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Chapter 158 - Top Predators - Part 2

At the sudden burst of jet-black magic, Hyeonjun hurriedly backed away. This is dangerous. must be avoided Instinct warned.

'This… … .'

The magical power of the Black Magic Stone was clear. Recently, I wanted to show an overly dogmatic figure without even thinking about diplomatic relations between countries, but it seems that I was also brainwashed by the Invaders of the Invasion Command.

'I was brainwashed, right?'

A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. If used well, it seemed that it could change the attitude of Russia, which was passive in the war with the clan.

'I brainwashed the national representative hunter, there's no way I'd like it.'

Now you just have to prove that you've been brainwashed. Judging by the magic concentration of the Black Magic Stone, it seems that he has even undergone a creature treatment, but if this happens, he has no choice but to push him.

As long as the Alpha Team Hunters here see Vladimir become a creature, the game is over.

Hyeonjun calmly raised the magic power in his eyes. Then, the first liberated Reaper's protection was activated.

It's normal to see a red dot that means vulnerability.

'I can't see It's a defensive posture that's close to perfect.'

Shouldn't the attack have stopped?

'No, I could have suffered if I did it wrong.'

The magical reaction a while ago was unusual. It was a magical reaction that was so strong that if he made a mistake, he would have been hit by a counterattack and suffered fatal injuries.

'For once, by magic.'

raised the power.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

The magic book formed by magic unfolded in front of him, and Hyun-jun's eyes were dyed red.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 3 times.

And the strengthening of fire magic.

"Fire Spear."

Depending on the amount of magical power given, he completed a magic that raises the level even to high ranks. About 10 spears filled with flames were created in the air.

When he used his magic once more, the fire spears all flew in, aiming for Vladimir.

"no use."

As Vladimir waved his hand, a chill rose and froze all the spears of flame.

'Aren't even the high-ranking Fire Spears that have been strengthened by 3 times not even approachable?'

He lifted the hell yam again. In this case, the only option is close combat. Hyun-jun threw his body towards Vladimir with his eyes shining sharply.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

Once again, Raikiri's protection. A frightening amount of magic was drained, but the effect was clear.

Despite the barrier of cold, he succeeded in closing the distance in an instant, and Vladimir realized that he could no longer stop Hyunjun with cold, and drew his ice sword.


Vladimir shouted. A blue auror blade rose from the ice sword. His absolute dominance over the cold was nothing more than a special ability, and his body was a 'combat-based hunter'.

Without hesitation, he swung his ice sword, showing confidence that he would not be pushed back in close combat.


The two Auror blades collided, causing an explosion sound. A shock wave was generated by the aftermath, and dust rose up, obscuring the view of the Alpha Team Hunters who were watching.


"Aren't we supposed to intervene too?"

How many people were anxious to go out, but the leader level hunters shook their heads with relaxed expressions.

"Calm down. The commander can't be beaten."

"We were told not to intervene. to keep the position."

However, the scene revealed as soon as the dust subsided was very different from the expectations of the Alpha Team Hunters. It was none other than Vladimir who, unable to withstand the shock, staggered back.

"It would be like this… … ."

He spit out the thoughts he had been holding in his mouth as if he was not a little embarrassed.

I thought it would be strong enough to kill Petrenko, the top SS-class hunter, but this was unexpected. He did not know that he, who was called the SSS-class middle-class and the strongest in the world, would suffer internal injuries in a single blow.

"Is it more effective than I thought?"

A satisfied smile spread across Hyunjun's lips.

After the first liberation with the Withered Miller, the synchronization rate became more stable, and only now did he properly use his unique swordsmanship, and the result was satisfactory.

The unique swordsmanship was not a simple swordsmanship. It was a swordsmanship that attacked the weak points of the opposing Aurors and disturbed the flow of magic itself to inflict internal wounds.

Although Vladimir was not vigilant, the effect of his unique swordsmanship was greater because the flow of magic was slightly rough due to his anger.

'Push it like this.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. Vladimir recoiled as he received the blow, but was unable to secure enough distance.

Hyun-jun kicked the ground, narrowed the distance at once, and swung a hell yam.

"Welcome sword!"

At the same time as shouting the starter word, 12 Auror Blades aimed at Vladimir at the same time.

Although he was likely to be embarrassed by the anomalous movement rather than a simple pincer attack, he calmly swung his ice sword to block all attacks, and even counterattacked with cold. However, after that was a problem.


Due to the effect of his unique swordsmanship, Vladimir's internal wounds, which received Hyeonjun's Aura Blade, deepened little by little.


It was a time when dozens of sword strikes were exchanged in such a short time that the expression "instantaneous" was appropriate.

Eventually, Vladimir spewed a handful of red blood from his mouth. There were no visible injuries, but internal injuries were accumulated as they continued to suffer from unique swordsmanship.

The moment Vladimir stumbled, unable to withstand the sudden burst of pain, a red dot began to appear in Hyun-jun's vision.

A gap has been created due to deep internal wounds.

"Never miss!"

At once, he raised his magic power and narrowed the distance. At the same time, Vladimir also wielded an ice sword.



Hyeonjun swung the Auror Shield and slashed the ice sword. Vladimir's right arm bounced off and an ice sword rose into the sky. The Hell Yam was aimed at Vladimir's heart.

"Do you think you will win!"

With a sharp cry, Vladimir deformedly broke his back. It was bent back so close to a right angle that I thought I might break my spine.

Although it was called a Hunter, it was such a deformed movement that it was hard to believe that it was a human thing.


The blade narrowly skimmed through the ribs. It was an intermittent car. Profanity came out of nowhere. That was then.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate. Forces the Lord of Pain, Fear's Blessing. All conditions and magic required for activation are ignored.

Deus's Protection was forcibly activated, which was difficult to use during battle because it consumes a lot of concentration.


The effect was awesome. It was impossible for Vladimir to endure the worst and most horrific pain in history that even the Invaders could not fully endure.

Although he was called an SSS-class hunter, he was a 'human'. It may have transcended humans physically, but not mentally. There was no way to escape from the banquet hosted by Pier, the lord of pain.

-The synchronization rate with Deus has met the conditions for the first liberation. You can now force Interfere with Destiny by consuming half of your remaining magical power.

The conditions for the first liberation were met in the tense battle situation.

"Heh heh heh heh!"

Vladimir could not escape from the afterglow of fatal pain. Naturally, but full of gaps. Now is your chance.

"Welcome sword."

12 phantom swords from 12 directions aimed at Vladimir's whole body. In an instant, the light of the Auror flashed and blood gushed out.


Vladimir, who had managed to come to his senses, tried to defend himself, but it was too late.

He could not block the two phantom swords, and his left arm and right leg were cut off.

Hyun-jun's attack was not over. At the same time as he retrieved the Hell Yam, he prepared a series of attacks.

It was a no-frills move that I learned from Withered Miller, who has the nickname 'The Last Swordsman'.

"Do you think I'm going to be beaten like this!"

Vladimir's eyes turned red again. This time, he did not back down and swung the hell yam, but it was faster for the black magic to burst out of Vladimir's body just before the blade cut his throat.

Due to the strong physical power of black magic, Hyeonjun had no choice but to step back. As he lifted his head while swallowing a short moan that was about to burst out of shock as if he had been hit with a club, he saw Vladimir deforming and deforming his body deformedly.

"Is it a creature… … ."

It was the development I had been expecting since seeing the red eyes and feeling the magic of the black magic stone a while ago, so Hyunjun's expression did not change, but the alpha team hunters were different.


"This is the magic of the creature!"

"Do not approach!"

"Get away! It could be contaminated!"

Even in the Alpha Team, the hunters who fought on the front line with the clan stopped their colleagues from approaching Vladimir.

- Crer.

A short period of less than 1 second. It was difficult to find what was now a 'human' in Vladimir.

The pale-skinned face was at least the trace of a human being, and the body was a 2m tall white slime that looked cold.

"See, Alpha Team? You were all playing at the feet of a clan!"

Hyunjun shouted without missing a chance. The Alpha Team Hunters stared at Vladimir, who had become a monster, with eyes full of complex emotions.

"The creature is clear… … Why, Commander... … ."

Sergei, who is at the top of the SS class, who is serving as the deputy commander of the Alpha Team, sighed deeply at Vladimir's dismay, who had given up on humans in a different way.

"Is it betrayal… … ."

"The commander cannot betray you! The brainwashing is evident!"

To Sergei's self-talk, his lieutenant answered.

"Either way, it's a shame for our alpha team. You must make up for it."

His gaze suddenly turned to Kang Hyun-joon. Hyun-jun was looking at Vladimir and maintaining his fighting stance.

"Are you also giving up on being human? Vladimir?"

There was no answer.

"Can't you talk?"

In many cases, the creature also had the ability to speak, but this time it was a case of losing his voice as the brainwashing operation ran rampant at the same time as transformation.

"Then let me ask you one thing."

One step closer to Vladimir.

"Did you think you could win by transforming into a creature?"

- Whoa!

Did you understand the meaning of ridicule? Vladimir let out a cry of anger.

It spewed out dozens of tentacles from its slime-like body.

An auror resided at the tip of its sharp tentacles. Hyeon-jun did not lose his composure in the sight of the tentacles that were closing the distance at a speed close to the speed of sound.

"It doesn't change the fact that I overwhelm you from start to finish."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 158


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