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Chapter 115 - Destroy - Part 2


With two black flags in front, 200 clan members were advancing at a fast pace.

They were running at over 30 km/h. The movement speed that exceeded the human limit seemed to be telling them that they were hunters instead.

"Move to the target point at full speed!"

A hyeolmaengwon of the rank of executioner in charge exclaimed. There was no answer, but the group increased their running speed.

The road was open and there were no obstacles in their way. The executioner raised an eyebrow, thinking that he would reach the command post without any engagement.

'It's simpler than I thought.'

The mission is so easy it's almost yawning. But why? As he got closer to the command post, an unexplained anxiety enveloped his whole body.

'This anxiety is... … .'

A faint but sharp flesh pierced his lungs through the cold air.

"Stop all members! Be on the defensive!"

Instinct warned. someone is watching The Executor shook his head violently to forget his fear and cried.

The reason was unknown, but it seemed that the force had to be stopped immediately and prepared for defense.

"stop! Defensive stance!"

The moment the order was delivered and the line stopped. The dark night sky was dyed orange.

"No, magical reaction!"

"It's magic!"

Hundreds of fireballs raining down from the sky. It was different from the usual fireball. Its size, holding power, and speed were tripled.

"Saturday, three times as fast as usual!"

someone shouted

"Stop it!"


The magician hunters unleashed defensive magic at once, but it was unreasonable to withstand hundreds of reinforced fireballs.

As the fireball struck the shield one after another, it was smashed in vain with the sound of glass windows breaking.


In an instant, Jinhyung was swept away. The flames that moved here and there danced like a spirit with free will and attacked the clan member next to it.

"Wealth, the spirit of fire?"

"The flame is alive!"

"Everyone be careful!"

In the midst of chaos, the ranks collapsed. But the disaster was not over.



blood gushed out. not one

"Fire is a disturbance! Respond to the surprise as a group of 4 people!"

The clan members moved in unison. It was rearranged into a formation of one group of four to guard against all directions.

However, it was difficult to focus on the boundary between the keys because of the fireworks dancing here and there.


Over time, the number of those who fell has increased exponentially.

"Where the hell!"

When you reach the place where the screams are heard, only a corpse remains. A presence is detected for a moment and disappears like smoke when precise detection is attempted. There are no other ghosts that are new to ghosts.

"Executor! I'm already halfway through!"

In a blink of an eye, threenuts screamed and collapsed. When I woke up, more than 100 people had become corpses. Some were burned, but the number was small. Most were struck by something sharp.

"Executor! It will be annihilated at this rate!"

"Give me instructions!"

Two knights in the ranks of knights in charge of an aide urged them, but their hair was dyed pure white.

The face hidden inside the mask is an expression of not knowing what to do.

"Damn, what should I do… … ."

"Executor! 30 more have already died!"

"Ma, conduct a magic search!"

"The enemy appears to have full stealth abilities! Searching for magic is meaningless!"

"Shit! What the hell are you telling me to do?"

The executor vomited in anger. Even within the clan that moves based on skill, the parachute existed.

The bailiff, now here, was also one of those who benefited from the parachute.

Although he was educated, he was not smart enough to react to sudden variables.

"No, unite!"

"If you unite, you will be in flames!"

"What the hell! Those who use stealth will be punished by myself!"

Executioner who draws a sword. Although parachute, he considered himself not much different from the duly appointed bailiffs.

So he confidently jumped out of the formation, but the result was disastrous.

A red line was drawn around the neck. Blood splattered, and it soon became a fountain.

Push! And as blood spurted, the executioner's body collapsed helplessly.

"The executor has been beaten! All troops retreat!"

It has long since lost its ability to engage. The knights who took over the command decided to retreat, but there were those who stood in the way of them as they hurriedly left the formation. They were wearing red uniforms that you would see only in the Middle Ages.

"Well, what are these… … ?"

The clan members in a hurry to prepare a fighting stance. People in red uniforms opened their mouths.

"The Emperor has ordered annihilation."

"Face your glorious death."

They were Hyun-jun's bodyguards.


The magic rained, and the members of the SS marched forward, wielding their weapons.

The clan members resisted, but due to repeated attacks, their number was greatly reduced, and the SS had more elite power, so they were annihilated without being able to hold out for a while.

"His Majesty the Emperor! Annihilated the enemies!"

The captain of the bodyguard, Sahyeol, raised his voice with a lot of red blood on his face.

"Good work."

Hyunjun appeared in the dark. Although he swept close to 200 enemies by himself, there was not a drop of blood on his body.

"Sahyeol, you go back with the SS and protect the mansion. Please take care of Sojin's older sister and younger sisters."

"I and the SS will risk their lives to protect them."

The guild office complex was guarded by armed forces as well as a number of executive hunters were deployed around the mansion, but it was impossible to predict what would happen if there was a massive attack by the clan.


Hearing the bloody answer, Hyun-jun nodded his head with a satisfied expression and returned to the command post.

"All enemies have been dealt with."

The first thing Hyun-jun said after returning to the command post. Everyone's attention was focused.

"Two hundred people alone… … ."

There are 200 hunters who are not general armed forces. Did you treat them as singles?

They looked unbelievable, but the magical response to the radar had clearly disappeared, and the magician hunter in charge of detection nodded with a firm face. It was certain that the enemy was annihilated.

There is nothing else to say. The people at the command post bowed their heads as they looked at Hyun-jun with respect.

Since there were very few escort troops, if 200 Hunter troops had attacked the command post directly, they would have been killed in droves.

"How was the battle with the Asura Guild?"

Hyunjun asked a question with a relatively calm expression. The captain, who was examining the tactical map, hurriedly ran and opened his mouth with a salute.

"We are confronting the remnants of the main building."

"Take down the building."

"Yes? Are you okay though?"

"You rescued all the hostages anyway. Please broadcast the surrender recommendation twice and if there is no response, blow it away."

It is a cool, but effective judgment that can reduce the damage of allies.

"I will deliver it immediately!"

The captain sighed in admiration and picked up the radio. Soon, the sound of a building collapsing along with a series of gunfire was heard from not far away.

- I'm done. I don't feel the magic reaction.

Hell Yamdo said: Hyunjun quietly sat on the chair and raised the corners of his lips.

"No, it's just the beginning."

* * *

Kim Tae-min, the deputy guild leader of the race, launched an investigation. Hyun-jun used the power of the "committee" to give him all his support.

The main building was bombarded and collapsed during the battle, but thanks to magic, there was no difficulty in cleaning up the wreckage and conducting the investigation.

"Boy Guild! There is something here!"

Taemin's gaze, who was quickly scanning the first investigation report, turned to the direction the voice was heard.

he took a step The investigator came and handed me something.

"It seems to be a secret ledger. There is a strong cryptography at stake."


"Yes. It is a high-level technique that is difficult to destroy at the level of myself and the magician hunters in the investigation team. Sorry."

"It doesn't matter because the guild leader can destroy it."

At Taemin's words, the investigator became surprised.

"Does the guild leader know how to destroy magic?"

"Even high-level techniques are easily destroyed."

"There is no end to the guild leader's abilities."

"That's why I respect you."

After a short conversation, Hyun-jun put the cryptographically-encoded ledger into his bag.

I'm going to go find Hyun-joon like this. I felt uncomfortable because I felt like my subordinates were passing over the work they were supposed to do, but there was no other way.

He immediately got in the car and visited the guild chief's office in the main building. Hyeon-jun had just returned from commanding the guild's A-class dungeon to warm up.

"We have discovered a secret ledger engraved with a cryptography that cannot be solved by the level of our investigation team."

The investigation team was generously supported by the commissioner's order. Even high-level magician hunters have gathered, but it's almost impossible to destroy the magic?

"I will check."

I took the ledger and looked at it.

'Isn't the advanced techniques overlapping? It must be this complicated.'

Even Hyun-jun, who received Gildre's private tutoring, was surprised.

'That doesn't mean I can't solve it.'

That's it. Gildre's protection reacted when the magical power was evoked.

-Gildre's dark knowledge assists you. Start analyzing the magic spell.

From the beginning to the end of the horsepower that makes up the circuit. everything. It was contained in Hyunjun's two eyes.

'see. see.'

analysis is over. Now is the time for destruction.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

Crisp! With that sound, all the cryptographic formulas superimposed on the secret ledger were destroyed.

"Cryptography has been destroyed. I'll take a look and return it to the investigation team."

"You are also the guild leader!"

Taemin's eyes twinkled. If there was a loyalty stat, wouldn't there have been a notification window saying it had risen? It was a violent reaction that made me think.

If he dared to show loyalty with his stats, wouldn't Taemin have already reached MAX?

"I will review it first and hand it over to the investigation team."

Picking up the secret ledger, he said. After solving the cryptography, I wanted to take a look at it first.

"Yes. Okay."

"work hard."

When Taemin left the guild chief's office, Hyunjun opened a secret ledger. As the cryptography was destroyed, the complete Hangeul was revealed. It was a bad handwriting, but it wasn't hard to see.

"Is something strange?"

The more I read, the more strange it felt. Hyeon-jun stopped speed reading and started reading from the beginning again.

Each time his sharp gaze scanned the contents of the ledger, his lips twitched and his shoulders shook.

When he finished reading the book and closed the book, Hyun-jun had a terrifyingly bright smile on his face.

'Until now, I thought that the Echo Guild was a clan… … .'

That wasn't it. In this ledger, the existence of the 'behind' and the relationship with the clan were all recorded.

With this, the two powers have no place to retreat from Korea.

"This is it."

The eyes were cold.

- Kkeuk. Was it finally eaten by the Black Flame Dragon? I'm sorry.

Hell yams sighed, wondering if their master was crazy.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 115


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