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Chapter 126 - Vanguard Command - Part 1

'The content of the test is simple. It is to put a 'leash' on the dog.'

When Akon said that, I thought it would be a trivial test. Hyunjun nodded without hesitation. Akon performed his magic, and Hyunjun woke up in an unfamiliar place.

"You can put this on the neck of the dog sleeping in that cave."

Acorn was next to him. He handed Hyun-jun a leash that looked sturdy.

"Just in case you don't know, please bring your weapon here as well."

"A weapon?"

"okay. I trained under Carthage and the Withered Miller, so I think it would be better to bring a sword and a shield."

Hyeonjun felt an unknown sense of incongruity when he saw Archon handing him a sword from a pile of equipment lying on the floor.

'I'm going to catch a dog, but you'll even give me a sword and a shield?'

Slowly, I started to get anxious.

"There's no such thing as a dragon, right?"

"Don't worry. It's not 'Dragon'. And I'll tell you in advance, you won't be able to use protection from within unless Deus intervenes."

Akon chuckled.

"For now, I will know."

Hyeonjun nodded and walked slowly into the cave. As we crossed the wide entrance, the magic lamps lined up along the wall turned on one after the other. The light was dim, but there was no problem in securing visibility.

"There is no sign… … ?"

He continued to step into the depths, but it was terrifyingly quiet.

'Where the hell are you?'

Hell yam wasn't quite as good, but Hyeon-jun's ability to detect a presence was also excellent.

Even though you've entered quite deeply, you don't feel your presence? Two cases can be envisaged.

However, if the dog Akon spoke of is sleeping much deeper.

Two, if the dog is using 'Full Stealth' to obliterate him.

'I don't want to think about the second case.'

It's hard to imagine a dog that uses 'complete stealth', a technique that only a handful of hunters with S rank or higher have.

But that… … .

"It has come true. Shit!"

Hyeonjun hurriedly threw himself to the side at the sudden sense of death and presence.


A roar broke out. A moment ago, where he had been, he saw something like the paws of a giant beast.

"Are you coming?"

Auras are swaying from their claws. Moreover, when the dust was lifted and the appearance revealed, it was not a dog but a wolf. It's also very huge.

"This inspiration sells medicine!"

Hyeonjun's sword and shield also had an aura. If you use protection, you can create a stronger aura, but unfortunately, as Akon said, you didn't feel the magic of your previous life.


The wolf lowered its cry, revealing its white teeth. The moment our eyes met blood-red eyes.

"Wow, cool!"

As his body stiffened, bright red blood poured out of his mouth. It forcibly relieved the rigid state by releasing magic power.

And the moment I lifted my head, the world turned round and round.


When I woke up, I saw Archon in front of me.

"How was it? What about our Fenrir?"

Seeing him grinning and laughing, Hyun-jun had to suppress the desire to punch a fist in his face.

"You knew it wasn't a dog."

"dog… … I thought it might be close to There was a lot of aegyo when he was in his prime."

"What is the level of force?"

Hyun-jun quickly sorted out his emotions and asked about information he needed to know right away. Hyeonjun also recognized that Fenrir was far stronger than his current self, but he could not guess to the exact level.

"In your world, the SSS-class was the best, wasn't it?"


As Hyunjun nodded, Akon opened his mouth with a smirk.

"Our world is above that. Fenrir is among the lowest in the hierarchy."

"It's a level higher than the SSS class… … ."

"Don't worry too much. Now, Fenrir has some memories of his past, so he won't be sincere."

You're not going to be sincere? Are you saying it was just an illusion that your head just flew away?

"Are you going to stay like that? They say that time doesn't pass in the previous life's room, but it's so relaxing."

Akon puts pressure on him. Hyunjun let out a short sigh. Picking up the sword and shield lying on the floor, he went back into the cave.

He took a step forward with a nervous expression. This time, no signs were felt.

It wasn't easy to notice 'complete hiding' in the absence of God's protection.


And in the end, my head flew off again this time.


When I opened my eyes again, I was in front of Akon.

"It's the 115th."

Akon kindly told Fenrir the number of lives lost. If I hadn't learned to respect the elderly since I was a child, I would have been so annoyed that abusive language would have come out.

'Fill the leash in 200.'

I moved forward with a firm resolve.


The 200th time also failed, and he opened his eyes again in front of Akon.

"Is it worth it?"

"I didn't get the leash, but I managed to injure it."

"Did you get hurt?"

Akon asked in surprise.

"Fenrir's fur becomes armor that blocks Auror Blades when it absorbs magical power. Did you mean that he pierced through that hard armor?"

"It didn't break through the armor. I was looking for a gap."

"Fenrir is very fast… … Although it is spacious, it may not be able to achieve supersonic speed because it is in a cave, but it must not have been easy to find a gap, right?"

"Still, it wasn't impossible."

At Hyeonjun's answer, Akon could hardly close his open mouth. Even though it's a limited space, you pierced through Fenrir's high-speed movement?

If it hadn't been for the words of the reincarnation who was chosen by the previous reincarnation system, I would not have believed it easily.

'There must have been a reason why my colleagues praised me and made sacrifices for my ambassador.'

Akon nodded in agreement.

'This reincarnation may be a genius.'

He had talent.

'I don't know if it's really possible this time.'

A smile spread across Akon's lips.

"Not much left."

"What do you mean?"

Hyeon-jun, who was about to head to the cave again with his sword and shield, stopped walking after hearing Archon's murmur.

"Literally. The fact that he pierced the hole in Fenrir's Auror Armor means that he's slowly starting to show his movements. If you have the ability to find gaps, you can fill the leash even if you can't keep up with the pace."

"is that so?"

"Be confident in yourself. You are strong."

"I wish I did."

Hyun-jun went back into the cave with a faint smile. As I went into the depths, I saw Fenrir. I didn't use full stealth this time. There was a red blood line drawn on the front leg.

'I don't think it's a concept of regression.'

If Archon had turned back time, Fenrir's wounds would have been healed.

'I see a possibility.'

A smile spread across his lips.

'Once again, it goes well.'

As he raised his magical powers to strengthen his body, Fenrir growled and approached him.

'Don't back down!'

The moment you made up your mind.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate. The flash lancers break through barriers and offer you protection.

I felt the explosive magic of my previous life. Wasn't it impossible to interfere in a previous life? Come to think of it, I remember Akon saying that Deus might interfere.

'Maybe this time around.'

It was the first time that Deus' protection was expressed during over 200 challenges. Hyeonjun knew that it was only to bring in one blessing, but that alone would be of great help.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

the light was shining He blinked and suddenly he was riding on a steed of light, and in his right hand was a lance of lightning.


The steed of light accelerated. In an instant, the sonic boom exploded as it broke through the supersonic speed.

The entire cave was swept away by a roar and shaken, and when his blurred vision was restored in an instant, a lance pierced through Fenrir's body.


The lightning from the lance paralyzed Fenrir's body for a moment. At that moment, Hyunjun felt it.

'Now is your chance!'

His left hand fastened the leash around Fenry's neck. The stiffness didn't last long, but thanks to the haste, I was able to close the timing.

As soon as the leash was put on and the sealing operation was performed, a flash of light exploded in front of my eyes. When his white vision returned to normal, the first sight that caught his eye was Akon's face.

"Are you alive?"

"Yes. Alive."

"Good luck."

Akon, who was observing Hyeon-jun's condition, took a step back after hearing the answer.

"Did I succeed?"

At Hyunjun's question, Akon nodded and opened his mouth.

"Yes. Fenrir has become my pet again, and you passed the exam."

"You could mobilize the legion, so why did you send me?"

"Then it's no fun."


The moment I heard his answer, I honestly doubted my ears, wondering if I had heard it wrong.

'Is this the inspiration?'

His expression rotted, but Akon didn't care and smiled wildly.

"Hahaha! Now that you have passed the exam, it is time to reward you."

It's time for the reward you've been waiting for. Akon handed the collar he took out of his arms to Hyeonjun. The collar emitted a bright blue light as soon as it touched his hand and was absorbed by Hyun-jun.

-The Summoner's Collar has been attached to the soul. Dominance over your pets is strengthened. The feelings of treason that Dark Flame Dragon III had will disappear.

Flame, this guy has a different idea! At the familiar voice that dug into his ear, Hyun-jun shed a smirk. It seems that he was secretly planning a treason like a summoned beast with advanced knowledge, but that ended with Hyun-jun getting the 'summoner's collar' now.

"The nice brief meeting is now over. If you need me, we can meet again."

"If there is a chance, I will see you again."

As a result, I received a good reward, so my irritation disappeared like snow.

"The Legion will be with you."

At the last words, his vision darkened.

* * *

"This body is Dark Flame Dragon III. A red-eyed black dragon that rules the flames of darkness."

Under the full moon, Flame in black is standing. He leaned against the railing and looked down. Armed forces guarding the main building were seen moving.

"They are like ants. This body will never yield to such an ant race!"

Black wings sprouted from behind.

"I! Let's go in search of freedom!"

As it flapped its wings, a small body soared into the night sky. The moment he entered a high altitude in an instant and was about to draw a magic circle.

-Minion's leash removes treason against summoners.

A blue band was wrapped around his neck along with a sudden voice. like a leash.


He lost all his strength and fell back down to the roof of the main building. Just before hitting the ground, he used fly magic to barely avoid the impact.


familiar voice. Flame raised her head in surprise. Hyunjun was there.

"Where are you running?"

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 126


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