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Chapter 120 - Survivors raise their heads - Part 3


Haren sighed and stepped back. The black flames rising from his body became sharp spears and spread out in all directions. It was a measure to prevent Hyun-jun from approaching.

"It's no use."

He is powerless in front of Gildre's protection. Now, Hyunjun was able to destroy even the level of black flame close to that of anti-magic because the magic furnace was full.


Black salt that is destroyed and scattered in the air. approaching blade. A body that wants to avoid, but is rigid and does not move as intended.

With his anxiously trembling gaze, he managed to release magical energy and flowed the path of Hell Yam, but it was not perfect.


His left arm was cut off with a terrifying cutting sound. But instead of screaming in pain, Haren counterattacked. A heavy blunt weapon flew in, aiming at Hyunjun's head.


unexpected. But it's not to the point of being unresponsive.


The counterattack was blocked in vain. While the Void Shield with the Auror Shield was struck by the mace, the Hellyam Sword penetrated deep into Haren's body.

"Go, high-speed playback!"

"It's no use! Fire Blade!"


Haren wants to activate the high-speed regeneration technique imprinted on her body. However, Hyun-Jun did not stand still.

By giving the flame attribute to the auror, the wound has been erased. A scream filled with pain erupted, and at the same time, a butcher's dagger came to mind behind Hyun-jun's back.

The tip of the dagger was glaring at Haren's forehead.

"Hey, this… … ."


Before he could finish speaking, a butcher's dagger that flew and landed in Haren's forehead. His neck was bent backwards and he collapsed helplessly.

"Did you do it?"

-Stop using such resurrection spells.

Contrary to the fears of Hell Yam, Haren, who had fallen, stopped breathing. will be completely dead

Hyun-jun absorbed the soul from his corpse and offered it to Behemoth.

- A strong soul satisfied the eternal void. You are blessed with magical powers.

Unlike the clones with S-class power, the void of the Behemoth was greatly satisfied by sacrificing the SS-level Haren and main body.

Not only the mana path was expanded, but the consumed mana was also partially charged.

-Are you going back now?

Hell Yamdo asked. Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"Now that it's settled, you should go and rest."

There was no need to worry.

* * *

There was a large-scale incident in which nearly 10 high-ranking officials in the political and business circles of South Korea lost their lives at once, but it did not become a major social issue.

Most of the media outlets had turned their backs on the Inner Circle, judging that their death had completely eliminated their chances of winning.

[The history of the highest-ranking group in Korea.]

[This is clearly an intentional assassination.]

[Government launches investigation.]

A few large media outlets, which can be seen as directly under Inner Circle, raised their voices, but the Special Police Department concluded the investigation as an 'accidental death'.

"How do you come to that conclusion?"

"I can't even show you the body! I can't even show the scene! What the hell is this?"

"We demand a fair and transparent re-investigation."

The officers of the Inner Circle came to the Special Police Department and protested, but the decision did not change.

As the special police officers related to the Inner Circle or clan were swept away, the vacancy was filled instead because they were recommended by Hyun-jun or Jin-ah.

Even the special police chief was Song Tae-sik, so no further explanation is needed.

"Wouldn't it be better to deal with it?"

Smith, wearing black sunglasses, approached Hyun-jun, who was sitting in the lobby of the special police department, and asked.

He looked like a brutal assassin belonging to the executive branch just by saying that it would be better to 'handle it down', but in fact, technically, he was a member of the United Nations.

It didn't look weird. It's a bit extreme, but it's normal. With the opening of the dungeon raid era, security around the world deteriorated and the risk of war increased. Most of the members of a special agency directly under the United Nations acted with similar thoughts to Smith.

"I think so too. If you completely subdue it, the funding to the clan will decrease, right?"

"But, guild chief. The Korean economy may be shaken."

Hyunjun said. Jong-seo, who was guarding her side, asked cautiously.

Since most of the members of the Inner Circle are high-ranking politicians in Korea, it is perfectly normal for such concerns to arise.

"Nearly 10 people at the top of the inner circle have died. Not only were there presidents of large corporations, but there were also members of parliament. But has the Republic of Korea been shaken?"

Jong-seo had no choice but to shake her head at Hyun-jun's question. Conglomerates that have lost their chairman have secured a successor to the chairmanship with support from the state and the UN.

Of course, even in this process, the breath of Hyeon-jun and Jin-ah worked a little, so a person who had no relationship with the clan and had a relatively good feeling for the race guild took over the position.

"If you cut out the rotten flesh, new flesh grows. There are alternatives out there, so you don't have to worry."

In my mind, I did not want to care about the economy of the Republic of Korea, but the government was officially cooperating with the Race Guild and was showing a friendly attitude, so I thought I would provide basic courtesy.

"If you give me the instructions, I will act right away."

"Can you do it secretly?"

"You trust the UN special agency. Agents of the armed forces are now on the Korean Peninsula, so we can deal with them right away."

"I'll leave it to Agent Smith's judgment. If you see it as a threat, remove it."

"Okay. Commissioner."

Smith disappeared into the dark. Hyun-jun smiled as he looked at where Smith was standing. By Smith's standards, most Inner Circle executives won't see the sun rise tomorrow morning.

He gave this order because he knew well how to respond to problems related to the clan.

'It was an extreme avenger.'

When he first met Smith, Hyun-jun nodded, recalling the true name he had confirmed using Romanov's protection.

"Chief of Information. What is your schedule for today?"

"There is not. As for the guild business, only a report of a level that the deputy guild leader can solve remains."

"Then let's go to the mansion."

I wanted to rest.

"I'll see you."

I got into the car that Jong-seo was driving and went back to the mansion. Wanting to rest, I hurried up to the 5th floor, where the bedroom was.

I got on the elevator and reached the 5th floor. As soon as I finished showering and went into the bedroom, my smartphone rang.


I picked up my smartphone and answered the call.

- Han So-jin is with me.

altered voice.

"who are you?"

He asked in a cold voice. The guard must have been perfect, but you got through it?

The fact that there was no report from the security officer meant that the matter was being carried out in secret. Life flowed naturally, and his hand grabbed the hilt of the sword of the hell yam.

- If you want to meet me, come down to the 4th floor.

"The fourth floor? Sigh… … ."

Hyunjun let out a short sigh as if relieved at that time and leaned against the wall. The fourth floor of the mansion was a space for Sojin.

"Is it Son Tae-hee?"

There was no way Sojin, who was considerate, could play such an innocent prank. Then there is only one suspect, Son Tae-hee.

It's close to certain, but it's still speculation. I needed to go down to the 4th floor and check it with my own eyes.

- Kkeuk. Are you planning to go gear? there?

It is also a hellish yam that sets the mood with something strange. Hyunjun shook his head with a sigh and went down the stairs to the fourth floor.

'Is the light off?'

I didn't fully understand Sojin's lifestyle, but I thought it wasn't the time to sleep. Because it was only 8pm.

'Two pillars.'

It is a familiar sign.

'Light from the living room.'

Hyeon-jun became completely invisible using the divine protection. After confirming that his body had melted into the darkness, he quickly moved to the place where the faint light was leaking out.

As we turned the corner, a large living room was revealed. Sojin and Taehee were there too.

"How to… … ."

"Uh, sister… … ."

A horror movie was playing on a TV that was large enough to resemble a movie theater screen, and the two women were sitting on the sofa hugging each other.

It's impressive how he doesn't take his eyes off the TV screen even though he's trembling.

Looking at the two of them, things went as expected. While watching the movie, Sojin got scared and asked Hyunjun to call, and Taehee wanted to play a prank.

So-jin, the chief of the guild chief's secretary, must have known that Hyun-jun didn't have a schedule today.

'Are you kidding people?'

I shook my head in disbelief.

'I'll do the same.'

A playful smile spread at the thought of making fun of the two of them. Not knowing how long it had been since I had laughed like this, I slowly moved behind the sofa.

He was in total hiding and was concentrating on the movie, so he didn't seem to notice any presence at all.

At that sight, Hyun-jun smiled and released the hiding.

"What are you doing?"

As soon as he took off the veil of hiding, he shoved his face between the two of them and spoke in a low voice like a ghost.

"Hey, hey!"


Like an S-class combat hunter, Tae-hee, who has excellent physical abilities, retreated as if running away first, and So-jin rolled off the sofa with a scream as her legs were twisted.


Hyunjun laughed out loud at the sight. I don't know how long it's been since I've laughed like this.

As I went through the training as if my soul was being ripped out in the room of my previous life, my emotions also died.

When I came to my senses, when I saw the clan, it had become a weapon wielding machine. Like a dead person, dry time.

'It's different now.'

I feel alive.

"It pops out all of a sudden! Do you have feelings for me?"

"Tongue, Hyun Joon-ah… … I was shocked."

different reactions. Hyeonjun jumped over the sofa and sat among them, opening his mouth.

"It was Son Tae-hee who took the lead."

"I don't have a schedule today, so I thought it would be good to take some time to change my mind, so I asked to call. I didn't know you could play such a serious prank. Sorry."

Sojin quickly apologized, thinking that Hyunjun's voice was a bit sharp. I was a little moved by the fact that it wasn't just because I was scared.

"It's okay. From now on, that won't happen. You know I worry a lot about you, right? Even if other people joke around with that, I will stop in the future."

"Huh. I will do that."

Tae-hee shook her head, seeing So-jin answering with a blush on her face and Hyun-jun looking at it happily.

"It's very sesame."

Sojin's face became even redder, but Hyunjun's eyes turned to the TV, and he couldn't see it.

"Let's see a movie."

I kept watching a horror movie with a hell of a yam next to it. Each time a ghost appeared, Sojin narrowed the distance little by little, and Taehee was also trying to overcome her fear by herself, but sneakily approached.

- You need a spear.

Seeing this, the Hell Yamdo vomited out anger. Hyun-joon did not understand that feeling.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 120


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