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Chapter 156 - Carrots and Sticks - Part 2

It would have been nice to have more space if possible. Hyunjun headed to the airfield located within the guild office complex.

The airfield was large enough to cast summoning magic.

The security forces were also temporarily withdrawn by order, and the SS took over the guard for a while. Hyunjun stood in the center of the wide airfield.

At the same time as dropping 10 black magic stones on the floor, he raised his magical power and called for protection.

-Akhorn opens the dimensional gates with a great command. Summons the Infinite Legion.

A magic circle was created.

-The Legion, a part of the Dark Sky Secret Guard, responds to the permanent summons.

At the same time as the voice was heard, the black magic stones used lost their light or were broken. Enormous magical power was concentrated in the summoning magic circle.

When he raised his hand as he wanted to have enough magical power, the summoning magic circle opened and a dimensional gate was created.

"The Dark Sky Secret Guard will respond to your summons according to your oath."

In the deep darkness seen beyond the dimensional gate, men in black leather armor slowly walked out.

They had their faces covered with masks, and the only exposed eyes were red as blood.

"The secret guards line up in front of me."

"Follow orders."

When the instructions were given, the secret guards responded with one voice and quietly gathered in front of Hyun-Jun to form a line.

The reason for issuing the alignment order was none other than to check their discipline and identify the grasslands.

'The number of secret guards permanently summoned with 10 Black Magic Stones is about 100.'

There is only one talented person who appears to be a lower rank in the S-Class. It was probably the commander leading the detachment. And there were about 30 B-level students and 70 A-level students.

It wasn't satisfactory, but it wasn't disappointing either. This number seemed to be able to protect lawmakers from the threat of Alpha Team.

'I have to leave the plan for the operation of the Secret Guard to the deputy guild leader.'

When it comes to security, Taemin or Jongseo were experts. Hyun-jun was thinking of asking Tae-min, the more reliable of the two, to come up with a management plan. Hyun-jun, the actual conductor, plans to do it himself.

"In front of the commander."

Outwardly, they looked so similar that it was hard to tell who was the commander. When Hyeon-jun gave orders to confirm the commander, one of them departed from the ranks and came forward.

Upon closer inspection, he had a badge that appeared to represent the rank of commander on his chest.

"Are you the commander?"

"Yes. This is Hidden, the detachment commander of the Dark Sky Secret Guard. I will set a courtesy for the new Legion summoner."

After finishing his words, Hidden bowed his head politely.

"I'm happy too. Summoning should continue, right?"

According to the knowledge left by the Legion Summoner, Archon, a lot of magic is consumed when permanently summoned, but once successfully summoned, the magic required to maintain is not required, and the summons will also last forever, but I asked Hidden out of curiosity.

"Yes. Summoning will last forever until we are annihilated, and Legion Summoners won't consume any additional mana."

Hidden gave Hyun-jun the answer he wanted.


Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression. Then his gaze turned to the left. There, the captain of the bodyguard, Sahyeol, was waiting.

"Blood. Please guide the Dark Sky Secret Guard to the dorm."

"Yes! His Majesty the Emperor!"

Sahyeol, who answered with a strong voice, led Hidden and the secret guards to the dormitory delivered in advance. Until Taemin formulates and reports a detailed operation plan, they will be temporarily assigned to guard the guild office complex.

That night, Tae-min, who received Hyun-jun's instructions, immediately wrote and reported the operation plan, and Hyun-jun secretly contacted Rep. Lee Seong-il.

"Promise protection."

"Are you sure? Can I trust you?"

"What if you don't believe it? If you want to fight me and destroy with the Alpha Team, do so."

Hyunjun said in a straight voice. At that time, Seongil became contemplative and shook his head.

Looking at Hyun-jun's progress, Seong-il knew that even if he faced the Alpha Team, he would never back down.

Seong-il also knew that the first to die if he took an ambivalent attitude in such a fight.

'It is more likely to live on the side of Kang Hyun-jun than Russia.'

His sharp sixth sense, trained by his short political life, warned him not to be hostile to Kang Hyeon-jun.

"Mi, I believe."


"I think there is a watch out there… … When can we arrange it?"

"watch? Are you talking about the Hunters of Alpha Team?"

Seong-il nodded his head with a stiff face at Hyun-jun's question.

"The moment Lee Seong-il answered that he believed, my subordinates took care of it."

"I am really?"

"I don't play with these things."

Under Seongil too, he was a bodyguard from an A-class hunter. He clearly said that the guards outside were level A-level talent.

You dealt with them in 3 seconds? Seong-il had no choice but to admire Hyun-jun's ability once again.

"Hunters who are monitoring others by now must have been taken care of by my men."

"Is that true?"

A sigh came out. It feels like I've only heard the sentence 'Really?' many times today.

As I was about to continue speaking, a beep sounded. Hyunjun took out his smartphone, checked the screen, and opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"The report has just arrived. You've got rid of all the Russians monitoring other lawmakers. The deployment of bodyguards has just been completed. It's easy, isn't it?"

"Yeah, that's right. Now, how should I help Kang Hyun-jun? … ."

"There will be a lot of work ahead."

There was a high possibility of a head-on collision with Vladimir and Alpha Team.

"When the time comes, I'll ask you to clean up."

"I think I know what you mean."

Hyun-jun didn't explain it for a long time, but Seong-il understood it at once.

"I will do my best."

The moment Seong-il answered.

- You have succeeded in recruiting politicians. An ambitious powerful man is pleased with your ruthless conduct.

A voice came.

'Ambitious power man.'

I don't know who it is, but I thought it would definitely help. Because none of the abilities given by past lives were useless.

"I believe."

Hyunjun finished speaking and disappeared into the darkness. The place where he appeared again was in a dark alley located a little far from Seongil's mansion.

"Second guild chief."

"Did you call?"

Taemin, who had been hiding in the shadows, appeared.

"From now on, we will start attacking all Alpha Team strongholds we have identified."

"Yes. Okay."

"We have not been able to grasp all the fishing points that have taken root in Korea, but there will be a reaction when an attack starts. It will not be easy, but it will be possible to go back."

"I will do my best."

Even if the UN special agency reads the records of reconnaissance in the past, it was not easy to trace back and find out all the alpha team bases in Korea, but Taemin nodded his head without saying a word.

"Start the attack. We cannot just suffer like this."

There were more alpha team bases in Korea than expected. It was a base located in Uijeongbu, the largest of them.

This base, called Bravo Point, had an S-class hunter in charge, many A-class hunters as fighters, and secret agents coming and going dozens of times a day.

This base, which was created for information gathering in South Korea and East Asia, was on the opposite side, but it was rather peaceful because it was not installed in an enemy country at war.

Until one day, Kang Hyun-jun suddenly appeared.


With a scream, the left arm of the S-class hunter flew away. A fountain of blood spurted out and he tried to back away in a hurry, but Hyeon-jun, who quickly narrowed the distance, swung a hell yam.


decapitated The S-class Hunter made a sound of boiling blood and collapsed helplessly. It was possible to obtain information by using the lord of pain, the protection of the peer, but it did not.

We have already gathered enough information from other bases.

Simultaneous attacks on the alpha team's bases began two days ago, but the destruction of information documents was not done properly as the bases were incapacitated so quickly.

Although it's only a fraction of a second, it's common for trained alpha team operatives to think that it's not too late to destroy information.

There was the blessing of Deus. As the absolute chair interfered with fate, something that might be a little difficult to understand had occurred.

"Is this the end now?"

While muttering to himself, he collected the aurora that resided in the hell yam.

- No magical reaction is felt. Got it cleaned up.

Hell Yamdo said: There were many fighters at Bravo Point, but in front of a hunter named Kang Hyeon-jun, they were helpless enough to be called unarmed.

Hyun-jun escaped the bravo point by putting the hell yam in the sheath. The latter will be taken care of by the executive branch.

He walked slowly, took the smartphone out of his pocket and carried it to his ear.

"Boy Guild. Where is the next base?"

- Close. We will send you the exact coordinates by message.

As soon as the call ended, Hyun-jun received the coordinates sent. As Taemin said, it was a close place.

Hyeonjun also annihilated the next base without difficulty. There was resistance, but it was not enough to handle Hyun-jun.

And how many times have you repeatedly received the coordinates and attacked the base again?

Not long after, a report came from Taemin that he had annihilated all of Korea's Alpha Team bases.

In the first place, Korea did not have many bases because it was not an enemy at war.

"It seems to be coming soon."

Early in the morning, Taemin came to the guild chief's office and reported.

"Is Vladimir moving?"

"Yes. Perhaps Vladimir's recent movements were considered strange, or a UN special agency was tracking his movement. We are now checking the location of Vladimir in real time."

"Are you coming to Korea?"

"Yes. Guild Master. We are coming to Korea with a number of Alpha Team Hunters."

Hyunjun frowned at Taemin's answer. No matter how powerful the politicians are, are you saying that you are planning to lead a large number of Alpha Team Hunters and set foot on Korean soil?

'Are we going to start a war?'

I didn't know it would come out like this. Because they represent and belong to the country of Russia, I thought there would be at least some safety measures, but I was mistaken.

Now Vladimir was running rampant.

"Guild Master. It is said that a military transport plane carrying Vladimir and Alpha Team Hunters just entered the airspace of the Republic of Korea."

"Did the Korean military allow that?"

"It seems so. Instead, they said they asked the United States for assistance."

Doesn't look very stupid. But it's definitely not the best way. With a short sigh, Hyun-jun grabbed the hell yam that was placed beside him.

"Guild leader?"

"Let's go meet Vladimir."

A cold life flowed from Hyunjun's eyes.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 156


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