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Chapter 172 - The Road to Transcendence - Part 2


When I opened my eyes, the room of my previous life was in front of me. A door shining brightly in red. In the center, the name of the owner who occupied the room in the previous life is engraved.

'The predecessor of madness.'

One of the 12 previous reincarnations who rose to the Godhead.

'You have to be strong.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. My last memory before coming to the hall of my previous life was having my heart pierced through a black spear.

'With this opportunity, I must become stronger than him.'

The power of the Level 5 Invaders was unexpected. In the encounter with Ares, the predecessor of madness, it was necessary to have the force to overwhelm Tiringer.

What kind of power can the forebody of madness give me? Hyun-jun opened the red door with a nervous face and walked inside.


It was a wide plain like the room of the Legion Summoner, Archon. The only difference was that it was a ruined land, which is apt to be described as devastated. On the dead ground, scattered corpses were seen everywhere, and torn flags and broken weapons were scattered all over the place.

Hyunjun continued to move. As instinct leads, without hesitation.

"Are you here?"

I stopped walking at the sound of a heavy, intimidating voice. turned his head to the right.

There was a man in light armor where his gaze reached. Hyeon-jun saw an unusual magic flow from his body.

'You seem to be capturing momentum, is this enough?'

Does this mean that this is a principality? It was several times stronger and deeper than the magical power he felt from Deus, who was presumed to be a deity.

There was no end in sight.

"You are the forerunner of madness."

"Is that my nickname? Not bad."

Ares smiled and got up from where she was sitting.

"Let's start right away."

"Are you not asking anything?"

Ares turned his head to Hyunjun's question. I felt his gaze touch me.

"Appearing in front of you at the door here means you are 'qualified'."

The previous life's room, the door, only appears in front of you when certain conditions are met. It was the same with the Withered Miller, and in the case of the sergeant... … All previous lives were like that.

"To open that door and come in means you have a desire to be strong."

Ares said. Hyunjun nodded his head. If you don't become strong, you die. And the earth will be on the road to destruction. I wanted to avoid such a future.

"Do I really need to ask you a question like that?"

A smile spread across his lips at the cool answer.

"You don't have to."

"I will begin. Follow me."

There was no explanation whatsoever. It was enough to say that he was unkind, but Hyun-jun liked Ares's that way.

Walked about 5 minutes. Ares, who stopped walking, drew his sword and swung it. As the air cracked, an empty space appeared.

"Go in, the darkness will make you strong."

Does the darkness make me strong? You speak like a sage.

"You don't even ask anything."

Looking at Hyun-jun's back as he walked through the empty dimension, Ares said indifferently. Hyunjun paused for a moment. And without turning his head toward Ares, he opened his mouth.

"Do I have to ask a question? Isn't it enough just to be strong?"

"Yeah, there was no need to ask questions in the first place."

"It's like that."

"I like you."

He couldn't see Ares' face, but his voice was full of vitality. It feels good.

"One thing in particular, let me give you some advice."

"What is?"

Beyond the void is an unknown space. I didn't even get an explanation. It would be nice to hear some advice.

"Pick up your weapon first, then prepare to respond to the raid."

"I will read it."

"The see-off ends here."

It was a brief piece of advice, but enough to give me a rough idea of ??what was going on out there. When you see it as saying to take up your weapon and respond to the raid.

'There are hostile beings.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly. He took a deep breath and threw himself into the void deep in the fissure.

* * *

It was in pitch-black darkness. But I soon got used to it. Training with the Goddess has made him accustomed to the darkness. Soon it was faint, but it began to show.

'Pick up your weapon first.'

sight was secured. Hyeon-jun remembered Ares' advice and moved his eyes to look around.

In a dark space, I saw a sword stuck on the floor that looked cold. Without hesitation, Hyunjun ran to the place and drew his sword.

'Prepare to respond to the raid.'

Second advice from Ares. Hyun-jun raised his senses and looked around. There was no sign of presence or magical reaction.

till now.


The peace in the tension did not last long. A sharp sense of urgency warned of the approach of something.

there wasn't one The number of those approaching with a lot of life is at least 10. Each of them had strong magical powers.

'Where are you?'

disappeared close. Not even a trace can be found. Annihilation was an appropriate word.

He scatters his gaze incessantly. In the dark, I found the enemy hiding and set up a sense of humor.

'Is it stealth specialization?'

The enemy's identity is unknown. can't even see But it's definitely around.

'I don't feel the magic of previous lives.'

It seemed difficult for other past lives to intervene as to whether this place, which came through Ares' room, also belonged to the space of a previous life. I didn't feel any power.


created magic. Auror blades rose from the sword, and the surrounding darkness receded a little.

He was accustomed to dealing with Aurors without the protection of the Withered Miller.


terrifying cry. Something appeared in the dark. came into the realm of feeling. The Auror Blade split the darkness.


It was interrupted by something with a metallic sound. Auror's characteristic light was not visible.

'Is it pure steel? If not... … .'

In the worst case, it could be leather. Considering the monstrous cry just before, I couldn't help but think about the possibility that it might be the tough leather that some strange being possessed.


Kee eh!

heard from all sides. Red eyes flashed.

"Shit… … ."

profanity came out Hyunjun swung his sword and hurriedly backed away. A few moments ago, an attack began pouring in where he was standing.


The ground shook violently with the impact. It was faintly visible in the darkness as dust rises.

The red eyes of the monsters, realizing that they had done something in vain, turned to Hyeonjun. A deep thirst for blood was evident in those eyes.

"What kind of life… … ."

It seemed darker than the Reaper's protection.


The monsters smashed the ground and ran towards Hyun-jun. It was as if his reason had evaporated and only his instincts remained, but he could see an ugly face, even faintly. But they did a perfect pass.

"Yes, come!"

In an instant that divided 1 second into dozens of times, in the dark, Auror blades were split into hundreds and scattered. It was an application of the Auror Blade.

The scattered Auror shards were stuck in the bodies of monsters attacking from all directions. Some fell, but three of them only lost speed and relentlessly aimed at Hyun-jun.

'Is it a fingernail?'

As the monsters approached, the identity of what was stopping Auror Blay was revealed. Fortunately, it wasn't leather, it was long nails.

"It's over in no time."

Thoughts came out of my mouth. At the same time, the sword holding the Auror blade was swung. The three remaining monsters collapsed as if their limbs were cut off.

-1 step, passed.

Someone's voice rang out. Since it wasn't Ares's, Hyun-jun was curious, but then he shook his head and looked straight ahead.

I don't know what it was, but the darkness receded as the first stage passed. The corpses of the monsters were also scattered and the scenery changed.

It was a desert.

'Something is coming.'

I could see dust flying into the sky as if there had been a storm over the sand dunes. It is not caused by wind.

A group of at least tens of thousands of people is running in this direction, the government warned.

Tens of thousands of troops appeared over the sand dunes that could be seen in the distance. He looked like a human, but he wasn't human.

If I had to classify them, they were close to demons that only appear in myths.

- Survive.

the voice heard again. You want me to face that tens of thousands of troops? Hyunjun almost spit out abusive language. But I had no intention of giving up. He held up his sword and stood.

That moment.

Thousands of pillars of light fell from the sky around Hyun-jun. I tried to avoid it, but I didn't feel any hostile magic, so I stayed in place.

The pillar of light disappeared, and thousands of armed forces appeared in it. They were in human form, unlike the army in the front.

There was no evidence, but Hyun-jun felt that they were allies for some reason.

Unsurprisingly, the life they exuded was directed at the demons running from the front.

Thousands of armed forces all at once drew their weapons and rushed towards the demon army.

'Are you going to survive here?'

A cold smile spread across Hyunjun's lips. He soon followed the soldiers of the light and rushed towards the demon army. And a fierce battle began.

The demons weren't easy. All of them were strong at least SS level or higher. The soldiers of the light were not weak either, but compared to the forces of the demons, their numbers were insufficient.


The spear pierced by the dark-red skinned devil passed his shoulder. And Hyun-jun realized one thing.

'The wound does not regenerate.'

The regeneration function of the previous life's room did not work.

'I may die.'

I don't know why, but it was different from the room I had in my previous life. I really thought I could die. Hyunjun stepped back with a stiff face and scattered the aurora.

hey hey.

The dark red-skinned demon who had pierced the spear shrieked in pain as it became a beehive in the aurora shards.

Couldn't retrieve the spear and dropped it. At that moment, Hyeon-jun narrowed the distance like a single flash of light and at the same time swung his sword and struck the devil's neck.

An eerie color of blood spurted out and the headless demon fell powerlessly, but there were still many enemies beyond.

"The whole body is with us!"

"Even a legion of demons is no match for us!"

"Don't back down! We protect this place!"

The soldiers of the light cheered, but Hyun-jun could understand that the word 'whole body' was not referring to himself.

'Are you referring to Ares?'

The thought didn't last long. Enemies were constantly coming, so there was no choice but to wield the sword without time to organize his thoughts.

'Stay alive.'

said so. if so,

'I'll let you survive.'

By all means, I will survive and become strong. And when you open your eyes again, you will kill the Tiringer in front of you.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 172


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