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Chapter 137 - South America Raid - Part 3

A voice cold as ice. By the time Kalkash reacted, it was already too late.


With a terrifying sound, the tip of the blade pierced Kalkash's abdomen.

"Kalkash! I will cover you!"

Ralph performed a high-ranking magic. A sharp ice storm raged, and the pieces of ice aimed precisely at Hyeonjun. A spell that surpasses the magic resistance of hell yam.

While he was using Gildre's protection to neutralize the magic, Kalkash pulled out a hell yam stick stuck in his stomach and used Blink to widen the distance with Hyeonjun.

"You mean the destruction of alcohol? Then how about this!"

When the staff made of bones was shaken, dozens of wolf spirits were summoned.

"Look, the souls of our great ancestors!"

In response to Ralph's maddening cry, the wolf spirits also responded with cries.

- He's a bigger guy than I thought. One seems to be at least an A-class top, and some of the stronger ones appear to be lower-class S-class, and I'm going to summon this with a high-speed chant.

Hell Yamdo explained. Hyeonjun naturally distanced himself from his enemies and joined Eden.

Eden opened his mouth without taking his eyes off Kalkash and Ralphs.

"This is Eden. Thank you for your cooperation. If my eyes aren't wrong, you're a Korean supernova, SS-class hunter Kang Hyun-jun, right?"

Eden recognized Hyun-jun at a glance. He had been paying attention to the press conference that took place after the Tokyo air raids.

"Am I that famous?"

"There won't be many Hunters who don't know you."

He wasn't famous because he was an SS-class hunter in the country of Korea. After the press conference, the public's attention began to pay attention to Hyun-jun's movements so far, and he became even more famous. Although he is a Second Awakener, his unimaginable growth rate was enough to attract everyone's attention.

"The situation is not good."

"Yes… … as you see… … More than half of the hunters guarding here have fallen. The military base suffered close to annihilation, and the fighting has been going on for an hour."

Still, a few recovery-type hunters were watching over here, and I could see that Eden's wounds were filled with white magic.

However, whether the level was high or not, the recovery rate was slow. Just as he was about to say something to him, Ralph moved the wolf spirits.

"I will stop the vanguard!"

Eden swung his great sword and scattered sharp Auror shards. It was intended to block the vanguard of the wolf spirits, but the effect was not great.

The A-class wolf spirits were destroyed by the auror fragments, but the S-class immediately behind them not only diddge them skillfully, but also opened their mouths at Eden and spit out magic bullets.


However, Eden had a special ability to counterattack against magic-type attacks. A magic circle was created around Eden.

All the magic bullets that were aimed at him disappeared, and the created magic circle absorbed the scattered magic and poured out the Auror Spears everywhere.

The wolf spirits that were penetrated by the bright light aura spear disappeared. Although more than 10 animals were killed, there were still about a dozen or so left.



Ralph made the wolf spirits march forward again. Kalkash blended into their gap and aimed at Eden.

Eden scattered the aurors once again, but the same method did not work twice.


Hyeon-jun opened his mouth with a calm expression as he watched Eden spit out abusive language.

"Please step back and deal with the wolf spirits. Those two named orcs are organized by me."


As soon as Eden stepped back, Hyun-jun raised the hell yam. Auror blades soared.

Kalkash, who had almost recovered from his wounds, was quickly closing the distance.

The speed was so fast that it was close to the speed of sound, but to Hyun-jun's eyes, it looked only slow.

"Gear sword."


The butcher's dagger that flew along with the starter was stuck in Kalkash's shoulder.

The speed was so fast that precise aiming was difficult, but it was enough to stop the sprint.

Seeing him stiff for a brief moment, Hyunjun opened his mouth with a cold smile.

"Have you ever been stabbed at the speed of light?"

"What… … ."

Before Kalkash's words could be finished, Raikiri's protection appeared. Suddenly, Hyeon-jun was riding the Horse of Light, and before Ralph could utter a defensive spell, the Horse of Light sprinted at the speed of light.

"Uh… … ?"

When he noticed something flashing right in front of his eyes, a lance already covered in lightning was piercing Kalkash's chest.

"Wow, whoops… … ."

"Did your heart go away?"

Seeing Kalkash groaning in pain, Hyun-jun muttered with a sad expression on his face.

Still, it's an SS-level named beast, so it looks like he read the path of the lance charge the moment he started the rush of light.

Kalkash managed to turn around just before being hit, avoiding a fatal heart-piercing wound.

"I'm sorry, but it's over."

The moment the lance pierced his chest, the electric shock stiffened Kalkash's whole body. It was a fleeting moment, but it was enough time for Hyun-jun to pull out the hell yam.

"Kah, Kalkash!"

Ralph hurriedly completed his upper-level spell and attempted to cover it.

"It's no use."

There is no need to use Gildre's protection. The spear of burning flames made by higher level magic could not penetrate the high magic resistance of the Hell Yam and perished.

"Hey, this can't be!"

Ralph was astonished. He raised his staff and tried to summon the wolf spirits, but Eden properly intercepted the action with a large sword.

While Eden was dealing with the wolf spirits, Hyeonjun slashed Kalkash's head with a hell yam.

He couldn't even resist because the stiffness had not been released.


He cut his throat deep. Red blood gushed out like a fountain, and Kalkash shook his head helplessly.

Hearing the cheers of the hell yam, who had tasted the lively blood because they came while catching the undead, Hyun-jun got off the horse of light and threw himself at Ralphs.

"Come on, barriers!"

As Ralph finished the casting with a hardened face, a barrier rose from the ground. There was also the option of using Gildre's protection, but Hyun-jun didn't have to do that, and swung a hell yam to cut through the entire wall.

He sprinted towards Ralphs through the dust that had arisen as the wall collapsed. As the distance narrowed in an instant, the old orc was bewildered, but soon calmly pulled out a curved sword.

"It doesn't come easily!"

Ralph exclaimed. Although he was a named orc who mainly used magic, he was also a swordsman with excellent skill enough to slaughter an S-class middle-class combat hunter with pure swordsmanship before Hyun-jun arrived.

"come! human! Don't make me regret it!"

As Ralph swung his sword, slashes poured out. Hyeon-jun, who lightly avoided the slash that flew through the wind, narrowed the distance between him and Ralph within 10m.

"Oh my gosh… … ."

Although it is said that he can use swordsmanship, he has experienced practical combat centered on magic throughout his life. He had never raised a sword against an enemy with overwhelming force.

'You monstrous guy! Ignoring high-level magic with magic resistance, and neutralizing even high-level magic with magical destruction... … .'

Ralph bit his lip until blood leaked out. Just by looking at it, you could tell how nervous Ralph was.

"Aww! Come!"

Ralph screams while swinging his curves. Hyunjun narrowed the distance in an instant. He pierced the hell yam that I stabbed and pierced Ralph's neck.

'Isn't it the body?'

Hyunjun noticed something strange at once. Not only did the SS-class demons allow the attack too easily, but the magic recovery due to the bloodsucking of the Hell Yam was not activated.

'An alter ego, especially the illusion series.'

If so, where is the body? Busily moving his eyes and scattering magical power, he tried to catch his presence.

If you do not catch the presence, the enemy will become an invisible blade and attack you. He said that he had the blessings of the gods, but he could not be relieved.

The tension, like walking on a thin ice sheet, did not last long. The sign was revealed from a farther away than expected. At first, Ralphs had no intention of directly targeting Hyun-jun, who has strong fighting abilities. His target was the injured Eden.


Red blood gushed out with Eden's brief scream. While Hyeon-jun hurriedly ran to him and checked his condition, Ralph opened the distance again and completed the great magic.

"This… … It seems difficult to destroy... … ."

Until now, Hyun-jun seemed to destroy various magic easily with Gildre's protection, but in fact, it was destroyed by consuming 3 times the amount of magic required to activate the magic.

Destruction of the Great Witchcraft wasn't impossible, but it couldn't be said that it was effective.

'There is a risk that it will be a long game. Now I have to save my magic.'

Eventually, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to Eden, who was pouring blood. He was such a famous hunter that he was nicknamed 'the sword of counterattack'.

His special ability is magic counterattack. Magic can also counterattack, but looking at Molgol now, it seemed unreasonable.

"Come this way."

Hyunjun grabbed Eden's arm and kicked the ground. The sky opened and four meteorites the size of a three-story building fell.

The hunters who were still enduring the ruthless wide-area attack that were also involved in the same side of the Beasts were killed in droves.

"Ha ha ha ha! Keep going!"

again a major spell. To protect Ralph while he was casting, the Orc Warlords, who are Class A Beasts, gathered.

As more than 20 A-class Beasts gathered, the other hunters were unable to approach.

'If this is the case, it will be annihilated.'

Hyun-jun was confident that he would survive, but the other hunters were sure to be annihilated. Hyeonjun decided to take an active role even if he consumed a little more mana.

"Mr Eden. Step back."

"Ha, but… … ."

"Now it's just a distraction."

"?… … Sorry."

After Eden retreated, Hyun-jun cast a cold gaze on Ralph, who was protected by the beasts. And it created magic.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

Eastel's Blessing. And.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

Added Durendal's Blessing. Even Carthage and the withered Miller's protection are with them. A total of 4 blessings were expressed.

"Joe, be careful! I can feel the powerful magic!"

An orc warlord warned his comrades. But I'm sorry, but it's not over yet.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

Even Raikiri's protection was manifested. Hyeon-jun, riding on the Horse of Light, opened his mouth with the tip of the lance aimed at Ralphs.


it was a little overkill About 100 fireballs were created in the air. And they flew all at once towards the orc warlords.

It wasn't enough to inflict a fatal wound on an A-class beast, but it was enough to confuse his vision for a moment.

And in that gap, Hyun-jun became a 'light' and penetrated Ralphs.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 137


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