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Chapter 167 - All-out war - Part 1


woo woo woo!

The overwhelming sense of intimidation made even SSS-class Invaders stumble. The SS-level Invaders were to the point of temporarily kneeling.

"This oppression… … ."

"Dude, what do you mean?"

A dark fear appeared on the faces of the Invaders, including Ilina.

'It wasn't like this until recently… … .'

Illina was astonished. It's only been a few seconds, but how could it be so different?

'I can't see the end of my magic.'

It was like looking into the abyss. Even if he leaned his head and tried to look into the depths, he could not see the end, but instead, the fear of distant places only increased.

"Whoever dares to face the whole body will not survive."

The body moved freely. Ares' cold voice came out of Hyunjun's mouth. He moved Hyunjun's body. Auror blades rose from the Hell Yam that he lifted.

It was so clear and huge that it could not even be compared with Wither Miller's Auror. 5m was a monstrous Auror blade that could easily be crossed. Even if it was strengthened with Durendal's protection, it was impossible to operate such an Auror Blade.

"I am sentenced here now."


Auror Blade resonated.

"You all die."

It was like a 'word' with powerful power. The moment he uttered those words, the future of the Invaders was decided.


Ares' voice came out. At the same time, he moved Hyeon-jun's body and wielded a hell yam. A powerful Auror blade over 5m struck the ground.


A roar broke out. Why did you attack the empty ground? The moment I had that thought, the Auror Blade began to transform. Hundreds, no... … The shards were broken into thousands of pieces and swept like a storm in all directions.


It was almost the speed of light. The Invaders tried to dodge, but not all were unharmed. Since the battle started with the steamship suppressed from the beginning, most of the SS-class Invaders who could not be released from rigidity due to the sense of intimidation suffered damage.



The Invaders, who could not escape, screamed. Red blood gushed from their bodies. At the same time, Hyun-jun kicked the ground and soared into the sky.

"The sharp sword fell as rain, and red flowers bloomed."

Ares' voice burst out and a brief piece of knowledge flowed into Hyeonjun's consciousness. The skills Ares borrowed from Hyeonjun's body now were a unique saying that only the main character could be used.

Words with power soon became words and materialized. Aurors soared into the sky, shattered into thousands and poured out towards the Invaders. Ares also did not stand still. He moved Hyunjun's body and threw himself at the most powerful Invader, Ilina.

"Hey, forget… … ! Forget it!"

Although she once again used the power of oblivion.

"Do you think that such a trivial trick will work for Shin-Jin…? … !"

His voice was calm, but he felt deep anger. The magical energy of power that Illina emitted could not break through the momentum that Ares was exuding, so it scattered and disappeared in the air.

'Forgetfulness' was among the powers used by the Invaders, and few people were able to use it properly, and it was one of the rarest. Illina was desperate in front of Ares's dignity, tearing it apart at once.

'I can't win... … .'

One of the lowest rank SSS-class Invaders was brutally shattered in front of his eyes. Another SSS-class Invader also collapsed helplessly with a large hole in his chest. It was invisible to the eyes of the same SSS-class Illina.

Truly a fleeting moment.

Two of the lowest rank SSS-class Invaders were helplessly defeated. I couldn't even resist properly. Hyeon-jun, who had descended from Ares, was futilely shattered and pierced by the auror blade that he wielded carelessly.

"Sir Illina! Here we are going to buy some time!"

"Step back and command the army!"

The SS-class Invaders moved in unison. And the Auror Blade that Ares swung once, and the four people fell at the same time, pouring blood.

"Hoe, Hoegun-ha… … ."

"Did I say that? You will all die here."

Ares' voice interrupted Illina.

"You will not run away."

Ares raised his magic. Raising his arms, a huge rock wall rose from the ground to prevent the Soldiers from escaping.

"This is my fortress, and if you want to get out, you will have to make me dead."

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly.

"The sword will be lifted to the heavens and judgment will be pronounced, and the winds of blood will come before them."

The body moved on its own. He drew a sword in the air with his eyes turned to the Soldiers. The powerful Auror Blade was even divided into dimensions. The air ripped open, revealing the emptiness inside. The sharp wave ripped apart thousands of Soldiers in one blow.

Fountains of blood spurted from all directions, and torn bodies were scattered around. Seeing that, Ares was satisfied.

"It always feels good to hear blood and screams."

Eventually, where his gaze turned, there was Ilina. Again, the body moved on its own.

"Hey… … !"

Ilina's left arm fell off. It happened so quickly that Hyunjun, an SSS-class hunter, was not even conscious of it.


"It's a bit of an annoying scream."

At the same time Ares' indifferent voice came out, her tongue was cut off. Red blood gushed out.

'I just cut off the tongue. What a monster... … .'

Hyeonjun, who has been called a supernova or a monster so far, is astonishingly sophisticated in his swordsmanship.

"Ugh… … ."

"You want me to stop breathing? I'm sorry, but I'm not merciful."

The moment she thought she had lifted her finger, blood rushed out of Ilina's body. As if using a phantom sword, sword attacks from various directions struck Ilina in an instant.

could not be avoided At her level, she can only be helpless.

"Uh, how… … this… … ."

The last cry he left was absurdly scattered in the air. Illina's dead body slumped to the ground helplessly. Ares' gaze, which evaporated the lives of thousands of Invaders and Soldiers in an instant, turned to the landing ships floating in the sky.

"It's annoying."

When I opened my hand, strong magical energy gathered and became a spear.

"You dare to be on top of me, it's arrogant."

The thrown spears split into tens of thousands and flew towards the landing ships. The look was spectacular. Eric's gaze, who was attacking the left formation, naturally turned to the sky.

"Oh My God!"

The surfaces of the 6 landing ships and the 3 battleships were covered with magical spears, giving them the appearance of a hedgehog. That wasn't the end. Soon after, the magical spear exploded, causing a chain of explosions, causing the airships to shake.

Soon they were devoured by the dark red smoke and fell to the ground. Thick lines of black smoke were drawn in the sky.

"Is it that much!"

Eric was astonished. From the moment he heard that he had beaten Vladimir, he knew that Hyun-jun was stronger than him, but he didn't expect it to be this much. I didn't expect it. When the airship took over the sky and the landed enemies covered the ground, there was despair, but now there is hope.

"They keep coming."

Ares shed a calm voice as she watched the airships such as landing ships and battleships continuously flock from the dimensional gate open high in the sky. There was joy in his eyes as he watched the enemies constantly rushing in.

"I don't know how many years this has been."

Auror danced from the Hell Yam he was holding.

* * *

Russia and China were heavily attacked. This was just the beginning. Roscal, the chief commander of Unit 281 of the 13th Invasion Army, did not intend to end there. A lot of resources were wasted to open the dimensional gate, and many men were lost while passing through the unstable rift.

Already suffered considerable damage and consumed a lot of resources. To avoid taking responsibility, he had no choice but to kill the right person, Hyeonjun Kang, and take over the earth completely.

'This is my last chance... … .'

After receiving the final warning from the 13th Invasion Corps commander, Insible. There was no place to retreat now, and we had to move forward. Roscal's shoulders were heavy because he had to produce the best results by not only succeeding in the invasion plan, but also killing the long-time enemy who appears every time he invades a dimension.

'You must kill the right person.'

Occupying the Earth is suboptimal. First of all, I had to kill the right person, Kang Hyeon-jun first. It has been that way since time immemorial.

Even if the occupation is unsuccessful, as long as it kills the 'qualified person', who is almost the only entity that can resist the aggression command, it is free from responsibility even if it causes great damage. To that extent, the aggression command placed great importance on killing the right people.

"Roscal, chief commander. I have something to report to you."

It was a time of deep thought. The door opened slightly with a knock, and a low voice came in. Rothcal was distracted, but he recognized at once that the voice's owner was the lieutenant.

"Come in."

"I will report you. It has completely taken over the Chinese part of the planet."

The lieutenant who strode into the office reported in a calm voice. Roscal nodded with satisfaction. Earth has been a target of invasion since ancient times, and the unit in charge was Unit 281, so Roscal was well aware of the relevant knowledge.

'Even in Asia, we have occupied China, which has a large territory and power, and South America is no different than ours, so it's a good start.'

However, unlike Roscal, the lieutenant's expression was rather serious.

"Russia did not occupy."

"The Chinese side succeeded, but the Russians didn't take it?"

At that moment, the satisfied smile disappeared from Roscal's face. He frowned and was about to raise his voice. The lieutenant swallowed dry saliva and nodded.

"Yes. Capture failed. 18 airships were shot down and 60,000 Soldier-class troops were lost. Partial occupation was successful, but the main points were not captured and we had no choice but to order the retreat."

The lieutenant's report made Roscal feel like vomiting blood. The damage was more serious than expected. At this level, the attack went beyond a failed attack and was horribly smashed.

"What the hell happened? Report it properly."

There have been reports of Russia's military power. However, he did not think that the aggression unit would suffer this much damage. Rothcal's voice grew cold. At the same time, the lieutenant's expression hardened.

"The right person has appeared."

"The power of the qualified person now would not have been this much… … ."

"According to the report of the scouts, it is said that they have sensed the magic of the main body."

"It's the magic of the Godhead… … ?"

Roscal's eyes fluttered. Apparently, a qualified person has reached a high level beyond the SSS level.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 167


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