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Chapter 138 - SS-Class Is No Longer My Opponent - Part 1

Due to 27 raid gates in the center of Colombia's capital, Bogota, more than half of the city was burned, and most of the soldiers who were initially deployed for subjugation lost their lives.

Reinforcements from the United States and Europe arrived, but the situation did not change much. They did their best, but only destroyed seven gates. From the gates that had not yet been destroyed, a wave of magical beasts continued to pour in.

In such a desperate situation, Korea's SS-class hunter, Kang Hyeon-jun, a supernova, appeared aboard an air carrier.

While the aircraft carrier mobilized unmanned fighters to seize air supremacy, Hyun-jun alone destroyed 10 gates. Among them, there were only four S-class gates.

"Destroyed raid gates all over Bogota. It's all thanks to Hyunjun Kang."

Eden said. As he said, it would have been difficult to protect Bogota if Hyun-jun hadn't destroyed 10 gates while riding the flame alone.

"How is the situation?"

"The subjugation squads sent from each country are arriving one by one. A little while ago, there was a report that the Russian subjugation squad would arrive within an hour. The number is not small."

Eden hinted at the scale.

"You've gathered more than you think."

"I've never seen a subjugation team of this size gather, but it's not to the point where I don't understand."

Eden spoke English, but Hyun-jun was using an interpreter, so communication was not a problem.

For hunters, raids are money. Besides, the countries in South America were on the verge of collapse, so they had a condition such as preferential payment for settlement.

It was not unusual for many hunters to gather.

"Who takes command?"

Hyunjun asked. In order to maintain Romanov's protection, at least one must not go under anyone, and if it is detestable, it is good to have independent operational command.

Naturally, he thought that the United States, a superpower, would have the command to subjugate Colombia, so he asked the question to confirm, but Eden put a troubled expression on the question.

- Something is ominous.

Hell Yamdo said: Hyeonjun wanted to urge him not to say anything useless, but he endured it because Eden was in front of him.

In his eyes, who does not know that Hell Yam is an ego sword, he will look like a strange person talking to himself.

"Actually, it is said that Russia sent Petrenko, an SS-class top level magician hunter. Since the chairman has gone to Brazil, I think there may be a confrontation over the command."

If Eric, the SSS-class combat hunter who served as the chairman, had been in Colombia, it would have been unthinkable for the Russian side to greedy for command, but unfortunately he was in Brazil.

The reason why Russia sent a top-ranked SS-level hunter to a place without Eric was obvious.

'Seize command.'

Hyunjoon bit his lip slightly. It would be difficult if they wanted to seize the command in Russia and conduct the operation of the combined subjugation squad according to their will.

If the Russian side, which is less affected by the committee, seizes the command, Hyun-jun's independent subjugation authority from Eric may be ignored.

In the worst case, Petrenko, the best SS-class magician hunter, may try to use Hyunjun as his subordinate.

If that happens, I have no choice but to withdraw from South America because of the 'Romanov' who hates taking orders from others. If you withdraw from South America, the supply of Black Magic Stone will also be disrupted.

'The Black Magic Stone must be secured.'

In order to summon the powerful Infinite Legion, a large amount of the magical power inherent in the 'Black Magic Stone' was required.

Russia's attempt to seize command is obvious, but because of Romanov's protection, it is impossible to receive orders from anyone.

'If it becomes a problem, we suppress it with force.'

Hyunjun's eyes shone sharply.

* * *

A squadron of Russian military transport aircraft entered the airspace over Bogota. Although it was said that they succeeded in defending Bogota, more than half of the Colombian area had become the land of the beasts, so a fighter squadron was attached as an escort.

In the largest military transport aircraft in the center of the squadron, Petrenko, an SS-class top level magician hunter, was on board with the hunters belonging to the Alpha Team.

Alpha Team is a group of elite hunters who wear the Russian flag on their chest, and is famous for having an SSS-class hunter, Vladimir of Frostblade, as the commander.

"Captain Petrenko. A video communication request has been received from Commander Vladimir. You should immediately go to the communication room."

Basilik, the top S-class magician hunter, approached and said. He was Petrenko's lieutenant and was part of the Alpha Team.

"I can't make you wait, Master. I will go right now."

"This is it."

Petrenko nodded and got up from her chair, and Basilik led her to the communication room inside the transport. In the communication room, preparations for video communication had already been completed.

"I will connect you."

As soon as Petrenko sat down on the chair with the camera and monitor connected, the signalman touched the equipment. on the monitor

An impressive man appeared with short platinum hair and icy blue eyes. At him, Petrenko bowed his head.

"Master. I heard you found me."

He was a Russian SSS-class middle-class combat hunter, Vladimir of Frostblade.

"How's the flight?"

"About 30 minutes left before landing at the makeshift airfield in Bogota. It was a long flight, but a pleasant time thanks to Master's attention."

"okay. I did tell the convoy to prepare the best convoy, but it looks like they have been assigned well."

At Petrenko's words, Vladimir nodded with satisfaction. He had told him that he could use a comfortable modified military transport for his one and only pupil.

"Petrenko. I think you know why I am sending you to Bogota."

"of course. Didn't you say that in Moscow too?"

"It's good if you remember."

A smile spread across Vladimir's lips.

"I will be keeping Eric's feet tied up in Brazil, so I must obtain the subjugation command for all of Colombia."

"I will do my best."

"It's okay to do your best, but show the best results."

"Yes, I understand."

To Vladimir's words, Petrenko answered with a firm face.

"Are there any changes so far?"

"Unexpectedly, SS-class hunter Hyeonjun Kang appeared in Colombia, but there is no problem. Although it is an SS level, the official record is 'low' level. Even if there is friction, we can 'handle it' without any problems."

"If you're a lower SS class, you won't be my opponent."

Vladimir says it won't be a problem, and Petrenko smiles and says confidently. But do they know?

Unlike the official records, a hunter named Kang Hyeon-jun, whom they see with ease, has a level of SSS-level force.

"Good luck. Petrenko."

"I will report the best results."

With those words, the communication ended.

"I will land soon."

said the flight attendant. Petrenko returned to his seat and the transport squadrons began to slowly lower their altitude. Looking out the window, I could see the half-destroyed Bogota.

"Finally, you have arrived in Bogota. You must never disappoint Master."

Casting his gaze over the ruins that spewed out dark red smoke, Petrenko mumbled his own resolve.

* * *

"The subjugation squad from Russia arrived at Bogota's makeshift airfield a little while ago."

Taemin slowly approached and reported. Hyeonjun, who was calming his hunger with chocolate, opened his mouth with a dark expression.

"Have you figured out where the top SS-class hunter, Petrenko, has gone?"

"As directed by the guild leader, I was watching Petrenko's movements. As soon as they landed on the ground, he led dozens of hunters and headed for the subjugation command. There seems to be a dispute over leadership."

"It is no different from piracy to say that Russia, who arrived last, is trying to seize control."

Gyu-hwan frowned at Taemin's answer. Hyunjun also nodded. I'm sorry, but I didn't intend to let Russia take over the subjugation command like this.

"I will entrust the management of the air carrier to the executive director. And vice guild chief."

Hyun-jun nodded and shifted his gaze from Kyu-hwan, who stepped back, to Tae-min.

"Tell me. Guild Master."

"Please guide me to the command line. If Russia is sincere, I think I should step in."

I didn't want to sit still and lose control. He was calm because he had in mind the situation where Russia was not greedy for command, but now that Petrenko is making a full-fledged move, he can't stand still.

have to move

"I will take the lead."

Hyunjun followed Taemin, who went first. About 10 A-class hunters followed behind them.

At the time when dozens of hunters had already been mobilized in Russia, it was too late to solve it in a peaceful way.

In the worst case, he might have to prepare for an armed clash with the 'Alpha Team', Russia's elite hunter group.

The closer the distance to the command center, the heavier the air felt. However, not only Hyun-jun, but also Tae-min showed no signs of nervousness at all.

'I never lose.'

'The guild leader is never defeated.'

Each of them had strong convictions, so they weren't afraid. As I was busy moving, I arrived in front of the building used as the command center.

"They are hunters belonging to the Alpha Team."

Taemin told me the affiliation of the hunters guarding the building. It seems that the Russian side has already finished taking control of the headquarters building.

"Guild Master. What would you like to do?"

Taemin asked. He was ready to believe and follow Hyun-jun even if he used radical means.

Even if it was a confrontation with Russia's infamous Alpha Team.

"I will push in."

"What if there is an engagement?"

An A-class hunter belonging to the executive branch asked a question. Hyunjun opened his mouth with cold eyes.

"I don't avoid it."

And then I took the first step. As they approached the gate, 14 hunters from the Alpha Team blocked the front.

Hunters ran out from other places as if they had sent a request for support.

"Stand out."

As he exhaled coldly, a man who looked like a leader came forward and opened his mouth.

"What if you don't like it?"

At the same time, it raised the living. The A-class hunters standing behind Hyun-jun frowned at the life of an S-class hunter, and the two staggered while clutching their chests. can't wait to see it any longer

Hyeon-jun lifted his hand lightly to remove the flesh.

"Did you take my life away?"

"Are you pouring this out to live?"

A cold smile spread across Hyunjun's lips.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. A part of deadly living is liberated. As a living being, there is no escaping instinctive fear.

woo woo woo!

Heaven and earth shook at the real liberation of life.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 138


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