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Chapter 127 - Vanguard Command - Part 2

late night. Hyun-jun found a small mountain not far from the guild office complex.

It was to test the leash of the summoner. It was dark and deep in the mountains without a single streetlight, but it was not a problem for Hyun-jun, an SS-class hunter who far transcended human limits.


When he uttered the starter word in a small voice, a collar made of pure magical power was created in his left hand. At that moment, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to the right.

I saw a squirrel. He swung his left hand and threw the leash. The collar that flew away with a blue light disappeared the moment it touched the squirrel.

"Isn't this working for animals?"

It seems to only work on summons. Hyun-jun moved on with his regrets behind him.

In the parking lot we arrived at after descending from the mountain, a loyal lieutenant, Taemin, was waiting.

"Is the experiment over?"

"Yeah, not bad."

Hyunjun finished his speech and got into the back seat of the waiting car. As soon as Taemin got into the passenger seat, the executive, who was in charge of driving, started the vehicle.

"While the guild chief was conducting the experiment, it is said that the UN special agency agents under the command of Agent Smith found the largest hiding place in the South Korean parish, the blood alliance."

"Is that really true? What is your location?"

Hyunjun asked with a smile. Taemin nodded and opened his mouth.

"It is an artificial island located in the eastern sea of ??Jeju Island. It seems that for some reason the barrier was weakened and could be detected."

There was a reason so far undetected. Smith and other agents dispatched to the Korean Peninsula had only monitored the Korean Peninsula so far, so there was no way they could have noticed the existence of an artificial island near Jeju Island.

"Are you ready for the Enforcement Forces?"

"We don't need a lot of people. We don't have to be in charge of the main attack anyway."

answered meekly. In a situation where other troops could be mobilized, I thought that there was no need to cut down on power by putting the executive of the Race Guild at the forefront.

"Then we'll only have enough troops to strike key points."

Taemin was quick to understand. Hyun-jun nodded in response to his answer and issued an order to encircle and attack the South Korean army using the commissioner's terminal.

For some reason, they may have known that the barrier of the hideout had weakened.

Before they could escape or defend themselves, they had to besiege and attack. The authority of a member of the Defense Coalition Committee always surprised Hyun-jun.

Again, at the words of his words, the naval fleet moved to encircle, and the bomber squadrons of the ROK Air Force and USFK launched for strategic bombing.

"This is a report from the executive director that the preparations for the troops are complete."

Exactly 10 minutes after starting the vehicle, Taemin delivered Kyuhwan's report.

It was a quick response, although the executive department always had troops ready to move immediately when an order was issued, in turn.

"The command center was established on Jeju Island. How do you plan to travel to Jeju Island?"

Taemin asked. Although the Race Guild had a helicopter squadron, it was not suitable for moving quickly to Jeju Island.

Hyun-Jun belongs to the committee, so he will be able to use the transport aircraft of the ROK Air Force.

But he smiled and opened his mouth to see if he had other interesting ideas.

"Air carrier at the guild airfield, are you waiting right now?"

"Yes, it is in the best condition because the guild leader has instructed us to keep it ready for use at any time."

I remember giving instructions to prepare the air carrier so that it could be operated in case of emergency. I gave the instructions at that time and had forgotten about it until now, but Taemin seems to have been diligently preparing like a loyal right-handed man.

"All crew members have been recruited and have completed basic training."

With the help of magic tricks, you can operate an air carrier by yourself, but it consumes a lot of magic power and is inefficient in many ways, so it was good to have a minimum crew.

"Give orders to the waiting Enforcement Hunters to board the aircraft carrier. I will go to Jeju Island by air carrier."

"Yes, I understand."

Taemin nodded his head in response, and then increased the speed of the vehicle.

* * *

"rush! Forward!"

With fire support from the air force and navy, ground troops landed on the artificial island.

The clan members poured out the pier shooter from the basement. All of them were C-class or higher hunters who transcended human limits.

"Start shooting!"

"Allied Hunters haven't arrived yet!"

"You must kill before you approach!"

Even trained soldiers have no choice but to be helpless when close combat with C-level or higher hunters occurs.

The only way to prevent one-sided massacre is to form a fire network with firearms to block the approach as much as possible.

The machine gun fired bullets. The soldiers also pulled the trigger, and the guns fired fire. From the sky, a squadron of attack helicopters fired missiles.


A few clan members were swept away by the firepower attack, but the rest of them advanced slowly by hiding behind the defensive magic. The soldiers opened fire, but they couldn't slow it down much.

"Lightning Storm!"

A storm of lightning swept the vanguard.


"Sa, live… … Aww!"

They were trained, but they couldn't stop their ranks from collapsing in an instant.

When the clan members broke into the Marine Corps formation, the Air Force and Navy had no choice but to stop supporting firepower.

It was a situation where, if I made a mistake, even my allies could be swept away.

"Cover the landing forces!"

Hunters arrived late. They were hunters moving to get a bounty.

As the existence of a clan was formalized by governments around the world and the subjugation order fell, hunters who specialized in hunting them appeared.

If you hunt a clan and submit it to the government, there is a lot of reward. At the center of them was Lee Seon-woo, an executive of the Special Police Department.


A buff was given as the magic passed through the hunter formation.

A clear light burst out of the hunters' bodies for a moment. They broke through the first line of defense of the clan formed at the pier at once thanks to the buff of the S-class auxiliary hunter.

But that was it. The situation was reversed when the knights and the executioners came forward. The hunters who were advancing with enthusiasm after receiving Sunwoo's buff were easily annihilated, and their air supremacy was also seized by unmanned fighters sortie from an artificial island.

"It's a counterattack! Kill them all!"

The counterattack began. As air supremacy was seized, the warships also fell within the attack range of the clan, and ground forces were isolated.

"Bishop Arsene. I'll report you. Half of the land forces that landed were repelled, and the other half were isolated and consumed quickly. We also secured air superiority and sank a third of our ships at sea."

Bishop Arsene nodded his head with a satisfied expression on the report of the knight-class clan members.

Although some of the clan members vacated the artificial island to perform some kind of mission, they were successfully repelling the invaders.

"Everything is going smoothly. If it continues like this, the 'plan' will be successful."

Arsene's gaze turned out the window. The battlefield could be seen in his eyes, which transcended the limits of human beings.

Seeing the bodies of the soldiers and hunters who landed exploding, a smile spread naturally.

"How do you dispose of prisoners of war?"

"Our plan requires many living sacrifices. Once captured, don't kill them right away."


Everything is going as planned. I thought so.


A sudden roar from outside changed everything. Eventually, magical beams rained down all over the artificial island.


The clan members who touched the blue magic beam exploded like firecrackers.

"What's up!"

"Sa, an air carrier appears in the sky! This is the Akagi that the Japanese diocese had!"

"What the hell! Why is there an air carrier?"

In the sky outside the window, an air carrier, newly painted in crimson, revealed a huge hull. While Bishop Arsene and the executioner were bewildered, the aircraft carrier poured out blue magic beams again.

Meanwhile, in the air carrier, Hyun-jun was in general command. Around the control group, magic tricks to control the aircraft carrier were floating in a dizzying way.

"We will carry out the 4th tactical bombardment using magic beams."

Gyu-hwan, who sat in the passenger seat of the control group, said. He was a magician hunter, so he was able to assist Hyun-jun in controlling the air carrier. Unlike the explosions and blood gushing outside, the bridge was quiet.

"End of tactical bombing. Over 90% of enemy anti-aircraft batteries and heavily armed vehicles were destroyed."

Kyu-hwan continued the report in a dry voice. Although the heavily armored vehicle suffered close to annihilation, it was difficult to be sure of the damage of the Hunter troops, the most important in modern warfare. To make sure to deal with them.

"Is it just landing?"

The best way to annihilate enemies on the ground. Hyunjun came down from the control group, muttering to himself.

"Guild leader?"

"Prepare the executive. Landing."


Kyu-hwan nodded and answered. The amphibious force was also lifted from isolation thanks to tactical bombardment by air carriers, and several transport boats were approaching the docks for further amphibious landings.

"I will prepare the landing craft."

While Gyu-hwan manipulated the magic trick, Hyun-jun moved to the hangar.

"The landing craft departs."

A landing craft ejected from an air carrier headed for an artificial island. There was no resistance until landing, as the anti-aircraft firepower had been wiped out.

The main facilities of the clan seemed to be underground. And perhaps the remaining ones also decided to fight underground, they could hardly find the enemy on the ground.

"Are you planning on spending time in the basement?"

It looks like you have something to aim for. I don't know what it is, but if you take the time, you should also consider the possibility that there will be reinforcements.

- If you spend time in the basement, it becomes annoying. Master, in this case, it is better to destroy the command team first.

Hell yamdo taught the basics of warfare.

-Because a body without a head is meaningless. kut.

I added a backstory, but it's a good story to spill over. Hyeon-jun scattered his magical energy to find the entrance to the basement.

He soon reaped the harvest. Found a huge passage to the basement inside the largest building on an artificial island.

-Many magical reactions from below. Only A-class is fifteen.

Hell Yamdo said: A 15-year-old A-class hunter is a powerful force that cannot be ignored, but for Hyun-jun now, they are ephemerals that will disappear if you wave your hand.

Using the protection of Carthage and the Withered Miller, he moved downward. As soon as the incline was over, magical lights flashed in the darkness, and attack magic poured from front, back, left and right.


Higher level magic couldn't break through the magic resistance of the Hell Yam Sword, and when she used Gildre's protection, the higher level magic was scattered in the air with a single gesture.

"A monster, a monster… … !"

"Is this an SS-class hunter?!"

"Forget your fears! Give your life for your clan!"

The clan members rushed all at once, but they could not withstand the blow and fell down bleeding.

It was a situation where he was about to be killed, but his constant attack was like a fanatic.

- A powerful magical reaction is confirmed in front.

"Are you the boss of this artificial island?"

- Probably. kut.

It was the moment when he had a short conversation with Hell Yam and aimed his Auror blade towards the thick iron gate.

- Guild Master. It's an emergency.

Taemin's urgent voice came from the walkie-talkie. Hyun-jun stopped acting and brought the radio to his lips.

"What happened?"

-The guild office complex is under attack!

In an instant, strength in my hand almost shattered the radio. Was this what the clan people believed in? Come on, then.

"1 minute."


"I'll clear this up in a minute."

Life flashed in his eyes.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 127


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