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Chapter 141 - SS-class is no longer my opponent - Part 4

After learning Petrenko's plan, three days have passed in the morning. A black flame dragon with Hyeon-jun on his back flew over Bogota.

After hovering for a while, he soon started flying south.

Maybe a two hour flight south from Bogota? It was able to enter the skies of a small city with an S-class raid gate.

"I think this would be appropriate."

-There aren't many flying beasts, so I think it will be more accessible.

Flame spoke in a confident voice, but Hyunjun shook his head.

"Did you know that there is a follow-up now?"

Judging by the presence of a presence in the sky, he seemed to be a hunter with flying abilities. He seemed to be using a fairly high level of stealth equipment, but he couldn't fool Hyunjun's senses.

-I felt a faint sign... … Was it also unfortunate?

Although he was an SS-level expert, Flame's ability to detect presence was insufficient compared to Hyunjun.

"okay. It's no fun if I clean up the raid gate before calling my friends."

A cold smile spread across Hyunjun's lips. The reason I came to the S-class raid gate alone without guild members in the first place was to lure the Alpha Team.

The pursuit of a hunter with flying ability was also an expected category.

The Alpha Team's hunters will look after Hyunjun while he is subjugating the Beasts. Destroying the raid gate too early has a chance of giving up on the raid.

Then I came here with the feeling of pulling out the thorns that have been embedded in me because I have to live in a bad mood for the next opportunity.

I plan to attack the raid gate as lightly as if I went out for a walk.

According to Eden's information, an S-class hunter who handles dimensional gates arrived in Bogota after being called by Petrenko, so it would not take much time for the raiding personnel to be summoned.

"Let's go down."

- Yes, brother.

Flame lowered her altitude with an answer. The closer I got to the ground, the more clearly I could see the horrendous image of the city that had turned into ruins.

The S-class raid gate was too strong for a small city to handle.

Even so, it seems that the military units were on the move, and damaged tanks and armored vehicles were seen all over the road.

The group of beasts that took control of it was a bonus.

"Put it down in the right place."

Hyunjun said. Instead of answering, Flame turned towards the large park to the south.

It was controlled by a group of Beasts, but it wasn't enough to cause a problem for Flame.

-Die in flames of darkness!

A magic circle was created and black flames poured out. The Living Armor, engulfed in black flames, could not withstand the scorching heat and either melted or fell horribly. After organizing the group of beasts that filled the park, Flame landed slowly and lowered Hyeonjun.

"Come when you call while playing nearby."

- Yes, brother.

Flame spread its wings again and flew away. Hyun-jun pulled out the hell yam.

- Kkeuk. Is it time for this body to be active after a long time?

"no. I went for a light walk. How are you doing?"

He asked the hell yam in a low voice. As they descended to the ground, the traces of the follower faded.

It wasn't undetectable, but to be sure, I asked a question about the Hell Yam, who was good at catching signs.

-Still attached. It's not completely stealth, but it uses a fairly high level of stealth.

He must have used stealth equipment. The Russian Alpha Team was famous for having a lot of high-end equipment, and Eden also noticed and told me that an Alpha Team Hunter with high-level stealth equipment had entered Bogota.

"Keep watching."

Although the expression "walking" is appropriate, it requires minimal concentration when hunting beasts of S-class or higher.

In that case, you might miss the trace of the follower, so it was better to leave it to the idle Hell Yam.

- It's not difficult.

Hell Yamdo answered confidently. Hyeonjun nodded his head instead of answering and moved in the direction where he felt strong magic.

It seemed that it would not be bad to destroy at least one raid gate while it was alive.

He walked slowly as if he was walking towards the raid gate and hunted down all the beasts he saw, but there was no attack from the Russian Alpha Team.

"What about the follow-up?"

There was not much left until the raid gate. Hyeon-jun finally asked a question to Hell Yam.

Because the subjugation proceeded too slowly, there is a possibility that the follower read the unusual current and stopped the attack.

- keep sticking

Hell Yamdo answered.

'How long do you think we will see each other?'

Hyunjun frowned. If the purpose was to make you annoyed, you would want to applaud that you succeeded.

Eventually, the Alpha team did not show up until the raid gate was destroyed. So I thought there would be no attack and it was a moment to call Flame.

-host. It's a magical reaction.

A strong magical energy erupted from a place not far from the west. Hell Yam was the first to detect and respond to magic.

Because it was an unconcealed magical reaction, Hyun-jun sensed the magical reaction as soon as Hell Yamdo spoke up.

- Looking at the nature of the magical power, it is clear that someone developed dimensional magic.

The raid gate was not newly opened.

"Is this the alpha team?"

- I think so.

"A follower?"

-Still attached.

"Then you better wait here. Do you want to feel like you are out for a walk?"

I was thinking of taking a break for a while. I destroyed the raid gate a while ago, so there are no magical beasts around.

Hyun-jun sat down on the rubble of a nearby building of a suitable size. Then he took the jerky out of the subspace pocket and chewed it.

Destroying the raid gate and appearing to be taking a break to soothe a tired body, but in fact, was waiting for the Alpha Team Hunters to come digging a grave.

'Come quickly.'

The wait wasn't long. Before 10 minutes had passed, I could feel the multiple magical powers approaching me secretly.

He seemed to be trying to hide his magic as much as possible, but there were so many that it was difficult to read the signs.

'It's too much… … .'

There were more than two hundred people just by detecting the presence of magical power.

'I hope it will be like this.'

The expression of a tactic is quite appropriate. Even from the reaction of magic, it seemed that there were quite a number of S-class hunters mixed in.

Even if there are many A-classes, they can be easily dealt with, but many S-class hunters are powers that cannot be ignored.

'Was the alpha team like this?'

He must have sent a number of personnel to Brazil along with Vladimir. There will be personnel left in the Russian mainland to subdue raids.

In such a situation, would you be able to move more than two hundred elite hunters?

The exact size of the Russian Alpha Team is not known, but seeing that they can operate so many hunters, it seems that it is not an exaggerated rumor that Russian hunters are highly loyal to the country.

- They're under siege. The guy who was followed by the trail also fell back.

"Is it a slow start?"

A large number of spirits imbued with magic spread widely around Hyeonjun. It's trying to siege.

Although it is said that there is one SS-class top and most of them are made up of the best, Hyun-jun shook his head in disbelief at the confident movement that seemed to be sure of victory.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

The sergeant gave a warning with blessings.

"Are you here for revenge?"

There was Petrenko where he turned his head and shifted his gaze. He didn't say anything and gave off a cold life.

"Aren't you foolish to think we can win this time?"

"Do you think I would have come alone?"

When Hyunjun asked aggressively, Petrenko replied with a mean smile. As he raised his hand, the Alpha Team Hunters appeared.

Some took control of the roof of a relatively intact building, and some came out of the corner.

-host. It seems like 250 people.

This is unexpected. Although he was a disciple of Vladimir, he did not think that he could mobilize such a large number of elite hunters.

miscalculation But Hyun-joon was not embarrassed. It was said that 250 elite hunters of Grade A or higher had gathered, but they did not think they would lose.

"Did you bring a lot of friends?"

"Last time we lost because we were careless, but not this time."

Petrenko said confidently. Everything was going according to plan and I felt good.

Even if he didn't use Gildre's interpreting technique, he had an expression and voice that seemed to be able to tell what he was saying.

Hyunjoon looked at him and smiled coldly.

"You have misunderstood, but I am not the one who caught the trap."

"What… … ?"

"It is you. Do you think I 'lured' you all this far without thinking?"

not a lie Hyunjun delivered his will to call to Flame, which was connected by the summoner's collar.

Because it was not summoned by the power of a Legion Summoner, normal magic communication was difficult, but it was possible to communicate a simple will with an expedient.

"Magic reaction from heaven!"

"Yo, it's a dragon!"

The frame appeared. Black flames poured from the black magic circle created around him.

"Hey, scatter!"

Alpha Team Hunters immediately fled. Although Flame is said to be an SS-level expert, it was not a complete surprise, and the level of the alpha team hunters was also high, so they did not inflict much damage.

Although black flames poured out widely, at most a little over 10 people were engulfed in the flames and collapsed. Even then, several recovery-type hunters were clinging to it, leading to a quick recovery.

However, Hyun-jun did not think that the flame could do a lot of damage in the first place.

What he was aiming for was the appearance of the Black Flame Dragon, so that the eyes of the Alpha Team Hunters would gather in the sky for a moment.

"Player wins!"

Hyunjun kicked the ground.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

Auror blades soared and auror shields were created. Thanks to the increased synchronization with Carthage, it is now possible to deploy the Auror Shield without the need for a shield.

Although it broke through the speed of sound at once, other S-class hunters also responded, and Petrenko also completed her magic at a speed that matched her special ability of silent chanting.

A spear of ice poured from the sky, blocking the front, and the Alpha Team's S-class hunters clinged to it.

"Especially for you, we prepared mainly combat-based hunters!"

There is no need for such a customized service, but Petrenko seems to have paid too much attention.

However, excessive kindness tends to cause inconvenience. Hyun-jun swung a hell yam sword instead of answering.


A scream broke out. One S-class hunter blocking the way was killed in one blow.

I was lucky. However, Hyun-jun calmly responded to the next enemy without showing any expression.

"The S-class hunter was hit by a blow?"

"What a monster!"

It was just luck, but as it took the life of an S-class hunter in a single blow, the other hunters could not attack as easily as they had stiffened for a moment.

In the meantime, Hyun-Jun raised his livelihood and magical power.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. A part of deadly living is liberated. As a living being, there is no escaping instinctive fear.

Woo woo woo!

A-class hunters who were nearby stumbled. Some vomited blood. The expressions of the S-class hunters were not good either.

"You all die here. I am not the one who fell into the trap."

Through Gildre's interpreting technique, a voice converted into Russian came out. As I said a while ago, not falling into a trap was an important issue, so I emphasized it twice.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 141


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