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Chapter 13 - Is it your first time out of a dungeon? - Part 2

There were onlookers.

I don't know where Dungeon Out started, but the only beast I could see was the one orc shaman from before.

There were many fools who chose to watch and shoot videos rather than run away.

"I didn't see anything moving… … ."

At someone's words, Hyunjun shook his head with a short sigh.

There was no way that ordinary people could follow the movement of the 'correct' Hunter. Moreover, Hyunjun was the fastest among C-class hunters.

Hyunjun quickly looked around. After the orc shaman's corpse had disappeared, he was observing the remaining magical crystals with wonder.

"It looks like a dungeon out has occurred, so run away."

A few seemed to sneak away, but most didn't quit spectator mode.

Dungeon out was not a common occurrence, so he was not aware of the seriousness of the situation.

'This is enough.'

Hyun-jun no longer told the citizens to run away.

Since the evacuation area was not his area, it was enough to say this. The rest was the fault of those who didn't run away.

'The time has come to come… … .'

Only one Beast Beast could not appear in the city center. If it was true that the dungeon out occurred, it was clear that dozens of them would soon be pouring out.


At the same time as I felt a lot of magical power, a scream broke out. As expected, there seemed to be a dungeon entrance nearby.

Bloody people were running out of the underground mall. Only then did the onlookers realize the seriousness of the situation and flee.

'Is the dungeon entrance connected to the underground shopping mall?'

It was rare, but it did happen occasionally. It was as if I had seen on the news passing by that the human casualties would be serious in this case.

'Things are messed up.'

frowned. When a dungeon out or raid occurs, nearby hunters are not free.

I had to intervene in some way. If you have to intervene no matter what... … .

'Become a hero.'

An evil smile spread across Hyunjun's lips. It was the appearance of thoroughly thinking and acting for himself.

He threw himself towards the underground shopping mall with a spear and a shield.

It was a crowded underground shopping mall even on weekdays. Since the dungeon out occurred, I thought it would be confusing, but it wasn't.

It was as quiet as a dead mouse. It wasn't because of orderly silence. people did not see

'It's strange... … ?'

Hyun-jun read the ominous atmosphere in the underground shopping mall. I thought that I might be gathering in some place, but then I shook my head.

There was not enough space in this underground shopping mall to accommodate all the users.

"What the hell… … ."

It was when he was looking around with suspicious eyes.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. An evil conspiracy is unfolding nearby.

The divine blessing has been activated.

'A conspiracy?'

Did you mean that the dungeon out was intentionally created? Of course, it wasn't impossible.

In fact, there were a lot of cases where the dungeon out was abused when there was a sword fight between the guild executives.

To be honest, Hyun-jun wasn't interested in such things. I thought it was someone else's business that didn't matter if it wasn't related.

He continued to walk. Occasionally a beast appeared, but it was small enough to be called a dungeon out.

"The time has come for the suppression team to come… … ."

self-talk came out It has been 30 minutes since I entered the underground shopping mall. It was time for the Dungeon Management Bureau's suppression team to arrive, but there was no news.

Something was strange. As God's blessing had warned me, I had an ominous feeling as if I was entangled in an unusual conspiracy.

"this… … Damn it… … ."

As I turned the corner, swear words came out. I thought the strong smell of blood pierced my nose, but the cafe in front was full of corpses.

There were traces of dragging as if it had been removed on purpose.

'People did it.'

Hyun-jun was sure. The possibility that the beast moved the body was extremely low. He carefully examined the body.

'Are you sure.'

It was concluded that the knowledge of the assassin engraved with the divine protection was not caused by a demonic beast.

Hyunjun looked around with a serious expression. A sense of urgency took hold of the footsteps.

"Heh heh, heh!"

The distance drew near enough to hear the sound of heavy breathing. Closely against the wall, covering his body with a shield, he raised his sword at the right time.

The blade reached the neck of the man in the suit. Just that much, the moment it touched his neck, his body stopped.

'It's a Hunter.'

It wasn't a normal reflex. Hyeonjun moved his eyes and quickly scanned the man's body. I see now that he was bloody and holding a dagger.

"It's Hunter. I don't know the grade, but you'd better run away."

said the man He showed his unwillingness to attack by carefully raising his hands.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

God's blessings warned me. Another sign was felt. This time it was a little bit bigger.

"Are you friends?"

"I wish I did."

As soon as he pulled out the sword that was aimed at his neck, people in black appeared from the left and right of the passage in the underground shopping mall.

At first glance, it seems that they are doing something illegal.

"Where do you belong to?"

He asked a question while covering his body with a shield. There are very few big guys who would do this if they weren't part of the guild executive branch.

"I think we'll tell you… … ."

"This is the executive branch of the Eco Guild. For sure."

said the man Whether that was true, the eyes of the executive hunter in front of him were distorted.

It was impossible to read the expression because he was wearing a mask, but I thought it wouldn't make a big difference.

"I can't help it. I was going to send it off nicely, but I have no choice but to kill it, right?"

That's a lie. I would have thought of killing it anyway. Hyunjun raised his sword.

"Are you going to fight?"

"okay. You're a little back to your cubs. "

"You bastard with only his mouth alive!"

Hyun-Jun gave the first shot. There were three hunters in the front and two in the back. But everyone didn't move, thinking that their captain would win.

It wasn't unfounded confidence. An auror blade was nestled in the sword wielded by the captain.

'Are you an Auror user?'

The executive hunter in front of you is a B-class! It certainly wasn't a class A.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

The protection of Carthage began. Hunter's weapons and armor are basically enchanted with magic, so they can counteract aura to some extent.

However, in order to properly deal with them, they had to use the same 'Auror'.

"crazy! Auror Shield?"

The sword wielded by the captain struck the shield. A clash between the Aurors caused magical shards to splatter everywhere.

It seems that he did not expect that Hyun-jun would be an Auror user.



He tried to step back in a hurry, but Hyunjun was a little faster. He used the Carthaginian shield technique to bleed the captain's sword.

It not only spilled, but also disrupted the center of gravity, causing the battle stance to completely collapse.

"Hey, what nonsense is this… … !"

It was an overwhelming difference in practical experience. Although Jo had a lot of experience in person-to-person warfare, he was not at a level comparable to Hyun-jun, who had experienced thousands of battles.


The sword that I stabbed pierced into the captain's stomach.



Other executive hunters acted belatedly. But the moment they raised their weapons, the head of the captain had already fallen to the cold floor and blood was pouring out.

"It's at least B-grade!"

"It's a co-op! pincers!"

The executive hunters moved.

'One B-class and three C-class?'

Hyun-jun judged their level by the abilities of the sergeants. Fortunately, there was only one B-class. They quickly narrowed the distance and swung their swords.


Shield Strike!


The executive hunter who was hit by the shield reinforced with an auror screamed and fell. As the bones of his whole body were shattered, his body was deformedly broken.

"A monster, a monster… … ."

The executive hunter who had been narrowing the distance steps back with a face in fear. It's a good prey.

Hyun-jun did not refuse the table he had prepared. He rushed to him and swung his sword.


cut the neck Red blood gushed out. The executive hunter stumbled helplessly and lost his life.

So were the others. They attacked, but they could not hold out for long against Hyun-jun, and they all became corpses.

It was annihilation.

"Unbelievable… … Are you an A-class hunter by any chance?"

"Is that important?"

At Hyunjun's words, the man shook his head with a faint smile on his face.

"Of course not."

"First, let's solve the dungeon out."

"You don't have to. It is said that the Echo Guild had a sabotage operation, but the regular attack team should have arrived in the dungeon by now."

Come to think of it, the beast didn't appear from a certain moment.

"First of all, nice to meet you. I am Taemin Kim, the executive director of the Race Guild. The Hunter class is B-class."

I remember reading a post about the race guild in the hunter community. It seemed to be a small guild among the bronze tiers.

"I am Hyeonjun Kang, a C-class hunter."

"nice to meet you. Kang Hyeon-jun."

He seemed a little surprised by the introduction of a C-class hunter, but soon smiled and asked for a handshake. The two held hands.

"This is my contact information. Sooner or later, I will repay you for saving my life."

I wanted to continue the conversation, but an unfamiliar voice interrupted me.

- Blood-soaked killer, the Reaper begins to watch you. He wakes up in admiration for the killing spree. If you can satisfy him, he will give you strength.

Someone else woke up

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 13


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