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Chapter 15 - Can I help you? - Part 1

[Regular Attack Team: Ace]

It was given to me by Yesul. Ace was one of the most famous domestic regular attack teams.

As a temporary team member, you will be able to follow the dungeon raid at least once. Of course, I had no intention of officially belonging anywhere yet.


I called without hesitation. Not long after, a woman's voice came from the smartphone. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be in the dungeon.

"Mr. Choi Ye-seul?"

- Maybe Kang Hyeon-jun?

Hyun-jun's name came out right away without thinking. Just by looking at this, it can be seen that they were waiting for contact.

'Am I like this?'

Waiting for a call from the regular attack team? It felt good because it felt like my qualifications as a hunter had been proven.

"Yes, I am Kang Hyun-jun."

-Ah! Nice to meet you! I was waiting for you to contact me.

"Do you have a dungeon raid schedule within a week? C-class dungeon matching was delayed."

- I have an agenda. It's a B-class elite dungeon, are you okay?

Yesul did not refuse. This was because Choi Han-seok, the team leader and Ye-seul's older brother, a class A magic hunter, was already interested in Hyun-jun after receiving a report from her.

"It doesn't matter."

If it was a B-class elite dungeon, the difficulty was rather high, but there was nothing to fear as long as there was the protection of 990,000 past lives. Hyun-jun's voice was full of confidence as he answered.

-Okay, let's meet first. where are you now?

"This is the Dungeon Administration headquarters building."

- I'll go now. Could you please wait 30 minutes?

"I'll have a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe."

- I'll be there soon.

The phone call is over. As predicted, I waited while drinking an Americano at a nearby cafe. It was about 20 minutes later.

An expensive-looking foreign car stopped right in front of the cafe. Hyun-jun thought that Yesul was somehow in that foreign car.

'As expected.'

Yesul was falling from the driver's seat. A C-class assistant hunter drives a foreign car that looks that expensive? The regular attack team's income seemed to be better than expected.

'Well, I've heard something, so I know roughly.'

Hyunjun smiled and shook his head. The door opened and Yesul walked in. The pupils behind the glasses moved quickly and scanned the inside of the cafe.

She soon found Hyun-Jun and came over with a bright smile and sat down in the front seat.

"Nice to meet you. Hyeonjun Kang Mr. long time no see?"

"Yeah. How have you been?"

Yesul welcomed a handshake first, and Hyunjun happily responded with a smile.

In the case of Ace, since they were a fairly influential regular attack team in Korea, they thought that maintaining a close relationship with Choi Ye-seul, an executive, would give them a lot of benefits.

"You want to join our regular attack team?"

No, this woman? Where are you going to get the chains?

"No, I just said that if I had a dungeon raid schedule within a week, I would like to be part of it."

Let's speak straight.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I must have mistaken you for someone else."

"It could be."

Hyunjun didn't lose his smile. I think I was going to get it as an official team member, but I'm sorry, but I don't want to be easily defeated.

"Anyway, we also had a sudden vacancy this time, so we were looking for someone. I'll talk to him separately, but maybe joining will be fine."

Han Seok was Yesul's older brother.

"That's fortunate."

"However, if you want to become a temporary team member, you have to sign a contract. Read it."

After receiving the contract from Yesul, I read it slowly. It was mainly about the issue of payment distribution, and there were no problematic provisions.

"I'll sign it."

"You are making a decision quickly."

"It's good that things like this are fast."

signature is over.

"good. When is the departure?"


It was faster than expected.

* * *

The time has come. Hyeonjun put his sword and shield in his subspace pocket and put on an old black leather coat. There was no need to worry about moving to the gathering place.

Yesul decided to come pick him up. It seemed strange to be given such convenience, but it was not without a guess.

'He recognized my worth.'

In the dungeon raid era, the top hunter was power. You can exert tremendous influence just by being attached to your aide without having to be subordinated to it.

It's not for nothing that powerful people want to keep top hunters by their side.

After I got out of the studio and waited for about 10 minutes, the foreign car I saw yesterday stopped in front of Hyun-jun.

"Good morning. The weather is nice."

Yesul got out of the car and spoke first.

"You came earlier than expected."

"It has become a habit to go early."

Yesul opened the passenger door with a smile. When Hyun-jun finished boarding, the car started.

It took about an hour to get to the meeting point. Yesul kept talking to me, so I wasn't bored, and thanks to various considerations, I wasn't uncomfortable.


I saw a dungeon bureaucrat holding a chart, and there were 4 hunters next to it.

The three were carrying simple armor and melee weapons, as if from a combat system, while one was wearing green robes and holding a staff.

'Ace's team leader, A-class magician hunter Choi Han-seok.'

investigation was done Because it was a famous attack team, most of the information was disclosed without filtration.

The Hunter community evaluated Han Seok as a genius who started at D level and reached A level within a year.

"Mr. Kang Hyun-jun? I've heard a lot about Yeseul. My name is Hanseok Choi, the team leader of Ace."

Hanseok came first. Judging by her good expression, it seems that Yeseul had a lot of good stories to tell.

There's nothing wrong with being highly rated by Ace's team leader. Hyunjoon smirked inwardly.

"Yeah. nice to meet you. This is Hyunjun Kang. He is a C-class hunter."

"Come this way. We will show you the basic formations that our attack team uses."

They were trained in formation and team tactics for 30 minutes.

'Choi Ye-seul's escort… … .'

It can be seen as the safest location with Choi Han-seok, an A-class hunter, next to him.

Although the composition of the team members was not the first team, it seems that they brought in considerable elites, so this seemed to be a place to appeal to the strengths of the regular attack team called Ace. Of course, the target audience.

'I will.'

Rumors that had only been circulating inside the Dungeon Management Bureau were certain to have reached Hanseok's ears. Without it, Ace's active courtship cannot be explained.

"This is Jinseok Lee."

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang."

After a brief briefing, there was a time for a general name for about 5 minutes. It didn't last long.

Hyun-jun had no intention of continuing with them right now, and the other team members, except for Han-seok and Yesul, were not very interested in Hyun-jun.

There was a mixed gaze, but Hyun-jun didn't really care.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. Can you come over here for a second?"

While refining the formation, Ye-seul called Hyun-jun. Out of curiosity, I walked towards her.

She took a sword from the trunk of the car and handed it over.

"This… … ?"

At first glance, it was a luxurious sword. When Hyun-jun looked at him asking for an explanation, she opened her mouth with a bright smile.

"I am borrowing it. The sword you are currently using will break quickly in the B-class elite dungeon."

"I will not give up."

Thank you for your kind heart.

"I will open the dungeon gate."

Hanseok's voice was heard. The tightly closed iron door opened and the party entered the dungeon.

"Check the magic reaction! Prepare for battle!"

As soon as they entered, a warm welcome began. Hanseok cast a spell with a warning, and avant-garde tank Lee Jinseok raised his shield.

'Is it a spirit series? … ?'

Four bright flames are burning in the dark. Judging by the plethora of magical powers it felt, it was clear that it was a spirit-type demon.

"going. wind cutter."

Top magic, wind cutter. The blade of the wind flew through the air. One spark went out with one blow.

- Wow!

Recognizing that they had been attacked, the beasts began to run. Their appearance gradually became clearer. There was no need for the drone to illuminate the lights.

'Fire Guard... … .'

It is a B-class beast of the spirit family. Because his body was on fire, it was a beast that hunters in the fighting world were picky about.

"Wind cutter."

The blade of the wind devastated one of the Flame Guards. Now there are two left.



The flame guard's posture collapsed after being struck by the shield wielded by Jinseok. In the gap, another hunter dug in and inserted a dagger into the 'nuclear'.

The whole body of the Flame Guard with its nuclear destroyed collapsed. The other one fell by the sword of another hunter.

The appearance of disposing of B-class beasts in an instant was enough to confirm that Ace's reputation was not a rumor.

"How is it?"

If you join Ace, you can be like us. seemed to say Hyunjun opened his mouth with a faint smile.

"That's great. I didn't know it would be like this."

"Hunters who worked with us at least once expressed their intention to join us."

Hanseok's voice was full of confidence.

'I'm sorry, but I haven't thought about it yet.'

I don't know if there is an absolute benefit. Right now, I had no intention of joining the regular attack team. Today's dungeon raid was also out of necessity.

"If you think Hyun-Jun Kang wants to be with us, you can tell us at any time."

"Yes, I will."

Hyunjun smiled and nodded his head.

'Did you think I didn't know the value of the Second Awakening?'

If not, they would have offered better conditions. Now, Han-seok was trying to bring Hyun-jun, who is strong in the second awakening, at a low price.

It wasn't that I didn't understand his position, but he didn't mean to match the rhythm.

'I judge my ransom.'

He let out a cold laugh inside.

"We will continue."

Hanseok said. The party continued the attack. The deeper the dungeon, the more the number of demonic beasts appeared.

"This is the boss room."

There was a huge iron gate in front of him. As Hanseok said, the boss room was clear.

Hyeonjun didn't wield a sword once while coming here. I just watched the party members fighting from behind.

"Have you had a comfortable trip?"

While Hanseok and Yesul were checking the entrance to the boss room, someone came and asked. It was obviously sarcastic.

Hyunjun's eyes turned to him. To be honest, I can't remember the name.

"Yeah. It was such a comfortable trip."

I decided to go out boldly. He was confident in putting iron plates on his face.

"Open the door!"

The door to the boss room opened with Jinseok's shout.

-The sergeant's insidious laughter warns you of an ambush A hidden blade is aiming at your heart.

It's time to raise the price.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 15


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