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Chapter 135 - South America Raid - Part 2

Just before the artificial island was attacked, there were three Invaders that the clan successfully summoned.

Among them, Izik, a class 13, and Alsace, a class 11, went to Suwon to attack the vacant house of a qualified person, but a class 10 invader, Karsen, went to South America with a small number of soldiers to establish a spearhead command.

"Soldier commanders, report the current situation."

The troll sitting on the stone chair opened his mouth, and a deep voice fell low in the wide cavity. He was a rank 10 invader, Karsen.

"Soldier Commander, Hacal! I will report you!"

From the darkness, an orc with a helmet made of bones appeared. Although his costume was close to that of a shaman, his physique was huge enough to be believed to be a combat system.

"We have successfully driven gate creation through cracks across South America. Countries in South America are mobilizing counter-forces to build a line of deterrence, but most of the gates are likely to be created before that. With this, we can say that we have completed half the mission!"

Hacal shouted loudly. There was a feeling of joy in his voice. Their task was to establish a vanguard command and expand the rift so that the invasion command's forces could land.

Not only has the vanguard command been successfully established, but the rift has also begun to expand by opening the gate, so as Hacal said, it is half the success.

"The damage suffered while crossing the dimensional gate is serious. This mission must be successful. If it fails, the risk to the responsible commander is too great."

Carsen said with a hardened face. Responsible commander of Invasion Unit 281, Rothcal, devised a large-scale dimensional leap plan to kill the "qualified person" who appeared on target 990036.

The rift was not stable, so when passing through the Dimensional Gate, more than 90% of the troops were lost, so the lieutenants and staff were reluctant, but in the end, it proceeded and succeeded in landing three Invaders and hundreds of Soldier-classes.

'But in the process, dozens of Invaders and nearly 10,000 soldiers lost their lives.'

Although the Invasion Command has a large number of troops, dozens of Invaders lost their lives without being able to enter the battle.

'I'm glad the Black Magic Stone wasn't lost.'

Although we were lucky enough to lose most of our troops, the loss of the Black Magic Stone was very small.

It would not have been possible to induce such a large-scale raid if a large amount of black magic stones used to open cracks and create gates were lost during the dimensional movement.

"Lord Carsen. Everything is going smoothly. We will definitely succeed."

"Don't be vigilant. It's been less than a year since the signal was caught, but seeing that Sir Alsace and Sir Izik were killed, this 'qualified' is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Perhaps they have already identified the location of the vanguard and are preparing to attack."

"I will do my best to defend the Vanguard and destroy the enemy!"

Hacal shouted with a confident voice, but Karsen couldn't easily cut the anxiety that was growing deep in his heart.

'It's a strange feeling... … .'

He turned away, but the emotion was not 'anxiety' but 'fear'.

* * *

"There are less than 30 minutes left until the gate opens, when the hell are the hunters coming?"

The Colombian Army Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Juan, picked up the walkie-talkie while swearing harshly.

His troops hurriedly mobilized when a raid warning was issued, but unfortunately, they were placed in the most likely place for the raid gate to open, as they were organized in a raid rather than evacuation guidance or line defense.

Since the Raid Situation Bureau's predictions were not 100% accurate, Lieutenant Colonel Juan only hoped that their predictions would be wrong this time as well.

"Captain. Are the hunters still there?"

One company commander under his command could not overcome his anxiety and cautiously approached him and asked a question. It looked natural. Without the Hunters, the army cannot use much power against the Beast.

It's not impossible to kill a beast by pouring out firepower, but it's not very efficient. Even if only a few B-class beasts appear, the soldiers will be killed in droves.

"The party is late, so please wait a little longer. I don't even think about this."

"Captain! Reports have arrived that a raid gate is forming!"

Upon hearing the report from the correspondent, Lieutenant Colonel Juan came out of the command post swearing.

A dark red cloud began to form above his head, and the air not far away ripped open, revealing an emptiness inside.

"What, what… … Why are you progressing so fast?"

Lieutenant Colonel Juan was not the first to see Raid Gate. While serving in the army, I've seen it three times and heard a lot of stories about it, but I've never seen or heard of it progressing so quickly.

"It must have been about 30 minutes until the gate was created, right?"

I hoped the raid situation bureau was wrong, but I didn't want this to happen.

"All-in-one battle deployment!"

The complaint didn't last long. Lieutenant Colonel Juan immediately moved the battalion's forces into combat positions. Soldiers aimed their guns at the gate that started to be created.

"It's an raid without a hunter… … It's ruined."

The non-commissioned officer of the forward-deployed company muttered to himself. Because the gate creation is faster than expected, it is a situation where you have to fight the monsters without the hunters arriving.

The only weapons they had were assault rifles and machine guns, as well as mortars and anti-tank guns.

Support from tank battalions and hunter troops is said to be coming, but once the raid begins, there is no guarantee when it will arrive.

"The attack helicopter squadron is coming."

"okay. If you have flight power, you can be on time."

To the soldier's words, the non-commissioned officer answered without taking his eyes off the gate that was being created.

"10 seconds before gate creation is complete!"

The observer disseminated the results of the analysis through the equipment. And after 10 seconds, orcs poured out of the torn space.

They were easy targets for hunters who passed a certain level, but they were terrifying enemies for soldiers who were still stuck in the limits of humans.


There were no shooting orders. The gunshots fired by someone accidentally pulling a trigger spread sporadically like an epidemic.


The spearheaded orcs fell down one by one, bleeding from the concentrated gunfire. Just because he was a beast, he didn't have complete immunity to modern weapons.

It is said that the beast has a colorless protective film called 'Magic Skin', but it was possible to destroy it by "wearing" it little by little with modern weapons. However, the level of wear is extremely inefficient compared to the Hunters.

"Oh, come!"

Someone cried out in fear. The bullets rained down, and the attack helicopter squadrons fired cannons and missiles, but the number of orcs still swarming and narrowing the distance rapidly.

"Scrape! Don't let me approach you!"

"You're approaching too fast! You must back off!"

"Shit! Are the hunters still there? Everyone will die like this!"

The soldiers continued to pull the trigger while looking for the hunters. In the face of a huge disaster called 'The Beast', the hunters were a ray of hope.


A fireball the size of a light car fell from the sky. About 10 soldiers in charge of firepower support were engulfed in flames, leaving an empty space in the firepower grid.

"Oh, an orc shaman!"

"The helicopter squadron is under attack!"

As the orc shaman emerged from the gate and waved his hand, the blades of the merciless wind ripped the attack helicopter squadron apart.

Attack helicopters split in two and crashed, spitting out dark red smoke.



The orcs then crossed the line and a hand-to-hand battle broke out with the soldiers. Soldiers with bayonets rushed in, but they could not defeat the orcs.

The difference in physical condition was also clear, and above all, there were more orcs.

"It's a support group!"

This was when most of the first deployed troops were annihilated. Hunters poured down like rain from the roofs of the buildings.

"Wind Cutter!"

"Ice Spear!"

"Fire Cannon!"

With magical cover and buffs, the battle-based hunters rushed towards the beasts. When the Hunters joined, the situation seemed to change.

"The next wave is coming!"

someone shouted The second wave was about to start because we didn't arrive on time.

The hunters raised their weapons with nervous expressions, and the soldiers also aimed their guns at the gate. The gate opened in suffocating tension.


The orc's feet, clad in green skin and heavy armor, touched the ground. No, it was the moment I thought I had reached.

The three B-class battle system hunters in the front fell down with blood pouring out. Instant death in one hit. I couldn't even scream.

"Oh, orc swordsman… … Cuckoo!"


Although it is a lower rank, it is an S-class beast. Every time he swung the sword with the Auror in it, blood gushed out of the Hunters' bodies.

There were only three A-class hunters here now. There was not enough power to subdue the S-class beast.

"It's a co-op!"

"Get rid of that swordsman!"

Many B-class hunters came forward. While the others were dealing with lower-class A-class beasts, three A-class hunters faced the Orc Sword Castle under the protection of B-class.



Two A-class hunters lost their lives, and the only one who was left succeeded in inserting a dagger with an auror into the neck of the orc sword castle.

"Huh, huh… … ."

The A-class combat hunter who defeated the Orc Sword Castle sat down with a heavy breath.

In order to defeat the Orc Sword Castle, two A-class people and 14 B-class people fell. Despite this, the wall of an S-class demonic beast was high enough that the expression of good luck was appropriate.

"Push! Not long now!"

New support has arrived. The beasts that landed following the orc sword castle were quickly sorted out.

However, the 3rd wave burst before killing all the beasts because the Orc Swordsman played a chess game. Once again the dimension tore apart, and the gate spewed out the demonic beasts.

"Oh, orc swordsman… … ."


"How are you going to handle that?"

There were only three orc swordsmen.

"It's human."

"This is the Warchief's order."

"Kill them all."

The orc swordsmen raised their weapons.

"finished… … ."

someone said The hunters' eyes were dyed with despair, and the soldiers lowered their guns without losing their will. I thought there was no way I could win.

"Shoot it."

When the Orc Swordsman, who seemed to have the highest rank, commanded, the one holding the great sword moved first.

The moment he swung his sword with a clear aura and disappeared from everyone's sight.


"Big, huh?"

Unable to reach the soldiers, it flew away with a roar and crashed into the wall behind it. His chest was depressed as if he had been hit by something heavy.

"A blow?"

"What the hell happened!"

The two remaining orc swordsmen looked around with bewildered expressions, but the culprit who blew up their comrades in one blow was nowhere to be seen.

"Where are you looking? This is it."

With a cold voice, Hyeonjun Kang took off the veil of hiding behind the two orc swordsmen.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 135


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