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Chapter 16 - Can I help you? - Part 2


A scream broke out.

'I had a feeling this was going to happen. But the party leader didn't listen to me.'

Hyunjun shook his head. After entering the boss room, Hyun-jun warned of an ambush, but the reaction of the party leader Han-seok as well as other party members was cold.

Although Han Seok and Yesul said that Hyun Jun was highly valued, he thought he was still a C-class hunter, so he ignored the warning.

As a result, he had no choice but to see blood.

"brother! Vanguard!"


The tanker Lee Jin-seok was incapacitated, and the hunter with a long sword fell. In this way, the vanguard lost its role.

'Ambush is the shadow warrior 12.'

The Shadow Warrior is a B-class elite beast. Twelve such guys have been on a surprise attack, so the party is inevitably in danger.

Without Hanseok, a class A magic hunter, the party would have been annihilated already.


Despite Han Seok's support, even the one who had stood alone in the vanguard fell down with blood pouring out.

Now, the eyes of the shadow warriors turned to the rear with Han Seok, Hyeonjun, and Yeseul.

'The remaining number is five.'

At least seven of them fell due to the performances of Vanguard and Han Seok. But things didn't look good. Because the fighting power of the rear ranks is hopeless.

Although there are A-class hunters, they are in the magical world. The limitations are clear. Yeseul is a secondary hunter, so it doesn't help much. Then, the only fighter left is Hyun-jun.

'I carry.'

He raised his sword and shield. That was the moment.

- The will of Danzig resides in the one who did not keep it. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

At the same time as the voice echoed in my ear, I felt an unknown power all over my body.

"Go, Hyun-Jun Kang!"

Yesul's voice rang out. A look of perplexity was evident. It was because Hyunjun suddenly jumped forward like a bullet.

"Then die… … ."

Hanseok's warning did not last to the end. It was because he had seen the appearance of a C-class hunter striking the face of a B-class elite demon with a shield.

"Three, my God… … ."

The skill of destroying the nucleus by stabbing the sword at the same time as hitting the shield was not at the level that a C-class hunter could do.

'It cannot be explained by the second awakening. This is a matter of practical experience... … .'

Han-seok's gaze toward Hyun-jun shook. In an instant, a shadow warrior was struck.

The other shadow beasts realized that Hyun-jun was a menacing enemy and aimed their swords at him.

'Four left.'

He raised his shield as he watched the shadow warriors narrowed the distance for a moment.

There was no protection from Carthage, but the 'Shield of Grief' that was acquired by holding the Skeleton Champion received the jet-black sword attack without difficulty.

"I will support you!"

Hanseok's voice was heard. Thanks to Hyun-jun's aggro, Han-seok and Ye-seul's surroundings were empty.

"Wind Cutter!"

The attack magic that was hastily completed aimed at the shadow warrior. However, the B-class elite beast was not an easy opponent. The jet-black sword blocked the blade of the wind.

However, the movement was not fast enough to defend the following Hyeonjun's sword.

When the B-class weapon lent by Yesul destroyed the nucleus, the body of the shadow warrior made of magical power was scattered in vain.

'Three left. This is a piece of cake.'

Although there is support from A-class magic hunters, there will be no C-class hunters who would use the expression 'eating food' against the three B-class elite magicians.

It took less than 20 minutes to deal with the three shadow warriors. Hanseok, who was watching, was amazed.

But the attack wasn't over yet. It starts now.

"The Boss is Coming!"

The boss who was watching the battle in the dark began to move.

- Be sure to protect it!

Someone's voice hit my ear. It's not exact, but I thought maybe it was a previous life with the name Danchihi.

Hyeonjun raised his shield and raised his magic power to call for protection.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

Now the auror shield has become clearer. There is even Han Seok Wonho, so it's worth a try.

'Is it dark life? … .'

It is a beast that is judged to be a high-ranking among A-classes. It will not be an easy opponent since you will receive even a boss correction.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger.



A heavy shock was transmitted through the shield. If it was an ordinary C-class hunter, the blow would have destroyed all the bones of the left hand holding the shield. But Hyun-jun persevered.

"Ah, did you say you survived the blow of the Dark Slayer?"

Han Seok was shocked. I'm sorry, but it's not the time to admire or appreciate it!

"Mr. Choi Han-seok! Wonho! Choi Ye-seul wears Bless!"

"Wind Cutter!"


The blade of the wind aimed at the darkness, and Yeseul released the Hast buff that he had previously maintained and cast Bless, a higher-grade general buff.

Currently, the protection of Carthage and Danzig is maintained.

When Yesul's Bless was added, I felt lighter and stronger, and I gained confidence.

"Wind Cutter!"

Hanseok's attack magic blew like a storm towards the dark water.

Even for an A-class hunter, casting high-level magic continuously was a heavy burden of magic.

Even at first glance, Hyun-joon looked like Han-seok was overdoing it.

'I thought a high-ranking A-class monster who even received a boss correction would be this strong... … .'

It is unexpected. I heard rumors that A-class beasts were strong, but I didn't expect it to be this much.

I've never dealt with A-class beasts in the first place, so there's no way I'd really know.

- Must be observed!

The voice kept coming. He grasped the overwhelming force of the Dark Slayer with a single attack, but he did not think that he would lose.

'Because I am not alone now.'

A former life is together

"Win, wind cutter!"

The blades of the wind fell. Dark Drizzle showed perfect dodge by stepping back quickly.

"Sin, sorry!"

"Fine. I will take care of it."

Choi Han-seok is now at his limit. He could barely feel the remaining magic power.

It may have been difficult to hold on if Han Seok hadn't properly blown his attack magic while exchanging a short workshop with the Dark Waters.

"Mr. Choi Ye-seul. How long does the buff last?"

It's an important issue. Although Carthage and Danzig were blessed, it was showing high efficiency that even Bless of Yesul could not ignore it.

"The next five minutes is the limit. I'm sorry."

"Five minutes is enough."

"Yes… … ?"

As she turned her head and answered in a confident voice, she saw Yesul's eyes fluttering.

'They say that 5 minutes is enough against a high-ranking A-class beast who has received a boss correction... … ? No matter how the Second Awakening... … .'

Before Yeseul could finish thinking, Hyun-jun was shot like a bullet into the darkness.

Instead of wielding his sword, he slammed the Dark Drizzle with an aura-enhanced shield.


The Dark Slayer tried to defend by raising the dagger, but his posture collapsed without being able to release all the heavy shocks mounted on the shield.

Hyun-jun didn't miss the opportunity. He quickly took a step back and retrieved the shield. And once again hit the shield!


This time, he was beaten orthodox. Dark Water staggered back and forth.

"Mr. Choi Han-seok!"

It's empty! However.

'I don't have enough attack power.'

It would have been nice to be able to use the Auror Blade, but it's still too much.

"Aww! Wind Cutter!"

The blade of the wind aimed at the darkness. It seemed to be an attack magic that Han Seok completed by raking up all his final magic.

The blade of the flying wind shredded the upper body of the dark slayer. It looks like he couldn't defend himself because his posture collapsed in the aftermath of Hyun-jun's powerful shield strike.

The Dark Waters, who fell powerlessly in a fragmented state, disappeared leaving behind a magic crystal. Hyeon-jun, who saw that, also took care of him.

"Hey, I won… … ."

Hanseok's voice trembled. He attacked the boss of the B-class elite dungeon in a situation where half of the party, no, two-thirds of the main battle power was neutralized.

"Hey, this is the Second Awakening… … ."

Hanseok still had a shocked face. I had only heard of the value of the Second Awakening, but it was the first time I had seen it with my own two eyes.

'If only Hyeonjun Kang joins our team… … .'

I thought that it might threaten the position of 'Joseon', the undisputed No. 1 in the Korean regular attack team.

"Uh, uh… … ."

"Oh, I'm dying… … ."

The moans of the party members dispelled Han Seok's thoughts. Yesul hastily gave first aid with emergency medicine.

"I will go first. Please deposit slowly."

I went back to the studio first because first aid seemed to take a long time. And not long after that, a message arrived stating that the deposit was complete.

'It's five million won... … It's a lot more than I thought.'

Although he was active, I never thought that he would take care of him this much. Considering the number of party members of 6, it was a lot of money.

Thanks to you, I was able to sleep comfortably.

And as usual, he woke up from his dream.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 16


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