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Chapter 160 - SSS-class Hunter Hyeonjun Kang - Part 1

Rumors that a Korean hunter, Hyeon-Jun Kang, killed Vladimir, who was named the world's strongest in Russia, quickly spread throughout the world's media.

The Russian Alpha Team was ashamed of the fact that Vladimir and his blood were related, so they tried to cover it up, but Vladimir's original name of 'strongest' was too famous for that.

When Hyun-jun ordered Tae-hee to leak information to the Korean media, all the information that had been controlled, starting with it, exploded.

"The media all over the world are moving. Son Tae-hee said that he could stop leaking information from now on."

At Taemin's report, Hyunjun opened his mouth with a satisfied expression on his face, nodding his head.

"Now, even in Russia, we will have no choice but to participate in the battle with the clan."

Failed to conceal information. Information that Vladimir was a Kreacher was leaked to media all over the world through Son Tae-hee.

Russia would have no choice but to join the front line even in order to deny any ties to the clan.

"I got a call from the Dungeon Administration today."

"What contact?"

"It was about acknowledging the guild leader as an SSS-level middleman."

examination was skipped. It seemed like it was because of the practical results of defeating Vladimir, who was an SSS-class hunter. It seems that they judged that the minimum performance required for further detailed examination and promotion was meaningless.

"I also got a call from the Guild General Bureau. It was about promoting our race guild to the 15th diamond tier."

"Didn't you apply for promotion separately?"

"I understand that promotion to the diamond tier is carried out by the guild general office if you qualify, even if you do not apply separately."

"i See. I had a lot of trouble. Come back."

At Hyeonjun's words, Taemin bowed his head and left the guild chief's office. Hyeon-jun, who was left alone, moved to the window.

It was dark outside, but there was one person left who was supposed to come after work.


The door opened with a light knock, and Levin in a blue robe walked in slowly.

He approached Hyun-jun's desk and bowed his head slightly with a calm expression to greet him.

"Did you call?"

"Is the job worth it?"

Hyunjun asked. After confirming from Gildre that Levin was a trustworthy person, he entrusted the maintenance of the aircraft carrier to him.

It was because Levian, who has a higher level of skill knowledge than the Earth's magical hunters, could effectively manage the air carrier.

"Although the technology of the Invasion Command has been used a lot, there is no difficulty in comprehensive maintenance and management."

"I'm glad."

"It seems that it is possible not only to perform simple maintenance, but also to enhance the performance to some extent."


Even now, the combat power of the air carriers was excellent. When subjugating the clan members of the artificial island, he not only completely took over the air supremacy, but also destroyed the ground with magic bombing.

"I am also a combat mage, but my area of ??expertise is enchantment. It is possible to strengthen not only magical tools, but also 'humans'."

"What do you need?"

It didn't look like it was going to be strengthened by just drinking. Nothing is free in the world You will definitely need something.

Unsurprisingly, Levian opened his mouth slowly as if he needed something.

"You need a magic stone. If possible, it would be nice to have a 'Black Magic Stone' with the same magical power as the Invaders of the Invasion Command."

It's a black magic stone... … .

"I'm going to go collect."

Hyunjun let out a mutter that was close to talking to himself. There were more places to use the Black Magic Stone than I thought, but I didn't have many.

"How long do you think the upgrade will take?"

"If you have enough ingredients, it won't take long."

"Material" here means black magic stone. Once again, the need for the Black Magic Stone was reminded.

"The Black Magic Stone will be supplied step by step, so let's start with the formula design."

Reinforcement of air carriers was not an immediate issue. I didn't feel the need to consume the Black Magic Stones I already had.


Levin bowed his head and answered.

"By the way… … I said a while ago that it was possible to strengthen 'humans'… … What is the risk?"

"It consumes a lot of black magic stone and takes a long time, but there is no physical danger."

"Well… … okay? Then we should focus on strengthening the air carrier first."

It seemed that the time had not yet come for the reinforcement of the 'human'. Levian also had a sad expression on his face, but he soon understood and nodded his head.

"For now, I know. Go back."

"Yes, I understand."

Levin retreated and Hyun-jun filled his glass.

"I will be busy in the future."

I put my complicated worries together in a glass of wine and poured it into my mouth. A few days later, Hyun-jun heard from Tae-min that Russia was actively joining the front line with the clan.

"Committee Kang Hyun-jun."

The next day after hearing the news from Russia, Agent Smith of the UN special agency came to visit. Hyun-jun took a break from work for a while and greeted him.

"what happened?"

"The Chairman said that he is going to visit Korea."

The chairperson is an SSS-class hunter, 'Eric of Remnant'.

"Is this an official visit?"

"no. This is an informal visit."

"When are you coming?"


Hyunjun frowned at Smith's answer. There was no sudden side to it.

"The schedule was suddenly set because the chairman really wanted to see Kang Hyeon-jun. Since this is an unofficial visit, Commissioner Hyun-Jun Kang does not need to make any special preparations."

That said, you don't have to do anything annoying. It was fortunate, but nevertheless, the sudden feeling could not be erased.

"Okay. Agent Smith says so, so I'll keep the preparations to a minimum."

"Yes. Commissioner. I wish you all the best."

And the next day came. Hyeon-jun didn't really prepare anything as he told Agent Smith beforehand.

He didn't even meet Eric, who got off at Incheon International Airport on his own plane, and just supported the helicopter squadron needed for the transfer.

"Are you okay?"

Kyu-hwan cautiously expressed concern, but Hyun-jun opened his mouth with a carefree expression.

"The one who suddenly made an appointment was over there. There is no need to be overly polite."

Although the opponent is said to be an SSS-class hunter, Hyun-jun was also a hunter of the same class. There was no need to be humble.

He sent a squadron of mobile helicopters, so he had basic courtesy. If you were expecting a protocol, that would be weird.

Not long after, there was a report that Eric was aboard the helicopter Hyeon-jun sent.

Although there is a distance to Incheon International Airport, if you use a helicopter, it does not take long, so Hyun-jun arranged his work.

Did you have to wait 20 minutes after cleaning up? I got a call that Eric had arrived at the guild office complex.

After we went to the drawing room and waited a little longer, the door opened and a kind-hearted blonde, who looked like he was in his mid-30s, walked in slowly.

'Is that person Eric? … ?'

Hyun-jun raised the magic power in his eyes to use Romanoff's protection. I was curious because the real name could not be confirmed through video communication.

-The Eye of Romanoff dwells in you. A gaze with absolute insight sees through all beings.

His vision turned golden, and Eric's true name floated above Eric's head. The moment he confirmed his true name, Hyun-jun couldn't help but be a little surprised.

[Eric: A returnee who has lost his memory.]

It was because of the slightly unusual name.

'A returnee who has lost his memory… … .'

What's the use of regression if you lose your memory? In a way, it's a sad truth.

"nice to meet you. Chairman."

"nice to meet you too. Kang Hyun-jun, member of the committee. Is this your first time seeing this in person?"

"Yeah. We've only seen each other a few times through video communication."

Hyunjun quickly glanced at Eric as he spoke his name.

'Are you weaker than me?'

I expected it, but it was. Eric was rumored to be weaker than Vladimir.

By defeating Vladimir this time, Hyeon-jun, who had made his judgment of his own strength clear, was able to recognize at once that Eric was less powerful than himself.

"I came here today to deliver good news to member Hyun-Jun Kang."

"Is that why you came all the way here?"

It seemed to have other purposes as well. Unsurprisingly, at Hyunjun's question, Eric grinned and opened his mouth.

"Personally, I want to meet Kang Hyun-joon, too."

"i See. Can I hear the good news right away?"

Long words are disgusting.

"Ah… … Among other things, access permits to fields in South America have been approved. Except for the garrison subjugation unit, Kang Hyeon-jun was the first to receive approval."

In short, it means special treatment.

"It's been good. There was a business there."

Due to the summoning of the corps and the strengthening of the air carrier, it was necessary to enter the field because a lot of black magic stones were needed.

"Isn't that just the one person allowed to enter?"

"of course. You can have a raid-sized companion."

"good. I have to prepare right now."

"Are you going straight to South America?"

At Eric's question, Hyunjun nodded with a natural expression.

"Of course. Because there are my enemies."

In order to delay the destruction, subjugation of the clan was an urgent priority.

* * *

A Level 10 Invader dispatched to Earth, Harbins was hurriedly moving forward with an unpleasant expression as if he had chewed dirty things.

Harbins, who was busily walking along the long corridor into the darkness, abruptly stopped and opened the door in front of him.

"Vladimir suffered."

Harbins said with a hardened face. Red eyes flashed in the deep darkness.

"It doesn't seem like he was even caught brainwashing, but… … The plan to estrange Russia and the Republic of Korea through Vladimir has virtually failed."

"Did you get hit by the right person?"

"Yes… … . Magical response was cut off in Korean territory, and the fact that the right person defeated Vladimir was like a trophy, and information was leaked here and there."

Illina frowned at Harbins' report.

"The growth rate of qualified people is too fast."

"I think so too. Sir Illina."

"But this time we are acting faster."

A smile spread across Ilina's lips.

"Is the rift expansion going smoothly?"

"of course. I think we will be able to call in reinforcements soon."

Expansion of the dimensional rift, they were trying to request reinforcements due to it.

"How long do you think it will take?"

"It won't take long."

There was confidence in Harbins' voice. As a staff member of the offensive command, he took the lead in this task and was taking responsibility for it.

"We can open the dimensional gate within a week."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 160


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