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Chapter 161 - SSS-class Hunter Hyeonjun Kang - Part 2


It was about two days before departure after the plan to enter the field in South America was established. How did they know that the permission had been granted, so many diamond tier guilds in Korea asked to accompany them.

It didn't matter how I found out about the permit.

Since the UN did not treat it as confidential data in the first place, it would not have been difficult to obtain information itself.

However, I was curious as to why the Diamond Tier guilds did this.

'If there are enough dungeons in Korea, why do you want to go to a dangerous field… … ?'

If the goal is magic crystals, it means that there is no need to enter the field while making a request.

"Recently, it is said that the number of dungeons created not only in Korea but also around the world is decreasing. Therefore, domestic dungeon competition has intensified, and it seems that the top guilds who can afford to go abroad have turned their attention to the 'field' where you can get new magic crystals."

Taemin, who was just there, explained. Hyunjun nodded his head and shifted his gaze to Levian next to him.

"Levian. how about when you see Is this a positive change?"

Wouldn't it be a positive change if the number of dungeons that are generated generally decreases? You might think, but Hyun-jun felt an unknown feeling of insecurity.

Unsurprisingly, Levin had a serious expression on his face.

"I can't give you a definitive answer because of the lack of data, but at least I don't think it's a good sign."

"Can you explain in detail?"

"Dungeons existed in the dimension where I was. Did I explain? It was said that the dungeon was the vanguard of the invasion."

Hyeonjun nodded his head at Levien's question and opened his mouth.

"okay. He certainly said that."

"Right now, I feel like I'm on the same level as where I was. Dungeons are needed to open rifts, the vanguard of invasion, but they are not very efficient.

So, once the Vanguard is established and Phase 2 begins, inefficient dungeon creation is reduced. The resources of the Invasion Command are not limitless."

In other words, since the means to open cracks more efficiently have been secured, are you saying that the existing inefficient method is discarded?

"The second step would be… … ."

"Yes, that is the creation of fields."

The field has already been opened in South America. The invasion was progressing faster than expected. As expected, things didn't go well.

"Then, are you saying that we need to completely subdue the field?"

"Yes. But it won't be easy. It is said that the number of beasts summoned from one raid gate decreases over time, but it is clear that a large number is summoned overall."

"then… … Step 3?"

"It won't come right away. It takes time and effort to open a dimensional rift large enough to accept the size of the main force."

Fortunately it was The combat power of the Invasion Command's main force was not yet accurately measured, but to be honest, I couldn't afford them right now.

"Perhaps the contingent will land first. In the worst case, a single combat unit might come down, but given the current progress and the size of the dimensional rift, it's really hard if you don't overdo it."

Levian said that a landing of a combat unit was the worst number that had a low probability of occurring, but Hyun-Jun felt that he should be prepared for such a worst case. Soon, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to Tae-min.

"I think we should hurry to South America. Let's leave tomorrow. Please adjust your schedule."

"Yes. Guild Master. I will make arrangements right away."

Taemin bowed his head and took out his tablet PC to coordinate Hyunjun's schedule. It was easy to edit because it didn't include an important schedule.

"it's over. Tomorrow we can leave for South America right away."

"Don't tell Sojin noona. Because you're worried about it in advance."

"Yes, I understand."

You'll find out anyway tomorrow, but I didn't want to make you worry by buying it in advance.

Sojin tried not to express that, but Hyunjun knew her inner feelings to some extent.

"How would you like your troops to be prepared?"

"I do it at least. Flame and Levian are enough for the main attendant."

Because the two were SS-level players, it would be very helpful in South America.

The reason for the minimum number of personnel was to prepare for an attack on the guild office complex while he was away.

In case of emergency, there was no need to worry too much about moving with the minimum number of troops, as all you need to do is summon the SS or the Infinite Corps.

The next day, Hyun-jun boarded the aircraft carrier with Flame and Levin. The crew was organized to a minimum and no separate combatants were on board.

Sojin was not notified. When an air carrier takes off from an airfield, you will notice and feel sad, but now you can't help it.

"I will take off."

When Hyunjun nodded instead of answering, Levian injected magical power into the fixed formula.

As the magic circle emitted light, the aircraft carrier began to move slowly.

As a skilled mage, he was excellent at handling magic. Hyun-jun knew this because he learned the relevant knowledge through Gildre.

It seemed that the movement of the aircraft carrier became smoother because a real expert adjusted the magic circle.

"Let's go to Bogota."

Most of the South American continent had become a 'field' dominated by beasts, but a few northern countries, including Colombia, were still holding out.

It was also the country where the Allied subjugation force was stationed to prevent the field from spreading to North America.

"I will take care of the flight. Please take a break."


When Levin took over the aircraft carrier, there was a break. Hyun-jun entered the private room near the bridge and turned on the video communication equipment.

Eventually, Eric's face appeared on the monitor.

"Chairman. I am going to Bogota, Colombia."

- You left earlier than expected.

"I don't think it should be delayed. What happened to the committee's mobilization of troops?"

When we met not long ago, Hyun-jun fully explained to Eric the threat of the invasion command and the reason for suppressing them early.

Eric seemed to agree with most of the story and said he would try to mobilize the UN committee.

-We are working on a plan to grant permission to the members first, but it may be difficult to mobilize large-scale troops. Despite the fact that even a 'field' has been created, the governments of each country are not fully aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Eric let out a short sigh. If the governments of each country are passive, they are called SSS-class hunters, but there is a limit to the troops that Eric can mobilize.

"What is the American reaction?"

I didn't know about other countries, but I wanted to put my hopes on America.

- The situation in the United States is not much different. You might even see it as worse. Now, because of the formation of a huge field on the South American continent, all available troops within the United States are being mobilized. You probably want to be active, but you don't have the troops to organize an attack.

Things didn't seem as good as expected.

"Chairman. The 'field' of South America must not be left unattended."

-I am aware of the fact that the field is a threat. However, some high-ranking people see it as a kind of mining farm that can continuously supply magic crystals at this point when dungeon creation is declining.

At Eric's words, Hyunjun sighed and shook his head. I knew that the high-ranking people only revealed money, but I didn't expect it to be this much.

-I will do my best, but it seems difficult to expect good news right now.

"Okay. Still, I ask you to continue."

- This is a request from Kang Hyeon-jun, and I will pay more attention.

Video communication is over. Hyun-jun took out the bottle, half-filled the glass, and brought it to his lips.

'It's dangerous like this. Special measures are required.'

But I just thought so, and no matter how much I thought about it, I could not come up with a sharp way. That was the problem.

The threat from the aggression command was not only getting clearer but also getting closer, but no countermeasure came to mind.

* * *

Roscal, a 6th-class Invader, who is in charge of Unit 281 belonging to the 13th Invasion Army, was called by the 13th Invasion Corps commander, Insible, and hurriedly headed for the corps command line with his lieutenant.

"The commander… … I'll call you directly... … ."

Rothcal rolled his eyes as if anxiously. There were a few things that stuck in my mind, so I couldn't easily settle down.

"aide. What do you think the 13th Invasion Corps commander called me this time?"

"We are carefully estimating that it may be because of the loss of a large number of troops by attempting to land in an incomplete crack."

"Is that the problem… … ."

While Roscal had a brief conversation with the lieutenant, Lee Dong-jung was kind to the corps commander. When the door opened, I saw an Invader belonging to the Corps Command who came to meet me. Wearing a black uniform, he was a 'troll' race.

"The 13th Invasion Corps commander is waiting for you."

"I will go now. The lieutenant waits here."

"Yes, I understand."

Following the guidance of the Invaders, we arrived at the 13th Invasion Corps commander, the Insible's office. After trying to shake off the tension, he opened the door with a knock and went inside.

"I see you, Commander of the 13th Invasion Corps, Sir Insible! Unit 281 Responsible Commander! Roscal answered the call."

Naturally, I got down on one knee. Then red eyes flashed in the darkness. The Insible raised his head.

Roscal, feeling the cold gaze on his body, trembled slightly. Life seemed to come out of his eyes. This wasn't a good sign.

"Sir Roscal."

"Yes. Invasion Commander. Please name it."

"I just got a report about the eligible person."

Rothcal swallowed dry saliva at Insible's words. He has been reporting the power of a qualified person, Hyeon-Jun Kang, underrepresented in order to monopolize the achievements so far.

Then, it was not treated early, and the situation became so large.

"Why did you cover up the growth rate of the eligible people?"

Rothcal couldn't answer the sharp question.

"Yeah, it's not that I can't figure out why. However, I think you would know very well what to do if things got this far."

The Insible did not need to explain at length. I thought it wasn't necessary.

Roscal had also seen and heard what he had seen and heard as the head of Unit 281, so a lengthy explanation was not necessary.

"I will definitely make up for this mistake. There will be no failures this time."

"Yes, failure is not allowed. It doesn't matter if you take any damage, so get rid of the right person."

"Everything is according to the will of the invasion command! Invasion Commander! hurray!"

Roscal raised his hands in a flash.

"It will have to be dealt with before the Dimensional Alliance moves in earnest."

And the Insible disappeared into darkness again. Roscal, who returned to Lee Dong-jeong, sat down next to the lieutenant and let out a short sigh.

"Responsible Commander… … ?"

"aide. Get ready. I go to Earth."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 161


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