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Chapter 116 - Destroy - Part 3

"The inner circle is exposed."

Ko Jin-hyuk, chairman of the Daehan Group, bowed his head. There is an opponent in front of whom the president of a large corporation, which is ranked in the top five in Korea, bows his head.

The one sitting on the dark chair stepped forward, revealing his face in the dim light.

He was the Invader Haren. The gaze of a cruel aggressor who does not know human emotions reached Jinhyuk. Haren opened her mouth with a cold expression.

"The report was received."

"The ledger has passed. Special police are on the move. Tried to bribe, but to no avail. I can't last long like this."

"At this time, it is impossible to support the Inner Circle."

A voice as cold as his expression echoed through the spacious stone room. I want to help, but I can't.

Support from the aggression command was impossible right now, and as the members' activities began, the troops of the South Korean parish could not easily move.

"It would be better to give up. Right now, there is no way to save the inner circle."

Haren was an Invader. It was a higher position than the clan chiefs, and they were able to use their information network.

The Japanese parish was wiped out and the situation in the South Korean parish was not good, but the East Asian province was still in motion, so we could figure out how things were going on the Korean Peninsula.

"Have you forgotten that the Inner Circle has supported the South Korean parish? If we collapse, it will be difficult for the clan South Korean parish to exert the same influence as before."

The South Korean parish was different from the other parishes of the clan. Because they possessed only armed forces, they were receiving support from an organization called the 'Inner Circle' with insufficient political power and financial power.

"It's none of your business."

Haren responded with a cold voice and waved her hands in the air. Anyone who sees it is clear.

Jinhyuk bit his lip to the point where blood leaked out and left the room. When I came out of the cave, a woman in light armor appeared in the dark.

"How did it go?"

"It seems difficult to expect the support of the clan."

"Are you going to plan B then?"

Jinhyuk chuckled at the woman's question. He is an old man who has survived for more than 20 years in the high ranks of the Republic of Korea. They know how to act in order to survive.

"We have prepared a means of contact with Hunter Kang Hyun-jun. It could be tomorrow."

"Good. Let's do it right away."

"Yes. President."

Always leaving a way to escape. This is the secret that he has been able to survive as a high-ranking person in the Republic of Korea until now.

* * *

The progress of the eradication has been slower than expected. The highest ranks of the Republic of Korea involved in this incident resisted by all means and methods.

Bribery of government agencies could be prevented to some extent, but controlling the media and fighting with sedition and fabrication made it difficult.

Fortunately, Tae-hee, who is friendly to the Race Guild, is holding the internet public opinion, so he avoided the worst, but it is obvious that the confrontation will continue for a long time if this is the case.

"It's frustrating."

Hyunjun let out a sigh mixed with a single word out of his mouth. For the past few days, he has been struggling with the guild dungeon attack without being able to proceed properly.

The list was secured, but it was not easy to cut it out at once because it was rotten to the depths of the Republic of Korea.

"Guild Master. This is Ha Jong-seo."

The door opened with a knock and Jongseo slowly walked in.

"What happened?"

"Daehan Group Chairman Koh Jin-hyuk asked for an interview. What should I do?"

"As Chairman Koh Jin-hyuk… … ."

This is the name you see on the ledger list. If the additionally obtained information is accurate, it is a high-ranking person close to the top even in the inner circle.

Why is such a person trying to contact you at the same time now?

'I'm guessing you're asking me to lower the rope.'

Although the resistance is strong, it is an independent movement of the inner circle. The movement of the clan, the South Korean parish, was not observed. They say they are resisting without outside help, and they seem dissatisfied with the attitude of the clan.

'The more you have to lose, the more you think.'

Time is on Hyunjun's side. Even now, the inner circle is slowly collapsing.

"Are you going to ask for protection in return for handing over the information?"

it's obvious Jong-seo nodded at Hyun-jun's words and opened his mouth.

"I will also ask for the preservation of property and power."

"Of course he would."

"What are you going to do?"

Jongseo asked cautiously. Not pure curiosity. This is because you need to have some guess as to what choice Hyun-jun will make in order to move in connection with him.

"I think we should see each other and talk. As soon as we make a decision, we'll let you know. Accept the interview request. Schedule as soon as possible."

"Yes, I understand."

Thirty minutes after the bell went out, I got a call saying that an interview had been scheduled. Jinhyuk's side also said that he was in a hurry, so he asked to meet him as soon as possible. Eventually, an appointment was made that evening.

"I'm asking where to make the appointment."

"I'm telling you to come here."

It was natural for someone in a hurry to come.

"We decided to be here by 7 o'clock."

said the servant. Hyunjun nodded and concentrated on his work again. In the meantime, the guild's work has been pushed back by concentrating on subjugation.

Time flew by quickly as I was dealing with the delayed tasks.

"Have you already had 30 minutes? … ?"

I checked the clock and it was 6:30. It is said that they meet in the office, but it is not possible to work in front of them, so it is time to finish it slowly.

"Guild Master. Daehan Group Chairman Ko Jin-hyuk came to visit."

The time has come.

"Tell me to come up."

"Yes, I understand."

About 10 minutes after the secretary left, the door opened and Chairman Koh Jin-hyuk entered. He was an old man with white hair.

It was the first time I'd seen it in person, but thanks to TV and the Internet, I knew his face.

"nice to meet you. Chairman Koh Jin-hyuk."

"Yes. Hyeonjun Kang, Hunter. Nice to meet you."

The two shook hands and relaxed the tension. As they sat facing each other, Jinhyuk opened his mouth first.

"I think you know why I came."

"no. I do not know. Please explain yourself."

"Huh. Are you going to come out like that? Such an attitude would not help the Race Guild at all."

I didn't like the attitude on the subject I came to ask for help. He bows his head and tries to take the initiative with an arrogant expression on the board he is supposed to enter.

He acted as if he was hiding a hidden card, but Hyun-jun knew through the information network of the committee that he had nothing.

"What do you want to say?"

Hyunjun's voice is sharp. Jinhyuk leaned on the back of the sofa and opened his mouth with a relaxed expression.

"I heard it's hard these days. I know things didn't go as planned."

light provocation. However, Hyun-jun did not pass easily.

"The Asura Guild was virtually subjugated. All the leaders were arrested and the guild lost its function."

The No. 1 guild in Korea is now occupied by Crusaders.

"no. I'm not saying that. Isn't the race guild leader dealing with other factions? They cannot even be compared to the Asura Guild."

"We are dealing with it smoothly."

"Ah… … Is that so? But why does it look so embarassed in my eyes?"

Hyunjun frowned at the unpleasant tone.

"I can help. Race Guild Leader. As long as you give me assurances that I will protect my property and where I am now."

Are you thinking of whipping me and giving me carrots? For a moment, I wondered if Chairman Ko Jin-hyuk was sane. It seems that he applied excessive force to his neck so that he would not be found out that he was in a corner, but this is a reverse of disagreement.

"Go away."

"Think well! I'm in control of the press! This means that we can not only provide information, but also support the press!"

"You don't need that."

"Race Guild Leader! If you let me go like this, you will regret it!"

Jinhyuk remained seated. Rather, he blushed and protested fiercely. It was an atmosphere that could not be put into words, so Hyun-jun called the two executive hunters who were waiting outside.

"I'm sorry, but I don't want to leave a repercussion that I never know when I'm going to hit the back of the head."

Watching Jin-hyeok's back being dragged by the hunters of the executive branch, he threw a word, picked up his smartphone and called Tae-min.

- This is Kim Tae-min.

Kim Tae-min, the second most reliable subordinate in the guild after the SS, answered the call with a calm voice.

"Return to the guild office complex now."

"Yes. Okay."

Taemin was dispatched from the Asura Guild office complex to check whether anything was left out during the investigation, but he responded to Hyunjun's return order without saying a word.

He was in Seoul, but thanks to a helicopter belonging to the guild, he was able to quickly return to the guild office complex.

"Are you the vice guild chief? How about the Asura Guild?"

"The dismantling process has been completed by the Guild General Bureau. There is no Asura Guild anymore."

Since all the leaders were arrested, there was no one to object to.

"Today, Daehan Group Chairman Ko Jin-hyuk came to visit."

Hyun-jun explained in detail what kind of conversations came and went in the guild chief's office a while ago.

Taemin listened from beginning to end and opened his mouth with an angry expression.

"How dare you say something like that to the guild leader… … You must never accept a deal."

It's a strong reaction.

"I have no intention of trading. If you accept, you can easily push the enemy away right now, but in the end, you will be left with one hindrance."

Now that the subjugation has begun, I plan to uproot the rotten roots.

"Even if there is opposition, I think we have to go strong. He softened me slowly, and he seems to see me as a hogu."

Although it is said that security deteriorated with the beginning of the dungeon raid era, it is impossible to openly engage in armed conflict within the Republic of Korea.

So, I was taking the procedure step by step in a line with no backlash, but it seems that I have been caught.

"I am ready to carry out any orders from the guild leader."

Taemin shouted in a voice full of loyalty.

"We must mobilize all the troops of the guild. I have to push hard. There will be protests, but ignore them for now. We will use the power of the committee to handle it from behind as much as possible."

"I will convene the executive branch right now."

It was not clear how much military power the Inner Circle possessed. However, I did not think that I would be able to deal with the race guild forces supported by the Korean army and special police.

After Taemin left, Hyun-jun took out the member's security card and terminal, contacted the ROK Army and the Special Police Department, and gave some instructions.

- As of the current time, we will deliver an emergency standby order to all units under the subordinate command.

The Capital Defense Command followed the instructions.

- This is a special police station. No matter how much a committee member's order is, this is something that shakes the highest ranks of the Republic of Korea. Difficult to follow instructions.

As a corrupt institution, the Special Police Department looks at it at first glance.

"You mean it comes out like that?"

- I can't help it.

"For now, I will know."

Communication has ended. Hyun-jun takes something out of his arms with a short sigh.

There was written the name of the organization and the direct number that Taylor had given him to contact if the local organization did not cooperate.

"It's a special police station… … You touched the wrong person."

Connected directly to communication.

- The United Nations Reconnaissance and Investigation Bureau.

- Respond to communications from the UN Armed Enforcement Agency.

Two infamous institutions that arose with the beginning of the dungeon raid era responded.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 116


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