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Chapter 125 - The Ominous Omen - Part 3

"This time, it was confirmed that the dimensional rift slightly expanded due to the simultaneous raids that occurred in Seoul."

The widened rift becomes a road through which troops can be sent across dimensions. Therefore, the clan has consistently used Black Magic Stones to induce the occurrence of raid situations.

Even if you use Black Magic Stone, it is not possible to definitively generate a raid, so it's actually a disappointment, but luckily this time, the crack was widened due to the naturally occurring raid.

"The Black Flame Dragon was stolen, but this opened the way for 'them' to use it."

At the executioner's words, Bishop Arsene nodded with satisfaction. When I received the report that the Black Flame Dragon had been taken away, I was so angry that I went crazy, but now I feel very at ease.

If the Invasion Command sent proper troops, it would be a much bigger force than the Black Flame Dragon.

"It seems that the rift on the Seoul side was affected by the summoning of the Black Flame Dragon."

Raids also occur frequently as cracks grow. If raids occur frequently, the cracks will also expand.

After all, once the cracks start to grow, the vicious cycle continues.

"That's pretty good. Now it is important that they can support us in earnest."

"You are right."

"There has already been a correspondence from Invading Unit 281 that they will support the Invaders and a number of Soldiers."

The situation has changed a lot compared to the past, when the dimensional connection was unstable and even the cracks were small, making it difficult to communicate.

Of course, the rift was still not enough to cross the dimension of the majority, but Roscal decided to dispatch even at the cost of his troops to kill the "qualified".

"They say a level 10 invader is coming here."

"Level 10? I was expecting at least level 8... … ."

"It is said that the resistance of the rift is too high for an Invader of level 8 or so to cross the Dimensional Gate."

"Then I can't help it."

Arsene nodded her head with a sad expression. When a strong person moves in a dimension, it receives more resistance from cracks.

In order to receive support from level 9 or higher Invaders, you will need to expand the rift further.

However, we cannot move hastily now that special agencies are monitoring and the South Korean parish has a shortage of troops.

"When did you say you could send out reinforcements?"

When the reinforcements arrive, they can move in earnest.

"He said it would arrive in a week at the earliest."

The executioner who was in charge of communication with Invasion Unit 281 answered.

"When reinforcements arrive, we act immediately."

"Where is the target of the attack?"

"Would you have realized this with this large-scale raid? Seoul is not easy to attack because of the 'new war'. Even if it succeeds, the damage will be so severe that it is difficult to plan for the future."

The defense system that protects the capital of the Republic of Korea from evil beasts, Shinjijeon, was not to be underestimated.

The South Korean parish of the clan had destroyed the Aegis, the shield protecting Tokyo, but it was possible with the help of the Japanese parish and air carriers.

At present, the Japanese parish has been annihilated by the intensive attack of the Wangha scavenger group and the Cabinet Office, and the Chinese parish has not been contacted.

Since the clan was close to the point organization in the first place, there was not active contact with each parish.

"Where if not Seoul?"

Arsene grinned at someone's question.

"It's Suwon, the city where Kang Hyun-joon is a qualified person."

It was like knocking on the gates of hell, but Arsene didn't know that.

* * *

The large-scale raid incident in Seoul ended sooner than expected as 'Shinjeon' was functioning normally.

As for the gates opened in Seoul, there were three A-class, three S-class, and one SS-class gates, so the SS-class gates in Nowon-gu were threatening, but the situation ended when Hyun-jun arrived on time and cleaned up.

If the SS-class gate in Nowon-gu had not been destroyed early, the summoned beasts would have spread like cancer cells and carried out a massacre.

"If it wasn't for Hyeonjun Kang, Nowon-gu would have been a sea of ??fire. Thank you very much."

The mayor of Seoul personally visited Suwon to express his gratitude to Hyun-jun.

"It's Smith."

Shortly after the mayor of Seoul left, Smith came to visit. He opened the door cautiously with a light knock and came to the front of the desk and stood there.

"Did you call? Commissioner."

"How is the movement of the clan? I think it has to do with the large-scale raid that took place in Seoul this time."

"We mobilized all the informants deployed in Korea to investigate, but there was no movement presumed to be a blood alliance."

It would be fortunate if the clan had not intervened. But why? I couldn't shake the ominous feeling in the corner of my chest.

"I can't be this quiet… … ."

He bit his lip slightly. While securing several hiding places in the Inner Circle, he secured materials that had not yet been incinerated.

Looking at the data, it was clear that the clan forces on the South Korean side had been receiving financial support from the Inner Circle. Since such an Inner Circle was annihilated, it was expected that there would be a large-scale retaliatory attack from the clan.

"There is no suspicious movement right now."

Smith's answer was the same.

"Of course, there is a possibility that we are acting secretly as we cannot observe all movements in the South Korean parish."

A clan is basically a point organization and acts by hiding in the dark. Even if it is a special agency of the UN, it is difficult to observe 100%.

"I think we need to strengthen our surveillance. Is it difficult to request additional assistance?"

It was not easy for the agents dispatched now to monitor the entire Republic of Korea. The National Intelligence Service and intelligence agencies are mobilized under the authority of the committee members, but it is not enough.

It required the strength of special UN agencies, especially elite agents of the Reconnaissance and Investigation Bureau.

"Recently, the clan has been active in the United States and Europe, especially in the Middle East. I made a request for support not too long ago, but I got a reply saying it would be difficult to dispatch a manpower right away."

The existence of the clan was revealed to the surface during the Tokyo air raid. Countries around the world started subjugation in cooperation with the UN, but there were no great results, and the clan was more active as if to ridicule them.

"Recently, in particular, many massacre sites that appear to be the work of a clan have been discovered. It looks like something big is going to happen in the near future."

Black Magic Stone is completed by collecting negative emotions while conducting massacres.

Black Magic Stone can create creatures, but research has proven that it can also be the key to unlocking dimensional gates.

"Are you planning to create a large-scale summoning or even a creature corps?"

Hyunjoon bit his lip slightly. Either way, only terrible results awaited.

"We are constantly suggesting requests for support to our superiors. We will report any further responses as soon as we receive them."

"Okay. Keep an eye on the entire Korean Peninsula. And if you see any suspicious movement, report it right away."

"Yes, I will do my best."

"good. Just go."

Smith bowed his head and left the office. He was not a subject who swore allegiance to Hyun-jun, but he was an avenger driven by hatred for his clan. If it is related to the clan, you can trust it.

-host. You look deep in thought.

One hour to look out the window without saying a word. Hell yam, unable to bear his boredom, spoke to him.

"Because the enemy is coming… … I want the war to start soon."

The higher the level of sympathy with the previous life, the stronger the hostility towards the aggression command that destroyed their dimension. Now, the aggression command has become an enemy that Hyeon-jun must kill.

The aggression command is an enemy to stop, even if it is not because of the coordination rate. Because I was aiming for Earth.

I have no intention of becoming a hero. I just wanted to protect myself and my loved ones. There was no other reason.

-Then I should prepare a welcome party.

Hell Yamdo said:

"It should be."

After answering in a cold voice, he laid himself on the extra bed. I could go to the mansion, but I wanted to meet my previous life as soon as possible.

The Legion Summoner and the Flash Lancer showed interest, so if I fell asleep now, I would wake up in front of one of them.

"Good night."

I fell asleep with the hell yam next to me. When I opened my eyes again, it was the 'Hall of a Past Life'.

[Legion Summoner.]

When I looked up, I read the name engraved on the blue door that I saw.

"Is it as expected?"

Involuntarily, he muttered to himself. 'Legion Summoner' showed interest before 'Flash Lancer', so it might be natural for their turn to be quicker.

As soon as I opened the door, light poured in. When I lifted my head, I saw a clear sky and a wide plain stretched out in front of me, with a heavily armed army lined up.

There were people in human form, and there were also a bunch of hideous demonic beasts.

'This is the first time I've been this type.'

I thought I would be alone in the room of my previous life, and I have only seen such rooms until now.

So it was a little strange, but now that I think about it, when I saw that goblins were summoned when I was training with Carthage, it seems that this is not an impossible scene.

It was a time when he looked around as if possessed by the lined-up corps. With the sound of horseshoes, a knight in heavy armor came running on horseback.

"Welcome to the commander's 'room'. reincarnation My name is Gaius, the corps commander's assistant."

The knight got off his horse and politely bowed his head, revealing his name.

"Can I take you to the place where the military commander is waiting?"

"Yes, please."

Gaius got off his horse and guided Hyun-jun on foot to a huge barracks in the center of the camp.

The knight guarding the entrance opened the door and Hyun-jun slowly entered.

It looked big from the outside, but when I went inside, it was quite spacious.

"Come here. My reincarnation, heir of the Legion."

An old man in a blue robe sat on an iron chair.

"You look very smart."

The old man who looked at Hyun-jun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

"Are you a Legion Summoner?"

"okay. I am the King and Legion Summoner, Archon, who has held the throne until the day of my destruction."

"What strength can you give me?"

asked bluntly. It was a direct statement that could have made her feel bad, but Akon smiled with a funny expression on her face.

"Unlike other past lives who can bestow many blessings, unfortunately I can only give you one thing."

In the case of the sergeant, it was stealth, assassination, and danger warning, and Carthage provided protection such as counterattack and shield skills.

However, Akon firmly nailed that he could offer only one piece of protection.

"What is that one?"

At Hyunjun's question, Akon smiled and opened his mouth.

"The Infinite Legion."

He exhaled indifferently, but there was power in his voice.

Akon got up from the iron chair, no, the throne, and spread his arms out.

"As long as you pass my test, I will stand behind you in the endless Legion of Infinity."

As he waved his hand, the barracks melted like snow, revealing all directions.

"Look! The armies of glory that fought with me until the day of destruction! I am the Legion!"

Akon's lines gave Hyeon-jun fear rather than thrill. According to his words, the kingdom the Infinite Legion wanted to protect was destroyed by the Invasion Command.

It meant that even the Infinite Forces could not be an opponent of the 'invaders'.

'I have to fight and win against such monsters.'

My shoulders were heavy.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 125


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