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Chapter 148 - Withdrawal from South America - Part 2

So-jin had been waiting for Hyun-joon for quite some time at the airport, so after arriving at the mansion and talking for a while, he went to his bedroom on the 4th floor to sleep.

Immediately after So-jin passed away, Hyun-jun called for the death and death of the SS.

Sa-hyeol, who is the captain of the SS, and Sa-hyeok, who is serving as his deputy, immediately responded to Hyun-jun's call despite it being early in the morning.

Sahyeok, who was called the 212 test subject, was as loyal as Sahyeol, probably because of the SS's procedure, even though he joined the second time.

"Didn't there be any problems with the guild while I was away?"

asked in a cold voice. The SS was also responsible for internal inspection.

Before departing for South America, Hyun-Jun had instructed him to pay particular attention to internal inspection in addition to the security of So-Jin.

Because guild members cannot be trusted unconditionally, it was good to have a basic monitoring network.

In particular, as the size of the guild has recently been greatly expanded, there is a possibility that there may be some who approached it with impure intentions, so we could not be vigilant.

The SS, whose loyalty was guaranteed in a technical way, were reliable subordinates, so they were suitable for the role of monitoring.

"Nothing happened."

The captain of the bodyguard, Sahyeol reported. Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

"I will be in Korea for a while, but if you notice anything strange, report it immediately."

Internal inspections had to continue. Key executives such as Taemin and Gyuhwan can be trusted, but there is a problem in trusting all guild members at this point in time when the number of new hires continues to increase.

"Yes, I understand."

"Okay, back to position."

After confirming that Sahyeol and Sahyuk returned to their respective positions, Hyunjun checked his watch.

It was already past 5 in the morning. He called Agent Smith.

"Did you call?"

Smith, who was on duty just in time, answered the call.

"Did you catch any clan activity in Korea while I was in South America?"

"There is not. Currently, it has been confirmed that the South Korean parish of the clan is annihilated."

Although a small number remained after the annihilation of the Inner Circle, most of them were subjugated as the UN special agency moved in earnest based on the information Hyun-jun collected.

"Thanks for your work."

"Then, I'm alone."

After Smith returned, Hyun-jun, who was left alone in the study, sighed and leaned back on the sofa.

Destroyed the Vanguard Command. There was no problem with the guild, and the clan in Korea was annihilated. But I didn't lose my mind.

'Is it because there are fields left in South America… … ? If not... … .'

It may be because of the last words Invader Karsen said just before he died.

"The Vanguard Command already said it had accomplished its purpose."

His eyes gleamed coldly. The purpose of the Invaders' Vanguard Command is not known exactly, but it can be guessed based on the information collected while dealing with the clan and the Invaders so far.

'Is it the summons of other Invaders? … ?'

most likely. Carsen clearly said that the Vanguard Command achieved its purpose, so the exact number is unknown, but it can be seen that other Invaders have come to Earth.

'How many people came over?'

I want to know things like numbers and power, but I have no way of knowing right now.

All they can do is move the Reconnaissance and Investigation Bureau of the UN special agency to keep an eye on South America. Even that isn't perfect.

Reconnaissance activities in the field had obvious limitations, even for a special UN agency.

'Things are not going well.'

Hyeonjun was in an officially exposed position, but the Invaders are hiding in the darkness of the South American continent and the beasts.

'We need to strengthen the security of the guild office complex and mansion.'

You never knew when the invaders would attack. In fact, not long ago, Invaders Alsace led an army and attacked the guild office complex.

You never know when the second or third attack will occur.

I wondered if I should have acted after hiding my appearance late, but I shook my head immediately.

Anyway, if it was the ability to search for the Invaders and the clan, there was a high probability that information would be revealed. Rather, it was better to grow aggressively and secure a base even if the surroundings were exposed.

"The Armed Guard should also check."

A thought came out of my mouth involuntarily. Originally, I was going to sleep even if it was short because I was tired of the long flight, but it seemed that it would not be bad to check the armed guards belonging to the guild and go to bed early in the late afternoon.

After finishing his thoughts, Hyun-joon wore hell yam around his waist and left the mansion and headed for the main building. Jongseo took charge of the training.

"Guild Master. It's been a long flight, wouldn't it be better to take a break?"

Jongseo cautiously expressed concern. Jong-seo knew that Hyun-jun was always guarding the bridge while the aircraft carrier was flying. So I advised him to take a break.

"I just want to check and rest."

Hyunjun shook his head and answered. Jong-seo moved his gaze to the front without further urging.

After arriving at the main building, Hyun-jun went up to the office and Jong-seo called the commander of the armed guard belonging to the guild.

Choi Seok-jin, who was on his way to work, turned the steering wheel straight to the main building.

The central area, where the main building is located, is the most secure area. As soon as I entered, I could see the bodyguards and the hunters of the executive department patrolling with sullen eyes.

'Calling the guild leader this morning? What's going on?'

After the attack of the Invaders Alsace, it was Seokjin who was newly elected as the captain of the guard.

He drove the car without being able to erase the tension because it was the first time he had seen the guild leader, Kang Hyeon-jun, even from afar, and it was the first time he had called.

After parking in the space adjacent to the main building, Seokjin took the elevator and went up to the 10th floor where the guild chief's office is.

"Come this way."

As soon as the elevator door opened, a pale-skinned man in a red uniform approached and spoke to him.

Seokjin recognized at a glance that the man in front of him was an S-class hunter who was in charge of the SS commander, Sahyeol. As I walked along, I arrived right in front of the guild chief's office.

"You can go in."

bloody said. Seokjin opened the door with a knock on his nervous expression. Hyun-joon, who was sitting by the window drinking coffee, looked towards the door.

"Are there any recent security issues?"

"Yes. There is nothing wrong."

"How is the equipment of the Armed Guard?"

"It's the best."

In response to Seokjin's answer, Hyunjun scratched his chin and organized his thoughts. Is your equipment in top condition? Does that mean there is no way to further enhance the power?

Up to 500 armed guards can be organized in the current guild tier.

Because the law restricts that hunters of B-grade or higher cannot be organized as armed guards, it cannot be composed of only high-ranking hunters like the executive branch.

Wait, what's the grade? B-grade or higher is impossible, but lower than that is possible, right? For a moment, Hyunjun's eyes lit up.

"Now, the guild armed guard consists of all hunters, right?"

"Yes. That's right."

Seokjin nodded and replied. Usually the armed guard consists of many ordinary people or F- or E-class hunters with slightly superior physical abilities, but Hyun-jun poured his money and organized all his armed guards into hunters.

"It was rushed at the time of formation, so most of them were F or E grades, but it's true that all of them were made up of hunters."

"Even if most of them are F-class or E-class, they are in better physical condition than the general public, so their power is probably better."

"Yeah. It is evaluated to have superior combat power than the armed guards of other guilds, which are composed of many ordinary people."

Seokjin said with a proud expression, but Hyunjun was not satisfied. In order to prepare for the coming danger, it required a strong armed guard force that could not be compared with other guilds.

"Can all the armed guards consist of D-class or higher hunters?"

I wanted to fill them all with C-class hunters, but it was difficult. This is because general C-class hunters prefer to attack dungeons that can earn more money than armed guards.

"C-class hunters are unreasonable, but if they are D-class hunters, I think I can somehow fill them with people I can trust. By the way… … ."

"Is money a problem?"

Hyeonjun asked as he watched Seokjin carefully blur the end of his words.

"Yes. It will probably cost a lot. D-class hunters are also among the high-level personnel in the armed guard."

"It doesn't matter how much money it costs. Reorganize the armed guard with reliable D-class or higher hunters as soon as possible."

This time, in addition to the special contract in South America, the financial situation got even better as some regular magic crystals were settled. That means money is enough.

"If only we had enough funding… … ."

"We will provide enough funding. Do not worry."

"Then I'll take care of it within a week."

In response to Seokjin's answer, Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

- You spent money like water. The subject of the golden rule smiles with a happy smile.

A voice came.

* * *

Hyeon-jun returned to the mansion after dealing with the armed guard and threw himself on the bed.

- Kkeuk. Are you going to fall into eternity?

"Don't say anything strange."

He responded coldly to the words of the hell yam and closed his eyes. After a long flight, I was able to digest the schedule without a break, so my consciousness was discharged in an instant.

And when I woke up, it was the 'Hall of a Past Life'.

"The Last Sword... … ."

Hyun-jun put his hand on the doorknob and read aloud the 'Lee Myung' engraved on the door. At the same time as she cleared her breath, she opened the door and stepped inside.

Under the bright lights, a large hall appeared.

"Are you here?"

With a cynical voice, the withered Miller, clad in silver breastplate, emerged from the darkness.

"You found my record."

"Yeah. However, most of it was unreadable because it was written in code."

"Does not matter. It would have been nothing but an old story of no help anyway."

Withered Miller responded coolly to Hyunjun's words.

"It may be difficult to read, but I wish I could keep it well."

However, it seems that it is inevitable that my heart will go away because it is a record related to me. Hyunjun slowly nodded his head instead of answering.

"Thank you for caring."

"It's not difficult."

A smile spread across Withered Miller's lips at Hyunjun's answer.

"Come this way, now let's get to the point."

Withered Miller took the first step. Hyunjun opened his mouth as he moved after him.

"Are you teaching me your unique swordsmanship?"

"The transfer is already over. All that is left now is to train so that you can master the unique swordsmanship perfectly."

Ominousness has come upon us.

"surely… … That training is... … ."

"Here, in the room of a previous life, you are fighting with me. There is no other training method that is as helpful as practice."

A cruel smile spread across the withered Miller's lips. I thought it was quiet all this time, but hell has begun again.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 148


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