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Chapter 151 - Dimensional Drifter - Part 3

Movement was seen in the fissure, the pitch-black darkness.

"Magic reaction?"

The dimensional magic was so powerful that it was difficult to detect only the magic of "something" in the rift. So Hyun-jun asked Hell Yamdo to search for it.

-impossible! host! Because of the dimensional magic, the magic of the insidious guy in there is buried!

He even gave up on even the Hell Yam, which had a better ability to detect magic than Hyeon-jun. Time passes in tension.

The dimensional rift was still open, and the black figure seen through it moved slightly, but did not come over immediately.

If there was one strange thing, even in this situation, the sergeant's protection did not warn of danger.

Why? Hyun-jun, is it because he has already recognized the danger? Or is it that the object in front of you is not dangerous? I was just frustrated because I didn't know the answer.

"If you want to live, you better come out."

"Relax. I have no intention of being against you."

Surprisingly, it was a human, not a magical beast, who slowly walked out of the crack through the darkness.

They weren't even humanoids like the Invaders. Hyun-jun was a little surprised because he was a perfect human, but he did not let go of his tension.

It was because some of the Invaders were in human form. Hyunjun opened his mouth while creating an auror blade.

"What are you doing?"

"I am a dimensional drifter."

The man in the blue robe, he answered.

"A dimension drifter? What is it?"

the first word you hear.

"A person who is attacked and lost during a dimensional shift."

I needed a little more detailed explanation, but it's not urgent right now, so let's move on.

"You said a while ago that you don't intend to be hostile to me, what do you mean?"

"It is literally. From you, I can feel the magic that I miss so much."

"The magical power you miss?"

"I will explain in detail slowly. I'm not going to ask you to release the guard, but would you at least get rid of the sword? I think it would be difficult to have a proper conversation in this situation."

At the man's words, Hyeon-jun took the auror and put the hell yam into the sheath, but he did not release the boundary.

If the man in front of him showed suspicious behavior, he was ready to draw his sword immediately, and he was confident.

It was a clear confidence different from Vladimir's overconfidence.

"Now you are ready to say goodbye properly. nice to meet you. I am Levin."

"It's Hyun-Jun Kang."

A stranger introduced himself. Hyun-jun thought about it for a moment, and then revealed his name.

There was already no one in Korea who knew him, and enough attention from those who are interested in the world was focused on him, so it seemed that it would not matter if he told me his name.

"Can I talk to you away from this dimension rift? I don't want to fall back into the dimensional storm."

Instead of answering Levian's words, Hyunjun nodded and stepped back. Then, with a greatly relieved expression, Levian opened the distance from the dimensional rift.

As soon as he retreated, the dimension rift gradually decreased in size and disappeared completely.

"Can you explain in detail now?"

When asked in a sharp voice, Levin brushed his black hair and opened his mouth.

"It could be a bit of a long story."

"Reduce it moderately."

It was confirmed that it was not a raid situation, but now that tensions with Russia have been formed, it seems that it is not necessary to stay away from the party for long.

"To put it very simply, I am a mage and I can feel the magic of my Master in you."

"Maybe I could be a little more specific."

I omitted the explanation too much. Gildre came to mind from the word mage, but I felt like I needed to hear more about it to be sure.

If Levien was Gildre's disciple, he would have obtained an informant who was not banned from the Invasion Command.

"It was a day like no other. However, from one day, the occurrence of dimensional rifts increased rapidly, and in the end a very large gate was opened. And they showed up."


"Yes. They were interdimensional invaders. As I learned later, the seeds of perdition had already been sown long ago."

It's still too early. More explanation was needed.

"Their name was Invasion Command. Master raised the Magical Alliance to face the aggression command."

I had heard from Gildre about the Magical Alliance. The more Levian explained, the more the puzzle was put together.

"At first, there was a victory. We rejoiced and had no doubts in our victory. However… … ."

Levin paused for a moment. His eyes fluttered and his expression distorted as if his emotions had intensified.

"It was an illusion. Behind the Vanguard was a more powerful main force. It didn't take long for landing. The magic coalition army led by Master was never weak. But it was not enough to deal with the main force of the aggression command."

Perhaps the strength in his legs had loosened, and he sat down helplessly. Eventually, he looked up to the sky, and sadness poured out of his eyes.

And there was no word for a while. He could be hurried, but Hyun-jun waited without a word with a calm expression on his face.

The silence was not long. After a while, Levian, who had settled his emotions, spoke again.

A strong will was oozing out of the eyes that had their emotions sorted out.

"The Allied Magic Army was defeated, and a full-scale invasion began. Most of the lives were lost, and the few who survived were brainwashed and became soldiers of the Invasion Command. Thanks to Master's sacrifice, I could barely make a dimensional leap. Even though I was drifting like this because my drinking was not perfect."

Another moment of silence. This time, Hyunjun opened his mouth first to break the silence.

"Master's name… … Can you tell me?"

"The name of my proud teacher, who led the Allied Magical Forces against the aggression command, is Gildre."

All the puzzles have been put together. Levian got up again and looked at Hyun-jun.

"And I can feel the magic of my long-lost master in you."

explanation is over.

"Now, I will pass my turn. Hyeonjun Kang, why do you feel the magic of my master in you? Please explain."

How do I explain it?

"Can I simply say it? I am not good at explaining."

"It doesn't matter. I'm embarrassed to say it with my own mouth, but I'm a smart person."

Levian said in a confident voice, and Hyun-jun was worried. Levian seemed to be Gildre's disciple, but he thought it would be better to refrain from talking about his previous life.

The case was different with Hell Yam, where it was impossible to communicate with other people.

I spent 5 minutes organizing my thoughts. The story was appropriately adapted and explained, and Levin nodded with a firm face.

"I was hoping for it, but this has made it clear. Hyeonjun Kang, it is clear that you have inherited Master's will."

Levin said in a confident voice. During the conversation, he once again explored the magic that Hyeonjun felt, but the initial conclusion did not change.

Hyunjoon did not deny it. Then Levin knelt down on one knee.

"I will take you as my lord."

"I'm counting on you."

After a short deliberation, Hyun-jun decided to accept Levian. He wasn't lying and his connection to Gildre was proven.

He even looked at the use of magic, but there was no sign of anything suspicious. In order to avoid suspicion, Levin also opened up all his magical powers and revealed himself when Hyeon-jun used the search technique.

For the time being, it would be good to be moderately vigilant, but it didn't seem bad to act together first.

"I am a combat mage who can use enchantment techniques during battle. It will definitely help."

The general technique cannot be easily used during battle because its structure is complex and requires a lot of concentration when using it.

So even though Hyeonjun also knew a lot of techniques, he didn't use it mainly in battle. If Levin's words were true, it would certainly be helpful.

- I don't think he's lying. I can feel the magic of an SS-level middle-class man from that man. I don't know what that dimension is like, but here it's not an amount of magic that a typical magus can handle.

Hell Yamdo added an explanation. Since mages are superior in theory rather than in combat, it is common to practice magic at a minimum.

So, most of them did not have much of the magic required for battle.

"By the way, you said a while ago that your party was nearby, didn't you?"

In response to Levian's question, Hyun-jun told the location of the villa in a calm voice.

"Sir. I think you should return right now. A number of personnel are in hiding at the point you mentioned."


Now, in the direction of the villa, I could feel the presence of magical power that was not theirs. Hyeon-jun, as well as Hell Yam, were concentrating on Levin in front of him, so he could not detect the presence of multiple magical powers approaching the villa.

"Levian. Follow me. I will test your will."

"We will be together with a happy heart."

Hyun-jun kicked the ground in the direction of the villa first. After that, Levian used a magic trick and caught up with him floating about 3m.

The attack began almost immediately upon arriving at the villa. As they threw off the veil of hiding, a number of hunters who joked over 100 people appeared.

'Is it the alpha team?'

For now, it's just a guess, but considering the recent conflict with Vladimir, it's certain.

As Russia is evaluated to have the second largest number of advanced hunter forces after the United States, this time is also a volume offensive.

-host! There is only one SS class! It's also the lowest!

Hell yammado, who finished the search for magic, said. But is something strange? One SS class?

'Isn't that for assassination?'

Watching the masked people, Hyun-jun frowned.

You've slaughtered hundreds of Petrenko and Alpha Team, the top-ranking SS-class, but now you've only sent about 100 people to the lowest-ranking SS-class?

If there was Vladimir behind the Russian Alpha Team, it would be difficult to understand.

'diversion? If not... … .'

It may be a discard tile for simple warning purposes. Hyun-jun thought that the latter was more likely.

'Warning... … So, are you going to start a war?'

If the meaning of the warning is correct, it can be seen as a declaration of war. When the thought reached that point, Hyun-jun smiled and scattered his eyes full of life.

"Russian Alpha Team! And Vladimir!"

His cry echoed through the mountains. The alpha team hunters trembled at the life in the voice.

"If you want war!"

Auror blades erupted from the pulled Hell Yam Swords.

"I will gladly respond!"

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 151


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