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Chapter 140 - SS-class is no longer my opponent - Part 3

'It was a little too much.'

Following the destruction of SS-class anti-magic, dozens of high-ranking magic were destroyed. The mana that I normally thought was sufficient enough to overflow was about to show the bottom. but didn't show it.

Without a sign of embarrassment, he kept a cold expression and threw his gaze at Petrenko.

He seemed to have gone mad as he watched dozens of high-ranking magics evaporate in an instant.

The open mouth hardly closed, and the two trembling eyes were tinged with fear.

It was the same with the hunters belonging to the Alpha Team.

"Hey, this can't be… … ."

"Did you say you destroyed dozens of high-level magics at once?"

The overwhelming difference in force was enough to cause the Alpha Team Hunters to lose their will. There were a few people who didn't get hit by Hell Yam, and they also put down their weapons without saying a word.

The road to Petrenko was opened. Hyunjun opened his mouth, slowly moving towards him.

"Can you feel the difference in power?"

Petrenko was speechless. Accepting his words seemed to admit defeat. He wanted to attack him by unleashing the anti-magic once more, but his instincts were warning him that he could not win.

While shivering, eroded by fear and fear, Hyun-jun approached his nose. He looked at Petrenko with a calm gaze and opened his mouth.

"Shall we start negotiating now?"

It would be a one-sided notice.

* * *

Rumors that Hyun-jun destroyed Petrenko and Alpha Team Hunters quickly spread throughout Bogota, and Eden, who had led the American subjugation squad, had no choice but to move.

He visited Hyun-jun's dorm with a complicated mind. The fact that Petrenko, who had humiliated him, had been smashed, made him feel good, but he had no choice but to act as a mediator.

"Guild Master. Mr. Eden came to visit us from the American subjugation corps."

Taemin cautiously walked in with the knock and said. Hyeonjun closed the book he was reading and got up from his chair.

"Tell me to come in."

"Yes, I understand."

Did Taemin leave the room for about 5 minutes? The door opened again and Eden entered.

Currently, Bogota is in a precarious situation where you do not know when there will be an attack by the beast. Maybe that's why he didn't take out his weapon in the subspace, but he was dressed in light defense equipment.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang."

"It came sooner than I expected."

I thought it would come with a little more time.

"Yes, there was a reason for that."

Eden said. I didn't explain the circumstances in detail, but I could guess.

This may be due to the unique position of an arbitrator in the United States. Since the United States and the committee led the combined subjugation team, Eden had no choice but to act quickly to prevent unsavory events as much as possible.

"Are you here for work with Petrenko?"

"You know it well."

The prediction was correct.

"Would you mind telling me right away?"

He said with a calm expression. Hyeonjun's attitude toward the United States and the committee will change depending on what Eden says.

Since Hyun-jun is on the committee, there is a high probability that the US and Eden won't take Petrenko's side, but we can't be vigilant until the end.

"You know I came as a mediator, right?"

"of course."

"I hope to avoid friction with the Russian subjugation force as much as possible in the future."

"Is this the official position of the United States?"

In response to Hyunjun's question, Eden nodded instead of answering.

"It's an official position… … Okay."

This was not a bad reaction, as the US and Eden were also thinking of the worst case side of Petrenko.

If not the worst, I expected that Bogota would receive a bloody warning because of its knife-wielding efforts in an emergency.

'It seems that my influence is not as weak as I thought.'

It was different from the old days when I was always suffering. The present Hyun-jun has risen to a position that no one can easily ignore.

Hyunjun barely resisted the burst of laughter. It wasn't like that now.

"In the original way, strong warning measures would have been taken, but Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun is on the committee."

"That's right."

did not deny Although the committee is said to operate in secret, in fact, everyone who had access to the relevant information knew it.

Eden will also have authority.

"You cannot have a member who is at the forefront of the clan and the uncooperative Russian Alpha Team on the same line."

Although he was openly covering his family, Hyun-jun felt good because he was the target of protection.

He tried to control his expression, but the bright smile that spread across his lips was already out of control.

"I wanted to impose sanctions on Perrenko of Alpha Team, but the chairman is also in Brazil… … In many ways, Russia could no longer be stimulated. Sorry."

After the start of the dungeon raid era, relations between the United States and Russia deteriorated further. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was an instantaneous situation.

Unlike the US, which showed a passive attitude toward war, Russia showed a more aggressive attitude.

Although there are two SSS-class hunters in the United States, Russia had a lot of S-class or higher hunters to close the gap.

Therefore, the United States has been adhering to the attitude of avoiding friction with Russia as much as possible.

"Petrenko and Russia are the problem. There is no need for Mr. Eden to be sorry."

"Thank you for understanding our position."

Eden bowed her head slightly and expressed her gratitude.

"This is the official position of the United States."

Raising his head, Eden said meaningfully.

"Are there any informal positions?"

"We have decided to support Hyun-Jun Kang."

At Eden's words, Hyunjun frowned. If I do this wrong, I think I can become a vanguard and fight fiercely. I guess I'll have to listen to the support information first.

"What kind of support do you mean?"

"We plan to support in many ways. First of all, to prove our sincerity, let's give Hyeonjun Kang a piece of 'information'."


The information was meaningless to Hyun-joon, who could access the server of a special UN agency. Perhaps that's why, a look of disappointment suddenly appeared on his face, and Eden didn't let it go.

"This is information that even the Reconnaissance Investigation Bureau could not obtain. I can assure you, this is information that will be helpful to Hyun-Jun Kang."

Eden said with a meaningful expression. Instead of continuing to speak right away, he shut his mouth for a moment and sighed.

'Tell me quickly, I'm curious.'

I was smiling awkwardly, but I went crazy because I was curious. Did you notice Hyun-jun's heart? Eden opened her mouth with a faint smile.

"Petrenko is aiming for Kang Hyeon-jun."

"Doesn't this seem like a predictable category without the help of intelligence agencies?"

Hunters of S-class or higher often had strong self-esteem. If you were at the top of the SS class, it is clear that you would have been treated very well in Russia.

But this time, he experienced a humiliating defeat to Hyun-jun in front of his direct subordinates of Alpha Team. So, in a way, it was natural to seek revenge.

"We are bringing in more alpha team hunters from Russia. We obtained part of the plan through our spy, and it seems that the raid will be carried out as soon as Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun left Bogota and entered the Masu area."

This was quite detailed information, and Hyunjun nodded with a satisfied expression.

It is different from simply recognizing that you are aiming, and securing accurate information and preparing for it.

"We cannot intervene because there is no official evidence."

"Fine. In America, you don't have to."

A cold smile spread across Hyunjun's lips. If you are attacked first, self-defense is established. It is said that they even attack from the Beast Zone.

It is concluded that if all the alpha team hunters are killed, there will be no witnesses except for the hunters belonging to the race guild executive branch.

'This is an opportunity to legally pay a sacrifice to Behemoth.'

You can receive blessings by sacrificing the strong or the weak to Behemoth. Hyunjun couldn't miss this opportunity. In order to legally kill everyone, it would have been better for the US not to intervene.

"I will fix it."

"It is said that they defeated Petrenko, but this time, a lot of elite hunters from Alpha Team will be mobilized. If you wish, we can arrange for you to stay in Bogota for the time being."

It was the best the US could do. But Hyun-jun didn't want that.

Seeing Eden's concern a lot, it seemed that Petrenko was working to cover up the fact that she was overwhelmed to protect her pride.

"You don't have to. No matter how many elite hunters from the Alpha team, including Petrenko, are mobilized, I have the confidence to 'handle' them all."

Hyeonjun's voice was filled with confidence. It was only then that Eden realized that Hyunjun wasn't bluffing.

'Isn't it just luck that you defeated Petrenko?'

Eden's eyes fluttered. The official record of the hunter in front of us, Kang Hyeon-jun, is of the lower ranks of SS. But isn't it just luck that you beat the top of the SS class?

According to the records of the lower ranks of the SS, there is no way he can beat the top ranks of the SS class. Although they are of the same class, the gap is so large that there is a saying that there is a high wall between the bottom and the top.

'You are hiding something.'

Eden was convinced that Hyun-jun was hiding his power.

"Then let's leave this matter to Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun. You are free to handle it however you like, but please do the rearrangement neatly."

Since it is not inside the dungeon, if clear evidence remains, the US may step out or Russia may intervene at the national level.

Eden guessed what he meant by seeing the faintly leaking life out of Hyeonjun's eyes.

Even if Petrenko was killed sooner or later, Eden had no intention of intervening unless evidence remained.

"You don't have to worry about the evidence."

Why? Because there is 'God's blessing'. Even if evidence remains, it is safe to use protection to destroy it.

"I believe in Kang Hyun-jun."

I see the end of the conversation.

"It won't be a big deal. I bet."

"Yes. I'm leaving for other work."


Eden lowered her head slightly and turned towards the door. At the same time, Hyun-jun's sight, which had been dyed golden, returned to its original state.

Eden left the room, and Hyunjun sat down on a chair and remembered his true name, which he had checked a while ago.

"A 'believing helper'… … ."

I don't know whose helper it will be, but given the current situation, at least it didn't seem like it would be a hindrance.

"Just don't interfere."

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. If there was an obstacle in the way, I was going to destroy it unconditionally.


It was a time of deep thought. Flames flew in through the window. Only the wings of the Black Flame Dragon were taken out.

He approached Hyun-jun and bowed his head.

"What about reconnaissance?"

"It seems that half of Colombia has become the land of beasts."

"The situation is more serious than I thought."

At the report of Flame, Hyunjun frowned. The reconnaissance results are not as good as expected.

"There was no place that looked like a vanguard."

"Are you sure?"

"I may not have found it. It seems to be clear only after a close reconnaissance. Shall we go right away?"

Flame speaks in a faithful voice. Thanks to the 'Summoner's Collar' obtained from the Legion Summoner, the hidden rebellious intention was also completely gone. Now he was nothing more than a 'loyal'.

"no. Let's do a detailed reconnaissance later. Now something more interesting has happened."

"What is it?"

"I think the alpha team wants to kill me. I want to play in moderation."

A cold glow flashed in Hyunjun's eyes.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 140


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