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Chapter 132 - Be Stronger for Vengeance - Part 2

"All the reporters are here. Don't say anything strange and do it well."

Taehee said, handed him a small notepad. Hyun-jun glanced at the notepad with a calm gaze.

Tae-hee knew the psychology of the public well. In the notepad she wrote, appropriate answers to the reporters' fixed questions were written.

"Do not worry too much."

"If Sojin hadn't asked for it, I wouldn't have taken on such a troublesome job. So don't make a mistake and do well."

"I know everything. It won't be a big deal."

He put the notepad in his pocket and nodded. Today is the day of the press conference. This time, the guild was attacked by reporters to express their position.

It was before he stood in the conference room, but according to Kyu-hwan's report, more than 100 reporters had gathered, perhaps thanks to the influence of the guild.

"Guild Master. The time has come."

Baek Han-soo approached with Inkigae. He took the place of Taemin and Gyuhwan, who were busy with 'cleaning', and took on the role of assistant to Hyunjun today.

"Don't worry, I'm having a cup of coffee."

Hyunjun stood up. He walked with Hansoo, leaving Taehee behind.

As soon as I opened the door and entered the press conference room, I could see more than 100 reporters and I could feel the attention of countless cameras.

Standing in front of the social group made me feel bigger, but the tension was not excessive.

In moderate tension, Hyun-jun shook his head as he tried to open the notepad.

'I don't need this.'

I thought it would be better to tell the truth as it is.

"Three days ago, the base of the Race Guild was attacked by the clan."

The flash fired several times.

"It's not just that the 'guild' has been attacked. 'Korea' was attacked."

And Hyun-jun's taunts to the people began.

* * *

"Shit! The clan would collapse like this!"

Congressman Kim. He was the most powerful member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea to assist the clan.

He had been hiding his identity until now, but this time he moved at the risk of revealing his identity somewhat.

They moved high-ranking officers of the Special Police Department, which were bought with the help of the clan, to disrupt the command system and delay the dispatch to the race guild office complex.

But the results were disastrous. The last force held by the South Korean parish evaporated, and two Invaders also lost their lives.

In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that the clan of the South Korean parish was annihilated.

"What do the subjects do?"

the assistant asked cautiously. The South Korean parish was conducting the same biological experiments that the Japanese parish did, and Rep. Kim was providing a place.

"How are you doing? Either sell it or 'discard' it."

The aide grew goosebumps when he saw a member of the National Assembly who said that they were selling or discarding "persons" that were called experimental objects, but had lives attached to them.

"I will pass the instructions to the person in charge."

"okay. Hurry up and deliver it and cover up the evidence. I'll have a drink or something."

Having finished speaking, he turned to the direction of the bottle. The answer he had been waiting for did not come, instead.


Only the sound of falling is heard. The moment when he was anxious and hurriedly turned towards the drawer where the pistol was kept.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?"

With a cold voice, Taemin wearing a mask appeared in the dark. Red blood dripped from the dagger in his right hand.

Perhaps he did not feel the need to use the Auror, but only the cold blade shone in the moonlight.

"Well, how about you? How did you break through the mansion security system?"

"Tell me about the use of equipment with limited stealth capabilities."

Senator Kim's gaze turned to the drawer again. It seemed like he could pull out a pistol if he threw himself because it wasn't too far away.

Did you guess his foolish thoughts? Taemin smiled and opened his mouth.

"It would be better not to think useless thoughts. I'm faster than you think."

Saying that, he waved the dagger that had been smeared with poison threateningly.

"If you don't want to die, shall we start talking about the 'subject' we just talked about?"

"If I tell you the truth, are you going to save me?"

"Look at your attitude."

Rep. Kim began to confide in everything, and Taemin shed a cold smile.

"I heard you well. Die now."

"Come on, wait… … ."

"I'm sorry, but I can't keep someone who is a harm to the guild leader. Thank you for letting me go."

At first, I had no intention of saving him. Because he dared to cooperate in attacking Taemin's idol, 'Kang Hyeon-jun'.

A sharp dagger pierced his heart, and Congressman Kim died without even screaming.

"It's a lab… … ."

The place that Rep. Kim said was not far from here. I also took the security card from the drawer.

"Is that what the guild leader said?"

The thought didn't last long. You should check it out yourself.

Taemin moved to the building mentioned by Rep. Kim with three of his subordinates to take down the mansion.

The laboratory was connected to the basement of a small two-story building about a 30-minute drive from the mansion.

There were about three people who were secretly guarding the building while hiding, but they could not be Taemin's opponents. They could not even resist properly and were quickly subdued.

"We have disabled the unmanned security system. This is not going to sound an alarm."

One of my subordinates was a security expert. In this chaotic era, he was strong enough to unlock the house of a member of parliament.

Although it was said to be a laboratory related to a clan, it didn't take long to unlock the security.

"You have to go right in. There's a good chance they've noticed the security has been lifted from over there."

"Good work."

Taemin drew his dagger and looked around.

"If anyone else comes out of the basement other than me, I will kill you."

"Yes, I understand."

After hearing the replies from his subordinates, Taemin opened the basement door and went inside.

Contrary to the words of the security experts, the enemies were in a calm atmosphere, probably unaware of anomalies.



Taemin, who quickly subdued the two armed guards patrolling the hallway, lowered his posture and quickly infiltrated into the depths.

It wasn't very difficult to find important facilities because Rep. Kim explained the approximate structure.

There were many surveillance cameras, but when the attack was recognized from the control room, the waiting room of the internal security team made up of hunters had already been attacked and annihilated.

The control room personnel also boarded the same train bound for Hell within five minutes. Although he was an S-class hunter, he had admirable penetrative suppression skills.

"Emergency! Hey, security team!"

Taemin infiltrated the hangar of the test subject. The researcher, who was guarding the hangar alone, hurriedly called the security team, but there was no response.

"I'm sorry, but the security team has been wiped out."

There were a few who escaped, but the men on standby on the ground would have taken care of them.

"Hey, please save me… … Cuckoo!"

A dagger flew and pierced the researcher's neck, begging for his life. With a brief scream, the researcher collapsed helplessly.

Taemin went into the hangar of the test subject and launched the drone. When the lights mounted on the small drone emitted light, the darkness receded, revealing the interior.

"Oh My God… … ."

Taemin was at a loss for words at the horrifying sight that was hard to describe. The only thought that came to mind was that I had to convene the hunters of the executive branch to this place right now and 'clean up'.

As he slowly walked towards the center, he stopped and turned his head to the left.

There were about 50 test tubes in a row, and there were people inside.

Taemin could easily recognize that the people in the test tube were the same as the 'shade' that Hyunjun usually spoke of.

"I need to secure the site first."

Moving more than 50 test tubes alone would be impossible unless you were in the magical world. Taemin lifted the radio connected to the executive.

"Assemble the executive branch at its current location."

* * *

The press conference was effective. Although the genius of Seondong did not help, the public opinion was favorable to Hyeonjun because there were so many people who had suffered a clan.

Of course, it would not have been possible to show such outstanding efficiency this time without the help of the 'master of agitation' at the first press conference.

"The Blue House also promises to cooperate more actively."

Guildmaster's office. Gyu-hwan reported looking at Hyun-joon sitting comfortably in the chair. So far, the Blue House has shown an ambiguous position on issues related to blood alliances.

The Japanese parish took the lead in hunting and supporting Hyun-jun in the related case, but there was no 'active' support for the South Korean parish.

It was only at the level of contempt.

"You have clearly stated your position at this press conference, and public opinion is also rising, so the Blue House won't have many options."

Gyu-hwan carefully expressed his opinion. Tae-hee, who was standing next to him, also nodded in agreement.

"Have the guild damage statistics been counted and dealt with?"

Kyu-hwan did not immediately answer Hyun-jun's question. Instead, he glanced slightly toward Tae-hee.

"I will go to the press. The two of us talk a lot about secrets."

Tae-hee speaks in a slightly playful voice and leaves the guild chief's office.

She was well aware of the fact that she was not earning the trust of Gyu-hwan, who had a cautious personality.

"A report on the damage and recovery situation."

Gyu-hwan takes a thick report sheet from his briefcase and places it on Hyun-jun's desk. Hyun-joon silently picked up the bundle of reports.

"We paid enough consolation money to the guild members who died."

"This is too little. Pay 1.5 times more."

Hyun-jun said to Kyu-hwan's report. Although the amount of consolation recorded in the report was not small, Hyun-jun thought it would be better to pay a little more.

The war with the clan or the aggression command will continue for the time being. Money can't fully buy loyalty, but it's better than nothing.

In addition, fortunately, the race guild was exempted from taxes, and thanks to Hyun-jun's activities, the funds were not sufficient and overflowed.

"Isn't 1.5 times too much?"

Kyu-hwan carefully raised the objection, but Hyun-jun shook his head with a calm expression.

"I write clearly when I need it. Saving money in a place like this doesn't sound good."

"Okay. We will proceed as you said."

"By the way, are you successfully securing the Black Magic Stone?"

Now that I have found a way to use the Black Magic Stone as magic, I had to collect as many as possible.

"We have been collecting steadily since the air carrier investigation. A large amount was also found on the artificial island, and a few more were collected during the 'general cleaning' this time."

"good. Also, consult with the deputy guild leader to strengthen the unmanned security system of the guild office complex. This time it was pierced too easily."

Recruitment of armed guards in the current tier is limited. Although it is said to be of low rank, there is a limit even if all of them are from hunters and become elite.

Now all that remains is to strengthen the unmanned security system.

"Even unmanned security systems have their limits."

"I plan to invest another 300 billion won."

"Are you planning to fortify the guild office complex?"

"That would be nice too. We need to be able to stop any enemy that comes in."

I've said this before, but at that time, there was a limit to the expansion of the unmanned security system because the Blue House was paying attention.

"At the Blue House… … ."

"I can't stop you this time. We have already been attacked."

"Okay. I will discuss with the deputy guild chief and submit the plan."

Gyu-hwan left the guild chief's office. And… … .

-The accumulated funds have exceeded KRW 1 trillion. The subject of the golden rule is interested in you.

Someone else woke up

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 132


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