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Chapter 166 - Cataclysm - Part 5


"Heh heh, heh heh… … ."

A harsh breath escaped his mouth.

How long did it take for the battle to begin in earnest at the same time as you broke into the right formation and killed the commander?

I didn't know exactly, but it felt like more than 5 hours had passed.


He was recovering mana through the bloodsucking of Hell Yam, but his stamina was a problem.

Just because he was an SSS-class hunter, his stamina was not infinite.

In particular, when dealing with enemies with a high level of combat power, the consumption of stamina was inevitable.

Although his physical strength was showing the limit, the enemies continued to pour out.

Even from the middle, an additional landing ship joined, pouring out an additional 5,000 troops.

If it hadn't been for the mental strength that he had grown in the room of his previous life, Hyunjun would have already collapsed without being able to withstand the exhaustion of his physical strength.

-Master, if you consume a lot of mana like this, you won't be able to replenish it with vampires.

Hell Yamdo said: As the level of the enemies increased, the consumption of mana also increased.

There was also a limit to the absorption of magical energy due to the bloodsucking of Hell Yam.

The Invaders of the Invasion Command cleverly sent out the Soldiers who didn't have much magic power first to induce continuous consumption of stamina and magic.

"Too many enemies! If you conserve your magic, you will die!"

Hyun-jun said to Hell Yam in a sharp voice.

The situation in heaven was even worse. Flame, who was barely holding on, eventually lost one wing and was rapidly falling to the ground.

- The will of Danzig resides. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

Danzig's protection was activated whether he recognized the falling flame as an object to be protected.

As long as Flame's life is attached to this, Hyunjun will not collapse even if his health runs out during battle.

The problem was that if he was seriously injured, he would surely fall down after the battle was over, but there was no need to think about that now.

First of all, it was important to survive this battle.


His left arm was pierced by a spear. Terrible pain came over whether he had even used his powers.

However, it was not to the extent that Hyeon-jun, who had extensive experience rolling in the room of his previous life, could not stand it.

He wielded a hell yam and struck the Invaders' necks through the spear.

'Too many enemies.'

He already had several large and small wounds all over his body, and his clothes were soaked in blood. The S-class armor he was wearing, the 'ice breastplate', was also severely damaged.


With a sharp cry, the storm of the Auror Blade raged in all directions.



Blood gushed out and screams erupted everywhere. Over 100 soldiers fell. But there was no end in sight.

Hyeon-Jun became bloody and broke through the enemy's formation and arrived at Flame's side.

"Tongue, brother… … ."

Flame was in a human state, but her whole body was covered in blood, and her upper and lower body were also cut deeply by sharp objects and were on the verge of being amputated.

- The situation doesn't make sense.

Hell Yamdo said in a sharp voice.

Hyeonjun blocked the front of the enemies who were aiming for the flame.

At the same time, he turned his head and looked around. Because the place where the flame crashed was on the hill side, it was possible to see the battlefield at a glance.

'Things are bad.'

More than half of the troops of the summoned corps were down.

The Ice Sword Castle, Heifel, who had been fighting at the vanguard as the general commander, was also bloody and wielding the Ice Sword with difficulty. It looked dangerous.

"It can't be like this."

It seemed that I should use more black magic stones. It's good to cherish it, but what's the use if you die then?

Hyunjun proceeded to summon one more time using 3 more Black Magic Stones.

The National Armed Assault Squadron and the Tall Tree Sniper Brigade responded to the summons.

The National Armed Assault Force is less elite than other units, but it is summoned instead, so it will buy you time.

The tall tree sniper brigade can effectively contain the enemy's flying power.

The summoning result was satisfactory. But apart from that, things were getting worse.

'Are you backing away?'

After the second summons, the offensive weakened. Thanks to this, I was able to afford to use the recovery technique for Flame, but the sudden change in tactics raised my doubts.

But it didn't last that long. Because I soon found out why.

"Invaders… … ."

The soldiers retreated one after another, and those in black uniforms appeared. They were always 'invaders' fighting at the forefront of the invasion command.

'There are only 3 SSS-level people... … A lot has come... … .'

Including SS-class, there were 16 people. It was quite a number.

'Did you come down as a unit?'

Hyunjoon bit his lip slightly.

Levian said that the dimensional rift is unstable and there is a high probability that there will not be a large-scale invasion by units for a while, but he added that it is not impossible to forcefully open the dimensional rift at the end.

Of course, in that case, more than half of the troops drifting in the dimension while moving, the probability of becoming lost or losing their lives was quite high.

'Are you going to take over the Earth even at the cost of enormous damage?'

Or it could be that he wanted to get rid of Hyun-jun, who had inherited the will of his 990,000 past lives, as soon as possible.

Deus said that reincarnation with the protection of 990,000 past lives is the only way to fight against the powerful aggression command.

In order to kill Hyeon-Jun, it is not unreasonable to force the combat units of the Invasion Command to take a huge amount of damage and forcibly move.

"You've lasted longer than I thought, qualified person."

"It took a lot of hard work to deal with the low-ranking dwarfs.

"But don't worry, we will decorate your end."

Suddenly, the invaders raised their weapons.

The sharp spear and the tip of the blade headed towards Hyunjun. Some of them were holding staff, whether they were going to focus on magic.

Both sides flowed magical power to each other and explored.

Small fragments splattered as magical energy with a threatening force collided in the air.

It was not visible to the general public, but it was visible to Hyunjun and the Invaders who crossed the border of transcendence.

The blatant search battle continued. It was only about three minutes, but it felt like more than three hours.

"He is tired."

"Shoot it."

The Invaders moved first. The other half kicked off the ground and soared into the sky, and the other half dominated Hyeon-Jun's front, back, left, and right by moving in short distances.

"Be in bondage!"


power poured out. Long-distance support did not end there.

Those with the staff even used magic. When the power of mana enhancement was added, the SSS-level anti-magic attacked Hyeon-jun's vital points, avoiding fellow invaders.

Even just evading the power is daunting. It was impossible to evade up to two SSS-class anti-magic. I had no choice but to use Gildre's protection.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

Two single SSS-class anti-magic that was aimed at Hyeonjun were scattered in the air in units of magical power.


And Hyun-jun spit out swear words. It was because it was an SSS-class anti-magic, and the magic consumed for destruction was enormous.

The battle has been going on for hours. Moreover, the level of the enemies was also not weak. The consumption of magic had to be large.

"The great magic has been destroyed?"

"Do not stop! attack!"

The Invaders did not stop the offensive. A fierce battle ensued.

However, the SS-class Invaders who lacked power saw the blood first. Three people backed away with blood spilling, and one had a head blown off.

While the SS-class invaders were being slaughtered, the three SSS-class invaders separated about 10m and analyzed Hyeon-jun's movements.

Among them was Ilina, who served as the attack commander. Her eyes gleamed as she stared at Hyun-jun as if she had discovered something.

"I will use that skill. Please disturb me."

At Ilina's words, the subordinates invaders silently nodded and pointed their weapons at Hyunjun.

This time, Hyunjun moved first. At the same time, the two SSS-class Invaders also scattered left and right and used their powers.


The moment a smile spreads across your lips.

"Forget it!"

Illina's voice resounded.

At that moment, Hyunjun felt his head turn white. It was a brief moment, but he had "forgot" how to fight.

However, even that momentary moment in battle is fatal.

"this… … doggish… … ."

The power of oblivion, this is a foul.


At the moment when the presence of magical power approached late, a huge hole was pierced in the abdomen and excruciating pain poured out.

Another invader approached to the left and swung his sword and cut off Hyun-Jun's left arm.

Is this the difference in power? Is it SSS-level? It seems that he was too careless to say that he defeated his classmate, Vladimir.

'I don't have much magic left... … I can't deal with all the enemies here.'

This is the moment when a decision is needed.

'Not in a normal way. It's time to use the blessing of Deus.'

If it happens naturally, it consumes a lot of magic power, but I couldn't afford to wait for it.

The conditions for activation of Deus' Blessing were not clear. Rather, he had no choice but to use the protection of Deus forcibly by consuming most of the remaining mana.

Since Deus' protection is strong enough to interfere with fate, Hyun-jun thought that it would be a means to reverse this unfavorable situation.

'There is no hope this way anyway.'

It didn't take long to make a decision. Hyeonjun gave up evasion and defense and gathered all his magical powers.

"Are you giving up?"


The Invaders thought Hyun-jun had given up and rushed in with a cold smile on his lips.

"From now on, I will pour everything into myself."

to the last drop of magic.

-At the desperate request, the absolute will of Deus intervenes in fate. In order to get out of the crisis, we ask for salvation from one of the 12 previous lives of the Shinji Shinji.

That moment.

An overwhelming amount of magic burst out of Hyeon-jun's body that could not even be compared with the magic consumed.

As the magic pillar soared into the sky, the clouds turned blue.

"Wow, back off!"

The Invaders also read Hyun-jun's unusual momentum and spread the distance.

-The predecessor of madness, Ares, hopes to fight alongside you. Would you like to

waited for this Hyunjun nodded without hesitation.

-Ares, the predecessor of madness, descends upon you. All injuries and consumed stamina and mana are restored due to the indwelling of the divine deity. The will of the whole body temporarily deifies you.

A powerful ray of magical energy fell from the sky and fell on Hyun-Jun. The full mana was overwhelming enough to bring pain beyond satisfaction.

I couldn't bear the pain and my neck was broken.

But it didn't fall. Standing still, after a moment of silence, Hyunjun finally raised his head again and opened his mouth.

"Who dares… … Are you against the whole body?"

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 166


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