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Chapter 147 - Withdrawal from South America - Part 1

"The Vanguard Command has been destroyed by the right people."

A shadow emerged from the darkness and said. A voice filled with faint flesh resounded in the wide cavity.

Under the dim light, people in black uniforms and deep hoods gathered one by one. One of them opened his mouth.

"Didn't the Class 10 Invader, Sir Karsen, remain in the Vanguard Command? It's been awhile since we received a report of an attack, and it was destroyed sooner than expected."

Shortly after the Vanguard Command was attacked, he was picking up a signal for support and preparing his forces.

"Is Sir Karsen absent?"

Another asked a question. Judging from her body shape and voice, she was clearly a woman. The person who appeared first to her question and delivered the news slowly shook his head.

"no. Sir Ilina. When the attack began, Sir Carsen was guarding the vanguard."

"You mean the Vanguard Command was destroyed despite Sir Karsen, a Level 10 Invader?"

Ilina looked a little surprised and asked again. As a Level 8 Invader, she was well aware of the level of force of a Level 10 Invader.

The strength of a Class 10 Invader is about an SS-class medium. And the level of the last reported eligible person, Hyeonjun Kang, was reported to be at the bottom of the SS level.

It was not incomprehensible that she was surprised because Petrenko and Hyun-jun's conflict had not yet been reported.

"Lord Karsen is presumed to have lost his life by a worthy man during the battle."

"The qualifiers are getting stronger a lot faster than we expected."

"But that's it. They cannot be a match for our Invaders."

Someone showed overconfidence in Illina's words and said. Some of the gathered Invaders nodded slowly.

"Excessive confidence is not good. Sir, can't you see the growth rate of the qualified person right now?"

"But it will not be a match for the great aggression command."

"Of course, we won't be able to face the entire Invasion Command. There are a lot of Invaders who have reached the 'God status' directly under the command. But it is important that we are the only ones here."

"Well. That's right."

The Invaders, who had shown overconfidence, were persuaded by Ilina's words.

"Besides, the growth rate of qualified people is unusual. I didn't know I'd get to the point where I could kill a 10th Invader already. I think it was about three times faster than the staff of Unit 281 expected."

"Attack Commander, do you think the threat from the right person is bigger than you think?"

someone said The attack commander was the title of Illina, a Level 8 Invader.

"Yeah, maybe even stronger than I am now."

A level 8 Invader has a level of strength from the lowest level to the lowest level of the SSS level.

Among them, Illina was the lowest rank in the SSS class, which was a bit weak, but was able to deploy a force comparable to that of a single-man corps.

"You mean stronger than Sir Ilina?"

"It doesn't make sense."

"Isn't the attack commander overestimating the right person?"

The Invaders shook their heads. It was an unbelievable reaction, and he didn't seem to want to admit it.

For them, they could not be happy that the position of a qualified person who opposes the aggression command would increase.

"It's not an overestimation, it's a fact. Less than an hour after the attack began, the Vanguard Command was annihilated. It meant that the power difference was so great that a proper resistance was impossible. They say there are air carriers, but it's hard to understand."

After the Tokyo air raid, it was no longer a secret that Hyeonjun and the Rays Guild secured an air carrier incorporating the technology of the invasion command.

"It doesn't matter. The Vanguard Command did its job. Now, an offensive command has been established in South America, and our aggression is moving on to the next level. The Dimension Rift has become unstable again, but a small number of allies have already crossed over through Vanguard. Although the growth rate of the qualified is unusual, I don't think they will be able to beat 'us'."

Shaking her head and taking a step forward, it was Harbins, a Class 10 Invader, who served as a staff member of the Attack Command.

"Sir Harbins. The attack command is not yet complete. At this point, we need to pay attention to the power of the qualified people."

Illina said.

"The power of the eligible has already exceeded our expectations. We need to be vigilant."

"then… … Do you have any special plans?"

Someone asked a question. Ilina smiled and opened her mouth.

"I have a good plan."

* * *

Raid gates are like cancer cells. If the wave cannot be suppressed early, the number of magical beasts will gradually increase.

It is said that the longer the raid gate is maintained, the less the frequency of waves is generated, but the fact that it is a fatal risk does not change.

In Colombia, thanks to Hyun-jun's performance, he succeeded in defending Bogota, but the overall situation in South America was not good.

As early control of the raid situation failed, the number of magical areas was gradually increasing. In the end, the leadership of the Allied subjugation team had to make a crucial decision.

"You mean withdrawing from Colombia?"

"The Allied subjugation unit will withdraw not only from Colombia, but from the entire South American continent."

Eden nodded in response to Hyunjun's question.

- Not good. You haven't been able to collect enough Black Magic Stones yet?

Hell Yamdo said: Hyeonjun didn't have to answer because Eden was in front of him, but he had the same thought. It was said that he obtained 15 additional Black Magic Stones while hitting the Vanguard Command, but the stockpile was insufficient to deal with the huge enemy of the Invasion Command.

'In order to fight the great forces, the strength of the corps is necessary.'

It was difficult to summon the corps with the current magic power. I had to consume the Black Magic Stone.

"Then are you giving up on the South American continent?"

It would be the worst case if the UN gave up on the South American continent and restricted access. The opportunity to legally root the Black Magic Stone would disappear.

'I even got rooting permission, but this annoying case… … .'

Hyunjun frowned. I feel like I lost my honey jar before I even sucked on honey.

"We are not giving up on the South American continent. The first is to establish a line of deterrence in Panama and retreat."

"Isn't that neglect?"

"It is not neglect. We plan to name the beast zone 'field' and allow access to hunters with certain qualifications. Of course, the alliance subjugation team will continue to be maintained to prevent the spread. First of all, we need time to reorganize."

It seems that the tone given by the word neglect was a little aggressive. Eden answered with a slightly uncomfortable expression.

"So, you mean you can only enter if you have permission?"

"of course. Priority will be given to Kang Hyeon-jun."

Hyeonjun's expression softened at Eden's words. Even if entry was not permitted, I was planning to go on a hunt secretly to root the Black Magic Stone.

'If possible, it is better to be active officially.'

A bright smile spread across his lips when he thought of the extra income that would come from his official subjugation activities.

I thought it was the best way to get paid for anything and get paid for being officially active.

"When is the withdrawal?"

"In a week, a major evacuation operation will begin. Of course, Hyun-Jun Kang and the race guild are free to return to Korea first."

Eden said. Hyunjun nodded his head. Since the decision to withdraw was made, it seemed that a quick return to Korea would not be bad.

There were many things to do in Korea. It was also important to reorganize the guild and expand the influence of the guild in Korea.

Not only Hyun-jun, the guild leader, but also Tae-min, the deputy guild leader, are in Colombia, so So-jin is in Korea, but the guild could not go back properly.

Management was required to quickly rise to the diamond tier.

'Once I tidy up the inside of the guild, I have to come back to South America.'

The area of ??beasts in South America that is now called 'Field' is extensive. And there was plenty of time because the permission to enter is not going to drop right away.

Hyun-jun's heart was already inclined toward a quick return home.

"Then I've been pushed back, so... … ."

Immediately after Eden left the room, Hyun-jun summoned the guild members, including Tae-min and Gyu-hwan.

It was decided to go to Korea, and there was no reason to delay as there was also a means of transportation called an air carrier.

"Are you going back to Korea?"

Gyu-hwan approached and asked carefully. Hyun-jun nodded and explained to Tae-min and Kyu-hwan the situation in South America and the policy of the Allied subjugation.

"It is a wise decision. Now, the guild is also in need of reorganization, and above all, there is no need to risk being alone in South America."

Taemin was the first to agree with Hyunjun's thoughts. Although it is said that they will come back, if the Allied subjugation team starts a massive withdrawal, it means that they completely give up on the South American continent for a while.

Black Magic Stone was good too, but there was no need to risk being alone.

It is said that there are people who remain in South America, but from Eden's words, it seemed that the UN and the combined subjugation forces were going to evacuate together with the withdrawal.

Because it was a matter for the UN to deal with, Hyun-jun didn't listen very carefully.

"Air carrier?"

"It is ready. We can take off right now."

"good. We return home."

When Hyunjun and the guild members finished boarding, the aircraft carrier took off slowly. The aircraft carrier, which increased in altitude, started sailing at a high speed straight toward the Korean Peninsula.

Since there was no urgent business, Hyun-jun maintained his maximum speed as long as his magic did not burden him.

So the flight time was slightly longer than when I came to South America.

"We are entering Korean airspace."

At Gyu-hwan's report, Hyun-jun yawned and shifted his gaze to the front. Although it was said that it was relaxed, it was much faster than a military transport plane because it was an aircraft made with the technology of the invasion command.

"It might surprise you in the Air Force, so send the identification signal."


I couldn't tell you about my return home because I was in a hurry. Although the Wraith Guild's air carrier is so famous, it seemed like it would be good to send an identification signal.

Gyu-hwan nodded his head to Hyun-jun's instructions, gave a short answer, and adjusted the ceremony.

"We entered the skies of Gyeonggi-do. Shall we go straight to the guild airfield?"

"Do by that way."

Hyeonjun answered the question of the magical hunter. There was no need to use a national airport or air base for an airfield within the guild office complex.

"I will lower the altitude."

"Initiate the landing procedure."

The airfield within the guild office complex was not large, but thanks to the superior technology of the air carrier and the magic hunters who were now accustomed to adjusting the tactics, the landing went as smoothly as always.

The landing ended with a slight impact. Hyun-jun was the first to get off the aircraft carrier and step on the airfield ground.

He took a breath of fresh air and looked around. His gaze stopped at one place.

"Hyunjun. Come on."

Sojin was standing there. Even though it was early in the morning, Taemin heard the news of his return and came to meet him.

Seeing her like that, Hyunjun opened his mouth with a faint smile.

"I'm back."

Near the end of February, although spring was coming, Hyun-jun slowly moved toward So-jin, who was still waiting in the cold wind.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 147


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