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Chapter 153 - The blade of frost is stained with blood - Part 2

After confirming that the special police department had arrived and secured the scene, Hyun-jun boarded an aerial carrier and returned to Suwon with his companions.

After discharging exhaustion at the safe guild office complex, Hyun-jun and Levian took a helicopter to the Suwon branch of the Special Police Department.

The reason I chose Levian as an attendant was because I didn't fully trust him until the very end.

For the time being, I was planning to act together if nothing special happened. In the current situation, it felt a little burdensome to have Levian in the guild office complex where he was absent.

'He said he didn't lie, but he'd better pay attention until he meets Gildre.'

Levin only told the truth. But that's just a possibility, I can't be sure.

It was better not to trust him completely until he met Gildre and was convinced. Levin also noticed to some extent that Hyun-jun had not completely removed his suspicions about him, but he seemed to think it was a natural reaction.

"I am okay. I'll be waiting for you at the landing, so come and see me."

When Hyeon-jun showed a moment's hesitation as he got off the helicopter on the roof of the Suwon branch of the Special Police Department, Levin said with a good smile.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry. We will not leave the landing pad."

It was something Levian didn't want to be subjected to unnecessary suspicion. Hyun-jun nodded towards him and entered the branch building with a special police officer.

When I got off the elevator, I saw Song Tae-sik waiting in the hallway.

He has been actively cooperating with Hyun-jun since he was helped to become a special police chief.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. Come inside."

Taesik said with a nervous expression. About 100 Russian hunters did such a daring thing in Korea, so as the dungeon raid era began, I was responsible as the head of the special police department responsible for the security of the Republic of Korea.

Even if Hyun-jun raised his voice right away, Tae-shik had to accept it without making excuses.

"What happened?"

As soon as he entered the back room and sat on the chair, Hyunjun said. His expression was calm, but his voice was filled with cold anger.

Tae-sik was even more nervous because Hyun-jun didn't often show his angry feelings directly.

"While Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun was arriving by helicopter, the bodies were investigated and the terrorists were identified as 'Russians'."

Taesik had no choice but to show a low attitude. Because the man in front of me was the strongest hunter in Korea.

"Did I just ask the nationality of the terrorists?"

I clearly asked what happened.

"no. Sorry."

"Report again."

He was treating the head of the special police department as a subordinate. In the meantime, I felt like I had not treated the people around me too gently.

The responsibility of the special police department was also clear in this case, so Tae-shik had nothing to say.

On the contrary, if his self-esteem is hurt by this, the eyes of Hyeon-jun, who have seen him, are wrong.

"It seems we have crossed the armistice line through North Korea. There is a possibility of smuggling, but after hearing about the friction with the Alpha Team from the race deputy guild leader, Kim Tae-min, the possibility is low because the crackdown has been strengthened several times."

At Tae-sik's words, Hyun-jun traced his memory. I remember giving instructions to the deputy guild leader, Kim Tae-min, to inform the state agency of the conflict with the Alpha Team.

When I recalled that memory, it was even more ridiculous. Even though I've been warned in advance?

"Sorry. I never expected that I would cross the truce line."

"It is highly probable that we cooperated in North Korea."

"Yeah. Without the cooperation of North Korea, it is impossible for Russian hunters to cross the armistice."

Hyunjun frowned.

'It's coming out of North Korea, isn't it?'

I don't know if there was any suggestion or pressure from Russia, but I'm hoping to make them feel sooner or later that the cord they put out is a rotten copper cord.

'I remembered.'

I will not forget this.

"Gather as much evidence as possible. There may be cover-ups from the other side, so be especially careful."

Although the Republic of Korea and the United States are still allies, we cannot be sure that there will be no one in power with Russia.

It was said that the era of dungeon raids has come and Russia has secured its position as the world's second-largest power with strong hunter power, and there are many people lining up for it.

"Yes, I understand."

Taesik nodded his head. Fortunately, the head of the special police department was showing a friendly attitude.

I hadn't known him for a long time, but when I looked at 'Jin Myung' and his usual behavior, he didn't seem like the person who would betray me first if Hyun-joon didn't get along.

'I can't be sure, but I do.'

Even if it is your own judgment.

"We will send a separate security force to the guild office complex."

"no. You don't have to. I think we can just strengthen the patrol around the area."

Although he was grateful to support the Special Police Department's forces, Hyun-jun politely declined Tae-sik's offer, as he thought that it would be better to strengthen the vigilance with internal forces rather than accepting external personnel.

"Chief of the Special Police."

"Yes. Hyeonjun Kang, please tell me."

"This case definitely needs to be investigated. Find out where the Russian hunters have been hiding in Korea and block them."

I had to stop my daily life from falling apart.

"I will do my best."

Taesik answered with a strong voice. Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression and moved on first.

Taesik hurriedly opened the door to the back room, and the two of them went out into the hallway.

"I'll just go. I think the special police chief will handle this well."

"of course. The attack on Kang Hyeon-jun also means that he attacked the Republic of Korea. The Special Police Department will do its best to solve this problem."

"I will trust you."

I got a satisfactory answer.

Since Song Tae-sik, who has joined the ranks of the friendly forces since Hyeon-jun pushed him to the special police department, said that he would deal with it with certainty, the special police department will have no choice but to do its best in this task.

Even if the special police department is actively coming out, lawmakers may intervene.

But Hyun-jun didn't even care about that.

Even if the lawmakers who took Russia's money intervened, it would be a bit annoying, but in the end, things would go as Hyun-jun wanted.

'Yeah, in the end it will be my way.'

Eyes turned cold.

"Im here."

While he was contemplating for a moment, the elevator door opened and Taesik, who accompanied him, announced the arrival.

Only then did Hyun-jun recover his mind and climb to the helipad.

"You are here."

Levin said. He stayed there as promised. He was standing right next to the helicopter and waiting for Hyun-jun. Hyeon-jun, who saw this, approached the helicopter and checked his watch.

They didn't seem to talk much, but Levian had been standing outside for over two hours. Hyunjun opened his mouth with an apologetic expression.

"Are you still here?"

"Because I am a person who keeps my promises. I didn't want any suspicions."

"It must have been boring… … ."

"I was using magic to gather information about this world. I'm not at the level of an expert, but I have organized my common sense enough to not interfere with my daily life.

Collected and organized a huge amount of information in two hours? Although Levin's combat power was about the SS level, his ability as a mage scholar seemed to be superior to what he had expected.

"It's great… … ."

"It was not difficult."

Levin replied with a shrug. Pure pride, not just an eerie conceit, was oozing out of his voice.

"Go back at once."

"Yes, I understand."

Hyun-jun got on the helicopter with Levin.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang! I will take care of the task entrusted to you!"

While the propellers were spinning loudly, Taesik's voice resounded. Hyun-jun nodded his head instead of answering, and the helicopter took off.

Shortly thereafter, a helicopter landed at the Race Guild Airfield. The bodyguards who were waiting rushed in.

"His Majesty the Emperor! I have been informed that you have been attacked!"

"Are you okay?"

The captain of the SS, Sahyeol and his lieutenant, Sahyeok looked after Hyeonjun's well-being.

"I am fine. Guild office complex? Is it okay?"

"Actually, I have something to report on that matter."

It was Sa-hyeok who answered Hyun-jun's question.


Hyunjun said. Instead of answering, Sahyuk glanced at Levian. Apparently he was concerned. Levian read the atmosphere and tried to back away, but Hyun-jun shook his head first and stopped him.

"Levian is reliable, so report it."

To some extent, he trusted Levin. Because I knew about Gildre.

It was simply not sending unconditional beliefs. And if it was really important information, Sahyuk would have mentioned the secret room first.

"The armed guards say they found a suspicious vehicle while patrolling the perimeter of the guild office complex. So after receiving the report, the SS was sent, but it had already disappeared."

At Sa-hyuk's report, Hyun-jun clenched his teeth with an irritated expression. This, too, was likely a warning.

If it was the Russian Alpha Team, there was no way that a low-ranking hunter belonging to the Armed Guard would be caught.

Seeing them openly revealing their existence, it was like a direct warning that they were 'watching'.

"Strengthen your boundaries. If there is anything suspicious, report it immediately."

"The SS will always stand by His Majesty."

"Put more bodyguards in the mansion as well."

"Yes. His Majesty the Emperor."

In order to carry out Hyun-jun's orders, Sa-hyeok stepped down first. Before long, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to Levian.

"It's okay to stay here for a while."

Although it is said that he learned the common sense of this world through magic, it will be difficult to find a place to live right now.

"Is that okay?"

"You can use the vacant dormitory."

Until I met Gildre, I was thinking of attaching Flame and Death to the watchdog.

Levian could deceive the two of them if he wanted to, but he was more comfortable with the minimum safety device.

"I will appreciate the favor."

Levin bowed his head slightly and expressed his gratitude.

"Sahyeol will guide you to the accommodation."

"i See. Okay."

Levian followed the lead bloodshed, and as soon as the two disappeared from view, Hyun-jun returned to the mansion.

As I entered the garden, I saw Sojin staring blankly at the sky. She tried not to express it, but to Hyun-jun, he looked psychologically uneasy.

"sister… … ."

"Is Hyunjun here?"

"It's okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Thinking that he might have unconsciously revealed his anxiety, Sojin hurriedly shook her head and hid her inner feelings.

Hyeonjun bit his lip slightly and approached her because it was sad to see him like that. And he hugged her without a word.

"Nothing will happen."

"Huh… … Thanks… … ."

No one will be able to invade this precious daily life. What if you cross the line? He was willing to condemn them to ruin.

Hyun-jun spent about 30 minutes reassuring So-jin, then went up to the bedroom and went to sleep.

The place where I fell asleep and woke up again was the Hall of Previous Life.

and in front of you.

[A maniac who touched the truth.]

There was a door with Gildre's nickname engraved on it.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 153


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