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Chapter 142 - SS-class is no longer my opponent - Part 5



A fountain of blood gushed out with a scream of pain. The A-class hunters who could not withstand Hyun-jun's blow fell powerless. The severed arms and legs were scattered.

Every time he wielded the Hell Yam, the enemies fell powerlessly, but nevertheless, the number of alpha teams was still large.

'We are receiving support from at least S-class recovery and auxiliary systems.'

Perhaps the A-class hunters were receiving a buff, and the movements of the hunters were unusual. And even those who fell, if not fatally wounded, got up in a state of partial recovery within 10 minutes and aimed their swords.

There were so many enemies that it was not easy to give a critical hit to all the enemies or to make a confirmed kill.

Moreover, the hunters of the Alpha Team were the most elite who had learned an organized cooperative formation. It wasn't too difficult to deal with.

'Where are you?'

Hyeonjun's eyes lit up with life. He swung his hell yam to defeat the Alpha Team Hunters, but looked around with a cold gaze.

I tried to figure out the location of the recovery and auxiliary hunters, but it was not easy.

'Are you using stealth equipment?'

If it hadn't been during the battle, it might have been found. But now, it was impossible to focus all of his magic on finding the hidden recovery system and auxiliary system.


Wouldn't it be better if I looked up from the sky? I called Flame in my heart. But there was no answer, and instead of hearing something.


It was the scream of Flame that had changed into a human form.


profanity came out I turned my head and wanted to understand the state of the flame, but the situation did not work out. Alpha Team Hunters were pouring in their attacks, so I couldn't turn my attention to anything else.

'Things are bad.'

From the sound of screams, it seemed that Flame had been intercepted and transformed into a human form. More than 250 Alpha Team Hunters were attacking like a storm with the support of hidden recovery and auxiliary hunters.

If Petrenko had been killed first, the battle would have started while suppressing the Alpha Team's baseline, but unfortunately, as soon as he escaped Hyun-jun's attack, he retreated for a long time and was protected by the other Alpha Team Hunters, pouring magic.

The fortunate thing about the misfortune was that, thanks to the vampiric effect of the Hell Yam, it was continuously recovering mana in a small amount.

'I should have used Raikiri's protection from the beginning.'

It consumes a lot of magic power, but if Petrenko had been removed first, it would have been able to subdue the baseline.

I felt sad, but it wasn't close to regret. As Petrenko is the best hunter in the SS class, there was a possibility that he could completely evade the light strike using Raikiri's protection.

'The assumption of what if is meaningless.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. We had to respond to the threat that was right in front of us right now.

-host. The condition of the flame is not good.

Hell Yamdo said: Unlike Hyun-jun, he was able to check the flame's condition during battle.

"What is the exact status?"

-It's hard to see from here, but it looks like it's injured and is surrounded by more than 50 Alpha Team Hunters. It seems that there are about 7 S-class members attached.

He complained that he couldn't see well, but Hellyamdo explained Flame's situation in quite detail.

"How many S-class people did you mobilize?"

Hyeon-jun let out a nervous voice and moved the butcher's dagger with the 'Iggy sword'. A butcher's dagger was stuck in the neck of an A-class hunter who was rushing towards him.

In a surprise attack from the side, the A-class hunter was killed in one blow, but there were still many enemies.

Alpha Team Hunters kept coming like waves. I didn't even have time to use full stealth.

"There is no end in sight."

There is an expression that there is no business in Dagul. It didn't seem right. The ice spear sent by Petrenko penetrated the left thigh while Hyun-jun's concentration was dispersed due to the continuous tactics and concentrated attacks.


Because of the magic resistance of the Hellyam Sword, it is not affected by the higher level magic, but this was a high level magic that even had a curse of pain.

Hyeonjun groaned and frowned as the severe pain hit him.

It was such a pain that I would have collapsed without being able to bear it if I had not spent time in the room of my previous life.

"How are you? Are you ready to get down on your knees now?"

Petrenko's voice echoed from afar. Confidence overflowed from his voice as if he had confirmed that his magic had penetrated Hyun-jun's thigh.

As Hyunjun, who was injured, hesitated, the alpha team hunters narrowed the distance like wolves.

"I must have misunderstood."

Hyeonjun raised the hell yam with a self-talk.

"From the beginning, you shouldn't have spared your magic power against you."

The problem was that he had a passive attitude while conserving his magical power from the beginning with a long-term battle in mind.

Only after Flame was intercepted did Hyun-jun change his mind and raise his magic power to do his best.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

- The harsh flames of Eastel are with you. It wields absolute dominion over fire.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 3 times.

It was a blessing that consumed a large amount of magical power, but all of Eastel's protection, which specializes in wide-area killing, was activated. His eyes were dyed red, and a red magic book unfolded in front of him.


The magic was completed by calmly spitting out the starting words.

With the completion of 'Inferno', which is said to be the highest level of high-level fire magic and close to anti-magic, the sky was dyed red and the ground cracked and lava gushed out. Even this was no ordinary Inferno.

It was an Inferno that was strengthened 3 times with Eastel's protection. The effective range and the power of the flames could not even be compared with general Inferno magic.

Moreover, Hyun-jun was exercising absolute control over the flames through Eastel's protection. All flames are under his control.


"be careful!"

"It seems that judo is a engraved magic!"

Every time Hyun-jun waved his hand, the Alpha Team Hunters screamed as they were engulfed in hot flames.

A sudden, widespread and deadly high-level magic broke the pincer formation. Hyeon-jun did not miss the gap and used the protection of the Goddess.

- His insidious footsteps lead you into complete darkness. Even in the bright light, you become a shadow.

Hyun-jun's body disappeared into the veil of hiding.

"Sa, it's gone!"

"Find it! Unleash your search magic!"

Alpha Team Hunters were busy moving to find the missing Hyun-jun. The wounded retreated and the magician hunters performed search magic, but it was not easy to find Hyun-jun, who had already become 'completely hidden'.

"No magic reaction!"

"Cannot detect presence!"

In the end, I couldn't find it. Petrenko opened her mouth, barely swallowing the profanity that was about to come out.

"Kill him first."

Petrenko's fingertips pointed to Flame. His direct lieutenant, Basilik, nodded and brought the radio to his lips.

"First, change the attack target. Kill the winged one first."

A cold command was delivered. Thirty more Alpha Team Hunters, who were on standby as a reserve, flew towards Flame.

"Wow, whoops! Insignificant human bastards!"

Flame did not stop resisting, but the situation became increasingly unfavorable.

"I have to go."

Petrenko stepped in. Dozens of ice spears pierced Flame's body.

"Big, uh… … ."

The ice turned red.

"Strike the neck!"

"Kill it!"

Dozens of Alpha Team Hunters run like wolves towards Flame, which is barely standing still pierced by several ice spears. At that moment, Hyun-jun felt death and closed his eyes.

"brother… … Sorry."

Flame, whose loyalty has deepened due to the leash of the summoned animal, gave up everything, remembering Hyun-jun for the last time.

He had no doubts that a sharp spear and a knife would rip through his throat soon.

But there was no more pain.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"


What came instead of the pain was the sharp screams of the Alpha Team Hunters who had been targeting his neck a while ago.

Flame opened her eyes. The Alpha Team Hunters, who were rushing with their weapons, were bleeding and falling.

And at about the same time, Hyeon-jun, who broke through the veil of hiding, swung a hell yam with a flashy movement.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

Durendal's protection was also used. The strengthened Auror Blade slashed all beings.

- The smell of sweet blood excites the Reaper. Awakened instincts make you a slayer specialized in slaughter, for a brief moment.

As the one-sided massacre continued, the Reaper woke up.

-The synchronization rate with the Reaper has met the conditions for the first liberation. Blood-soaked killers turn you into a human weapon that specializes in killing. Now you will see all the vulnerabilities of the hostile being in your eyes.

A red dot appeared on the bodies of the Alpha Team Hunters who rushed at them. As the position of the red dot changes depending on how the hunters move, it seemed to show weakness in real time.

Without hesitation, Hyeon-jun sent the butcher's dagger and pierced the red dot. The Alpha Team Hunter, whose vulnerability was penetrated by a single blow, died without even screaming.

"Is it effective?"

Vulnerabilities are visible in real time. The Alpha Team Hunters collapsed helplessly whenever Hyeon-jun wielded a hell yam.

Although a considerable amount of magical power was consumed to destroy Petrenko's magic, it was barely enough to survive with the bloodsucking of Hell Yam.

"Relax. Flame."

"Tongue, brother… … Sorry… … ."

"no. You fought well enough."

Now about half left. Although there were Petrenko at the top of the SS class and Basilik at the top of the S class, like Hyunjun, they also consumed a significant amount of mana, so I didn't think they would lose.

There seemed to be no need to summon the SS deployed to defend the guild office complex or to use the "treasury number" that was hidden just in case.

But that was an illusion.

"Shit… … ."

A swear word erupted from the magical reaction that was approaching at a fast pace. The dimensional gates opened, and dozens of helicopter squadrons and hundreds of Russian army troops were poured in.

Although some of them were mixed with high-level hunter troops, they also had strong magical reactions.

"Should I have killed the hunter who used dimensional magic first?"

It was too late to regret.

"I'm sorry, Kang Hyun-jun. I won."

Petrenko said, raising her voice through magic. It was quite a distance away, but it was clearly visible as if she was right in front of her with a mean smile.

If this is the case, you may lose.

'I don't like that… … .'

It seemed that he had to use the secret means. Hyunjun pulled something out of his pocket.

"I didn't want to write this much… … ."

It was a 'black magic stone' that he lifted up while speaking in a cold voice.

"brother! I will buy the time!"


Flame stepped forward with an irritable body. Hyeon-jun answered calmly and extracted magic from the Black Magic Stone using the magic trick that Gildre had taught him.

-Akhorn opens the dimensional gates with a great command. Summons the Infinite Legion.

A huge dimensional gate opened in an instant. It was a size different from that opened by Alpha Team Hunter.

"Hey, that's a lie… … ."

"How big is the Dimensional Gate?"

"Hey, what are you summoning?"

While the Alpha Team Hunters were bewildered, Hyun-jun sent a signal to the Infinite Corps.

"I order in the name of the Legion Summoner The Infinite Legion assemble at my command."

-Part of the corps and armored cavalry respond to the summons.

- Legion, a part of the tall tree sniper brigade responds to the summons.

- Legion, part of the National Armed Assault Force responds to the summons.

And beyond the dimensional gate, a thousand troops appeared.

"Now it's my turn."

It was time to start the massacre.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 142


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