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Chapter 152 - The blade of frost is stained with blood - Part 1

The withdrawal of the Allied subjugation from the South American continent was coming to an end. Eden and a small number of those who belonged to the elite hunter group in the United States, the Holy See, remained and were doing the final inspection.

"Eden. You are ready to withdraw. 14 Hunters belonging to the constellation corps also gathered at the temporary airfield. Now we just have to wait for the plane to land."

Reported by Michael, a member of the Constellation Squad and an A-class recovery hunter serving as Eden's aide. Eden, who was destroying the documents, opened her mouth with a firm face.

"Now Colombia is over."

"Yes. It won't be here for a while."

"I wanted to save more people, but unfortunately I can't."

After shredding the documents, Eden burned even the fragments and left the office with Michael. When we arrived at the makeshift airfield, we could already see the transport plane slowly lowering its altitude in the sky.

'Now you are going back to your home country.'

The time I stayed in Colombia was not long, but I had no good memories due to the continuous attacks of the beasts.

Eden, Michael, and the constellation hunters calmed their excitement and waited for the transport plane to land.

That was then.

"It's an attack!"

"Get down!"

As soon as the constellation hunters pulled out their weapons all at once, missiles from somewhere in succession landed on the landing transport plane.


The plane exploded in mid-air with a roar. Debris filled with flames poured down everywhere. And.


With the sound of boiling blood, the body of an A-class hunter belonging to the constellation was torn to pieces. Where he stood, only blood-soaked cold air floated silently.

"B, Vladimi… … ."

Before Eden could even finish her words, a brutal cold attacked him and the constellation hunters.

When the chill subsided, there were only those who were frozen and only Eden remained conscious.

At the moment when the cold attacked, he could barely save his life thanks to the use of magical power to form Auror Armor, but that was all.

Despite deploying the Auror Armor, half of her body was frozen, and her fighting ability was greatly reduced.

"Ugh… … ."

He used magic to break the ice, but there was no reaction. It was as hard as steel.

I tried my best, but to no avail. Despair appeared on Eden's face.

"The life is attached to the surprise attack of SS-class anti-magic… … That's not a bad skill for a low-ranking SS class."

From the darkness, Vladimir emerged with a chill. The cold rage in his eyes blazed like a storm.

"Vladimir… … you… … ."

Eden's eyes fluttered wildly. An unfamiliar magical power was felt from Vladimir. He has a special ability called magic counterattack and is very good at detecting magic.

'This is brainwashing.'

Vladimir, who is one of the only four official SSS-class hunters in the world, has been brainwashed? Who the hell could do such a crazy thing?

'can not believe it. SSS-class hunters are being brainwashed.'

Eden wanted to deny reality, but Vladimir was slowly approaching with a spear of ice.

There was no room for blatant lines like, 'You are being brainwashed!' It was because he knew very well that words could not make a completely brainwashed subject unharmed.

'Who the hell is behind it? … ?'

The thought did not last long. Because Vladimir's spear of ice pierced Eden's heart.

Before he could feel any pain, his whole body froze with consciousness.

* * *

"Oh, come!"


Hyun-jun, who received the protection of Raikiri, became a ray of light. Alpha Team Hunters couldn't keep up with Hyunjun's pace.

The leader was incapacitated in an instant, and by the time they came to their senses, Hyunjun had already dug deep into the formation.

"There is magic resistance! Attack with high-level magic or higher!"

"Park of Pain!"

"Lightning Spear!"


Magic poured out from all directions.

"I will cover you."

As soon as Hyun-jun was about to use Gildre's protection, Levian, who appeared next to him, spoke in a calm voice and raised his hands. And I felt a familiar magic wave.

"Oh, magic destruction?"

"Magic destruction consumes a lot of magic power! Keep pouring!"

Alpha Team Hunters moved. As the battle circles narrowed the distance, they pressed Hyunjun and Levin, and the magic circles behind them started casting for the second attack.

"It's not over yet."

When Levin waved his hand along with a friendly explanation, the artillery technique worked. Dozens of magic circles created above Levian's head poured out magical beams.

While the Alpha Team Hunters paused for a moment in the bombardment of powerful magical beams, Hyeon-jun reduced their number by swinging a hell yam with their flashy movements.

In the meantime, Levin used high-speed flight techniques to reorganize himself from the chaotic center.

"That bastard is left alone!"


As soon as Hyun-jun was left alone, the Alpha Team Hunters tried to attack like a storm, but unfortunately Levian still had magical powers left.

"Don't rush too much."

As he finished speaking by raising his hand, the redemption ceremony was activated.


"Mo, your body!"

The bodies of 21 Alpha Team Hunters who surrounded Hyun-jun and rushed at him from the left and right before and after were stiffened all at once.

"I will leave the rest to the master. Do it in five seconds."

5 seconds. It's definitely not a long time. However, for the Alpha Team Hunters who were locked up during the battle, it felt like an eternity.

Hyeon-jun spread a cold gaze towards them, wielding a hell yam sword, and unleashed a sword.


The storm of the Auror Blade raged. The battle-based hunters with shields rushed forward.

"Kuh huh?"

"Oh, the Auror Shield?"

The Auror Blade of the Storm Sword split the Auror Shield and Shield and dug deep to shred the Alpha Team Hunters.

In an instant, more than 20 hunters fell and spilled blood. Kang Hyeon-jun was the only one standing in the place where a brief storm had swept through.

"A monster, a monster… … ."

Someone let out a terrified voice. They were the best of the hunters who were selected and trained.

But, is it pushed this far? From the moment I heard that Petrenko had lost his life to Hyun-jun, everyone thought it would not be easy, but they didn't know it would be this much.

Even the lowest SS-class hunter who accompanied him lost his life after a brief encounter with Hyun-jun. There seemed to be no hope now.

"Now it's over. Just give up."

At Hyeonjun's words, the Alpha Team Hunters looked around helplessly like people who were hypnotized at about the same time.

All but ten were down. Most of them died, and those who survived were seriously injured.

Hyeon-jun and Levin went wild, and the villas and the SS-level flames were also added to it, causing damage that was close to annihilation in an instant.

'It was a nonsensical fight from the beginning.'

One of the Alpha Team Hunters shook their head with an empty expression. Now they also realized. The fact that this is not an attack mobilization for the purpose of killing Hyun-jun.

'We were just warning signs.'

consciousness was cold. He chewed the poison capsule attached to his gums. So did the other Alpha Team Hunters.

The poison quickly spread through the body. The Alpha Team Hunters collapsed with red blood spitting out of their mouths.

"These guys! Are you cowardly running to hell?"

Han Seok ran and grabbed the Alpha Team Hunter by the collar and shook him violently, but it was after he stopped breathing.


Hanseok spit out swear words out of anger. On the other hand, Hyunjun was calm.

'I didn't expect to send a warning like this... … .'

It was a warning and at the same time a kind of show of force. It seems that he wanted to say that the Alpha Team is strong enough to throw away the power of 100 high-ranking hunters, including one SS-level hunter.

Thanks to you, my planned vacation was a mess. Cold anger eroded inside. A cold life flowed out of Hyunjun's eyes.

"Okay, let's go where we are going."

After muttering coldly, he walked towards Sojin and Jinah. Despite the sudden attack, Sojin and Jinah were S-class hunters.

He looked anxious, but he didn't seem frightened.

"Sister, are you okay?"

"Huh. I'm okay."

Sojin, who was slightly injured in battle, raised her head and answered with a faint smile.

It must have been surprising and difficult for her to be attacked while leaving the vacation she had been waiting for, but she didn't express it intentionally so as not to upset Hyun-jun.

Such Sojin's appearance intensified Hyunjun's anger towards the Russian Alpha Team and Vladimir.

He was very angry, but the reason was surprisingly calm.

"I'm going inside the villa and resting. I will call the special police."

Even though Sojin and Jina are S-class hunters, there was nothing good about seeing a lot of corpses. At Hyeonjun's suggestion, the two nodded and entered the villa.

"Flame. I ask for a boundary around the villa."

"I will do my best. brother."

Although the two men are S-class hunters, they could not rest their hearts at a situation where the Russian Alpha Team warned that they would move in earnest.

He left Flame to guard the villa and walked to Hanseok and Gyuhwan.

"Executive chief. They tell me to call the Special Police Department right now and send the troops to clean up."

"Yes, I understand. Guild Master."

"If you say my name, there will be a rush."

"I will contact you immediately."

Kyu-hwan took out his smartphone and contacted the special police department, and Hyun-jun approached Levin for the last time.

"Thank you for your support."

It was a large-scale attack of about 100 hunters from the Russian Alpha Team, including the lowest SS level hunters. Although it was intended as a warning, it was a situation that could cause great damage to the party.

Without the help of Levian, who was excellent not only in attack but also in support and auxiliary abilities, he might have even reached the point of summoning the SS.

If the SS was summoned, the defense force of the guild office complex would be greatly reduced, so it could have been threatened by a second attack.

"I just did what I had to do."

Levin said.

"brother. They say Flame is guarding it, but wouldn't it be better to send the two of you to the guild office complex on an air carrier first?"

Hanseok came and said. His opinion was also valid, but Hyunjun shook his head.

"Right now, the aircraft carrier does not have enough crew, so if I am attacked on the move without me, there is no answer."

It felt good to have you by my side.

"The special police department says they will send reinforcements. I also contacted the guild, but the guild office complex is said to be safe."

"That's fortunate. Just in case you don't know, I'm telling you to strengthen your vigilance."

"Yes, I understand."

Not long after, the sound of a helicopter was heard, and then a helicopter squadron belonging to the Special Police Department appeared.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 152


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