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Chapter 117 - Destroy - Part 4

"Is this Korean?"

The man in black sunglasses who got off the UN charter looked around while spitting to himself.

His name is Smith. A senior member of the United Nations Reconnaissance and Investigation Service. Behind him, dozens of men and women in black suits were lining up down the stairs.

"Agent Smith. What is this mission?"

A woman who appeared to be of high rank even in a group of suits approached cautiously and asked. She was a member of the UN Armed Enforcement Agency and behind her was a mix of agents from both agencies.

"It's a cleanup of the high-ranking people in the country who have been colluded with blood.

"If you are a clan, are you talking about a terrorist group that uses black magic stones?"

"okay. They're evil bastards. Currently, Korea's clan power is exposed a lot thanks to Kang Hyeon-jun's activity. It must be uprooted and thrown away."

said Smith. He lost many of his comrades in the battle with the clan, so his hatred for them was so high that his hatred for them was sky-high.

While giving a speech tainted with hatred of blood ties, Smith turned his head as he sensed the presence of a multitude approaching the runway.

He saw Hyun-jun approaching while escorted by the SS in a red uniform.

"That's Kang Hyeon-jun."

Smith's voice, introducing Hyun-Jun to the agents, showed a feeling of fanaticism beyond awe.

Hyun-jun was also a famous person in the UN Armed Enforcement Agency, which fights at the forefront with the blood alliance.

In particular, it was no secret that the Japanese clan forces were annihilated under his influence.

For Smith, the person who slaughtered the clan members had a standard of judgment that was 'a person you can trust'.

So, he had fanatic feelings about Hyeon-jun, who annihilated Japan's clan forces and raised those who were secretly in Korea to the surface.

"Everyone, respect and follow Commissioner Kang Hyun-jun. He is always at the forefront of subjugating the clan!"

Smith speaks in a loud voice. Hyeon-jun, who was quickly closing the distance, immediately doubted his ears when he heard those words.

'What? I don't remember having a brainwashing procedure... … .'

Without knowing it, a fanatic at the level of the SS was born.

* * *

"Would it be okay?"

The man with a rough impression asked in a timid voice unlike his appearance. Jinhyuk, who was sitting in front of him, opened his mouth as he filled his glass of wine.

"What is the executive director so worried about? A special police department with investigative powers is on our side. Can't you see the special police force protecting my mansion right now?"

Jinhyuk pointed out the window. In the garden of the spacious mansion, special police officers were seen patrolling.

"I took a lot of bribes, but it's not worth it."

A smile spread across Jinhyuk's lips. Although not as big as Ohsung or Cheil, Daehan Group was also one of the top five conglomerates in Korea, so it had a great influence on various institutions in Korea. It's hard to find a place that doesn't accept their money.

"Anyway, it's noisy outside. Are there any protests?"

Since the press conference was in full swing, protesters sometimes passed by. It was the same this morning.

So Jinhyuk didn't really care, but the executive director sitting in front of him was different.

"It is not a protest. There is a magical reaction."

He picked up the radio and called his men. Three hunters from the executive branch who were waiting outside the door came in and looked around.

"Report the situation."

I called the mansion guard over the walkie-talkie.

-Many Hunters are waiting for something at the mansion gate! Even if you ask about your affiliation, there is no answer! You should come down and see!

"I will go now."

The communication ended and the executive director approached Jinhyuk.

"President. I will come and check the situation."

"It won't be a big deal, but let's do it."

Unlike the executive director, who was very nervous, Chairman Koh Jin-hyuk did not lose his composure.

"You must protect the president."

"Yes, I understand."

Leaving behind the responses of his subordinates, the executive director moved to the mansion gate. As reported by the mansion security officer, people in black suits and sunglasses were gathered in front of the gate.

If there is one peculiarity, most of them appear to be foreigners.

"What? Where do you belong?"

The chief executive asked, but there was no answer.

"These cubs… … ."

He tried to get angry, but soon realized that there was a better way.

It was the use of special police officers. Raising his hand, a special police officer with the rank of Inspector came running.

"You have now entered the private property without permission. If we do not disband immediately, we will have no choice but to use force."

A gentleman speaking bluntly. But the group of black suits did not back down. Instead, they received a certain instruction through the walkie-talkie and split on both sides.

"When did the special police that protect Korea become the dogs of the chaebol?"

With sharp criticism, someone appeared under the streetlight. He was so famous that he recognized the special police as well as the hunters guarding the mansion at a glance.

"SS-class Hunter Hyeonjun Kang!"

"Why are you here… … ."

Hunters were agitated. More than 50 people were guarding the mansion, but they knew well that if a battle with Hyun-jun occurred, they could not win.

Fortunately, the special police force, a national institution, was here. No matter how much you try, even an SS-level hunter will not be able to kill all the troops of the state agencies.

"It's a 'dog'… … It's too much of a word. Hyeonjun Kang Hunter."

The lieutenant frowned. Still, is it because of the confidence that he belongs to the special police, a state agency? He dared to block in front of Hyunjun.

"It doesn't matter. Come on, get out of here."

"Although you are an SS-class hunter, this is private property and is protected by special police as necessary. If you want to invade, you will have to deal with us."

"Is that so?"

No more wrestling. Because he had a way to get the special cops back.

"Agent Smith."

I borrowed the power of the interpreter and called Smith in English. An agent wearing black sunglasses approached, took out a Gabaeng document and handed it to the inspector.

"Hey, what is this… … ."

The contents of the document are written in Korean. The inspector's face turned white when he read it.

"You don't seem to understand, so I'll tell you a little bit. After this time, the positions of all special police officers guarding the mansion will be lifted and their authority will be lifted. By the way, if we interfere with the execution of our authority, we will be judged as a dangerous person related to the clan. You'd better get away quietly."

In case of emergency, I am willing to take up a fight. He placed his hand on the hilt of the hell yam sword that was worn around his waist and raised his flesh.

Last time, there was a Hunter who suffered a heart attack and collapsed when he expelled his life with all his might, so this time in moderation.



The effect was awesome!

It was only lightly released, but most of the hunters blocking the front grabbed their hearts and staggered.

The executive director, who had a higher grade, endured, but the way he looked at Hyun-jun changed.

"A monster, a monster… … ."

he saw I got a glimpse of the source beyond the life I had unleashed.

It was an abyss with no end in sight. As a hunter, even when attacking an S-class dungeon, fear eroded my whole body.

"Executive chief. What do we do?"

"Are you fighting?"

The subordinates stood closely and asked questions. The special police officers accepted the order and started the process of disbanding from the moment they came to live, but his subordinates were still holding on to being part of the executive branch.

"You only have one life, so choose wisely."

"Wow, whoops… … ."

Hyun-jun looked at the conflicting executive director and gave advice.

"Wow, back off!"

Special police forces retreated. In such a situation, there is no way you can win against an SS-class hunter.

When the command of the executive director was delivered, the hunters who were blocking the gate opened the way.

"Don't be vigilant."

They may pretend to retreat and attack from behind. At Hyeonjun's words, the agents nodded their heads in preparation for an emergency.

The agents took over the spacious mansion in an instant. Those in black suits disarmed the executive hunters and kept them in one place for easy surveillance.

"Commissioner. took control of the mansion. Now only the library remains."

"I will go there."

After hearing Agent Smith's report, Hyun-jun took the first step. Thanks to seeing the blueprint before coming, I knew the structure of the mansion.

Eventually, we arrived in front of the study on the 4th floor. Smith tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"Destroy it."

Upon giving the instructions, Smith created magical powers. Quang! The door smashed with the sound of an explosion.


Two black figures popped out of the shards of wood that flew along with the dust.

'Is it B-grade?'

There was no need to pluck the hell yam. One was pierced by the spear of lightning struck by Smith and collapsed with strong convulsions, while the other was caught by the neck in Hyeon-Jun's grasp.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

The hunter, who was caught by the neck, let out a moan of pain. Chairman Ko Jin-hyuk looked over his shoulder with a bewildered expression on his face.

Hyunjun looked at him and smiled. It was a murderous smile that could provoke fear in the viewer. At the same time, the captured Hunter's neck was broken.


Three armed agents entered the study first. The one remaining executive hunter gave up resistance.

While he was arrested and transported outside, Hyun-jun took a few steps closer to Jin-hyuk. There was still a creepy smile on his lips.

"How are you? Looking at his face, it doesn't look like he... … ."

He pulled up a chair next to him and sat down. His left hand was placed on the hilt of the hell yam sword around his waist, and he gave a cold gaze.

"Did you think you would be safe if you set up a special police force as a shield?"

" He is said to be an SS-class hunter, but he has this kind of influence over the Special Police Department… … ? This is impossible."

Although it was said that the troops of the Subangsa and the Special Police Department were mobilized when the Asura Guild office complex was demolished, I thought it was simply cooperation.

However, looking at it today, it is no exaggeration to say that he is in a higher position than the head of the special police department.

"Will you let me make one phone call?"

"as you please."

It was Hyun-jun, who lent one of the agents' smartphone, swallowing the words "Yes, nothing will change."

Jinhyuk hurriedly called someone, but there was no answer. His face was stained with despair.

"You must have called the head of the special police department?"

"Hey, how… … ."

It's a video if you don't watch it.

"Because the chief of the special police, whom you gave so much money to, was shot and killed while resisting the arrest. It's good to give up."

"T, you killed the chief of the special police?"

Jinhyuk was confused. Have you ever been crazy like this?

"Yes, you boy! What is your identity? Aren't you afraid of Korean laws?"

I couldn't help but hold back the laughter bursting out. Then what have you guys done? Hyunjun opened his mouth with a cold smile on his face.

"I? A person above the law."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 117


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