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Chapter 130 - Vanguard Command - Part 5

The fact that the clan had attacked the Wraith Guild office complex soon became known by the media.

Since he had no intention of hiding it anyway, and it was not large enough to cover up, Hyun-jun took no special measures except instructing Tae-hee to form a sympathetic opinion.

"How is the Invaders?"

"I'm still out of my mind."

Sahyeol answered Hyunjun's question. The two were walking towards the guild chief's office.

In the case of sahyeol, the trauma was almost healed, but unlike Sojin and Taemin, who are resting due to recovery from mental fatigue, etc., the body was remodeled, so he quickly got up from the bed and joined the work.

Hyunjun frowned at the bloody report that the Invaders were still unconscious.

Apparently, the protection of Pier, the ruler of the pain that happened last night, was intense. I thought I could hold on for a little bit longer since they were called Invaders, but I was mistaken.

'You can't survive only 10 times.'

I thought while shaking my head, but in fact, most of the trained executive hunters went out of their minds after the first time, but if they survived 10 times, it was a phenomenal record.

"Guild Master."

Hearing the report of the aftermath, he rushed forward and arrived at the front of the office.

Gyu-hwan, who was waiting in front of the door, found Hyun-joon and slowly approached him.

"Chief of the Guard. Keep checking the status of the Invaders and report them."

"Yes, I understand."

After sending the blood to the basement, Hyun-jun went into the guild chief's office with Gyu-hwan.

"The artificial island has been completely subdued."

"Is this effectively annihilation of the South Korean parish… … .?"

Thanks to the investigation by the UN special agency, Hyeon-jun as well as the special police department were aware of the structure of the clan and the command system.

"Thanks to the guild leader who took care of the enemy leader and neutralized the command, it is said that the remaining troops were easily handled."

"How is the investigation going?"

When the attack started, the clan started the process of destroying the data, but some data remained because the amount was so huge and the subjugation proceeded quickly.

Naturally, Hyeon-jun wanted to monopolize or have priority over handing over the materials to the state.

"We have priority. Our side must first complete the investigation before the Korean government can send personnel separately. However, there are not as many high-level and reliable executives as possible to investigate on an artificial island."

"I should use my powers to ask the UN special agency for research personnel assistance."

"Are you okay?"

"of course. It will be much more reliable than the government of the Republic of Korea, where the Inner Circle and the blood clan had touched."

Hyunjun nodded in response to Kyuhwan's words. Agents of UN special agencies are selected.

In addition, through Smith, higher-level people will be selected.

The results of their investigation will also be obtained from the race guild's information network anyway, so it's not a loss to receive support.

Of course, some information may leak to the UN in the process, but it didn't matter much because Hyun-jun originally planned to share some information with the UN.

"If you speak to Agent Smith, you will be able to get human resources assistance from special UN agencies. We will leave the issues related to the investigation of artificial islands. I will leave it up to you."

"I will do my best."


It was Hyunjun who nodded his head with a satisfied expression. Gyu-hwan immediately left the guild chief's office to direct the investigation into the artificial island. Lots of work to do.

After finishing the paperwork, Hyun-jun, who was going to leave for the medical ward to check the status of So-jin and Tae-min, felt popular and sat down on a chair again.

Eventually, with a light knock, the sahyeol opened the door and entered.

"His Majesty the Emperor. The Invaders have come to their senses."

"Let's go to the basement."

Nice to hear while listening. Hyeonjun's voice was tinged with a cold life. He and his blood went to the basement of the main building where the Invaders Alsace was imprisoned.

In the basement there was a torture room and a recovery room for the Shades, among the SS.

This recovery room, which is effective for those who have remodeled the human body, was created by Hyeon-jun himself using Gildre's method, and boasted an efficacy enough to recover even if he was fatally injured.

Thanks to this, the damage of the SS in this battle was small.

"I will open the door."

Arrived in front of the basement. Two guards stood in front of the thick iron gate. One of them recognized Hyeonjun and Sahyeol and opened the entrance.

At the end of the long hallway was another door. Likewise, the guards were guarding it.

When I opened the door and went inside, I saw Alsace, an Invader with arms and legs tied with thick chains.

"I just checked the redemption technique and the chain condition. There was nothing wrong with it."

As soon as he entered the torture room, Sahyeol looked at Hyun-jun, who was checking the state of his drinking ceremony, said Sahyeol.

The high-level restraint technique was binding Alsace's magical power and body primarily, and the chain engraved with the strengthening technique was limiting physical movement.

"Kill me."

"Why should I have such mercy?"

Hyunjun's voice is cold. An ice storm-like rage is raging from within, so there is no choice but to ooze coldness from his voice.

"You have invaded my territory. Don't you think you're not in a position to ask for mercy?"

He frowned and said.

"Suicide will not be easy. It's because I engraved such a drink."


"Do you want to die in peace? If you want it, there is no way at all."

Hyunjun said in a sweet voice as if in a whisper. Now that you've been beaten with a whip, it's time to present the attractive carrot.

"Tell me everything you know about the clan. Otherwise... … ."


Alsace, who saw a small needle being pulled out of his arms, could hardly calm the first trembling of his body.

"You'll have to talk to the 'Master of Pain' one more time."

"I, please… … I will kill you."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not generous enough to show mercy to my enemies."

As he finished speaking, he took the needle to the back of Alsace's hand. Now, with a very small movement, the tip of the needle touches the skin.

Can I give you one last chance? Hyun-jun raised his head to see Alsace's face.

"This is your last chance. Blow everything about the clan."

Alsace's eyes fluttered at the sharp warning. The hesitation did not last long.

"I'll tell you, clean up that horrible thing."

"It should have come out like this."

Alsace let out a deep sigh and revealed everything she knew about the clan.

Because he could tell a lie, Hyun-jun brought data collected from the Special Police Bureau and the UN Reconnaissance Investigation Bureau and compared them.

- How is it? host. Is the Invaders being honest?

Hell Yam was unable to withstand the curiosity and asked a question as he saw Hyun-jun organizing information without taking his eyes off the data.

"I don't think it's a lie."

Hyeon-jun answered in a very low voice that only Hell Yam-do could hear, and then closed the booklet.

You don't seem to be lying, so it was time for a brief question.

"The main purpose of the clan is to prepare a bridgehead for the invading forces to land on Earth?"

"Yes… … Dungeons and raid gates are just the role of the spearhead, no, the test subject to expand the rift. If they widen the rift sufficiently, the elite forces of the Invasion Command will land. We've taken over multiple dimensions that way."

"How do the indigenous peoples of the occupied territories deal with… … ?"

Those whom Danzig could not protect, those whom Withered Miller wanted to protect by resisting to the end. What would have happened?

"90% are disposed of and the remaining 10% are brainwashed and accepted as Soldiers. And about 10% of them become Invaders like me."

If you kill 90%, it basically means that when you occupy it, you put it on the premise of 'slaughter'.

Hyunjun frowned at the cruel way. Those whom previous lives could not protect must have died most of the time.

"Ask for something else. When attacked, the special police department's support slowed down, did you guys work this out too?"

At the sharp question, Alsace nodded and opened her mouth.

"A few high-ranking people were involved. They are related to the South Korean parish."

"Tell me more."

As Alsace called them, they made a list.

"one more. I heard that opening a dungeon or raid gate is the beginning of an invasion... … Then where do the beasts come from?"

"I belong to the Beast Corps. It is convenient to think of it as a sub-organization of the Invasion Command. They lack combat power, but they are very numerous. In a word, they are beings that do not matter even if hundreds of thousands disappear in the process of dimensional leaping."

"In a word, it is a sacrifice."

"You got it right. I understand quickly."

Alsace raised the corners of her lips in response. It looked like a demon and was disgusting.

"I think it would be good to change the topic. Tell me again about the organization chart of your clan."

"It's basically a point organization, but there are provinces that manage one large area and dioceses that control a single national territory. Below that is probably the branch."

"Right. Lastly, I would like to ask you in detail about the Invasion Command. Who is at the top?"

"that's… … ."


The moment he was about to answer something, Alsace's head exploded. Sahyeol quickly stepped in front of Hyun-jun and was drenched in blood instead.

"Is it forbidden?"

He murmured, casting a cold gaze at the corpse that had lost its head. Then, he quietly ignited magical powers to bring the protection of Behemoth.

Absorbed magic from Alsatian corpses using the Void.

- A strong soul satisfied the eternal void. You are blessed with magical powers.

It felt like the magic path was getting a little bigger.

"Take away the body."

"Yes, I understand."

When Sahyeol gave instructions in a calm voice, the two bodyguards who were waiting in the corner came forward and removed the body.

"His Majesty the Emperor. Are you okay?"

"Thanks to the captain of the bodyguard, I'm fine."

It's like a splash of blood, although Hyun-jun's reaction speed can avoid it. There was no need to lower Sahyeol's morale by saying such a thing.

- Judging from the amount of magic that burst out instantly, it seems that a fairly high level of prohibition was at stake. It seems that the Invasion Command bastards don't want to give information easily.

Hell Yamdo said: I agreed with that opinion. Hyunjun nodded and moved to the ground.

Sojin, Taemin, and Flame, etc., were not able to see if they were okay.

The person to interrogate disappeared, and I had some time to spare, so I thought that going to the hospital was not a bad choice.

Sojin was the first to choose to visit, but it was late, so she fell asleep, the executive Hunter, who was guarding the front of the hospital, reported.

"Shall we visit Flame first?"

He moved along with his own words. I heard from Taemin that the defense battle would have been difficult without Flame's performance, so I thought it would be okay to visit him first and give him a compliment.

The front of his hospital room was empty. Although he was fatally wounded, he had almost recovered from his injuries and was in a stable condition, so he did not deploy an executive hunter.

"Flame. Are you inside?"

"Kuk. Did you come here in search of true darkness? brother."

seemed fine. Hyunjun closed the door again.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 130


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