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Chapter 173 - The Road to Transcendence - Part 3


-99 step, passed.

A voice resounding that it has passed step 99. A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips.

survived I don't know how much time has passed. He did not die from constantly changing and pouring enemies.

There was also a crisis. I almost died many times. But now, Hyun-jun was standing there.

He was pushed to the point of death at level 99, but as the voice declared passage, all the fatal wounds all over his body were recovered.

It's been like this since before. With each step, all wounds healed. Blessing of Regeneration was not activated during the test.

'What's next?'

Step 100 will start soon.

'It doesn't matter. Don't break it all.'

Hyunjun's eyes grew cold. As he passed the 99-level test, he faced all kinds of enemies.

He also fought the forces of demons and had to survive a feast of poison and lava. Now it seemed that any enemy could come out and win.

confidence rose.


there is something Hyun-joon scattered his eyes that were filled with life. As he passed the 99-level test, his senses became sharper, and his practical experience increased to an abundance.

Even the simple movement of raising the sword was full of confidence. The tip of his sharp gaze reached somewhere. There, a hazy afterimage rose like a haze and shook.

And quickly got close. Auror blades came out from Hyunjun's sword as well. You are ready to face the enemy.


In an instant, the distance narrowed. The afterimage speed was faster than expected. Hyeonjun almost unconsciously swung his sword. As the Auror blades collided with each other, magic pieces were splashed all over the place.


bounced back Swallowing a short moan, he retrieved the sword. With this one collision, Hyun-Jun clearly realized.

'I'm not weak. It's powerful.'

I thought it might be the toughest opponent I've ever met. It is an enemy suitable for the weight of 100 steps.

'What kind of guy are you… … .'

I wanted to see your face. He calmly watched the front and waited for the dust caused by the previous collision to subside. It didn't take long.

The dust that was like a thick mist receded, revealing the attacker's face.

And that moment.

"Hey, damn it!"

Hyunjun stopped swearing.

"does not make sense… … ."

The pupil shook. it has no choice but to The clearer vision, the person holding the sword with his back straight in front of him was because he resembled Kang Hyeon-jun so much.

'No, is this just the same?'

The word doppelganger was appropriate.

'Do you mean to surpass yourself?'

Hyun-jun was instinctively convinced that the strength of the doppelganger would not be much different from his own.


light provocation. But the doppelganger was not ready to act. The moment his posture was disturbed even a little, he knew that Hyun-jun was someone who would dig through the cracks, so he stood firm like a fortress wall.

It was the same with Hyunjun.

'Shit… … .'

How long did the boring confrontation last? Hyun-jun and the doppelganger were still staring at each other, maintaining an undisturbed posture.

'There is no end to this.'

Hyunjun decided to move first.


It kicked off the ground and soared into the sky. It was thrust down towards the doppelganger as it was while gaining acceleration by injecting magic power backwards.


The ground went out with a roar. In the center of the huge crater, Hyun-jun and the doppelganger were exchanging bloody sword attacks.

Since he couldn't use his previous life's protection, he had to fight with pure magic and Auror applications.

Fortunately, the doppelganger also seemed to have limited use of protection.

'If only I could use the protection... … .'

I'm probably done ' Hyunjun thought.


He sighed and stepped back. Despite exchanging thousands of sword strikes for 10 seconds, there was no victory.

I wanted to applaud someone who said that fighting with him was the hardest.

- Go beyond the limits.

A voice echoed in my mind.

'Yeah, it was a fight that had to be done from the beginning.'

The corners of Hyun-jun's lips twitched. It was he who became more difficult as the long game went on.

I had to push the limits with all my might. Otherwise, there was no way to win.

A cold sulphur appeared from the gaze staring at the doppelganger. Hyunjun slowly moved towards him. And with a smile on his face, he drew up all his magical powers.


The wind shivered. The ground shook. He poured out all his magical energy. Magical power became power and strengthened Hyun-jun's body. He couldn't use Gildre's protection, but Hyeon-jun knew how to use it and the theory by learning the strengthening technique.

"That hellish time would be so helpful."

Strengthening magic covered the body. An unusual flow of magic, and then the doppelganger felt an unusual momentum and acted.

Although he didn't use magic, a blue aura rose from his body, probably because of simple enhancement by magic.


He let out a cold voice. He swung his sword towards the approaching doppelganger. A huge Auror blade as thick as a thick iron pillar aimed at the doppelganger.

He raised his sword and tried to defend, but it was a very shabby Auror blade compared to Hyunjun's.


A roar broke out. The doppelganger's auror blade was smashed. He hastily regenerated the Auror Blade.


The doppelganger coughed and spewed red blood from his mouth. It looks like he suffered an internal injury from hastily regenerating the Auror Blade. The magic path is twisted.


The corners of Hyun-jun's lips drew an arc.

'Did the momentum go down?'

no doubt If you keep pushing like this, you can win. seemed to have won. However, Hyun-joon's condition wasn't all that good either.

'If you drag it too long, it's dangerous for me.'

Because he was maintaining a high level of enhancement technique without Gildre's magic, it seemed that the magic furnace had been hurt. Red blood is constantly flowing from his eyes and ears, and from his nose and mouth.

A cold gaze fell on the doppelganger. And Hyun-jun kicked the ground and jumped forward. He quickly narrowed the distance and swung his sword.

The doppelganger's regenerated Auror blade could not withstand dozens of sword attacks and was once again horribly smashed.

'It's over.'

Hyunjun's eyes twinkled. At the end of a lively gaze, the doppelganger gave up his sword expressionlessly and created an auror shield.

"Do you think you can stop it!"

The sword pointed towards the sky fell down towards the doppelganger. The Auror Blade cut the Auror Shield in half and dug deep, splitting the Doppelganger's body in two.

"Good work."

As everything melted, Ares' voice was heard. Hyeonjun lifted his head, turning his gaze away from the floor where the doppelganger had fallen.

Ares was in front of him.

"Now you are qualified."

"May I ask for an explanation?"

Hyeonjun saw Ares only once, but he could recognize that he was the type to skip most of the explanations.

But this has been omitted. A little explanation was needed, so Hyunjun asked carefully.

"It means that you are qualified to become a god."

godhead. high existence. Those who reign above the SSS class. Ares added an explanation to the extent that it was not lacking.

When he finished explaining and closed his mouth, Hyunjun could feel his heart pounding.

"Don't get too excited, it's okay to say that you're a god."

Ares said indifferently, but Hyunjun did not believe it. From the point of view of the Godhead, the state of the Godhead may seem low.

'But I am different.'


I haven't heard much about that state. However, I knew that I was at a higher point than the top of the SSS class.

"Now what?"

Could you please explain? Although he swallowed the back words, Ares shed a smirk as if he had guessed Hyunjun's mind.

"I am in a hurry. Do you want to become a lord right now?"

Hyun Jun-eum kept silence at Ares' question.

"That heart, I know it all."

You would want to smash the enemy right away, Ares added. Hyunjun put a faint smile on his lips instead of answering.

"That is why I am giving you a deity. Kang Hyun-jun."

Ares took his gaze away from Hyun-jun. Suddenly, a golden sword was in his hand.

Given the atmosphere, it was not difficult to guess that it was a necessary tool for the appointment of a deity.

"Kneel on your left knee."

Ares said. Hyunjun followed. Like a knight swearing an oath to his master, he knelt down on his left knee and raised his head slightly.

"I will not appoint you as a deity."

The golden sword touched his right shoulder.

"We risked everything, this time we must stop it."

The golden sword touched his left shoulder.

"I appoint you to the Godhead."

Ares recovered the golden sword. And he put it in front of Hyun-jun.

"Pull out that sword, and from that moment you become a god."

Hyun-jun pulled out his golden sword without saying a word. At that moment, the energy that started from the swordsman permeated through his right arm. It was not a divine energy worthy of the name of the Godhead. It's just overwhelming magic.

Hyeon-jun turned his head toward Ares with a faint smile at the unique sense of satisfaction that fills his body.

"It's okay."

"Yeah, it's okay."

The corners of his lips drew an arc, but he spat out indifferently. Seeing that, Ares replied with a grin.

"Before we go, let me give you one more piece of advice."

"I will read it."

"You are now a deity."

At Ares' words, Hyunjun nodded. undoubtedly true.

"Keep talking."

Hyunjun gently urged him.

"Do you know what it means to become a god?"

"I don't know exactly, but doesn't that mean that I have a strong power?"

"It is also not wrong. But there is one most important thing."

meaningful I stopped talking at an important moment.

Hyunjun's eyes twinkled. He fixed his gaze on Ares and opened his ears.

"The magical power of the Godhead can handle the Black Magic Stone of the Invasion Command."

"The Black Magic Stone… … ?"

"I want to tell you more, but I don't have time. Goodbye, go and win."

Ares said in a sad voice. His gaze turned downward. Hyunjun looked down at his feet.

From below, the body was scattered to dust.

'What? I've never had anything like this before... … .'

When he left the room of his previous life, his vision was always darkened or he went out of his own will.

It was the first time it had turned into powder. It was as if someone was forcibly deported.

It didn't take long. When Ares closed his eyes and opened them again, he could no longer see Hyun-jun in front of him.

Instead, a man in a black robe appeared behind him. The hood was pressed so deeply that the face was not visible.

"Are you here?"

Ares turned towards the man in the robe.


"He did something fun. Ares."

"Do you even feel that you are 'fun', the most distant from human beings?"

Ares replied with a grin. The coordinator raised his head. Red eyes flashed in the small darkness under the hood.

"Do you know the punishment?"

"Are you taking a short break like a messenger?"

At Ares' question, the tuner shook his head.

"no. Ares, you will rest forever."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 173


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