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Chapter 165 - Cataclysm - Part 4


Eric and Flame joined the bridge right after Harbins died.

"Levian. took control of the bridge. You can stop attacking."

Hyun-jun said, bringing the radio connected to the aircraft carrier's bridge to his lips. A sigh of relief seemed to be heard from the radio.

- That's good. The shield was smashed and the fuselage was quite damaged... … It was a moment when I was a little anxious.

Levian's voice was somewhat stiff because he had maintained the tense battle situation a while ago.

- There are still many enemies on the ground. The anti-aircraft defenses have been neutralized, but there is a possibility that the means of resistance still remain.

"Buy your time. I will try to take control of this airship."

I was thinking of hacking the drink. It was hard work, but it wasn't theoretically impossible, so I wanted to give it a try. Hyeon-jun, who learned various techniques from Gildre, was confident enough.

- Let's buy time with ultra-precision bombing.

Using the ultra-precise bombing technique requires a lot of concentration and consumes mana, but Levian said nothing casually.

After finishing the communication, Hyun-jun went to the control group. The magic hacking started right away. I expected it to take a long time, but the results came sooner than expected.


Failed. Hyunjun swallowed a curse and bit his lip.

Unlike the air carrier, it was difficult to take control of this airship because all the technology was made by the Invasion Command. It may not be impossible, but there was not enough time.

'But the extent of self-destruction… … .'

It seemed that the self-destruction procedure could be forcibly carried out by consuming a little more mana.

'If I can't use it, I destroy it.'

It consumed a lot of mana to self-destruct, but it didn't take as long as expected.

After the self-destruction procedure, Eric and Flame joined him and descended to the ground.

There were also quite a few enemies in the city on the ground, but it was not enough to become an opponent of Hyunjun, Eric, and Flame. Cleaning up the city didn't take long.

"Member Kang Hyun-jun. It was a big deal."

Eric hurriedly approached. His expression wasn't serious. It seemed that something serious had happened.

"China has also been attacked."

"How serious is the situation?"

"It looks like things are not going well. Unlike Russia, eight cities were attacked simultaneously on a large scale."

It seems that there were not a handful of Invaders who secretly escaped from the South American continent. Or, there may have been a mixture of dimensional magic powers capable of opening large-scale raid gates.

"We haven't sent any support requests from China yet, but I think we need to hurry. It is said that the battle area is already spreading rapidly."

"Are you going to go to China?"

"That's right. Kang Hyeon-jun, member of the committee."

In response to Hyunjun's question, Eric nodded his head.

"I think that would be difficult."

Hyeonjun, who was naturally willing to respond, shook his head, and Eric opened his mouth with a slightly bewildered expression.

"Member Kang Hyun-jun. If China becomes the "field," Asia is at risk. The situation in Russia is good... … We must move to China."

"no. I don't mean that."

"then… … ."

With a short sigh, Hyunjun pointed his finger at the southern sky.

"Look over there. Chairman."

Eric shifted his gaze. And his expression became even more serious.

"Oh My God… … ."

Huge airships were descending one by one from the dark red and cracked sky.

"The Dimensional Gate has been opened."

It wasn't even one. The sky to the east, west, north, and south was all dyed dark red.

As if cut by something sharp, the sky cracked, and a jet-black airship slid out its huge fuselage.

"Unbelievable… … Even Russia... … ."

"Even though the airships are all different sizes, you know just how long it took to process 'one', right? At least 5 of those things have popped out now. It will be difficult to handle even in Russia."

Eric didn't answer easily. Because everything Hyunjun said was true.

Now we had only one airship and the ground forces under its command. It was difficult to respond when so many numbers were pouring out at once.

"Even two ships are coming this way."

And at a very fast pace too.

"Shit… … ."

profanity came out Eric just raised his sword without saying a word, and Hyun-jun brought the radio connected to the air carrier to his lips.

"Levian. Two airships are coming here, can you see?"

-Yes. It is being watched. Both are slightly smaller than the airships we've just dealt with, but with the specs of these carriers now, they'll be hard to deal with.

"How long do you think you can last?"

-It is difficult to say with certainty because there is no accurate measurement data, but judging from the previous battle, it is unreasonable to endure more than 2 hours without support.

The time limit is 2 hours... … In the meantime, you have to destroy those two airships.

"It's a little tight… … ."

The thought of approaching the airship on the flame again came out with a sigh. But is it fortunate out of misfortune? The airships slowly began to lower their altitude.

"Levian. watching? It seems to be a landing ship, not a battleship."

- I'm glad you did. Even with this air battleship, if it is armed at the level of an amphibious ship, it is possible to respond to a certain extent.

If there were two battleships attached, it would have been very difficult for Levian. So I thought I was lucky that the landing ship came.

for a very short time. But it was an illusion. As soon as he saw the number of enemies pouring from the landing ship that landed on the ground, Hyun-jun was at a loss for words.

"There are too many. I think it would be better to step back."

Eric said. There were so many enemies that his voice, who currently possesses SSS-level force, trembled.

- At least 10,000.

Hellyamdo has completed a short search. Hyunjun frowned. It seemed like a lot, but I didn't know it would be 10,000.

What's more, it was clear that he was at least a Soldier-class, seeing it pouring out of the landing ship rather than the raid gate.

That meant that it was a force with at least an A-class force. It's different from a normal mage.

"You can't get out of here… … Doesn't the chairman know better?"

"Member Kang Hyun-jun… … It is, however, suicidal. Although it is said that the air carriers will support us, we cannot deal with that large force alone. Only three!"

The scale of the enemy was so great that even Eric, who had a just personality, despaired. However, there was a hint of leeway in Hyun-jun's expression.

"Who said there were only three?"

I took out a black magic stone from the subspace pocket. While attacking the battleship a while ago, Flame robbed and routed the warehouse with Eric.

Total number is 6.

Even when using 1 Black Magic Stone, not a small number of legions responded to the call, so it was likely to be expected this time as well.

"Do not worry. I have an army behind me... … ."

created magic.

"I am confident about the quantity."

Now it's time to summon the Infinite Legion.

-Akhorn opens the dimensional gates with a great command. Summons the Infinite Legion.

A dimensional gate has been opened.

-The Legion, a part of the Blood Cross League Knights respond to the summons.

-Part of the corps, special warfare light infantry brigade responds to the summons.

- Legion, a part of the tall tree sniper brigade responds to the summons.

-Heroes, Ice Swordsman respond to the summons.

The Knights Templar with a red cross appeared. Relatively light-armed infantry followed. Finally, the Archers and Ice Swordsman appeared.

"Cow, until summoned… … ."

Eric was astonished at the appearance of a large force that looked over 5,000. He hadn't even thought that he had the ability to summon.

"Go ahead!"

The Infinite Legion forces advanced towards the Soldiers of the Invasion Command, and the Ice Swordsman approached Hyeonjun and bowed his head politely.

"Ice sword castle, this is Heifel."

Wearing white armor, he looked different, but he had an atmosphere that reminded him of Vladimir.

Judging from the magic reaction, it seemed to have at least SSS-level force.

"According to the command of the Legion Summoner, I will annihilate the enemies."

Heifel joined the front line. The battle has begun.

If enough numbers were summoned, you could just watch from behind, but the number of 5,000 was certainly not a small number, but it was a small number compared to the number of the enemies of 10,000.

"I will not be pushed by this. Chairman."

"Member Kang Hyun-jun… … Do you have any limits?"

Eric asked with a trembling voice, but instead of answering, Hyun-jun only raised the hell yam.

Without asking any more questions, Eric drew his sword and headed forward. Flame flew into the sky in the state of the body.

The fighting began. The ice swordsman, Highpel, penetrated deep into the enemy camp and induced confusion, while Flame covered the corps by pouring out black flames.

There were no flying troops from the landing craft. So, the battle started in a favorable state with Flame seizing the air supremacy.

But it was also short-lived.

"An enemy flying force has appeared!"

Someone from the Knights of the Blood Cross League shouted. Fighters poured out of the landing craft.

It was also very numerous. They lost the air right in an instant, and Flame was pushed to the defense. With the support of the air force, the Soldiers advanced.

It was also difficult to expect support from air carriers. Levian was facing two amphibious ships.

Although it was lacking compared to the battleship, the landing ship was also equipped with formidable armaments, so it was only for Levian to maintain a situation where he was not pushed.

"Can you take the left side?"

Hyeonjun looked at Eric and said. There were many elite enemies on the right. Although it is said to be of the SSS level, Eric decided that it was a bit difficult to handle, so he left it to the left.

Eric nodded without saying whether he was also aware of that fact, and then threw himself to the left.

- It won't be easy this time. Master.

"But you can't run away."

- That's right.

Hyeonjun's eyes, staring at the right side of the battlefield, shone sharply. First of all, it seemed that the commander ranks should be sorted out.

He rolled his eyes busily. Although there are many enemies and there are many magical reactions, there is definitely one that shines brightly.


A smile spread across his lips. Hyun-jun raised his magic and called for protection.

-Raikiri's light guides you to the far side. Become a single ray of light with light and pierce the enemy.

A single beam of light penetrated the enemy camp. A lance of lightning pierced the abdomen of the Invaders who were in command.

Simultaneously with the piercing, the lightning paralyzed his body. The blow didn't stop him from breathing, but he was exposed defenselessly in front of Hyun-jun.

"Gear this sword!"

And the butcher's dagger soared upward.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 165


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