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Chapter 149 - Dimensional Drifter - Part 1

A sharp blade pierced his ribs and pierced his heart. Moans filled with pain burst out of his mouth at the creepy feel of steel he didn't want to get used to.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

Now, even though he struggled with pain, he never let go of the string of consciousness. By swinging his sword, he scatters sharp auras to block the withered miller's second attack.

Due to the fragments of the Auror, the withered Miller had no choice but to withdraw the sword from Hyun-jun's body and retreat.

The distance widened in an instant. Hyun-jun recovered his sword and corrected his disordered posture.

The puncture wound in the chest was completely healed by the healing protection of the previous life.

"It's pretty good."

Withered Miller was amazed. It was said that he put restrictions on himself according to Hyunjun, but his swordsmanship level and sense were the same.

To be honest, I thought he wouldn't be able to withstand even a single blow, but just before, Hyun-jun not only had defended a whopping 3 attacks, but also counterattacked to stop a series of attacks after being attacked.

After the match started, Hyun-jun was knocked down more than 100 times by Wither Miller's attack, but most of the time he showed signs of defending or evading the second attack.

"You surprise me every time I come here."

Hyun-jun's terrifying speed of growth made his whole body tremble.

"Thanks to having good teachers."

"It's an undeserved compliment."

A smile spread across Withered Miller's lips at Hyunjun's words.

"How much time has passed?"

"It's not short, but do you really want to know?"

withered Miller asked. Hyunjun smiled and shook his head.

"no. Come to think of it, I don't think I really want to know."

"It's a good attitude. As long as you are here anyway, time outside has stopped. The question of how much time has passed doesn't mean much."

There was no certainty. I noticed that quite a long time had passed, even though I said 'not short'.

Synchronization with Wither Miller I could guess just by looking at how familiar I was with the 'unique swordsmanship', which seemed far away when I saw the new knowledge that had flowed in due to the first liberation.

"When I get enough rest, I will start the battle again."

As he nodded and raised his sword, the withered miller disappeared from view.

It was an approach technique that I had seen hundreds of times since the start of the match, but it was anomalous and fast enough to make it difficult to grasp the movement easily.

As he cleared his breath, he swung his sword and scattered the aurora in all directions. One of the basic techniques that is easy to block access when you cannot read the opponent's footsteps.

Whether there was an effect, there was no withered Miller's attack in the front and rear left and right. Instead, I felt a sudden presence above my head.


He barely raised his sword and received the withered miller's sword attack, but he could not block the second time.

A sharp Auror blade cut deep in the throat. Due to excessive bleeding, all strength was drained from his body in an instant and he collapsed.

"Stand up. It's not over yet."

The fight continued. And how many times have you been stabbed and cut?

Finally, around the time when he thought he had gotten used to his unique swordsmanship to some extent, withered Miller opened his mouth with a satisfied expression.

"You seem pretty used to it."

"A little."

"This is pretty fast. My 'unique swordsmanship' is by no means easy to see. I have conquered a dimension with this single swordsmanship."

At the words of the withered miller, Hyun-jun swallowed dry saliva.

"I think this should be enough."

"What do you mean… … ?"

"From now on, I'm going to hand over the 'Storm Sword' to you."

* * *


When I woke up, it was morning. Warm sunlight streamed in through the window. He got up from the bed, barely shaking off the unique mental fatigue he felt when he practiced for a long time in the room of his previous life.

Tired. It certainly felt like he hadn't slept at all, even though he had just woken up from bed.

The mental fatigue hardly recovered. It was a natural result as I practiced non-stop in the 'Room of a Past Life'.

-Did you dream again?

Hell Yam asked as he watched Hyun-joon change clothes after showering. Hyun-jun once briefly explained to him about the room in his previous life.


With a short answer, Hyeonjun put a hell yam on his waist. Unlike other equipment that Hell Yamdo hates subspace, he wore it around his waist, even if it was a little uncomfortable.

I got into a vehicle driven by a member of the SS and went to work at the guild chief's office in the main building.

In front of the guild chief's office, there was a seat for the chief of staff, and Sojin was there even though it was quite early.

He looked tired and stretched out on his desk, but he kept his seat anyway.

"Hehe… … ."

He had a happy expression whether he was even dreaming a good dream.

"When did you leave for work?"

Hyun-jun asked the bodyguard guarding the hallway.

"You stayed all night."

"okay? Thanks."

Looks like a lot of work has been done.

'Wake me up... … ?'

Would it be better to go to the mansion and tell him to sleep? I thought for a moment, but then shook my head.

I didn't want to interrupt my sweet dreams. Instead, I moved my gaze to the monitor, wondering what kind of work I was doing.

'Gangwon-do Pension?'

There was no need to look at the search history. Because I saw the website of the accommodation company in Gangwon-do right away.

'Well, except for the last time I went to the sea, I couldn't even rest properly.'

I've been to an amusement park before, but I couldn't play properly because of the flame's appearance, so it's an exception.

'I'll try to get some words out later.'

With that in mind, Hyun-jun entered the guild chief's office. After finishing work in the morning, I went down to the training center underground for a while and came back to practice my own swordsmanship, and Sojin was awake.

"sister. Is it okay for a moment?"

"Huh. time is ok I was just resting."

Sojin followed along with a bright smile. Hyunjun sat facing her.

"Have you been very busy all this time?"

"No, I am fine."

He said it was okay, but dark circles under his eyes were thick, and his face was also full of tiredness.

'My sister has been like this since long ago.'

Even if something is difficult, he hides the fact because he is afraid that it will cause inconvenience to others. that was exhaustion He is the kind of person who suffers alone and collapses from exhaustion.

"We only have a few days off."

He was in tension with Russia and had a purpose to subdue the clan, but there was nothing Hyun-jun could do until the combined subjugation team re-entered the South American continent and received permission to enter.

At best, it was only possible to issue reconnaissance orders to UN special agencies. For the time being, I have no choice but to take it easy, so I thought it would be nice to go on a vacation after all.

"We all go on a trip together and only come to play for a few days. Overseas is hard right now, and I think Gangwon-do would be better."


"Yes, we will all go together."

"I like it too. Hehe."

Sojin answered with a bright smile. I wanted to say that I wanted to go only with the two of us, but I knew that it would be a burden to Hyun-jun, so I decided to keep it quietly in my heart.

'Because I can still be by your side… … .'

I didn't know what the scope of 'together' was, but Sojin's smile did not waver.

It wasn't that she wasn't jealous, but I was just happy to be able to be together like this.

"Then we'll make an appointment right away."

The travel plans went fast. As soon as the schedule was set, Hyun-jun contacted people close to him and selected those who could come.

As a result, Han-seok, Jin-ah, Kyu-hwan, and Tae-hee came together. Taemin also wanted to be with him, but unfortunately the guild work that was behind him did not let him go.

We decided to gather at the Race Guild Airfield and travel to Gangwon-do on an air carrier. There will be no place for aircraft carriers to land around the pension, but using a small landing craft in the sky solves that problem.

So, a trip plan was made for mid-March.

* * *

The withdrawal of the Allied subjugation force began in South America, but Vladimir and a small number of alpha teams remained in Brazil. Rather, it secretly entered the depths of the field.

Entering the dangerous depths of the field with the withdrawal of the Allied subjugation force was enough to raise doubts, but the hunters of the Alpha Team following Vladimir did not ask any questions.

Heavily armed hunters took the lead, thinking that the beasts of the field would resist violently, but contrary to expectations, there was no group of beasts blocking their way.

"Is there… … ?"

Arrived at an ancient ruin deep in the Amazon. Vladimir generated magical power and searched the surroundings.

It was clear where Peliak, the chief executive officer of the clan South American province, was talking about.

"You wait here."

"Yes. Commander."

About 10 alpha team hunters who accompanied him retreated. Vladimir moved into the ruins.

He soon found a passage leading to the basement.

I could feel a faint magical energy leaking through the darkness of the passage. It seemed like he was hiding it cleverly with magic, but he couldn't deceive the senses of the SSS-class hunter, Vladimir.

"Here you are."

I had a strong conviction.

'If you go in there, there is no turning back.'

Vladimir recalled Peliak's sweet proposal.

'For revenge.'

He soon took a deep breath and went down through the passage to the basement. After walking silently for about 30 minutes through the darkness, a huge cavity appeared.

"welcome. Vladimir."

In the dark, Peliak slowly walked out. As he raised his hand, magic lamps along the common wall began to emit a faint light.

"Seeing you have come all the way here, it seems that you have made a decision."

"okay. I'm here to get some fortification."

To Peliak's question, Vladimir nodded in response.

"Did you know that the engraving has to be done on our side?"

"Of course."

When engraving an enhancement technique, it is common to do it yourself or someone you can trust.

It was dangerous to receive from someone who was not in a trusting relationship with Peliacrucum. However, Vladimir accepted the offer because he was confident that he would immediately notice if Peliak did something stupid.

'A guy who looks like a middle-class SS at best can't fool my senses during the engraving process.'

It was close to overconfidence. It was a dangerous idea, but unfortunately, Petrenko, who would normally have stopped Vladimir, was no longer there. He was no longer of this world.

"Now that you have made a decision, there is no need to waste your time. I will start engraving the craftsmanship right away."

Peliak approached.

"I will engrave the recipe on the back of my hand."

Vladimir held out his right hand without saying a word. The engraving began, and Vladimir could feel the powerful magic seep into his body.

'Give me more power! Such power that even America can kneel to me!'

His eyes were dyed with greed. It was a moment when I thought that everything was going smoothly.

'This… … corrosion?'

The detection was delayed because it hid the magic power much more cleverly than expected.

'This… … .'

Peliak had a different mind.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 149


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