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Chapter 12 - Is it your first time out of a dungeon? - Part 1


The C-class combat hunter in the second row also fell down without being able to withstand the attack of the Orcs. Now, the eyes of the Orcs turned to Hyun-jun.

"Come on, Kang Hyeon-jun… … ."

"Don't panic and give me a buff. with the best."

Yesul's voice was trembling, but Hyunjun was calm.

He pointed his sword at a group of 13 Orcs, including two Berserkers, and requested a buff from Yesul.

"Bless… … !"

The magic that started from her hand reached her body. Hyun-jun could immediately feel the change in his body.

Not only was the body strengthened by the effect of Bless, but the recovery rate of magic power also increased dramatically.

'Is the buff effect pretty good?'

The thought didn't last long. This was because the Orc Berserker was approaching his nose before he knew it.


A sharply swung sword cut the Orc Berserker's head. The decapitated orc zealot fell down, pouring out fountains of blood.

Another orc zealot was also hit by Hyeonjun's shield and flew away. If not, the bones of his body would have been shattered.

"Three, my God… … ."

Ye-seul, who was maintaining the buff while watching Hyun-jun fighting from behind, poured out a mixture of astonishment and admiration.

Although she was called an assistant, she was also a hunter of the same class. However, Hyeon-jun's movements just before were impossible to follow with her eyes.

In an instant, more than half of the orcs died. It was the moment when Yesul saw that and hoped that she would be able to live.


Two orcs fell from above her head and shredded the porter's arms and legs with large axes. And then after that, he aimed at Yesul.

She resisted, wielding the short sword she was holding, but to no avail. Auxiliary Hunter's fighting power was insufficient to deal with two monsters of the same class.


A scream broke out. The short sword he was holding flew away as soon as it collided with the ax wielded by the orc.

There were two orcs in front of them, and no weapons were in their hands. She sensed the end and closed her eyes tightly.

That was then.


There was a dull noise of 'Puck!' and an orc collapsed helplessly.

"Ah… … ?"

Tears stopped flowing. A dagger was stuck in the forehead of the fallen orc, and Hyun-jun was blocking the front of the orc who was aiming for her.

"Buff, keep it going."

"Yeah? Yeah!"

When the supply of mana is cut off, the buff is removed. Perhaps due to extreme tension, it was on the verge of cut off the supply of magical power.

Yesul hurriedly stretched out her hands and raised her magic power. Buff came back to life.

Next, the sword that Hyeon-jun stabbed pierced the orc's heart. The orc fell helplessly.

After defeating the Orc, Hyun-jun turned his head and threw an indifferent look at Ye-seul. She sat down and trembled hard.

"Are you okay?"

Hyunjun asked. Then he cautiously extended his hand.

"Ah… … Thank you."

Ye-seul took Hyun-jun's extended hand and barely got up.

He was still trembling because he had just escaped from the fear of death.

"What are you going to do? The door isn't locked, so I guess I can just give up and go back... … ."

"Go ahead. I don't want to cause trouble to Kang Hyun-jun."

If you give up the dungeon attack, you receive various penalties.

"Now the boss room is gone… … Isn't it worth it?"

"I'm the only one who can fight properly."

Hyunjun said. There were two survivors, but Yeseul was a secondary hunter, so he could barely protect himself in this place.

"If it's Hyeonjun Kang, you can catch the boss here by yourself."

If it is a C-class dungeon boss, at most, a B-class beast will appear. If it was only one B-class beast, it was a level that Hyunjun could deal with.

He was an excellent hunter who won even against the Skeleton Champion, the lowest-ranking Beast of Class A.

"Then I will proceed. I will host the party."


In fact, even Hyun-jun didn't want to give up on the dungeon attack and become a loser.

The two continued to advance. Not long after, a huge iron gate appeared that seemed to be heading towards the boss room.

"Now it's the boss room."

"As long as you keep the buff, I will take care of everything."

Hyunjun said. In fact, it didn't matter if there was no buff. Even if there was a boss correction, he had the confidence that he could easily defeat a B-class beast.

"Don't worry about the buff."

Yesul answered with a lively voice. Eventually, the iron door opened and the drone flew in first, illuminating the darkness. Then the boss appeared.

'Orc Shaman… … !'

It was a B-class beast. Hyunjun raised his shield and covered his body.

The orc shaman was afraid to read the signs of the two men and summoned several fireballs the size of a human head and sent them away.


As the shield collided with the fireball, a loud noise erupted. If it had been the old shield I used in the past, it would have been shattered at once.

The shock was that strong, but fortunately, the 'Shield of grudges' endured.


With Yesul's sharp voice, the buff appeared once again.


body became lighter. Hyunjun rushed towards the orc shaman. A fireball aimed at him, but he blocked them all with his brilliant shield technique.

'Wow, it's fast… … !'

When Yesul closed her eyes once and then opened her eyes, Hyeonjun's sword was already stuck in the orc shaman's neck.

Hyeonjun extracted the magic crystal from the orc shaman's body and put it in his bag.

"I'm really great… … Killing a B-class beast that has received boss corrections in one hit... … ."

"It didn't matter."

said frankly. As the boss's body disappeared, a bright light burst from the wall. It was a warp gate that could return to the entrance of the dungeon.

"Shall we go?"

Jessie asked. A faint smile could be seen on the corner of her lips. It was a joy to be able to survive.

Instead of answering, Hyunjun moved to the warp gate first. The moment he passed the warp gate, he was standing on the stairs of the entrance.

Then, the light burst out and Yeseul appeared. So, the dungeon raid is over.

They headed straight to the dungeon management office. Yesul had a car, so it was easy to move around. It was a foreign car that looked quite expensive.

"You did a really good job."

clearing is over The total settlement amount should be divided in half by 20 million won, but Yeseul handed over 15 million won to Hyun-jun, saying that he did nothing.

It was the moment when the reincarnation investigation was over and the party was disbanded.

"Come on, wait! Please take this."

Yesul ran to her and handed her a business card. Then he waved his hand and walked away.

"exactly! Please contact!"

Hyunjun shifted his gaze to the business card he received from Yesul.

[Regular attack team: Ace.]

It was a business card with the contact information of the regular attack team, which is quite famous in the hunter world.

* * *

Attacking the dungeon is accompanied by a lot of fatigue. So, it was common for many hunters to have a certain rest period after clearing one dungeon.

Even in the case of Hyunjun, he had a short break of 4 days because he recently attacked dungeons almost continuously.

During the break, I had one more practice with Carthage.

The number of spear stabs still did not decrease. This is because the stronger the training, the higher the intensity.

"Today's class ends here."

I couldn't count how many times I had been pierced by a spear. This time, it was a match. When Carthage declared the end, he woke up from the dream of cultivation.


The familiar ceiling of the studio welcomed Hyun-jun. He took a deep breath and got up from the bed.

After he settled his breakfast with instant food, he headed to the dungeon management office. After 4 days off, it was time to start working.

"Hello? Hunter, how can I help you today?"

When I handed the certificate, the clerk responded with a smile. From level C hunters, they are recognized as practical dungeon raiders. He said that wherever he went he was treated. It felt good.

"I am applying for C-class dungeon matching."

"Yeah. Could you please wait a minute?"

The clerk tapped the keyboard quickly.

"There is a party that just has a vacancy, are you willing to participate?"

It seemed that one or more party members canceled the matching and left due to unavoidable circumstances.

Of course, even in such cases, a penalty is imposed.

"How many hours do you have left?"

Hyunjun asked. In this case, it was often the same day schedule.

"Four hours left."

"I will go. Please apply."

"The application has been completed. The meeting place and the exact time will be notified by message on Hunter's smartphone."

As soon as the business was over and I left the dungeon management office, a message arrived. Hyunjun checked the place first.

'It will take about 30 minutes by taxi… … ?'

It wasn't close. He went back to the studio, got his gear, and took a taxi to the gathering place.

Hyunjun was sitting in a comfortable position in the back seat, looking at his smartphone.

It was the moment when I thought it was time to arrive at the gathering place and put my smartphone in.

'Something is coming!'

Something with magical powers is flying. There wasn't much time to think. Hyun-jun opened the door with his sword and shield and threw himself outside.

Immediately after that, a fireball from somewhere flew into the driver's seat.


The driver's seat became a sea of ??fire with a brief explosion.

When the driver became unconscious, the taxi crashed into a street tree. Had I stayed there, I would have been fatally wounded.

"Orc Shaman?"

When I raised my head, the beast came into view. They were never meant to be in the city center. If there is an exception, it is when a raid situation occurs.

'The alarm didn't sound.'

If so, it meant that an unexpected dungeon out occurred. The thought didn't last long. Hyunjun threw himself at the orc shaman.


When the orc shaman screamed and shook the staff, three fireballs the size of a child's head were created.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

The protection began and the Aurors strengthened their shields. A fireball struck the Auror Shield.

The shock was transmitted through the shield, but Hyunjun did not stop. Before he knew it, he approached the orc shaman's nose and swung his sword vigorously.


The raised left arm blocked the sword. There was not enough power in the sword to cut off the arm of a B-class beast.

'If only I had the Auror Blade!'

The arm of a B-class beast would have been cut off easily. But without it, I had no choice but to back out right now.

The orc shaman counterattacked by waving his staff with his other hand while dripping blood from his left arm, creating a fireball.


As the fireball hit the shield, a roar exploded. Although not a small amount of shock was delivered, Hyunjun's posture did not waver.

It was thanks to the memory of the skilled shield art inserted by Carthage's protection.


Together with the spirit, he narrowed the distance for a moment and swung his shield. The shield reinforced with an aura shattered the orc shaman's head.

"Bar, did you just see it?"

"The head of a B-class beast was smashed in one shot!"

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 12


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