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Chapter 162 - Cataclysm - Part 1


Magical beams poured down from the sky. The demonic beasts on the ground couldn't even properly resist.

The magic bombardment from the aircraft carrier devastated the ground.

Since Levien, a professional mage, was directly adjusting the artillery technique, it was so accurate that it was incomparable to that of Hyunjun or other crew members.

"Finished bombardment. The ground has been completely neutralized."

The crew of the bridge reported. Hyun-jun picked up the hell yam that was lying next to him. Flame naturally followed and Levian moved to the control group.

"A bridge, please."

"You don't have to worry. Because the understanding of the drink has already been completed."

In response to Levin's answer, Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression and moved on.

A crew member approached and asked if the landing craft was ready, but Hyun-jun shook his head. You can ride down the frame in the state of the body.

"Let's go, Flame."

"Yes. brother."

moved to the hangar. Flame took the form of a black flame dragon, and Hyun-jun got on his back.

As the hangar door opened, Flame spread its wings and jumped out.

Flame slowly started downhill. The few monsters who barely survived the magic bombardment fired attack magic, but could not catch up with Flame's evasive maneuver.

Flame lowered the altitude while avoiding attack magic on the ground.


As the altitude lowered to a certain extent, Hyun-jun raised his magical power and called for the blessing of Eastel by calling the name.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

A red magic book was opened.

'You don't need reinforcement until now.'

for the purpose of restraint. There seemed to be no need to waste mana in the middle.

"Fire Cannon."

Huge fireballs poured out one after another towards the ground as powerful magical power was generated.

The fireball that collided with the ground exploded with an explosion sound. A small pillar of fire rose and spread flames swept away the beasts.

"Flame. It's black salt."

As Flame opened his mouth at Hyeonjun's instructions, black flames poured out of the magic circle created in front of him.

Air carrier's magic bombardment, Eastel's fire magic, and Flame's black flame. There were no more demonic beasts surviving on the ground in the three-stage attack.

"Cover from above."

-Yes. brother.

As soon as he heard Flame's answer, Hyunjun jumped down and landed on the ground. There was no magic reaction around.

I've lifted the hell yam.

-You can feel the magical reaction, but it is difficult to pinpoint the exact location. It looks like you're using magic concealment at the level of complete stealth.

It was like not knowing the exact location. But Hyun-jun was relaxed. Because there is a last resort that I believe in.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

It was God's blessing. As soon as the voice gave a warning, a presence could be felt from various directions. Hyeon-jun raised a hell yam sword and used his protection.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

Auror blades soared and an Auror Shield was formed on the left hand, which was not holding anything. Hyeonjun dazzledly wielded a hell yam sword and defended himself with an aura shield.


The first Invader to appear was injured in his left arm. He hurriedly backed away, splashing red blood, and another invader that followed slashed the spear holding the Auror.

Hyun-jun raised the auror shield and defended it.


The impact was so great that an explosion sounded along with the collision.

A sad expression passed over the Invader's face with the spear, but unfortunately Hyun-jun's defense didn't end there.

-The guardian of Carthage unfolds a righteous counterattack. The unshakable shield becomes a sharp spear that preys upon your enemies.


Auror Shield spit out a shockwave. A shockwave mixed with sharp Auror fragments hit the Invaders in front. He was helpless by the sudden counterattack.


He hastily raised his magical power and expanded his armor and strengthened his body, but he could not completely defend himself. The Invaders turned back bloody.

Although the two Invaders were mortally wounded in one blow and retreated, the other Invaders did not stop their offensive.

"See through!"

"Tear to death!"

Realizing that a normal attack didn't work for Hyun-jun, the Invaders used their powerful unique powers.

A black spear flew in with momentum to pierce Hyun-Jun, and blades of the wind that contained black light poured down.

Unlike Black Flame, it was an Invader's unique ability, so it was impossible to destroy it even with Gildre's protection.

You have to choose between defending and evading. He moved his eyes busily to understand the situation. There were three more Invaders, and attacks by power were pouring down from the front, back, left, and right sides.

'Give them flesh and take bones.'

It was a position that was difficult to completely avoid or defend. Hyeon-jun was forced to see blood and moved.

A black spear made with the power of penetration pierced Hyunjun's left shoulder. But at the same time, the hell yam that Hyeonjun wielded also decapitated the Invaders.


A Class 10 Invader with SS-class skills was fatally wounded in one blow. Although he hastily used his high-speed regeneration ability.

"Gear this sword!"

There was no way Hyunjun could stand still. The butcher's dagger pulled out of the waistband pierced the staggering rank 10 Invader's forehead.

'Two are left.'

Fortunately, the remaining two people seemed to be at the top of the S-class level, and were ranked 13th.

'10 seconds is enough.'

Hyeon-jun's action to quickly retrieve the hell yam was overflowing with confidence. It is said to be able to handle two S-class talents in 10 seconds.

If it were someone else, this thought itself might be arrogant, but there was no problem for Hyun-jun, who is at the level of SSS.

Because he has the ability to do that.

swish. whistle.

A brilliantly wielded hell yam slashed the Invaders. Although the skin was torn and the muscles were torn, the Invaders rushed forward.


One person was hit by the shield. With the impact, the bones of his body were shattered and he was thrown away.

"Hey, damn it!"

I was left alone in an instant. After a moment of distraction, the hell yam he had dug was stuck in his neck.

Hyeon-jun brought the butcher's dagger with his Igear sword and inserted it into the heart of the Invaders. With a perfect confirmation kill, the Invaders fell helplessly.

- Lord. This is Levin. I activated the precision search technique and looked around, but there was no noticeable magical reaction. Instead, we confirmed that there is a base 300m to the east.

Like a professional mage, Levian showed superior ability to assist than combat. Even the air carrier's precision search technique showed an enhanced effect when he used it.

If it was used by an ordinary A-class magic hunter, it would have been difficult to explore the location of the base. If possible, it would have taken more time.

"Good work."

Hyeon-jun gave a short answer and moved to the coordinates that Levian had told him. It wasn't far.

The Beasts also arrived without interruption because they had almost no left due to the magical bombardment of the aircraft carrier.

Although not a small number of Invaders were deployed, the scale of the base itself was not large because they were all below level 10.

It was located right next to the raid gate, but it was created a long time ago, so there was no wave.

Hyeon-Jun destroyed the raid gate and searched for the base, and routed a total of three black magic stones.

After getting out of the base with good results, I was able to confirm that a communication was received from Levian of the air carrier.

'Is there any communication obstruction at the base? … .'

After restarting the radio, I took it to my ear.

- This is Levin. A strong magical signal is approaching the master's location.

"What is the identification result?"

-SSS-class hunter, confirmed as 'Eric of Remnant'.


-Yes. That's right.

Access to the fields in South America was gradually being approved, and I heard that Eric was also entering the field to deal with raid gates, but I did not expect to encounter this in such a large area.

'Shall we go see your face… … .'

Coming here, he seemed to have something to say. There was nothing urgent, so I decided to wait.

Anyway, I cleaned up the raid gate a while ago, so this area was safe. There was nothing to be disturbed.

Did you wait 5 minutes? Eric appeared under the faint moonlight.

"You are in a lot of trouble today. Kang Hyeon-jun, member of the committee."

"What have you been up to here, Chairman?"

"I was cleaning up the neighborhood. Then I felt the familiar magic and came all the way here."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, I just had something to say to Kang Hyun-jun."

what to say? What is it? Unable to hold back his curiosity, Hyun-jun showed his curiosity.

"What is the content?"

Hyunjun asked. Eric looked around and took a few steps closer, then opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"The recent Invaders' movements are unusual."

"When I read the information from the UN special agency yesterday, it didn't seem like there was anything special… … Has the information been updated?"

"This is the information I got a while ago. The registration process is over. It will be updated in six hours."

That is, it is hot and up-to-date information.

"If you don't mind… … Exactly what… … ?"

"It has been confirmed that several Invaders have crossed over to Russia and China. We didn't know exactly where they were hiding."

Invaders crossed over to China and Russia? As Eric said, their movements were unusual.

It would not have crossed from South America to Asia without any purpose in taking risks.

'Are you trying to open a dimensional gate?'

Levian said that the rift had not yet stabilized enough for troops to land.

But everything has variables and there are exceptions. There is also a possibility that Levian had unexpected means and methods at the Invasion Command.

'And the Invasion Command might be too much to expand the rift.'

Hyun-jun remembered the last conversation he had with Levin. He clearly said that if it was "overstretched," the rift could be forcibly expanded and invaders from detachments or units could come over.

If so?

'It is impossible to avoid an all-out war.'

The Earth will face a terrible situation. Perhaps more than half of the land becomes a field, making it uninhabitable.

"Member Kang Hyun-jun. I think I should go to Russia right away."

Eric, who was using a walkie-talkie to communicate with someone, said with a serious expression.

"Russia? What's going on?"

"The city is under attack. It's not serious."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 162


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