department began to move.

* * *

"I am the executive director. It is an emergency."

The door opened and a man entered the dimly lit room. Inside, two men were sitting about 5 meters apart, and the expression on their faces under the dim light didn't look good.

"Executive chief? Why are you here to deliver my orders to the Capital Defense Command?"

"Sorry. Senator. We visited Subangsa and delivered it, but as a higher order was issued, the previous instructions were ignored."

The deputy's expression hardened at the report of the executive director.

He did not have direct command authority over Subangsa, but expected that the Capital Defense Command would arbitrarily move some troops because he was a member of the same organization, the Inner Circle.

But first of all, was it ignored because of the order? What the hell does this mean?

"First order? what the hell is that... … ."

"I wasn't quite sure either. President. But one thing is for sure... … It is an order from a higher level than the Capital Defense Commander."

They have yet to gather little information about the committee.

"Could you possibly know the contents of that first order?"

asked the senator.

"I don't know the details, but it is clear that things are going badly for us. Subangsa's army and special police force are currently moving towards the Asura Guild Office Complex."

"what? Yoo Seok-ho must have the data he did with us!"

Even if you make a secret transaction, the way to survive on this floor is to keep records or books secretly for the last insurance purpose.

The Asura Guild previously denied the existence of the secret ledger, but the lawmaker did not think so.

"I asked for it to be destroyed, but I refused. He seems to be holding this hostage and calling for reinforcements. It is said that the clan has already sent troops."

The clan had already moved.

"Huh… … Things are not going well. Shouldn't we send support first? Guess I'll have to think about how to clean them up after the first attack is stopped."

said the chairman. The senator nodded in agreement.

"There are mercenaries that can be used… … I'll let them go. First of all, we should send troops first and talk to the organization to plan a large-scale support."

"You will have to give the commander of the troops you are going to send the order to destroy the ledger as soon as it is checked."

"I agree."

A movement to cover up has begun.

* * *

Asura guild members who were working in the guild office complex when they heard the news that the military force was coming left in large numbers.

At the beginning, they were non-combatants, but when the army was almost close, the armed guards directly under the guild and some of the executives also fled.

The executive branch was the most loyal group within the guild, but it was not unusual for some people to run away because the army was coming.

-Disarm and cooperate with the military investigation.

3,000 soldiers surrounded the Asura Guild office complex and started broadcasting advising surrender.

However, the ones who remained in the guild office complex were those who were determined to fight to the end, so they did not see any shaking.

"No response."

A lieutenant-ranking officer reported. Hyunjun opened his mouth as he scanned the guild office complex in front of him with a cold gaze.

"How many non-combatants are left?"

It refers to regular guild members who are not affiliated with the executive branch or armed guard. Not all Asura guild members are related to the clan, so they can't just slaughter.

"We have confirmed that about 200 people are being held hostage."

The lieutenant reported.

'To take your guild member hostage… … .'

I didn't like it.

"To rescue the hostages, we need elite Hunter troops."

said one of the staff. The elite hunter force refers to a force composed of B-class, at least C-class or higher hunters, but the power possessed by the Special Police Department was insufficient.

"The race guild executives will come to rescue the hostages."

Kyu-hwan said. At the same time, about 30 hunters from the executive branch of the Race Guild had gathered under Hyeon-jun's instructions.

"I am relieved if the Race Guild executive comes forward."

"With this, rescuing the hostages is the solution."

It is a positive reaction. The Race Guild was now one of the main guilds in Korea with the platinum tier. It's a dazzling improvement compared to the Bronze Tier era.

"I will put the executive branch in. Deploy your troops forward for Operation Yangdong."

"I will pass it on."

The military forces advanced toward the guild office complex, and Hyun-jun ordered Kyu-hwan to rescue the hostage.

"Fire the green flare when you rescue all the hostages. Then the general attack will begin."

Hyun-jun said, handing a green flare to Kyu-hwan.

"Don't worry. I will handle it perfectly."

The executive has moved. They secretly infiltrated the Asura Guild office complex without touching any of the unmanned defense systems.

"It's a green flare."

Green flames shot up in the sky.


As Hyun-jun gave orders in a calm voice, the military and special police forces began to attack. In an instant, he subdued the unmanned defense system and entered the guild office complex.

"Make the most of your time!"

From the roof of each building, the Asura Guild executive hunters jumped off. Hundreds of soldiers were killed in the sudden attack of elite hunters from overhead. It was a sight to see why hunters were called monsters in modern warfare.

It's almost impossible to aim straight at the agile hunters. The tank was cut in half by the Auror Blade, and the soldiers fell helplessly in the rain of lightning and fire from the sky. The magic hunter's defensive magic blocked even bullets.

"Introduce the hunter squad!"

An executive from the Special Police Department, who was watching the war, ordered the dispatch of the Hunter Guard. Hyeon-jun also sent the troops from the executive branch to rescue the hostages to the battlefield as soon as they returned.

The war situation was shaken for a while by the Asura Guild's surprise, but it was stabilized again as the special police and the Race Guild executive came forward.

"A number of armed forces emerged from the rear."

It was when the Asura Guild office complex was being pushed smoothly. The officer in charge of the rear guard rushed into the command post barracks and reported.

"To report in detail."

When an officer of the rank of captain gave orders, the second lieutenant cleared his rough breathing and opened his mouth.

"A hunter force with a black flag has appeared. There are over two hundred."

it's a black flag Do you think this reveals that you belong to a clan?

"Shouldn't we bring back the military forces that have advanced?"

"The command post escort force is only one company! There are only two tanks!"

"There are no Hunter troops left! It is too late to ask for assistance now!"

The appearance of more than 200 clan members caused an uproar inside the command post. It was not expected that a large number of Hunter troops would attack the rear so suddenly.

"What are you so afraid of?"

Hyunjun raised his head with a calm expression.

"I am."

It's time for this body to appear.

- The dawn will turn red.

He left the command post with a grin at the murmur of the hell yam. The moon in the sky was bright today.

"Alas. It is the moon that kills."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 114


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