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Chapter 128 - Vanguard Command - Part 3

The Auror Blade shredded the thick iron gate.

"Oh, come!"

Before the piece of steel could even hit the ground, Hyeon-jun's body pierced as sharply as a bullet.

Suddenly, a hell yam was stuck in the chest of the senior knight who was at the forefront.

"Cuckoo… … ?"

His consciousness was cut off before the brain of the senior knight recognized what had happened in an instant.

"Black flame!"


The two executioners who were guarding Bishop Arsene raised the black flame, and the three senior knights turned into creatures.

- Whoa!

Three senior knights, whose physical abilities and magical powers were strengthened as they turned into creatures, surrounded Hyun-jun. Heukyeom, summoned by two officers, also aimed at Hyunjun.

- These bastards? It doesn't matter if your colleagues get involved!

Seeing the approaching black flame, Hell Yam was furious. Despite the fact that three of their companions, Creatures, were near Hyeonjun, Heukyeom did not slow down.

Hyunjun's eyes moved quickly. And it moved cleverly.

- Whoa!

The three creatures, who could not escape the black flame, screamed and burned.

'If you leave it alone, it will die.'

if so?

'Shoot that high-ranking official!'

Bishop Arsene's outfit, protected by two executioners, seemed to appeal to anyone, saying, 'I am a high-ranking official!' Hyun-jun smashed the ground with his eyes shining sharply.

"Heh heh!"

"has disappeared!"

"Do you think I will be beaten so easily?"

Unlike the two executioners who were bewildered, Bishop Arsene's eyes showed Hyun-jun's movement. He raised his hand with a relaxed expression.

"Get away."

I felt a surge of magic. When I woke up, my body was flying backwards.

"Chit, is it a barrier?"

Hyeon-jun, who was stuck in the wall, muttered as he brushed off the cement.

"It is not just a magic barrier. It is the power of those who can't be overcome even by your destruction of their magic."

-host. 30 seconds left.

"Thanks for the explanation."

Her life-filled eyes flashed, and she uttered a single word, generating magical power.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

Dark blue auror blades soared.

"Then I will smash it with overwhelming force!"

"It is borrowing their power! Do you think someone like you can break through!"

Bishop Arsene raised his magical powers to further strengthen the force field, and the executioners caused a black flame.

And Hyun-jun flew toward the station field like a ray of light. The moment he felt the unique resistance of magic, he swung the Hell Yam Sword with the Auror Blade.

The Auror Blade, strengthened by Durendal's protection, ripped through the powerful force field and cut deep into Arsene's upper body.

Arsene's face appeared in disbelief at the same time as blood splattered.

"No, that's absurd… … . This is something that even an SS-class hunter can't easily penetrate... … ."

He could not spit out the back words, 'Are you saying that we are already approaching the level of the SSS level?' and quietly disappeared from the mouth.

"Gear this sword!"



The butcher's dagger danced. Two of the lower-ranking officers, who had the skills of an A-class hunter, died before Bishop Arsene's body even reached the floor.

Hyunjun looked around with a cold gaze. There was no magic or biological reaction to his senses, and seeing that the Hell Yam was also quiet, it seemed that there were no survivors.

As he ran to the ground with all his might, he brought the radio to his lips.

"Prepare the landing craft. I'm going out now. If I join, the carrier will go to Suwon."

* * *

"Sir Alsace. Enemy resistance is stronger than expected. I think we should put the Soldiers in now."

A man in a black uniform reported in a polite voice. In front of him was also a man in a black uniform, his skin horribly pale and his eyes red.

"Sir Izik. Don't be too hasty. After making the enemy's defenses consume a little more, can't we send in our precious soldiers?"

Now they were attacking the Rays Guild office complex in Suwon, and the spearhead was mobilizing all the remaining troops raked from the clan South Korean parish to attack.

Alsace saw such loyal subordinates thoroughly as 'consumables'.

"It is also Lord Alsace."

"Still, give our soldiers the order to wait. When the time comes, we have to put it in right away."

Alsace raised an eyebrow. The moment he spoke came quickly. Although the defense line of the Race Guild did not collapse, most of the troops of the clan that were involved in the attack were annihilated.

"I will send in the Soldiers."

As Ezik raised his hand, the soldiers who were waiting moved. They are 'beasts' selected by the invasion command and are commanded by 'invaders', which can be viewed as an executive rank.

In particular, most of the soldiers brought by Alsace and Izzy this time were 'vampires', so they were demonic beasts that showed excellent fighting power in night battles like now.


"Kill them all!"

Although it is said that the Soldiers were selected by the Invasion Command, they are basically 'beasts'. As they entered the battlefield, a horrific scene unfolded.

Even an unmanned defense system was activated, but it seemed that the defense line would not last long.

Most of those selected as Soldiers were Class A or higher Beasts, so when they joined, it was a great burden for the troops holding on to the defense line.

"The line of defense is broken!"

"Go ahead!"

The defense line could not last another 10 minutes as the Soldiers were put in. It was the moment when I was certain of victory and crossed the defense line and entered the guild office complex.

-Die in flames of darkness!

Dark red black flames poured down on the soldiers' heads. Over 20 Soldiers lost their lives in vain.

- Ha ha ha ha! This is a body appearance!

A huge black flame dragon spread its wings in the sky. Flame once tried to rebel, but now it is Hyeon-jun's loyal summons.

He swept the battlefield with black flames. The soldiers who were advancing over the defense line were tied up.

Alsace, seeing this, raised his magical powers and created a thunderbolt spear in his right hand.

The magic of the lightning attribute gathered at the fingertips was flowing with an unusual energy even at a glance.

"An SS-class anti-magic would suffice."

Alsace threw a thunderbolt spear with a brief murmur. Flame, who was sweeping the Soldiers, did not recognize that the spear of thunder was flying.

'SS-class magic reaction?'

When he sensed the magic, it was too late to dodge.

- Whoa!

A spear of the brain was pierced in the abdomen. Flame fell with a scream of pain.

Perhaps because of his carelessness, he suffered fatal wounds that made it impossible to fly in one blow.

"How many soldiers are left?"

"Now there are only a few dozen left."

Alsace asks with magical powers. Ezik reported the remaining power. Although it is said that it is in an incomplete state, Flame is an SS-level capable nonetheless.

It was enough to evaporate more than 20 A-class Beasts in a single moment.

"Notify the Soldier Commander to advance the troops. We'll take care of that black flame dragon."

Because he wasn't strong enough to be killed by the blow from a while ago. Alsace swallowed the back words and moved first. Izik also took out a great sword from the subspace and followed him.

"Ugh… … ."

At the crash site, Flame had suddenly changed into a human form. Alsace and Izik approached him with their respective weapons.

When they were about 50m away, dozens of daggers flew and stuck in front of the two invaders.

"What kind of guy are you!"

Izik ran forward and swung his great sword threateningly. Two Inyeongs appeared on either side of him, Sahyeol and Taemin.

Since the blood can be summoned at any time, there was no need to accompany him, he was waiting in the main building, and Taemin was also there just in case.

"Sir Izik. This is your chance to prove the value of your existence to the Invasion Command. You see an opponent of a similar level, so I'll kill you alone."


At Alsace's instructions, Izik confidently raises his sword. Looking at him, Sahyeol and Taemin raised their arms with hardened faces.

At first glance, it is an unusual strong force. Although it was said that they were two people who reached the level of S-class hunters, there was no choice but to be nervous.

"Let's cooperate."

At Taemin's words, Sahyeol slowly nodded and took an attacking stance.

"Be on the lookout for the enemy behind you. We never know when we will intervene."

bloody said. For now, he declared that he would not intervene to test Ezik, but he never knew when his attitude might change.

Before that, I had to quickly kill the enemy in front of me.

"Come! Servants of the worthy! I, Izzy of Invasion Unit 281, will deal with you!"

A friendly self-introduction.

"Go up. Mr. Sahyeol is on the right."

"Has confirmed."

The two S-class hunters exchanged opinions in very low voices and then kicked the ground. Taemin's body soared upward, and the blood pierced from the right to Izik.

"Is it a bucket?"

Izzy's eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. Although he was attacking from two directions almost simultaneously, he easily read the movements of the two men and defended them with a bayonet.

Towards Taemin and Sahyeol, who retreated with a bewildered expression, Izik narrowed the distance and swung his sword.

The slash formed by black magic shattered into pieces and became a storm of sharp shards, attacking the two of them.


Unlike the blood that barely escaped, several black shards were embedded in Taemin's left arm.


He was confident that he could endure any amount of pain, but the extreme pain that came when the black shards spewed out magical power was beyond human endurance.

"It is a curse of pain. It's a power that was discovered by slaughtering and analyzing one eligible person. Of course, the efficiency level of the qualified person will not come out, but it will not be easy to endure."

kind explanation.


A white light filled Taemin's body along with his clear voice. The wave of pain that had spread from his left arm disappeared in an instant. This magic is familiar. Taemin turned his head slightly back.

"Mr. Sojin Han! You must not come out!"

"I will fight too."

As expected, there was Sojin. Without strength, her actions would be a nuisance, but now she is a recovery type, but an S-class hunter with two special abilities of combat ability. It definitely helps.

"Really, I hate fighting… … ."

Tae-hee also appeared. While complaining, he raised his weapon with a stiff face. Looking at them, Izik fixed his posture with a nervous expression.

Although he said that he was a high-ranking S-class and his opponents were less-than-middle-level hunters, it was a little difficult to deal with four people of the same class.

"It is said that they are below middle level, but there are 4 S-class people… … If this happens, I will have no choice but to go."

Alsace, which belongs to the ranks of 11th-class Invaders and SS-class, has stepped forward.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 128


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