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Chapter 124 - The Ominous Omen - Part 2

-Die in flames of darkness!

The magic circle created in front of the flame spewed out black flames.


"Chur hoo!"

The elder gargoyles fell with a sharp scream. The sight of arranging dozens of A-class beasts in one blow was not worth the name of the Black Flame Dragon.

- There's no end!

Although the group was cleared by pouring out black salt, there were still many left.

It circulated around the flame like a swarm of flies and spewed out flames, but it did not reach Hyunjun.

-brother. Nowon-gu.

At Flame's words, Hyunjun moved his gaze to the ground. A huge gate appeared. A number of magical reactions were confirmed around it.

As the battle was in full swing, it was not uncommon to see buildings collapsing.

"Can I get close to the gate?"

If I could approach it, I was confident that the raid situation that had turned Nowon-gu into a sea of ??fire would be over in an instant.

- It is difficult to access from the air due to the force field barrier.

"Then how far can we go?"

- You can go as far as a rescue signal is available.

"Then drop me there."

The flame began to descend rapidly toward the ground. The elder gargoyles blocked the way, but it was too much to stop the aggressive Black Flame Dragon.


A huge dragon's body landed with a heavy sound. When Hyeon-jun jumped off the hell yam, Flame also took on a human form.

-A-class fifteen. B-grade six.

Hell Yam Island announced the approach of a group of magical beasts.

thud! thud! thud!

"It's a golem."

It was the appearance of an A-class beast, an iron golem and a B-class stone golem. Although it was a golem class that was evaluated to be difficult to deal with among the same class of beasts, Hyunjun was relaxed.

"brother! I will take care of those petty creatures!"

Flame shouted confidently and stepped forward.


A great opportunity to test out Flame's abilities in the real world. Hyunjun nodded and took a few steps back.

"Hahaha! Burn!"

When Flame waved her hand in the air with a frenzied laugh, the golems running with a heavy sound were engulfed in black flames all at once.

The rocks that make up the golem's body were smashed and the steel melted.

"brother! How is it?"

Flame runs like a puppy wishing for praise. If it wasn't for a grown man, he might have stroked his hair.

'It's stronger than I thought.'

Even when dealing with flying beasts in the sky, the level of force was never low.

If he had been summoned properly with his own power, it would have been difficult to subdue.


"Hahaha! Thank you!"

Praise looks good. It's the first call In my mind, I want to pay more attention, but since the rescue signal came in, I didn't have time to relax.


"Yes! brother!"

I didn't have time, so I started to hasten my steps. A rescue signal was coming from near the raid gate.

The closer the distance, the stronger the resistance of the beasts.


"Yes, brother."

"I will entrust the sky. Organize it."

The black flame of the flame was a bit annoying for Hyun-jun, who was a style that led to a melee by digging deep into the enemy's formation.

So he decided to send Flame to the sky altogether. This seemed to be more efficient.

"I will do my best! brother!"

"When I fire a flare, it flies right away."

"Yes! brother!"

The flame transformed into a body flew up into the sky, and Hyun-jun scattered his cold gaze toward the front while holding a hell yam.

Another wave was coming. Not long after, a group of heavily armed orcs appeared.

'Is the vanguard an Orc Swordsman… … .'

The number of S-classes is five. The size of the group is 300. Hyun-jun kicked the ground and bounced like a bullet in front of him.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

A hell yam pierced through the body of the orc sword castle that was in the vanguard. By the time the two other orc swordsmen who were next to him aimed their weapons, Hyunjun was no longer there.



The orc priest cast a spell. Hyeonjun, who was slaughtering A-class beasts and orc war lords, had green magic attached to his body.

'Is it magic bondage? High-ranking witchcraft.'

But it's useless.

"Gear sword."

There was no need to use magic release or Gildre's protection to destroy the magic.

The butcher's dagger, which escaped from the scabbard as soon as he could utter the word, was stuck in the orc priest's neck.


"die! human!"

Two orc swordsmen rushing over the orc priest who fell with the sound of boiling blood.

However, the high-level magic that bound Hyun-jun's body had disappeared.



The wielded hell yam spear struck the orc sword castle's neck. Although it was said to belong to the lower ranks of S-class beasts, it could not withstand the blow.

The other orcs that followed were the same.

It took only 30 seconds for the over 300 orcs to be annihilated. It is a record worthy of the monster-like name of an SS-class Hunter.

After completing the subjugation, Hyun-jun took out the terminal and reconfirmed the location of the rescue signal.


If you go at full speed, it will take less than 10 minutes.

'I'll be there in five minutes.'

I ran with all my might. It was right after the wave ended, so I did not encounter a group of beasts and arrived at the point where the rescue signal occurred.

"No one?"

Not a single ant was seen.

- I can't even feel the magical reaction at first.

Hell Yamdo added. Hyunjun scattered his sharp eyes. He soon found a rescue signal terminal.

"I don't feel good."

He picked up the phone and muttered. If they were annihilated leaving a rescue signal, there should have been corpses or traces of battle. However, the surrounding area was clean enough to not feel like it was in the raid area, except for the wreckage of the collapsed building.

-host. I don't feel good.

Hell Yamdo said: The moment the word 'trap' came to mind!

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

Looking around, I couldn't see anything.

'Are you completely hidden? Where else... … .'

Since the sergeant's protection has warned of danger, it is clear that the assassin is nearby or has already launched a killing spree.

For 0.01 seconds, the five senses became extremely sensitive and the eyes moved non-stop and scanned the surroundings.

'Where the hell… … .'


At the warning of the Hell Yam, his body instinctively moved to the side. The black smoke that pierced his left shoulder flew away for a while, and then became a human form in the air.

"Wow, it was dangerous… … ."

If the reaction was delayed, it was a blow that would have pierced the heart. Although there is a correction for complete stealth, it was a perfect sneak attack to the extent that the SS-class hunter Hyun-jun could not react in time.

If I hadn't been vigilant in advance thanks to God's protection, I would have given up my heart.

'It's at least SS-level.'

He was confident that he would win without difficulty up to the SS-level Lieutenant level, but the level is different from the upper level.

He suffered a serious penetrating wound to his left shoulder, but the smile did not disappear from Hyunjun's lips.

'I won.'

He was sure of victory.

"Hey, ghost."

Hyeon-jun sent a cold gaze towards the dark spirit, the spirit and beast of a fallen hero who is considered to be at least SS-level.

"You made two mistakes. One didn't go into stealth right after the surprise, and the other... … ."

created magic.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

At the same time, he 'strengthened' his body by using all his magical powers. Thanks to Gildre's knowledge, his understanding of the magic was high, and he was able to strengthen his body without difficulty.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate. Body strengthening is usually 3 times more effective.

"It didn't kill me in one hit."

The dark spirit was panicked by the explosive flow of magical power and quickly raised the weapon. Seeing him, Hyun-jun laughed.


He slammed the ground with all his magical power concentrated. A sonic boom exploded while breaking through the supersonic speed in an instant.

By the time the dark spirit was ready for battle, the hell yam was already piercing his chest.

-… … !

The dark spirit's face was also dyed pitch black, so it was impossible to look at his expression, but it must have been an empty expression.

The dark spirit whose 'core' was destroyed in a single blow became black powder and scattered and disappeared.

-host. Was this trump card hidden? That's great.

"It's not a skill I use often. I was lucky. To be honest, I didn't expect it to be this high-efficiency."

Hyunjoon said frankly. Magical Stone is about to look around as the recovery team will be routed anyway.

-Breaking the supersonic speed with the human body. The Flash Lancer shows interest.

Another person woke up, but now that he's used to it, Hyun-jun moved his gaze towards the hell yam without much reaction.

"Can you feel the magic reaction?"

Hell Yam Island was slightly better than Hyunjun in detecting biological and magical reactions.

- It's faint, but you can feel the magical reaction. I'm alive.

As the dark spirit that was interfering with the detection of magic disappeared, the magical reaction that was holding its breath was detected.

"Guide me."

-I don't like the way the navigation is handled, but let's cooperate.

At the words of Hell Yam, Hyunjun shook his head. Anyway, it's tsundere.

-Turn right in front of 500m ahead.

Arrived at the indicated place. It was a half-collapsed three-story commercial building, but the entrance was collapsing and needed to be removed. He hid his annoyed expression and cleared the wreckage.

It was an easy task for an SS-class hunter who far surpassed human physical abilities. A few hunters were seen lying on the floor as they were afraid to clean up the wreckage.

It wasn't a stupid word. Whether the recovery-type Hunter was annihilated or had run out of magic, they were all covered in blood, and some had no arms or legs.

"Tongue, brother… … ."

Among them was one. Compared to other hunters, he was in good shape, but it was hard to say he was in good shape.

A deep wound was visible through the torn green robes. Overall, it looked like it needed the support of a recovery hunter.

Hyun-jun took out the terminal to ask for help and put it back in. This was because it was judged that it would be difficult to apply because it was close to the gate.

"What happened?"

"I have been organized into a raid with two platinum tier guilds. I wanted to advance easily near the raid gate, but I was ambushed by an SS-level dark spirit. About 30 raid members, including two S-class hunters, lost their lives. While the dark spirit was manipulating the rescue signal terminal, we barely… … ."

Han Seok couldn't finish his speech. The fact that he ran away is resentful and shameful.

"Are you sure the raid gate is nearby?"

"Yes. brother. That's clear. But the dark spirit... … ."

"The dark spirit has been dealt with. I'm relieved."

"Hey, you're my older brother too!"

Han Seok was amazed.

'I have to close the gate... … .'

However, he couldn't leave Hanseok and his ace teammates in the raid area, near the gate where the beasts ran wildly.

'I have to call Flame.'

If it is a flame that can fly, it will be able to take Hanseok and the survivors safely over the barrier.

The number of survivors is small, so if the flame changes to the main body, it is enough to transport. Hyun-jun went out and fired a flare.

Not long after, a black flame dragon descended from the sky.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 124


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