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Chapter 159 - Top Predators - Part 3

Vladimir was helplessly defeated by a storm of sword attacks. Despite being transformed into a creature, he could not even resist properly.

Hyeon-Jun, who was still receiving a small amount of magic due to the bloodsucking ability of Hell Yam, spurred his attack even more when the magic recovered to a certain line.

After generously pouring out his blessings, Vladimir eventually allowed a critical hit.

The reason was unknown, but his creature form was not suitable for battle, so his transformation became a weakness.

'Just because you get bigger doesn't mean you have an advantage.'

In particular, for Hyun-jun, who uses a technique like a 'welcome sword' that attacks multiple points, a large enemy was an easy prey.

- Crrr.

Ten minutes into the full-fledged battle, Vladimir was completely incapacitated.

He raised the last remaining traces of his human face and sent his eyes of salvation to the Alpha Team Hunters, but there was no Hunter to help him as he became a creature.

At first, they did not intervene by order, but now even the Alpha Team Hunters have completely ignored Vladimir.

"Your side is no longer there. Vladimir."

Hyunjun said in a cold voice. Vladimir shook his head. Now there was no magic left.

The brainwashing procedure ordered them to continue fighting, but now Vladimir is unable to do so.

"It's a pardon."

He exhaled coldly, wielding a hell yam and beheaded. Although it has the ability to regenerate, it cannot sustain life if its neck is blown away.

Vladimir in the form of a creature lost his head and, as soon as he stopped breathing, burned in black flames and disappeared.

Only one black magic stone remained where he was.

"What do you guys think?"

After recovering the black magic stone left by Vladimir, Hyun-jun asked a sharp question while looking at the Alpha Team Hunters.

Depending on which answer is returned, more blood may be shed.

The Alpha Team Hunters exchanged glances and delayed answering each other, and in the end, Deputy Commander Sergei, who was the final decision maker to replace Vladimir, came forward.

"We don't want any more engagements."

"you are?"

At Hyun-jun's question, a man with a neat appearance and wearing glasses opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"My name is Serge, who is the deputy commander of the Alpha Team. As of the moment the link with the clan was discovered, Vladimir is no longer affiliated with our alpha team. We would appreciate it if you could check this out."

Hyunjun frowned at Sergei's words. As I listened, it was strange to say.

"Do I look happy?"

boosted the momentum. While dealing with Vladimir, he consumed a lot of mana, but it was still a threat.

"?… … ."

Sergei, who received the momentum like a sharp storm, let out a short moan and took a step back.

'Isn't it just luck to beat Vladimir and Petrenko?'

Sergei swallowed dry saliva. He had seen Vladimir collapse with his own eyes, but a slight distrust remained.

"I ask again. Do I look happy?"

"Not at all. Kang Hyeon-jun."

"But you say it like that?"

There was no problem in communication thanks to the interpreting technique. Hyunjun snorted without hesitation.

"Is it the end of coming to another country and carrying out massacres, and now come back and say it's something you don't know and take them away?"

More than 2,000 people have died here alone today. Does this make sense? You're going to kill 2,000 people and cut off their tails? Are you the only one going to step out?

Not so.

"There is plenty of room for diplomatic problems with this. Don't you think so?"

"I was short. In Russia, for what happened today, there will be apologies and reparations. Forgive me for speaking hastily."

Sergei shook his head slightly. Having lost Vladimir, the SSS-class hunter, one of the big pillars supporting Russia, he had no choice but to come out with a low posture.

"If there is not enough compensation… … know?"

"of course."


"Thank you."

Alpha Team Hunters started boarding the military transport plane in unison, and Sergei finally turned to board.

Staring at his back, Hyunjun opened his mouth with a cold expression.

"You better think about what I mean by letting you go now, Sergey."

It means that if things go wrong, they can find you anywhere and kill them at once. Whether the hidden meaning was conveyed well, Sergei paused for a moment and then turned his head to Hyun-jun.

"Don't worry too much. I will do my best to solve it."

Only after seeing Hyun-jun nod his head with a satisfied expression did Sergei finish boarding the military transport.

'I warned you, but you better get insurance.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. He raised his magical powers and activated protection.

-The sergeant's cunning shadows beckon to your foes. The faithful darkness will be your eyes and ears.

A black shadow clone appeared and hid in a military transport plane. Shadow clones have limitations in long-distance movement, but there is no limit to the distance of information transmission. To restore it, you just need to destroy it, so if you attach it now, it will definitely be useful.


The military transport plane took off and the flame descended from the sky.

"Is it okay if I let you go like this?"

"I put a shadow on it, so it doesn't matter."

Since a shadow clone is attached, it is impossible to understand that Sergei simply has a different mind, but he can tell the moment he puts that thought into action.

"By the way, the Special Police Department is a little late."

There was no contact, but he must have been informed that the Russian SSS-class hunter, Vladimir, came without notice and created a mess.

Special Police Commissioner Song Tae-sik was not a thoughtless person, so there was a high probability that he had organized and sent a support force.

-host. A number of magical reactions are approaching from afar.

Unsurprisingly, Hell Yam Island informed the fact that a large number of Hunter troops were approaching. Shortly thereafter, special police officers dismounted from the vehicles that appeared.

"Oh my God, what the hell is this… … ."

First of all, Lee Seon-woo, an S-class assistant hunter who got out of the light armored vehicle with the protesters, was at a loss for words at the devastation that unfolded before his eyes.

"It's a little late."

"Sorry. It took some time to gather the elite troops."

Then, seeing the special police chief, Song Tae-sik, who got out of the car, Hyun-jun asked as if rebuking him. Taesik said the truth without making much excuse.

"I can't see Vladimir."

taeshik said I never thought that the world's strongest man, Russian SSS-class hunter Vladimir, would have been attacked by Hyun-jun.

"I took care of it."

"Yeah… … .? Vladimir... … .?"

Hyun-jun answered indifferently, but the aftermath of those words was enormous. Taehyung was surprised. The weight of the name Vladimir was that heavy.

"I have a lot to say about that. We leave the apprenticeship here to our subordinates, and we go to a quiet place and talk."


Tae-sik nodded and replied, summoned his subordinates to take care of the scene, and then headed to the nearest branch of the special police department with Hyun-jun.

There was one closer than I thought. Since Tae-sik is in the position of the special police chief, it was not even a matter of renting a conference room.

There, Hyun-jun briefly explained the situation with Vladimir.

"That Vladimir was related to a blood affair… … ."

"I must have been brainwashed. Russia must think so."

"It is quite threatening that a clan possesses magic technology enough to brainwash an SSS-class hunter… … It's a big deal."

It wasn't good.

"Anyway, I have finished what I have to do. All that's left is a diplomatic matter, but I'm sure you'll take care of this. Because I told Sergei well."

Alpha Team deputy commander, Sergei, initially tried to evade responsibility, but eventually changed his attitude at Hyun-jun's warning.

"You've been through a lot."

"Then I will go. I'm rooting for you."

I was greeted and left the conference room. When I came out of the building, the flame I was waiting for followed.

He went back to the main body on his own, even though he wasn't instructed otherwise. Hyeonjun rode the Black Flame Dragon back to the guild office complex in Suwon.

* * *

Returning to the guild office complex, Hyun-jun headed straight to the mansion. When he entered the bedroom, he put the hell yam next to him and calmly organized his thoughts.

I'm not sure when I heard it during the battle, but it was certain that I heard the voice of the first liberation as the rate of sympathy with Deus increased.

The effect of the first liberation.

'Now you can use Destiny Intervention at will.'

Although it consumes an enormous amount of magical power of half.

'The effect is sure to be that much.'

Until now, there were not many crises that could have been overcome thanks to Deus' protection, 'interference of fate'. If you ask about the protection that has the most transcendent power among the protections of a previous life that Hyun-jun can use now, of course, the answer is Deus's 'interference in fate'.

The only downside was that I couldn't set exactly how the effect worked. It is truly a gamble.

'I don't think it should be abused.'

Hyunjun nodded his head with a calm expression. The mana consumption was also burdensome, so Hyun-jun decided not to use this protection often.

"I wish I could meet Deus… … ."

Was there a saying that it is a tiger and it will come when I say it?

That day, Hyun-jun fell asleep early, and when he woke up, it was the hall of his previous life. And in front of me was an iron gate covered with red leather.

In the center of the door was engraved the nickname 'one who defies fate'.

"Deus… … ."

Without hesitation, I opened the door and went inside. Suddenly, he was standing in a pitch-black space that felt like space.


Deus appeared with a heavy yet subtly resounding voice.

He was wearing a red cloak, and his face was still obscured by a black shadow, so he couldn't see the details.

"Long time no see. Deus."

I'm used to meeting with my past lives. Hyunjun greeted him with a relaxed voice. Deus nodded slowly.

- You must have a question. I'll answer your questions.

"First of all, I am curious about how to increase the synchronization rate with you."

-Usually, raising the synchronization rate is possible when you repeat certain actions or use blessings. And in my case, carve out my own destiny. In other words, the more you go against your destiny, the more you agree with it.

The explanation was not long. But it was enough for me to understand.

- Kang Hyun-jun. you are doing well Destiny is changing rapidly.

"Has the fate of that destruction also changed?"

Deus did not answer Hyeonjun's sharp question.

"You still look desperate."

-Have hope, you have talent and your fate will change.

"It's a talent… … ."

-99 thousand had a previous life. During the repeated 990,000 destruction, we built a previous life system and shared each other's talents.

An explanation that started suddenly. Let's listen first.

-But you couldn't share all your talents. It was because there were things that conflicted with each other. But this time it's different. Hyun-Jun Kang.

I felt Deus's gaze touch.

-You have a talent that is different from the reincarnations you've ever had, capable of accepting all your talents.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 159


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