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Chapter 17 - Can I Help You? - Part 3

The letters engraved on the tightly closed iron door.

[The Last Swordsman]

This is the swordsman you have been waiting for. Hyunjun slowly opened the door and entered with a smile on his lips. The room was filled with dim lighting.

Withered Miller was nowhere to be seen, and an altar with a sword in it was placed in the center. Only the place where the altar was was filled with bright light.

"What is this?"

You mean to pull out that sword? It seems that withered Miller likes directing like a movie.

Hyeonjun moved towards the central altar without saying a word. When he arrived at the altar, a white light flickered like a dance.

woo woo-

When he reached out his hand, the sword stuck in the altar resonated.

'Can I pick it up?'

Hyeonjun hesitated for a moment, but then pulled out his sword from the altar. It came out as smooth as if it had been embedded in the soil.


A sharp blade appeared with a sharp metallic fricative sound.

"beautiful… … ."

The first thought that came to mind the moment he saw the sword shining in the white light, Hyun-jun unwittingly spit it out of his mouth.

"It's also my reincarnation. You know how to see a sword."

With a cynical voice, someone walked out of the darkness. He wore iron breastplates and had a sword around his waist.

"I am the last swordsman, the withered miller."

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang."

The common name is over. Withered Miller moved to Hyun-jun's side.

"Auror Blade… … Can you write?"

It is a technique that some B-class hunters can handle by sharpening the aura to strengthen the sword, but it is a technique commonly used by those who are in the A-class or higher state.

It can't cut anything, but the Auror blade is a scary technique that can easily cut even ordinary steel because it has excellent cutting power.

Now withered Miller was demanding that Hyeon-jun, who was only a C-class hunter, use such tremendous skills.

"Recall the memory of when I descended upon your body. With my help, you must have used the Auror Blade. I think it will suffice to tell you this."

At the words of Withered Miller, Hyun-jun traced his memories of that time.

I remembered the full magical power I felt the moment the Withered Miller descended. But it was not easy to remember the flow.

"Looks easy."

"To be honest, it's difficult."

"I can't. I will help you a little."

I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

"I'm going to inject magical power into your body now. Don't resist, accept, remember the flow."

"Come on, wait… … Whoa!"

Before he could answer, mana was injected. When I instinctively resisted the magic that invaded my body, I felt terrible pain all over my body. It was such a pain that my body was twisted.

"Don't resist!"

Withered Miller stopped injecting magic with a short shout. But the pain did not stop.

Hyeonjun twisted his body and suffered until the magic he injected faded.

How much time has passed? As the magical energy injected into his body dissipated and the pain disappeared, he could barely come to his senses.

"It's a magic clash. If it were real, I would be dead."

"no wonder… … It hurt to death."

Hyun-jun stood up with a hard answer. I had learned about magical clashes through basic education.

It seemed like it was said that it was a terrifying phenomenon that eventually led to death with terrible pain.

"So did I not warn you? Do not resist."

"You know it's not easy, don't you? In order not to resist such a magical collision, you need at least the level of an S-class hunter's magic control ability."

Hyunjun said bluntly.

"You can do it too."

"I know. I would like to ask you again."

"It doesn't matter if it's 100 times."

Withered Miller nodded and walked over to Hyunjun's side. And put a hand on his shoulder.

"Go in."


As soon as I answered, I could feel the withered miller's magical power rushing into my body. I tried not to resist, but it was not easy to control such precise magic.

"Wow, whoops!"

Unsurprisingly, the excruciating pain came like a wave. As he collapsed, moaning out of his mouth, Withered Miller took a step back and watched the scene.

"Ugh… … ."

After some time passed, the magic calmed down.

Hyun-jun barely got up, exhaling a rough breath. I thought I was used to the pain, but I guess I was wrong.

"I think I'm going to die of pain."

"Even if it hurts to death, don't worry, because you won't die here."

Withered Miller said with a faint smile.

"And a lot of time."

This is the biggest advantage of the training room.

"One more time, please."

"It's a good attitude."

The magic injection started once again. And how many times did he fall down with a scream?

Hyun-jun realized that his magic control ability had improved noticeably.

"One more time, please."

"It's a good attitude. It's important to keep trying."

"It will be different this time."

Hyun-joon straightened his breathing with a nervous face. As soon as withered Miller's hand touched her shoulder, a large amount of magical energy flowed into her body.

Hyunjun did his best to control the magic inside.

The magical powers in the body that were trying to resist began to follow Hyeonjun's control all at once, and then it calmed down.

'That's great. I've heard from Carthage and Hassan's talents, but I guess it's only this much... … .'

Although he did not put it into words so as not to disturb his concentration, withered Miller was greatly impressed by Hyun-jun's brilliant talent.

'Maybe this time. To stop them!'

Withered Miller's eyes twinkled.

"The mana that was running wild has calmed down. Now focus on the movement of my magic."

From now on is important. Hyun-jun knew it too, so he nodded instead of answering and focused on the withered miller's magic.

"see! see!"

"Can you feel it?"

Withered Miller asked, looking at Hyun-jun exhaling exclamations. There was a feeling of surprise in his voice.

He had not expected that he could feel the flow of magic so quickly.

'I'll have to fix it. I can assure you, this talent is a hero among 990,000 past lives.'

It was a brilliant talent.

"Concentrate and feel where the magic is going."

"We are gathering in my magic furnace."

A hunter who has completed his awakening uses his magical powers to create an organ called a magic furnace that exerts various transcendental powers.

Hyun-jun sensed that the withered miller's magic surrounded his magic path and rotated rapidly.

"It would be better to memorize the path of the magical power."

And how much time has passed?

"I memorized."

Thanks to continuous repeated learning, I was able to memorize the path of magic.

"Not bad."

Withered Miller took his hand off Hyeonjun's shoulder and said.

"You just learned the basics of magic practice."

"Magic skills?"

"okay. If you use your magic as I told you, your magic path will be strengthened. I think you know what this means."

Hyunjun nodded his head instead of answering. Strengthening with magical power meant an increase in the maximum capacity of magic.

"From now on, I plan to pass on some of my swordsmanship. If you practice swordsmanship while using the magic technique, you can not only increase your proficiency quickly, but also have the effect of strengthening your body as the magic stimulates your muscles. Of course, I must not tell anyone about my sword and magic techniques."

In this world, the training method called magic training method was not known. Hyunjun didn't even want to tell me. It is good to monopolize such a great training method.

"I have no intention of sharing. M Do you need to do something good?"

"He spoke like a messenger, but it was a satisfactory answer."

Withered Miller's lips drew an arc.

"Try using the Auror Blade. It will be possible now."

He raised his sword and infused it with magic power as the Withered Miller had taught him. A faint but aura blade was generated.

"Wow… … ."

At the sight of the bright blue Auror that he saw for the first time with his bare mind, Hyun-jun exclaimed with exclamation. Seeing this, withered Miller smiled delightfully.

"I don't know what happened, but your magic was a mess."

"Yeah? what is that... … ."

"That means it wasn't working properly. But rest assured now. Because I made a way."

In short, you can become stronger.

"From now on, I will pass on some of the swordsmanship I have learned."

It's the swordsmanship of the sword. I couldn't hide my anticipation.

"As explained earlier, if you practice swordsmanship while using the magic technique, not only your magic limit and proficiency will rise easily, but your body will also be strengthened. So, make sure you do both at the same time."


Hyunjun nodded and answered. As much as the strong man's advice was engraved into his bones.

"I will show you my swordsmanship. Take a good look."

Eventually, withered Miller showed off his swordsmanship. It was a glamorous yet restrained movement.

Although Hyun-jun had no related knowledge, he could vaguely guess that it was a high-level swordsmanship. It was different from the swordsmanship that the instructors of the Hunter Training Center had shown.

"Can you follow me?"

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 17


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