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Chapter 123 - The Ominous Omen - Part 1

Roscal, the deputy commander of Unit 281 belonging to the 13th Invasion Army, received news from his deputy that the 12th-class Invader Haren was killed.

"It's been less than half a year since the right person's magic was detected, are you saying that the 12th-class Invaders have been hit?"

Rothcal said wriggling his disgusting tentacles.

Although he was sent abroad and almost thrown away, Haren's affiliation did not change.

The fact that he lost his Invaders without much success hurt Roscal's pride.

"Sorry… … Cuckoo!"

Tentacles slapped the lieutenant's abdomen. He collapsed, spitting red blood.

"Stand upright, lieutenant. Why didn't you send support?"

The adjutant could hardly raise his head at the sharp reprimand.

"Did your mouth stick? Why can't you speak?"

"Sorry, I'm sorry. The rift was unstable and the Dimensional Gate could not be opened."

Dimensional gates, also called gates, use rifts. If the rift is stable, a large number of troops can move, but in the opposite case, only a small number of troops can move.

If many move prematurely while the rift is unstable, they will be swept away by a dimensional storm and lose most of them.

In that respect, the lieutenant's judgment was correct, but it was not the answer Roscal wanted.

"Did the lieutenant still not understand the current situation?"

"I am aware of it."

"The 'qualified person' appeared and the Insible Corps commander entrusted me with all the powers related to me. Lieutenant, do you not understand what this means?"

The lieutenant did not open his mouth easily. Under the current circumstances, it seemed that no words could calm Roscal.

"My fate is at stake here."

Rothcal's voice tinged with excitement. If he kills the right person, he might become a direct officer of the corps.

But in the opposite case, what if you can't handle the qualified people and raise them?

'It doesn't end with relegation.'

A cold sweat was flowing. The growth rate of 'qualified people' who can use the previous life system is beyond imagination.

The previous lives that make up the system are all strong in the place where they were destroyed by the Invasion Command. That resentment was passed on to the right person and made the aggression command hostile.

"The eligible person must be killed."

The biggest enemy of the Invasion Command is not the 'dimensional alliance', but the 'qualified person'. At least Roscal thought so.

"Send troops to Earth to establish a vanguard command."

"Responsible Commander. Because the rift is unstable, it is expected that more than 90% of the troops will be lost."

"If only the right people are killed, there will be no problem with the loss of troops."

"Chae, Chief Commander… … ."

The lieutenant's eyes fluttered. he could be sure It was clear that the tentacle monster in front of me was crazy.

* * *

An S-class combat hunter, Sahyeol, who was born in Shade and rose to the rank of Captain of the SS. Hyun-jun entrusted him with training for common sense and concept of flame.

"The Emperor has given me a 'special order'. I must complete my mission more than anyone else."

The sight of him muttering to himself under the night sky with the full moon was enough to stimulate the sensibilities of middle school students, but he was serious.

"You must never disappoint your Majesty the Emperor. This is my mission."

archetype. If Hyun-jun had seen this, he would have applauded the power of the SS's ceremonies.

"I can't help it. The only way is to write it."

The bloodstained eyes gleamed. In my mind, the plan is already complete. Now all that's left is to run.

"The problem is finding the flame."

"No need to worry about that."

Flame appeared in the dark.

"Did you see everything?"

An ordinary person would have been caught kicking a blanket with his feet, but Sahyeol had almost no feelings left except for his loyalty to Hyun-jun.

He sent an indifferent gaze towards Flame with an expressionless expression.

"Of course. It was really cool to see him vowing towards the full moon."

"I just didn't want to disappoint the Emperor."

"I agree. I also don't want to see my brother disappointed."

Flame smiled and nodded.

"Then we can start right away."

"Alas. Of course."

Did something go through? The two headed somewhere with a determined expression on their faces.

"Let's start with the drama first."

He was a saphyeol who thought that there is nothing better than a drama or the Internet to learn about modern society.

And as a few days passed, December ended and a new year dawned.

"Would you like to invite your friends and have dinner together?

Even if we can't go to the New Year's sunrise together, I thought it would be okay to get together and have a meal.

"That's a good idea."

Sojin agreed with a smile, and the plan for the New Year's first supper went smoothly. Invitations were sent to a small number of close friends, and it was finally dinner day.

"Looks like I'm number one."

Jin-ah arrived first in a personal helicopter.

"It's been a while since my brother invited me like this."


Hanseok, Taesik, and Sunwoo also arrived. These were all formally invited outsiders, and the rest were family members of the Race Guild.

"brother! How were you?"

"Isn't Han Seok okay?"

"Actually, I recently went to Japan. I brought you a nice drink."

Hanseok said while lifting the wooden locker with Japanese writing on it. Did you go to Japan at this time?

"How is the situation in Japan?"

"It's stabilizing quickly. I went to Tokyo, and luckily I found the old atmosphere."



Hyeon-jun nodded his head without saying a word, looking at Han-seok's serious expression in an instant. No further explanation is necessary since the name "Akihabara" has appeared.

"Everyone sit down."

Sojin was right in directing the kitchen. When Hyeonjun was a student, she liked to cook to the point that she sometimes brought a packed lunch.

Several dishes appeared, and finally, a plate of kimchi and kimchi came up on each table, and Flame's expression became serious in an instant when she saw it.

It seems to have reminded me of a shocking scene I saw in a drama that Sahyeol recently showed for educational purposes.

"Kimchi looks delicious."

When Hyeonjun picked up the kimchi with chopsticks, Flame's eyes fluttered.

"brother. I don't know what it is, but I was wrong."

Maybe it was because of the memories he had until just before he died, so he thought he would hit him with kimchi. Hyunjun smiled and opened his mouth at the funny reaction.


I put kimchi in Flame's mouth. There was one person who was looking at that figure, and it was Jin-ah.


The dinner started in a chaotic atmosphere in many ways. The atmosphere is ripe and Hanseok is about to open the sake brought by him. Taemin and Hanseok, and Taesik and Sunwoo's smartphones spit out a ringtone at the same time.

"Excuse me for a moment."

"brother. Sorry. It seems like an important call."

The four were absent for a while. They came back almost at the same time after five minutes.

"Guild Master. It is said that at least 4 large-scale raids were predicted in Seoul. We don't know how things will turn out, so I think it would be better for us to prepare as well."

Taemin spoke first.

"You mean there are more than 4 raid forecasts?"

Hyunjun asked in a surprised voice. It was rare to predict so many raid situations at once.

If there are 4 predicted places, there may be more raids that actually occur. The Situation Bureau is also aware of this fact, so they want to keep the reserve personnel.

"Did Han Seok get the same phone call?"

"Yes. brother. The Raid Situation Bureau has sent you an urgent request for assistance. The conditions are good and I don't want to see Seoul become a sea of ??fire, so I'm sorry, but I think I should go to Nowon-gu right now."

"It's okay. Come on."

"Thank you. brother."

After expressing his gratitude in a sincere voice, Han Seok headed to Seoul. Anyway, the meal was almost finished, and Hyun-jun had to wait because there could be a situation where he had to move too.

While the employees were cleaning the table, Hyun-jun moved to the study with Tae-min.

I sat in a chair and turned on the TV. The news was reporting that the evacuation of the raid expected area was in progress.

"Is it a blood alliance?"

The voice went cold. As the rate of sympathy with the previous life increased, the hostility towards the aggression command and the clan naturally increased.

"I think so too. To think of it as a mere coincidence, in many ways, cannot be erased from the artificial feeling."

"It could be a two-way operation. Contact the Armed Guard and tell them to pay close attention to the security of the guild office complex."

"Yes, I understand."

Fortunately, the formation of an armed guard under the direct control of the guild had been completed. It was a class of C or lower with a size of 500 people, but it was the most elite of all hunters.

"We will report as soon as we get more information."

Taemin went out and Hyunjun sat down on a chair by the window and looked outside. And how much time has passed?

The door opened with a knock and Taemin entered. I looked at my watch and it had only been an hour.

"Raid gates were opened in 7 areas of Seoul including Nowon-gu. It is said that a 'new war' has been activated to defend the current capital."

'Shinjeon' is a defense system that protects the capital from dungeon raids.

"Currently, the difficulty of the open raid gates is 1 SS grade, 3 S grades, and 3 A grades. Our race guild received a request for support from Nowon-gu, where an SS-level raid gate was opened."

"Nowon-gu is where Han Seok went."

"Yes. The regular attack team 'Ace' is said to be isolated from the current wave."

"Gather the guild's main force. I will go to Nowon-gu first."

After he finished speaking, he started checking the equipment as usual.

"The sky above Nowon-gu is said to be full of flying monsters. Helicopter movement is dangerous."

"There are better means of transportation than helicopters."

inspection is over. I put miscellaneous equipment in the subspace pocket and inserted the butcher's dagger into the scabbard of the waist.


"Yeah. brother."

Flame appeared in the darkness with her red eyes flashing. Everything was black except for the pale skin.

"Can you go back to the main body?"

"Kuk. Don't think of me anymore. I have enough magic now."

"Good. Go."

"Are you okay?"

Hyunjun went to the study with Flame. Taemin's worried voice could be heard from behind, but Hyunjun waved his hand and replied that it was okay.

The two arrived at the rooftop helipad. Flame reached out into the air with a serious expression. Black magic gathered around him.

"brother. Step away! The Black Flame Dragon inside me now!"

It's really hard to say that you need space to go back to the main body.

"brother! Come on!"

"Okay. do it faster."

"Aww! The power of darkness!"

When unnecessary casting, such as shriveling limbs, was finished, a dragon the size of a fighter jet appeared in front of him.

"It's smaller than I thought."

- That's an excuse. brother.


At Flame's point, Hyun-jun immediately apologized. It kind of felt like it had to be.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 123


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