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Chapter 154 - The blade of frost is stained with blood - Part 3

-host. did you wake up

Early in the morning, when I opened my eyes, the voice of hell yam greeted Hyun-jun.

"Did you sleep well?"

- You're asking pointless questions.

"I think so."

There's no way the ego sword can't sleep.


After taking a deep breath, the rest of the sleepiness was blown away, and after showering, I changed clothes.

Then I went out to the living room and sip my hot coffee to organize my thoughts.

I met Gildre last night in the space of my previous life. He was overjoyed that Hyun-jun and Levin had met.

He also said that if it was Bian, he would be a reliable helper.

At first, there was one question that Hyunjun had. Why are you not old? This is possible if you are in a space where time does not flow while drifting through a dimension, Gildre said. Thanks, the question has been solved.

"Guild Master. The special police department has been contacted."

Hyun-jun was sitting in the guild chief's office, organizing his thoughts. The door opened with a light knock and Taemin came in and reported.

"We hope that the chief of the special police will come to the guild office complex in person to communicate the progress."

Did he feel a sense of responsibility when he heard that he could not control the terror of Russian hunters in the country?

It is said that the special police department moves directly to communicate the progress only.

'Or, you have to convey something important.'

Hyunjun's eyes grew cold. He looked at Taemin and opened his mouth.

"I say come."

"I will pass it on."

Taemin took out his smartphone and called the special police chief, Song Tae-sik. The call time took less than a minute, including waiting for a connection.

The feeling of indiscriminate notification was strong enough.

"They say they will arrive in 20 minutes."

I don't know where it's departing from, but it seemed to be coming from a helicopter.

"Tell me to come to the office right away when you arrive."

"Yes. Okay."

The wait wasn't long. Exactly 15 minutes later, Taesik arrived at the airport by helicopter. A little earlier than expected.

I was sitting in the guild master's office and waiting, and not long after, the door opened with knock and Taeshik with a nervous expression walked in.

"I didn't know you would come in person."

"Is it important… … I have to go on my own."

"Sit down."

"Thank you."

When asked to sit down, Taemin bowed his head slightly and sat facing Hyunjun.

"If you see yourself coming this far, it seems like there has been a lot of success."

The head of the special police department is never idle. If it wasn't for a pretty good performance, I couldn't come with a busy body.

Song Tae-sik's face showed not only tension but also confidence.

"I have confirmed two facts."

"Tell me."

"The nationality of the hunters mobilized for terrorism was finally confirmed as Russian. I'm not sure, but it appears to be part of the 'Alpha Team'."

The special police department collected and analyzed the results of investigations based on the magical power remaining from the corpse and circumstantial evidence.

Song Tae-sik wanted to give Hyun-jun more detailed information, but it was not easy because the information on Alpha Team members was strictly controlled by Russia.

"Did you cross through North Korea?"

"Yes. Relevant routes have been identified and closed. It will be difficult to cross the same path now."

"That's fortunate."

Hyun-jun nodded with a relieved expression, but he did not intend to lift the strengthened boundary for the time being.

I don't know the details of Vladimir's personality, but seeing that he delivered a "warning" even at the expense of 100 alpha team hunters, it didn't seem like he would retreat quietly like this.

'I will definitely find another route.'

If the road through North Korea is blocked, they may try to smuggle in. The special police department would try to block it, but the Russian Alpha team had the power to break through it.

"Russia will not back down."

"Do you have any reason to think that way?"

Taesik asked cautiously, looking at Hyunjun speaking in a confident voice. Hyun-jun calmly explained what happened with Petrenko looking at him.

In the meantime, Taeshik has been cooperative, and he was in a position to take the lead in the conflict with Russia, so he thought he should know. I didn't forget to tell the truth properly and mix exaggeration.

He used the knowledge he had left behind while the 'genius of agitation' descended for a short time.

"It happened… … Well done. The provocation against Kang Hyeon-jun is the same as being directed at the Republic of Korea."

As expected, Tae-sik actively supported Hyun-jun's actions. He was very loyal to the country and thought that Hyun-jun represented the Republic of Korea.

So when he heard that Hyun-jun was attacked by the Russian Alpha Team, there was no way he could stay still.

"This is an attack on South Korea."

'okay. right. Korea has been attacked.'

Taesik said in a loud voice. Hyun-jun looked at him and nodded his head with a happy heart.

It seemed that Taesik would start a fire without even having to go out. In this case, watching from behind and gently fanning the area on fire can be very fun.

"I don't think this is a problem to be solved in my line. The Korean government should officially protest to Russia."

'Well done!'

If the Korean government steps in, it will develop into a diplomatic issue. Song Tae-sik also had a connection with lawmakers.

It's not a deep connection because he's only recently ascended to the position of chief of the special police department, but if Hyun-jun gives support fire, it will spread into a large enough flame.

Since the race guild showed rapid growth, there were high-ranking Koreans who tried to connect. Most of them refused, but not all were beaten.

Taking Taemin's advice, he was slowly maintaining a connection with the very few, that is, the core of power.

Especially since some of them have been brought closer to the center of power with the fall of the Inner Circle, they will be happy to help you if you contact them.

'It's not free, but... … .'

The opponent is a politician. Like Song Tae-sik, they are not driven by their loyalty to the Republic of Korea and friendship with Hyun-jun. When you get help, there comes a price.

'But I need help from politicians on this one.'

It's not about diplomatic pressure.

'For follow-up purposes.'

I thought I'd throw it out and see. If necessary, I was thinking of flying to Russia on an air carrier and confronting the Alpha Team Hunters head-to-head.

'The war has begun.'

It's enough to send a warning by sacrificing about 100 Alpha Team members... … Vladimir must also be working a duke in one way or another.

It can be a physical attack using force, or it can use political power to apply diplomatic pressure.

Preparations for an armed attack were sufficient, now it is time to prepare for diplomatic warfare. That was the reason why Hyun-jun wanted to make contact with politicians in earnest.

"I will report to the superiors on this matter."

He refers to the government of the Republic of Korea.

"I will pray for good results. It's a personal wish, but I don't want to lose to the country I was born in."

"I will do my best to make sure that doesn't happen."

Hyeon-jun put pressure on Tae-sik while he was in the middle. Depending on the attitude of the government of the Republic of Korea, in the worst case, it is open to the possibility that it may be hostile to the country of Korea.

Fortunately, Taeshik nodded his head with a firm face as if he understood Hyunjun's meaning.

'There are many options.'

There was no need to be bound by the shackles of the name of the country. Hyun-jun was ready to break the shackles if necessary.

I had no intention of throwing it away first, but according to the actions of the Korean government.

'It means you can make heavy decisions.'

Hyunjun's eyes grew cold. I had no intention of becoming a national guard.

"I want you to convey my thoughts well."

"I will do my best."

Taeshik nodded his head with a stiff face and answered. After Han Jin-woo's death, Kang Hyeon-jun became Korea's strongest hunter.

He was also the hunter with the highest potential to be officially promoted to the position of an SSS-class hunter in the near future. Losing Hyun-jun was a huge national loss.

"It's okay to just go."

When he spoke in a calm voice, Taesik bowed his head slightly instead of answering and left the office.

Hyunjun stared at the closed door for a long time and then looked away. He got up from his chair and walked towards the window.

"The dice have been cast, and now it's time to see the reaction."

He looked out the window and muttered quietly.

* * *

A few days later, Hyun-jun received a report that Tae-sik had contacted members of the National Assembly. The head of the special police department was by no means a low position, but he had just been appointed, and since he had not interacted with politicians before, the members of the National Assembly that Tae-shik moved were few and not very influential.

'But I am different.'

A cold smile spread across Hyunjun's lips. He contacted Han Myeong-seok, who leads the most influential faction among the three-term lawmakers, and was promised support.

Since it was not a relationship built on trust, he did not forget to send a shadow clone made under the protection of the Goddess.

I wanted to send it to Vladimir too, but it was too far away to do so. Shadow clones had a fixed radius where they could act secretly.

The influence of Han Myeong-seok's faction was not strong at first, but the fall of the Inner Circle led to the collapse of the core of power and took its place.

'Han Myeong-seok's true name is a greedy hypocrite.'

It wasn't that there was no possibility of betrayal at all, but since the shadow clones were sent, they were prepared.

"Guild Master. This is Kim Taemin."

It was time to sit by the window and organize my thoughts. Taemin's voice was heard along with a light knock.

Slowly, the movement of members of the National Assembly was in full swing, so it seemed that he had come to report on the matter.

"Come on in."

"Excuse me."

The door opened and Taemin entered.

"how is it?"

"Not good. It seems that there are more lawmakers who bought it from Russia than I thought."

Hyeonjun frowned at Taemin's report. The details were still there, but from what I've heard now, it doesn't seem like things are going as planned.

"Are you sure it was bought by Russia?"

"There is no proof."

It may not have been bought.

"I need to do a little more research on this... … ."

Hyunjun narrowed his eyes and let out a self-talk. I wanted to use the UN special agency, but I couldn't use the authority of the member because this job was not strictly related to the blood alliance.

"Ah, I see… … Several members of parliament who sided with Russia have sent letters."


"Yes, here it is."

Taemin handed me three letters.

They were all slightly different, but overall the content was the same. And I found it by accident, if you read the letter vertically.

It was written, 'Please help me.'

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 154


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