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Chapter 131 - Be Stronger for Vengeance - Part 1

"Are you all right?"

"Yes, the doctor said it was good to rest for at least two days, but you can go back to work right now."

Although most of the trauma was treated with the recovery hunter's 'heal', it was common to take adequate rest because it consumed a lot of mana and could leave aftereffects.

"That's fortunate."

Hyunjun nodded his head with a faint smile. Taemin was a capable 'subordinate'. Losing him would have been a huge loss.

"Fortunately, the damage of the guild is small compared to the size of the attack."

"I got a report. Even so, it was heartbreaking to say that the damage was small."

To be honest, it can be said that the damage is small compared to the size of the attack as Taemin said, but nevertheless, when I saw the list of guild members who lost their lives, my heart ached.

Fortunately, I was able to find comfort in the fact that all of the main members of the guild survived.

'You must take revenge.'

I will never forget the attack this time around.

"That is true. I lied. Sorry."

"Death is irreversible. But you can pay it back."

Hyun-jun took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Tae-min.

"This… … ."

"This is the list we got from the Invaders who attacked the guild. What would be the list... … I think the vice guild leader knows it well."

"Somehow, I thought that the special police department and the South Korean army's support would be a little late. Even though the guild leader is standing in a high place in Korea, it seems that such a force still exists."

"It's not the inner circle, it's the type that is directly connected to the clan. I think I've been hiding for a decisive moment like today."

Taemin unfolded the folded paper and looked at the names written on it.

"There are field-level officers of the Subangsa, and there are high-ranking officers of the special police. Even after the last 'clean-up', this much remains… … ."

Taemin's voice was filled with anger. There was nothing much different from Hyun-jun's feelings.

"Work with Agent Smith to 'dispose' of them all. They gave us 'qualification' to draw swords."

This is self-defense

"I will trust the vice guild leader."

"I will do my best."

If you give them trust and trust, they will surely reward you. Taemin was such a person.

Hyun-jun tapped him on the shoulder a couple of times to encourage him, and then left the room.

I felt uncomfortable because it felt like I was entrusting a heavy task to someone who had not yet woken up from the hospital bed, but it was an inevitable choice because Taemin was the only person I could trust and entrust to this task.

-Are you going to rest now?

"okay. I think it would be good to do this today."

I wanted to visit Sojin's hospital room as well, but I had confirmed that she was sleeping a while ago, so I had no intention of disturbing her. She must have been very tired.

'Maybe it's too much... … .'

Sometimes I was worried. She was trying not to become a morbid burden.

Along with the guild's internal strategy team, he was consistently attacking dungeons, and there were reports of frequent use of the training center.

'I will tell you not to push yourself too hard tomorrow.'

After organizing his thoughts, Hyun-jun moved towards the mansion. It was messed up by the attacks of the clan and the invaders, but thanks to the power of magic, a lot of repairs were made in one day.

Hyeon-jun finished taking a shower as soon as he arrived in the bedroom, and then threw himself into the bedroom. I was so tired from battles, etc. that I was so sleepy that I was afraid to close my eyes.

When the string of consciousness was broken and he came to his senses again, it was the 'scepter of a previous life'.

"Is it the Light Lancer?"

I raised my head in anticipation of meeting a new past life, but there.

[A maniac who touched the truth.]

There was only one familiar name.

'Gildre… … .'

Hyunjun shook his head with a short sigh. Gildre's training method was mentally exhausting as much as the physical rolling methods such as Carthage and Withered Miller.

But as much as it was difficult, it was certain that it would become stronger. Slowly, he reached out and opened the door and went inside.

"Did you stay well? Gildre."

"Welcome to. My reincarnation."

He is a man, but with silver hair that reaches down to his shoulders. Gildre, who seems to have stayed up all night, greeted Hyun-jun.

Hyeon-jun slowly walked into an unorganized room full of books and experimental tools and sat down on the first chair he saw.

"It looks like the aggression command has moved."

As she opened her mouth with a serious expression, Gildre put on her flowing round glasses and let out a maddened smile.

"I was also watching. Even though you defeated the Invaders, don't be arrogant. They are nothing more than 'scouts', not even 'spearheading'."

"You mean scouts."

"And… … Hmm… … ."

Gildre tried to say something, but then closed her mouth. And after a minute of contemplation, he opened his mouth again.

"I think I can tell you this far. A 'spearhead command' has already been established."

"The Vanguard Command? I didn't kill all the Invaders who crossed the Dimensional Gate?"

Hyunjun asked. Invader Haren, who was originally on Earth, was killed by Hyun-jun, and the two Invaders who seem to have been summoned a second time also lost their lives. But aren't they the end?

"They may not have been everything. While some of them attacked the base, the remaining personnel must have established a 'spearhead command'. It's a very simple bucket operation. Of course, you wouldn't have expected this."

"What exactly is a vanguard command?"

"It refers to a base with a dimensional gate that spits out magical beasts. It's easy to understand, isn't it?"

"You mean you fixed the connection between dimensions? Then the main force of the invasion command is also landing, isn't it?"

If so, it's usually not serious. Hyeonjun asked in a trembling voice, but fortunately Gildre laughed and shook his head.

"Even though the interdimensional connection has been fixed, the loss rate is still quite high, and there is no direct connection with the Invasion Command, so the main force will not come over."

"That's fortunate."

"Are you really lucky? Once the Dimensional Gate is fixed, the rift will continue to expand. In that case, the landing of the aggression command will not feel far away. If left as it is, a terrible history will repeat itself."

Gildre's voice was filled with deep sorrow. It was then that Hyunjun realized it too late.

This maniac in front of you is also a "victim" who has lost loved ones to them. Like Danzig, he met the end with only tragic memories.

"I have to deal with it. What about the location of the Vanguard Command?"

"Unfortunately… … It seems that Deus, our omnipotent 'past life', did not understand that. In fact, it would have been difficult to find out that the Vanguard Command had been established had it not been for Deus, who could exert influence outside."

It was said that it was possible because Deus, who was the closest to God in his previous life, was able to grasp the existence of the Vanguard Command. To summarize Gildre's words, yes.

"Then how do we know where the vanguard command is?"

Dealing with the invisible enemy is the most difficult thing.

"Since there is a dimensional gate that spews out demonic beasts, the place where the vanguard command is set up will be in turmoil. It won't be difficult to simply figure out the 'location'. The problem is to 'destroy' it."

The question is how big the dimensional gateway will be.

"It may be difficult on my own. We need an 'army'."

"Don't you already have the 'Infinite Legion'?"

"It is a hand that cannot be used now."

According to the pieces of knowledge passed on when receiving protection from the Legion Summoner, Archon, it was necessary to "forcefully expand" the rift for a while to summon even a part of the "Infinite Legion". Hyun-jun explained the situation to Gildre.

"No need to worry. Because I know of a 'method' that can force the crack to open for a brief moment."

"Do you have such a drink?"

Hyun-joon was surprised and asked. Even the mighty aggression command, which previous lives fear so much, cannot forcibly open the rift, so they suffer so much?

"It may sound like a lie, but it is true. The Invasion Command knew this too."

The Allied Magical Forces used terrible torture to find out how to open a rift from the captured and annihilated man. But Gildre did not open his mouth until the end.

"You stayed silent until the very end."

"That's right. For the promised future that will one day win."

"Gildre… … you… … ."

When we first met, I thought he was just a maniac. But looking at it now, it was a more wonderful 'past life' than I thought.

"Now do you see why I came to you today? I am here to teach you how to win."

The excitement didn't last long. Gildre smiled and beckoned frantically.

"What should I do?"

"Come this way."

Gildre takes the first step. Hyunjoon followed him and walked. We reached the center of a large room.

There was something covered in red cloth on the iron table. Gildre grinned and removed the red cloth.

"Black Magic Stone… … ."

Hyun-jun's eyes lingered for a moment.

"Today, we will study this friend."

"Can't you just tell me?"

In an instant, the desire to eat raw was activated. I covered my mouth late, but I couldn't pick up the words that spilled out.

"I would like to, but it is not easy because some information is limited. The information about the Vanguard Command was also something I couldn't give you when I first came here."

At Gildre's words, Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"It was a joke."

"Then you are lucky."

As Gildre gestured, dozens of magic books flew out from a bookshelf fixed to one wall and placed in front of Hyun-Jun.

"These are magic books that contain spells that will be helpful for research. I encourage you to read it, but I will not force you."

"By the way, what does the analysis of the Black Magic Stone have to do with the rift opening technique?"

"Don't gossip, go ahead. It all helps."

opened the magic book. As expected, it was full of complicated formulas and theories.

'It will take me three months just to understand this one book.'

Hyeonjun muttered to himself and closed the book. At least 20 books in front. Besides, not all of them will be on the same level.

'Damn, I'm losing all my hair.'

This is the beginning of mental work.

I started researching the Black Magic Stone before reading the Spellbook, but without the help of the related magic, progress was slow. In the end, Hyun-jun picked up the magic book again.

Still, it wasn't too difficult to understand the spellbook because he had accumulated quite a bit of knowledge about magic and magic theory.

'I can't help but consume mental power.'

I feel like a machine.

"Not much left. Try a little bit more."

Gildre said. At first I thought it was sarcastic, but now I see it's encouraging. Hyeon-jun worked harder and read the magic book and analyzed the Black Magic Stone. How much time has passed like that?

"it's over."

analysis is over. When Hyeonjun spoke in a tired voice, Gildre applauded.

"Congratulations. Now you will be able to use the Black Magic Stone as a 'Magic Resource'."

"surely… … The reason I analyzed this... … ."

"I needed to learn how to solve the 'lack of magic' problem before I could teach you tricks like Rift Opening and Summon Assist."

It was quite Gildre's big picture.

"Ego. When you open your eyes now, many things will change. I'll deliver the drink right away... … ."

Gildre chuckled.

"It's time to open your eyes."

And his vision was darkened. When I woke up, I could see a familiar ceiling. And.

- With the help of Gildre, a maniac who touched the truth, I peek into the truth of summoning magic a little more. The emperor's leadership has been strengthened. Replenishment of bodyguards is possible.

As the voices were heard, knowledge about the rift opening and summoning aids poured into my brain. It was clear, as if he had known it from the beginning.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 131


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