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Chapter 155 - Carrots and Sticks - Part 1

The letter from Taemin made it clear that some of the lawmakers who supported Russia were being threatened.

It seems that more hunters from the Russian Alpha team came over through the smuggling, or those who had previously been secretly working in Korea moved.

The contents of the letter must also have been censored, but there were limits to the interpreting magic and tactics, and they could not respond to the novel method of 'vertical drip'.

Hyeon-jun finally called Ha Jong-seo, who is in charge of the guild's intelligence department, to confirm the relationship.

Although he was a B-class hunter, his ability to collect and manage information was so excellent that it was hard to compare with anyone else.

"I will categorize the people who were bought and those who are threatened, and then I will write a report and post it."

"Is it possible?"

"As the size of the guild expanded and its influence grew, so did the intelligence department. If you give me the time and the budget, I can get enough information to tell the difference between buying and threatening."

The servant replied. His voice was not overdone, and there was a certain amount of confidence oozing out.

Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression and opened his mouth.

"good. I will leave this task to the head of intelligence. I will give you temporary access to the materials of special UN agencies, so make sure you handle it."

Unless it was related to the clan, the UN special agencies could not be moved, but there were no restrictions on viewing the information they collected.

Because the Republic of Korea is a country where blood alliances were active and the inner circle was deeply rooted, the Reconnaissance and Investigation Bureau belonging to the UN special agency operated a number of agents in this regard.

The amount of information accumulated at that time would be insignificant.

'It's a pity that the information isn't up to date... … .'

better than nothing At least, Hyunjun thought so.

"I will even give you permission to read information from special UN agencies… … ."

Jongseo bowed her head in admiration. Although Hyun-jun is a member of the committee, the right to access the archives of special UN agencies was not given to anyone. That meant trusting the servant.

"We will bring you the best results as soon as possible."

A few days passed after Jong-seo left the office with a determined expression on her face. For several days, Hyun-jun did not see Jong-seo.

According to a report from a guild member belonging to the Intelligence Department, it seems that he is devoted to work all day.

The wait was long, but Hyun-jun did not rush. And in April, when the flowering spring began in earnest.

"Shall I spread it to the press?"

As soon as lunch time was over, the office door opened without knocking and it was Son Tae-hee who came to visit. She looked at Hyun-Jun at first and asked.

"The time is not yet."

"It's not the time! In times like these, we need to push ahead with public opinion battles. Are you going to go to war with Russia?"

Tae-hee had the intention to pressure Russia by driving international public opinion. It seemed that an all-out war had not even been thought of in a dream.

"If necessary, we have to go into an all-out war."

Hyunjun was different. He was even thinking about a real all-out war.

"Are you crazy? The opponent is Russia. Unless you're an SSS-class hunter... … It would be difficult to handle even if only the alpha team was mobilized... … ."

Russia's Alpha Team was not only the most elite, but also famous for being the largest hunter group in the world.

In pure scale, it was superior to the constellation of the United States. Tae-hee thought it was right to avoid friction with them as much as possible.

Seeing this, Hyunjun let out a short sigh and shook his head.

"Son Tae-hee."

said in a calm voice. Taehee swallowed dry saliva in the sudden change of atmosphere and opened her mouth.

"What is it?"

"Do I still look like a low-class SS?"

After he finished speaking, he released his magical power for a while. Tae-hee saw a storm of deep magical power that fluctuated for a moment.

The moment she was about to say something, the door opened with a fast-tempo knock and Jong-seo walked in.

"Son Tae-hee. Just get out."

"You… … We have to talk later."

"That's what Son Tae-hee is doing."

Watching Hyun-jun spit out in a cold voice, Tae-hee pouted her lips and then passed by Jong-seo and left the office.

"Guild Master. We have gathered enough information."

Jongseo took a few steps closer and said in a quiet voice. I could see dark circles under my eyes as if I had suffered a lot for a few days.

"Here is the report. Please review."

"Thanks for your work. Minister of Information."

Hyun-jun began to read the report handed to him by Jong-seo. The quality of information was higher than expected.

Although I received help from a special UN agency, I didn't expect it to be this much. It was a moment when I realized how great Jong-seo Ha's ability was.

"Data is compiled on five high-ranking politicians bought into Russia and nine more likely to be intimidated. See page 8 for a summary."

I opened page 8.

"The representative of the pro-Russian faction is Cho Han-gyu… … ."

"Yes. After being uprooted by the inner circle as a member of the 5th term, he has the strongest influence among the remaining politicians."

Jongseo added an explanation.

"The situation is not as good as I thought. The report does not say that the Russian government has moved... … Are you sure?"

Was the Alpha Team strong enough to bribe and intimidate high-ranking politicians in a country?

"It is the sole action of Vladimir."

"It's not good. Was Vladimir such a radical person?"

All I knew about Vladimir was official records. Although it was said that he had lost his student Petrenko, he did not know that he would ignore diplomatic relations and come out without measures.

"It's hard to say with certainty about Vladimir's personal tendencies, but it's also true that his recent behavior is unusual."

"I think we should meet the politicians who are being threatened."

"I have put your personal information on page 9."

"good work. I have a couple of days off."

"Thank you."

Jongseo bowed her head with a thank you and left the office. It seemed like you had a lot of trouble this time, so I wanted to give you a few more days off, but in the current situation, I couldn't.

The role of the Minister of Information was significant. Giving two days of special leave was a little too much for Hyun-jun.

Jong-seo knew about it, so he followed without a word despite the harsh assignment of work.

He was a member who had been loyal with Taemin since Hyunjun took over as the leader of the race guild, and his attitude was different from others.

- Are you going out?

Seeing Hyun-jun starting to check the equipment as usual, Hell Yamdo asked a question in an indifferent voice.

"I don't have much time. It moves right away at night."

Hyunjun answered in a calm voice. Even if Vladimir and the Alpha Team attacked the Wraith Guild office complex right now, it would not be surprising that the situation worsened.

So far, there has been no attack, whether it is not enough to do such a crazy thing or something is waiting for the right time, but it was only a matter of time.

'Before Vladimir and the Alpha team start moving in earnest, I have to hit the player.'

Hyunjun's eyes grew cold.

-Right. It's time for the wind to blow again... … .

Hell Yamdo muttered to himself. After finishing the inspection, Hyun-jun got into the car and headed to Seoul. It was to visit politicians who were being threatened by the Russian Alpha Team.

Arriving near the mansion of the first politician, Hyun-jun got out of the car. Since it is not easy to erase the vehicle's presence, there is a high probability of being discovered.

There was no way the Alpha Team could not help but monitor the politicians while intimidating them.

'There is surveillance.'

Hunter's physical abilities far exceed those of ordinary humans. Even though I started walking about 3km away, I arrived at the target point in an instant. Surveillance was attached as expected.

'The number is four.'

quite far apart. Although he was hiding in secret, he could not deceive Hyun-jun, who had excellent presence detection ability.

'I don't think it's a good option to subdue.'

If the hunters on guard pass out or lose their lives, the politicians under surveillance will be suspected later.

After thinking about it, Hyun-jun went into a state of complete hiding. A sophisticated unmanned security system was operating in the mansion, but he could not be stopped.

Hyeon-jun, who quickly broke through the unmanned security system and entered the mansion, walked to the bedroom where the politician was sleeping.

'Is there no surveillance in the bedroom?'

confirmed. The politician was lying on the bed and sleeping. He woke him up by creating a wave of magic that was weak enough to be undetected by the watchers.


It was weak, but it was enough to wake me up. The sleeping politician woke up.

"calm down. I am here to help."

"You… … ?"

He appeared suddenly in the dark, but the politician calmly asked a question without much embarrassment. He seems to have strong courage because he's like a third-term member of the National Assembly.

"I'm Hyeonjun Kang, the leader of the race guild."

Hyunjun deliberately exposed his face under the dim light with an answer. After seeing his face, the politician was relieved.

"Ah… … You saw my letter."

"Yes. Rep. Lee Seong-il. So I'm here to help."

"The price is… … Is it a condemnation of Russia?"

"It's good, but I want you to make sure you clean up after yourself."

"What about rearranging?"

Seongil Lee asked carefully.

"From now on, we will start attacking the Russian Alpha Team Hunters in Korea. This means that the members of the National Assembly who were bought over there should be moderately checked so that they do not go wild."

"If it's that good, it's not really that difficult. As long as it keeps me and my friends safe."

"It's safe… … ."

Hyunjoon had a lot of work to do. If Alpha Team gets information that the high-ranking politicians who are being threatened have betrayed them, they will definitely send an assassin.

If there are multiple assassination attempts at the same time, it becomes difficult for Hyun-jun to borrow the car alone. It was a situation that had no choice but to utilize the forces of the guild executive.

However, it was concluded that there was not enough free force to protect the politicians from the attacks of many Alpha Team Hunters.

The SS could be mobilized, but they were like a last resort in case of emergency. If possible, I didn't want to use it for others.

"I will come back soon."

"I want you to come as soon as possible. I don't know what's going to happen."

He looked very anxious. Hyunjun nodded and secretly left the mansion.

Before visiting other lawmakers, I had to solve the problem of bodyguards.

"I have no choice but to use the Infinite Legion… … ."

According to the knowledge passed on by the Legion Summoner, Archon, the Infinite Legion could be permanently summoned in addition to the time-limited summoning method.

However, in this case, it seemed to consume more than 10 times the magic power compared to normal summoning.

In other words, it consumes 10 times more Black Magic Stone. I tried not to use it as much as possible because of the information that the efficiency was not good, but things went like this, so I had no choice but to do it.

'The stored magic stones are sufficient.

Hyeon-jun arrived at the guild office complex and took out 10 black magic stones from his pocket.

"Show me how scary cash is."

It was time to set up a draw with a cash called Black Magic Stone.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 155


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