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Chapter 146 - Turning Points - Part 4

Although Ivan and some of the Alpha Team Hunters ran out, the briefing went as planned and ended on time.

The briefing didn't matter. He defended Bogota, but failed to defend the whole of Colombia, so it was about the content of going forward with subjugation.

The beast zone was allocated for each subjugation squad 30 minutes before the end, but Hyunjun was free from such restrictions because he was guaranteed the right to subdue independently.

"There are a total of 6 Black Magic Stones obtained while defending Bogota. According to the contract, the committee will purchase one and transfer five to Mr. Kang Hyeon-Jun."

After the briefing was over, it was past 5 pm, when an agent of the committee came to me with 5 Black Magic Stones. It was to fulfill the contract that Chairman Eric had signed with Hyun-jun.

"good work."

After checking the contents, Hyun-jun received it. Judging by the unique magical power, it was certain that it was a black magic stone.

"Then I'm alone… … ."

After bowing his head, the agent left the building used by the Race Guild, and Hyun-jun put 5 black magic stones into the subspace pocket.

Including those previously obtained from the Korean government for research purposes, a considerable number has been secured.

The Infinite Legion summoned by a single Black Magic Stone was also insignificant.

'What if I use several at once?'

I wondered. I wanted to experiment.

'The opportunity will come soon.'

He shook his head and went out to the balcony. Flame, with only its wings out of its human form, was slowly landing on the balcony, as if it had promised.

"We have reconfirmed all Beast Areas in Colombia."


"I am not sure if it is the Vanguard Command, but we have found the base of the clan. There was a place where magical energy similar to that emanating from the Black Magic Stone was sensed, so when I did a thorough reconnaissance, I found a cleverly hidden barrier technique."

Flame said. If it is a clan base, there is a high probability that the Black Magic Stone is stored, so it was worth attacking even if it was not the Vanguard Command.

"I used a simple stealth technique, but you might have noticed something strange. We must attack as quickly as possible."

Simple hiding was a technique that erased the presence and placed a cognitive impairment around it. Since it uses a relatively simple technique, if the opponent pays a little attention or uses magic search, it will be discovered quickly.

At the base of the clan, which might be the vanguard command, there was no reason not to use a radar that detects magical power.

There was a high probability that he had already sensed the presence of the flame and entered into a defensive posture, rather than a sense of strangeness.

"Flame. Go to the deputy guild leader and have the aircraft carrier and guild members stand by. From now on, I am going to 'subjugate'."

"Yes, brother."

Flame spread its wings and flew away. Hyun-jun checked the equipment as usual.

This time, I kept my eyes on the ice breastplate that I got after killing Petrenko, but I couldn't blindly wear the equipment I didn't know the function of.

"And this should be reserved for 'directing'."

A cold smile spread across his lips.

- What direction are you talking about?

"You don't have to know."

When the light chat with Hell Yam was over, the equipment check was over. He went straight to the airfield.

"The aircraft carrier is all ready."

When we arrived at the airport, Taemin came and reported.

"Where is the chief executive?"

"The final inspection is underway. I said it wouldn't take five minutes, so get on the bridge first."

At Taemin's words, Hyunjun nodded and went up to the bridge. On the bridge, several magician hunters belonging to the Race Guild executive were adjusting the air carrier's formula.

Hyun-jun showed Gyu-hwan the coordinates Flame wrote down.

"I will sail exclusively to the specified coordinates."

Gyu-hwan, who confirmed the coordinates, breathed magic into the engraved navigation formula. Taking off slowly over Bogota, the aircraft carrier started sailing towards the south of the designated coordinates.

Taemin joined the bridge only after navigation began.

In the past, when I controlled the aircraft carrier by myself, it consumed a lot of magic and the control was complicated enough to make my head explode, but now it was much easier because there were a lot of people helping me.

It took me less than 2 hours to reach the coordinate point because I flew at full speed. Gyu-hwan lowered the aircraft carrier's altitude, but the only thing that was detected by the radar was the magical reactions of the beasts.

With the naked eye, only the ruins of the city and the ruins of collapsed buildings were visible.

"We will proceed with the destruction of magic."

Hyunjun said. Air carriers also have the ability to destroy magic. However, it was difficult to use during battle because the casting time was long and the consumption of magic was large.

"I will bear the power consumption."

"Okay. Guild Master. I will use the enchantment destruction."

A magic wave was fired from the bottom of the aircraft carrier. Eventually, as the barriers and stealth techniques on the ground were destroyed, the magical presence that had been hidden behind the curtain lifted its head.

"Caught multiple magical reactions."

"It's different from the beast."

"A number of flying objects are taking off and approaching."

"Enemy air defense is in motion."

The clan's base began to resist. About 10 strange jet-black fighters with unconventional appearances soared into the sky, and anti-aircraft guns installed on the ground fired fire all at once.

"Eject the attack drone squadron."

Hyunjun gave the order. The aircraft carrier was equipped with a number of attack drones, all of which were made with the technology of the Invasion Command, but all of the techniques that could be harmful under Gildre's protection were destroyed.

"The attack drone squadron is being pushed back."

Although there were few fighters in the clan, they were ravaging the attack drone squadron of the air carrier with skillful maneuvers.


"Yes, brother."

"Go and sweep it all away."


Hyunjun sent out a flame. The Black Flame Dragon, the size of a normal fighter, swiftly infiltrated and joined the battle.

As he scattered black salt everywhere, the situation calmed down a bit.

"Focus all your firepower on the ground. There will be no survivors anyway, so don't worry."

There may be survivors, though.

-Gestein and the will of salvation are together. In the name of salvation, cruel means will be tolerated.

- The current liberation degree according to the synchronization rate is level 1. Even if you use unethical means, people around you will not be hostile to you as long as the name of your country is with you.

With the activation of protection, the magician hunters erased the thought of objecting to Hyun-jun's thoughts and immediately took action.

The procedure was adjusted and all gun doors of the air carrier were opened.

"Start shelling!"

Kyu-hwan shouted with a strong voice. All the guns of the air carrier poured magic beams toward the ground.

With the explosion, the anti-aircraft batteries were wiped out all at once, and the ground became a wasteland.

"Get ready for the landing craft. I'm going down now."

"The executive is on standby."

"It's okay. If you do, you can summon the SS, and there are infinite legions. The executive branch should focus on air carrier defense."

"Yes. Okay."

When we arrived at the hangar, the landing craft was ready. Until the landing craft were launched, the carrier continued to bombard with magic beams. Eventually, as the landing craft lowered its altitude, Hyun-jun jumped out.

"Is it defense magic?"

There were a few buildings that were still intact despite the bombardment. When he came down to the ground and looked closely, he was protected by defensive magic.

It looked like a medieval fortress, but it didn't seem like a building that had been in the city from the beginning.

Otherwise, there would be no way to survive while the city was in ruins.

"Is that the Vanguard Command?"

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly.

-Many magical reactions. come.

"I know."

I pulled out the hell yam. At that moment, dozens of people in black uniforms from all directions broke through the hiding curtain and rushed in.

"Shoot it!"

"Kill the right person!"

He scattered his gaze and swung the hell yam in all directions. It looked like he was wielding it with trance and thoughtlessly, but in fact, it was a sharp swordsmanship that accurately aimed at the vulnerabilities identified by Reaper's protection.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"


"Hey, this can't be… … ."

It was a fleeting moment. Every time the fel yam's blade flashed, the soldiers fell, bleeding.

All of them were selected from among the beasts, and they were all A-class or higher, but they could not be Hyeon-jun's opponents.

Seeing the soldiers falling to the point of helplessness, the orc-born Soldier Commander Hacal threw off his bone helmet and lifted the staff high.

"Thunder Strike!"

It was the moment when the mana was about to be concentrated on the staff at the same time as he uttered the starter word.


A dagger that flew from somewhere was stuck in the back of his neck. Hyun-jun, who had defeated all the other soldiers at the last place his falling gaze reached, was smiling with a creepy cold expression.


As he raised his left hand to speak, the butcher's dagger returned to his grasp. Hyunjun looked around with sharp eyes.

There was very little magical power that felt that most of the ground troops lost their lives due to the bombing of the air carrier.

"One SS-level middle-class… … Are you an Invader?"

There was one fairly large magical reaction from not far away. Even without the help of Hell Yam, it was clear enough to be able to tell that he was an SS-level middle-class man.

He didn't seem to want to hide it. Perhaps it was the intention of revealing such a clear magical reaction.

"come. Invaders."

When he exhaled in a cold voice, the space 50 meters ahead split open, revealing a troll with two huge swords.

"You came sooner than I thought, qualified person."

"Are you an Invader?"

At Hyunjun's question, the troll slowly nodded and opened his mouth.

"My name is Carsen, a Class 10 Invader of the Invasion Command. Your power is unexpected, but as long as you've come this far, you'd better give up the thought of surviving."

"I think I'm misunderstanding something... … ."

Cold dripped from his voice. A vivid auror blade rose from the Hell Yam Sword that was lifted.


-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

became the light

"Wow, huh?"

It was an intermittent car. Carsen barely flew to the side, avoiding the speed of light's lance charge. But that was the end.

"How are you going to stop my attack with that posture?"

"Oh my gosh… … !"

Carsen snorted and tried to get up, but it was already too late. Hell yam was aimed at his heart.

Karsen crossed the great sword and tried to defend, but the aura blade, strengthened by Durendal's protection, smashed Karsen's aura horribly and pierced it into his chest.

"I'm sorry, but you came too late. Invaders."

"Keep… … You're much stronger than I expected... … But don't think this will be the end... … The Vanguard Command has already achieved its purpose... … ."

At that moment, Karsen's head exploded.

"Is it forbidden?"

Seeing the bloodstains on his clothes, Hyunjun frowned. I couldn't let go of the bad feeling because of the words that Karsen had left.

'Have you achieved the purpose of the Vanguard Command? You mean the other invaders have crossed the Dimensional Gate?'

I thought a lot, but no answer came out.

-If it bothers you, wouldn't it be better to investigate the Vanguard Command? You may be able to obtain new information.

"I think that would be good."

Hell yam, who read Hyun-jun's expression, suggested. Hyunjun nodded and moved towards the vanguard. I searched for about 30 minutes, but there was no income. All materials were incinerated.

It was the moment to end the first investigation with such regret.

- Something related to a previous life is nearby.

I could feel some magic with the voice. I was drawn there like a possessed person.

As I frantically rummaged through the tanned locker, I saw a slab of something shiny. The slabs were not emitting light. It just looked like that in Hyunjun's eyes.

I was able to read the words written on the stone tablets without the help of an interpreter. Because it was a very familiar letter.

"The Last Swordsman, Withered Miller… … ."

The moment I read it aloud, a light burst out of the slate.

- Traces of a previous life have been discovered. Synchronization with the previous life will increase.

-The synchronization rate with Withered Miller met the conditions for the first liberation. The Last Swordsman teaches you unique swordsmanship. By inheriting the best swordsmanship of the forgotten dimension, your understanding of swordsmanship will increase significantly. Even if it's your first time seeing swordsmanship, if you exchange swords 3 times or more, you can understand some of the herbivores.

When the voice finished explaining, I had one thought.

'This made me stronger.'

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 146


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