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Chapter 134 - South America Raid - Part 1

He hurriedly finished the engraving of the SS ceremony and moved to the guild chief's office with Taemin.

He hastily moved to his seat after receiving a report that a video communication request had been received from the committee.

I had no intention of showing the secret underground space to anyone else.

"Do you want to use the secret room?"

Hyunjun nodded at Taemin's question. There was a passageway connected to the secret room in the guild chief's office.

Inside the closed room, there are several facilities including video communication.

"Yeah. I asked for it during construction, but this is my first time using it."

"Yes, the chairman asked me to contact you directly. They said there was a very serious problem. It seems that we need to be concerned about the security of the surroundings when connecting communications."

"Deploy the SS and control the 10th floor."

"Yes, I understand."

With Taemin behind him, who left the office after receiving instructions, Hyunjun put his finger on the recognition device hidden in the bookshelf.

- Beep.

A dark passage appeared as the bookshelf opened left and right with a mechanical sound. As Hyun-jun stepped into the aisle, the ceiling light turned on and brightened.

At the end of the passage, there was a room about 20 pyeong in size. Hyun-jun connected the terminal with the security card inserted to the computer on the desk.

- Connect with a secure line.

After a short wait, the screen turned on. Suddenly, the face of a blond man who looked benevolent appeared on the monitor. Seeing that there are almost no wrinkles, he looked like he was in his mid-30s at most.

'Eric of the remnant.'

He was a very famous hunter, so I saw his face on the Internet one day. He was one of only four SSS-class Hunters in the world.

'There are still four.'

I don't know what the level of the SSS level is, but it didn't feel far away.

- Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. nice to meet you. This is Eric, who is currently the chairperson.

I spoke in English, but thanks to the interpreter, I was able to understand everything.

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang."

He used Romanov's blessing at the same time as he said his name, but he couldn't see his true name because he was the opponent on the other side of the monitor.

- We apologize in advance for not being able to contact you and contacting you through other channels. This job was very urgent and important, so I had no choice but to use the official contact network of the Race Guild.

It's a world where even S-class hunters are drunk with power and do crazy things, but Eric showed a respectful attitude even though he was on the top of the strongest SSS-class with only four people.

Of course, since Hyun-jun doesn't know Eric's behavior well, he couldn't be sure about him just through this video communication.

Although Eric is famous, it was not easy to guess because he had never posted his private life on the Internet, whether he was careful or not.

'Isn't it so inconvenient not to know your true name?'

It seems that he has become too accustomed to seeing his true name first and then judging him based on his actions.

"Fine. It must be urgent."

-thank you for understanding.

"Since it's urgent, let's get to the point. what happened?"

Although it might seem a bit disrespectful towards the elder, Eric opened his mouth with a gentle smile.

-Then let's get to the point. South America was attacked.

The words that came out of Eric's mouth were shocking. Who the hell did you mean attacked?

'It is not a war between nations.'

The Commission had very little power to intervene in inter-state disputes. If so, the number of remaining cases.

"Are you a clan?"

Hyunjun asked in a cold voice.

- It seems so.

"The news seems quiet, but what kind of attack did you mean?"

- Oh my, that's a mistake. I correct it. An attack on the South American continent is expected.

Eric corrected what he said. Watching him panic, it seemed like things were going to turn very quickly.

"Did you get information that an attack is expected?"

- It's not like that.

"if so… … ."

- There is a forecast that a large-scale raid will occur.

"I know that raid doesn't mean attack."

There was a bit of annoyance in his voice. Although he became a member of the committee, he had no intention of subjugating even foreign raids.

My hand naturally went to the power button to end communication. There was no obligation for the committee to block foreign raids anyway. It is said that there is no problem even if the communication is terminated immediately.

- You seem to have lost interest. If you look at where raids are expected, you will change your mind.

Eric's confident voice stimulated Hyunjun's curiosity.

- I'll send you the file now. Open it.

Soon the file arrived. When activated, a map of the South American continent was spread out in the corner of the monitor.

- See the red dot on the map?

"Yes, I can see it."

very many

-These are the points where the raid gate is expected to open. Not only are there many, but if you look closely, you can see that they are either national capitals or strategic locations.

Eric explained calmly.

"Someone seems to have induced the raid."

-Otherwise, such a large-scale raid targeting only the main areas cannot be expected.

Given the size and location of the raid, it is clear that there is an artificial induction. This was Eric and the committee's idea.

-The committee considers it to be the work of a 'blood alliance'.

At Eric's words, Hyunjun nodded slightly. At this point, the clan was the only force with the dimensional magic skills to induce a large-scale raid.

'no… … Even if it is a clan, it is not enough.

If it was possible to induce a large-scale raid that would cover the South American continent in the first place, Japan and Korea, which were attacked first, would have been trampled by the demons and become a sea of ??fire.

'It is not a clan alone. The invasion command has moved.'

His expression hardened. It was not good news that the aggression command had begun to move in earnest.

'Is the vanguard command that Gildre talked about established in South America?'

I remembered Gildre's warning that it would be best to destroy Vanguard Command as soon as possible.

There was very little information about the Vanguard Command, but it was clear that they were a menacing entity, as they created a raid gate that would quickly cover the South American continent.

-I'm not forcing you, but I want you to know that the committee considers Kang Hyeon-jun to be one of the best. Of course, if you act on the South American continent, we promise support and compensation accordingly.

Hearing Eric's words, a faint smile spread across Hyunjun's lips. The Vanguard Command is the enemy you have to deal with anyway.

However, the UN committee is not enough to actively support and promise compensation?

'It's a win-win.'

You don't have to tell Eric about this. Just take honey or eat it quietly like this.

'Should I ask for a monopoly on the Black Magic Stone? … ?'

Just looking at the number of raid gates scheduled for the South American continent, the committee seemed to be willing to accept Hyun-jun's request.

"Can I set additional rewards?"

- Unless it is an unreasonable request, the committee is willing to approve it. May I ask what kind of reward you want?

"This time, we demand the exclusive right to the 'Black Magic Stone' to be collected in South America as an additional reward."

Unlike general magic stones that are used for various purposes such as resources and research of the latest magic technology, and making hunter equipment, 'Black Magic Stone' has no value as a resource at this time. It is being used only for research purposes.

- It is not difficult to grant an exclusive right to the Black Spirit Stone.

Eric said. expected reaction. However, considering that they did not give a definite answer right away, it seemed that the committee also needed the Black Magic Stone.

"It looks like we need a black magic stone to use for research purposes."

-Yes. That's right. If we approve the exclusive right, all the Black Magic Stones will be passed on.

"But isn't the value of Black Magic Stone too low to receive only priority?"

To Hyeonjun, the Black Magic Stone was more valuable than the normal Magic Stone, but he deliberately hid that fact.

Exposing everything when negotiating is an understatement.

- So, I mean... … The committee would like to purchase some of the Black Magic Stones, which will be obtained through exclusive rights. If you guarantee only this part, there seems to be no problem in granting the exclusive right.

Things are working out better than expected. I thought they would ask for a free transfer. I didn't know you would ask me to sell it.

Since the value of the Black Magic Stone has not been proven, it cannot be sold at a high price, but the more money it is, the better. Hyunjoon smirked inwardly.

"I also need a lot of Black Magic Stone, but the committee asks me to do this, so I will sell some 'specially'."

The 'special' part was emphasized. It is easy to get caught if you spread it without thinking. When negotiating, you need to train your opponent.

-Thank you for understanding our position.

"Yeah, just don't forget about it later."

- I will leave it in writing, so don't worry.

To Hyunjun's words, Eric answered with a kind smile.

"good. I'm going to South America. When can I leave?"

- You must leave now. Where the situation is not good, it is expected that the raid gate will be opened within 3 hours right now.

How far is it from the Korean Peninsula to the South American continent? Even if it was moved to an air carrier equipped with the latest magic crystal technology, the flight time would have taken more than 10 hours.

- U.S. and South American troops will buy time until follow-up troops arrive, including Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun. We are currently building a starting line. If necessary, it seems to be possible to use military aircraft from Korea or Japan.

Members are authorized to use the country's military aircraft. In the past, we would have requested military aircraft, but now it is different.

"The air carrier of the clan used in the Tokyo air raid is now under my command. It would be better to use it."

-If you can mobilize an air carrier, it would be great. Perhaps it can be used as 'power'.

Eric nodded and said.

"I will deliver the wait order to the aircraft carrier right away. We can convene the entire crew in 30 minutes."

- Please as soon as possible. The future of the planet depends on the decisive battle on the continent of South America.

With those words, the video communication ended. In the meantime, the committee was actively moving, perhaps because of the constant appeal of the danger of the clan.

"The entire continent of South America seems to be blown away, but it's strange if you don't take the initiative."

He smiled and left the room.

"Is secure communication over?"

As I came out of the hallway, Taemin cautiously approached me and asked. Hyunjun nodded and looked around.

As instructed, the entire 10th floor seemed to be under the control of the SS.

"Get your aircraft carriers ready. I'm going to South America."

"I will convene the crew immediately."

"And summon the guild members to join the second round. It's an expedition raid in South America."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 134


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