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Chapter 164 - Cataclysm - Part 3


"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

The Invaders collapsed and vomited blood. It took less than a minute for dozens of Soldiers in the hangar to be cleared out.

There was no way A-level soldiers could handle Eric, who moved so fast that hundreds of afterimages were left behind.

Even the 12th-class Invaders, the lowest level of the SS-class, could not even resist properly and were defeated. Finally, when the Invaders stopped breathing, Eric opened his mouth, wiping the blood off his clothes.

"Where is next?"

"I'm going to use the search technique. Five minutes."

The structure of the spell is slightly different from that of magic, so it consumes a lot of concentration and time to use it.

So it was said that it was not suitable during battle. Even the magic-based hunters who specialized in magic tended to be active in auxiliary rather than combat.

Hyun-jun used the knowledge he had learned from Gildre to perform a search technique.

A magic circle was engraved inside the airship, but Hyeon-Jun, who had been educated by Gildre, cleverly identified the loopholes and succeeded in the search operation, but it was not perfect.

The information entered my mind, but some spots seemed fuzzy, as if obscured by a hazy mist.

'Are these fools?'

Considering the location, it was clear that important facilities such as the engine room were faintly visible.

In order to hide the structure of an important facility, the obstructive technique was put in place to reveal the location.

It was such a poor intrusion prevention measure that I thought they were really stupid. Laughter was about to burst out.

"I will take the lead. Please come back."

"Don't worry. We will do our best to support you."

Seeing Eric answering with a faint smile on his lips, Hyunjun nodded his head without saying a word and hurried his steps.

Upon exiting the hangar, an aisle wide enough to allow dozens of people to pass through was revealed.

I could feel a slight tremor passing through the wall as if it was continuously firing magic beams.

"I don't think it should be like this. It looks like we have to scatter."

After destroying the second hangar, Hyun-jun realized that the airship was wider than he thought and suggested it to Eric.

"How do you plan to divide the number of people?"

"I will act alone. Chairman, act like Flame."


Of course, there was no way that Flame could object to Hyunjun's will, and Eric nodded happily. Hyun-jun drew a simple schematic for the two of them.

"Has confirmed. See you at the bridge."

Eric and Flame moved first. Hyeonjun also checked the map once more and started the sabotage operation.

Even in the airship, the defensive force moved systematically, whether it was clearly aware of the presence of the intruder.

"Is this the engine room in front… … ?"

Seeing the hundreds of troops blocking the wide passage at the level of the playground, Hyun-jun frowned.

Judging from the strong magical reaction felt beyond the defensive forces, it seemed likely that it was an engine room with a magical power source.

Just by looking at the size of the Soldiers standing in front of them, you can guess that the facilities beyond them are quite important.

'Are there five Invaders?'

Hyeonjun's sharp gaze scanned the enemies. Unlike the Soldier, the magical power of the Invaders was more intense and the colors were mixed, giving it a lot of tea.

-There are two SS-class and three S-class.

Hell Yamdo added an explanation. His precision search ability was slightly better than Hyunjun's.


With a short mutter, he raised his magic power.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

With the activation of protection, Hyun-jun became a ray of light.


There was an explosion-like crash. At the end of the beam, the Invaders, who were pierced by the lance of lightning, trembled and poured blood.

"Heh heh heh!"

An Invader with the ability of an S-class upper level was killed in a single blow. The remaining four Invaders standing next to each other were astonished at the overwhelming difference in force.

"Such a monster… … ."

"It's a co-op!"

"Once surrounded!"

"Do not spare your power!"

Although they were surprised by the unexpected force, they did not panic and moved in unison and surrounded Hyeon-jun. At the same time, it raised powerful magical power from the front and rear left and right. It looked like he was using his powers.

'If you use your powers, it becomes annoying.'

Hyunjun also raised his magic.


He spit out a short starter and swung his sword, and a storm raged in all directions.

Auror Blade's storm hit the Invaders who were preparing their powers from the front, back, left, and right sides.



Blood gushed out with a scream. The invaders fell helplessly. They were like puppets with broken strings.

All of this happened in just 0.1 seconds.

"Hey, this can't be!"

"Invaders… … .!"


Invaders suffered. When the Soldiers recognized that fact, Hyun-jun had already become a war weapon and swept through their formation.

"No, stop!"

"It must be stopped! No more trespassing!"

The Soldier commanders shouted urgently, but they couldn't stop Hyunjun. The Soldiers moved in unison, but it didn't go as planned.

Ten seconds after Hyeon-jun killed the Invaders and started wielding the retrieved hell yam again, the Soldiers' formation was already completely collapsing.

The first line of deterrence was quickly crossed. One minute later, more than half of the hundreds of Soldiers were down.


Once again, the storm sword was activated, and the soldiers' blood was splattered in the air. The road to the engine room was open.

"Gear sword."

The butcher's dagger flew around. Even the few soldiers who barely survived the Storm Sword fell. The butcher's dagger is a Reaper's memento, inevitably resembling its owner.

It specializes in precisely stopping breathing.

Hyeon-jun, who had completely cleaned up the Soldiers, swung a hell yam with an Auror blade towards the tightly closed iron door.

It was an iron gate equipped with defensive techniques, but it could not withstand the withered miller's aura blade.

Hyeonjun jumped over the crumbling debris and threw himself into the engine room. The engine room crew was also mobilized for defense, and the inside was empty.

- Kkeuk. This is the perfect empty house.

Hell Yam said excitedly. There were too many people who came to meet me to be called an empty house, but I didn't want to tackle it.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

As the magic power was raised, Durendal's blessing was activated and the auror blade was strengthened.

The wielded Hell Yam Sword mercilessly destroyed the facilities of the engine room. Sharp shards bounced off.

All the facilities in the engine room were engraved with the strengthening technique, but it was not enough to withstand Durendal's protection.

The sabotage was swift. It took less than five minutes to smash all the facilities in the spacious engine room.

The engine room was fatally damaged and the airship lost its center.

'Next is the bridge.'

Hyunjun's eyes shone sharply. There was not much left of the area that had been obscured by haze.

Hyun-jun took out a schematic and painted the location of the engine room black.

'Among these is a bridge.'

There are 3 areas of fog remaining. Even with simple calculations, the probability was 30%, but the head is not a decoration.

After a short deliberation, Hyun-jun selected the area with the highest probability of having a bridge.

'Not far from here.'

There was no hesitation. Hyunjun immediately moved on. Probably because most of the combatants were mobilized to defend the engine room, there were few who stood in the way.


Hell Yam was excited again. It was because the word 'bridge' was written in 'a foreign language' on the huge iron gate at the end of the wide passageway that spread out before my eyes.

-Is the stored mana enough?

useless words increased. Hyunjun smiled and nodded his head instead of answering.

While coming this far, he consumed a lot of mana, but thanks to the vampire option, he supplemented a considerable amount of mana.

Hell Yam was asking if he had enough magical power, apparently to contemplate his vampire ability.


I turned on the auror blade again with a brief breath cleanup. Holding the Hell Yam Sword in both hands and swinging it vigorously, the iron gate protecting the bridge was horribly shattered.

The inside of the bridge was clearly visible. There was only one Invader standing there.

He was a Class 10 Invader Harbins who served as a staff member of the Attack Command.

"You could say this is unexpected. I hope you are eligible... … I didn't expect you to come this far."

said Harbins. I tried not to show it, but I could feel my voice trembling.

I had no choice but to do so. He was a level 10 invader and was an SS-level middle-class person, but Hyun-jun, whom they call a suitable person, officially defeated Vladimir, because he showed skills above the SSS level.

"In the name of the aggression command, I will punish you."

It was Harbins who moved first. He became a ray of light and flew towards Hyun-jun.

At the same time, black spears and chains were aimed at Hyun-jun's back and legs from behind.

'A square?'

I rolled my eyes quickly. I read the path of Harbins, the Black Spear, and the Chains.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

He raised magic and called for Carthage's protection. The Auror Shield created on his left arm blocked the black spear and chains, and the tip of the Hell Yam was aimed at Harbins' neck, which was rushing at the speed of light from the front.


Harbins deformed and twisted his upper body to dodge it, but he couldn't completely avoid the hell yam that Hyeon-jun stabbed.

Half of his neck was torn, and red blood poured out of his mouth. If I had moved a little further to the side, my head would have blown away.

For a moment, Harbins was relieved. But it didn't last long.

Suddenly, Hyun-jun used Eastel's protection to send dozens of fireballs.

They aimed at Harbins from the front and rear left and right. It was so instantaneous that even Harbins, an SS-level expert, could not react in time.


Dozens of triple-strengthened fireballs pounded Harbins' body. Although it is said to have flame resistance, it was even reinforced, so it felt like being hit by an iron ball. It didn't do much damage, but it was enough to disturb my vision for a moment.

When Harbins came to his senses, Hyun-jun had hid himself in a curtain of complete hiding.

"Hey, damn it!"

he spit out cursing. His skills were insufficient to follow the traces of the completely hidden magic used by the SSS-class hunter.

The anxiety didn't last long. Before two seconds had elapsed, the Auror Blade pierced Harbins' chest and popped out.

"Big, uh… … ."

Dark red blood poured out. Harbins felt his vision blur.

"Eligible… … is going to be this strong... … ."

Those were the last words Harbins had left. At the end of those words, his neck was broken. life was completely cut off.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 164


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