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Chapter 174 - The Godhead - Part 1



dry voice. However, on the contrary, Tiringer's heart began to rise.

'It was unexpected, but I was still just a growing human being.'

A smile spread across Tiringer's lips. Well, the right person was executed. Now, his position within the invasion command will be higher.

It was the moment when he was about to turn his body from the motionless Hyun-jun and move.

"I would have said it wasn't the end."

thought he was dead It must have pierced my heart, right? Along with the sound of the voice, the magic of cold life spread like an explosion in all directions.

It was powerful enough to overwhelm everything. From afar, the Invaders that surrounded them in a circle collapsed helplessly.

Even Tiringer, a Tier 5 Invader, was able to lose the strength of his legs due to the enormous fear that came in an instant.

"Hey, what suddenly… … ."

The one who deserved to be a corpse was resurrected? Even with such a huge amount of magical power that even a Level 5 Invader himself could be overwhelmed?

'Were you hiding your power?'

a sudden thought. But Tiringer soon shook his head. Even if you hide your power, do you really need a spear to pierce your heart?

The trouble could not last long. The sharp momentum felt from the right person in front of him warned that the battle was not far away.

"I don't know how I got to the level of divine nature, but I will gladly deal with you… … qualified person. Come on."

"I would have gone without saying anything."

Hyeonjun exhaled coldly, raising his magic power. Tiringer also raised two daggers.

The moment before the battle, a thought passed through Hyun-jun's head.

'The magical power of the Godhead can handle the Black Magic Stone.'

These were the words of Ares. So, does that mean that you can use the magical power of the Black Magic Stone like when you summon the Infinite Legion?

'Let's try it.'

Instead of attacking Tiringer, Hyeonjun took out a black magic stone from the subspace pocket. And without hesitation, he crushed it and poured the powder into his mouth.

"Eligible… … what a crazy thing... … ."

Tiringer looked at him with a puzzled expression. As the fragments of the black magic enemy were absorbed into the body, the evil magic raised its head. But now, it was the existence of Hyunjun's divine nature.

The magic of the Black Magic Stone didn't do much harm, but instead, Hyeon-jun made it his own using the magic he learned from Gildre.

"What is this… … ."

Something is wrong. Tiringer wanted to deny the powerful magic that is exploding from Hyun-jun's body now. this can't be beat

Hyunjun saw that and opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"Down in fear."

There was a sense of oppression in his voice. As Hyun-jun increased his momentum, Tiringer felt like he was being crushed by a heavy rock.

No, it wasn't just a feeling. In fact, a huge magical power was weighing him down.

"Wow, whoops… … ."

"Are you in pain?"

Hyunjun asked. Tiringer couldn't even answer. It was because Hyunjun didn't allow it.

"Yes, suffer. That's all you're allowed to do now."

Suddenly, in Hyeon-jun's right hand, instead of a hell yam, a golden sword was held. The dazzling golden sword holds magical power as powerful as its splendid appearance.

Auror blades rose from the golden sword. Tiringer swallowed dry saliva. The other Invaders who form a huge circle did not even dare to approach Hyunjun.

"Is the eligible person elevated to the divine status?"

"This is absurd… … ."

The Invaders were astonished. Wasn't it wretchedly defeated by Tiringer, a rank 5 Invader and the Great Warrior of Unit 281, just a moment ago? Then he fell and got up again. with great magic.

What the hell happened in that short span of less than 5 seconds?

'You have to resist. If I die like this, this place will collapse.'

If the army mobilized to attack the Korean Peninsula is routed, the position of the head of Unit 281, Roscal, will be in jeopardy.

Tiringer raised his head with a determined look. When the magic power was released from his body, the energy that had been suppressed seemed to be released a little.

At that moment, Tiringer jumped up and threw the dagger. One dagger split into hundreds.

"Not through."

Hundreds of daggers aimed at Hyeonjun stopped in mid-air. Golden energy was attached to the black daggers and tied them up like a rope.

It wasn't an ordinary dagger throw. He was using the magic of the Invaders, but he was too helpless in front of the magic of the divine god that Hyunjun was dealing with.

Tiringer was at a loss for words in front of Hyun-jun's overwhelming force.

"Is it my turn now?"

He had only uttered a single word, but Tiringer stepped back with a look of terror.

"Is this the power of the Godhead!"

Tiringer did not want to believe this reality now. Looking at the astonished Invaders, Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth.

And he held a golden sword imbued with divine power.

"Sword Drain."

know how to use it. Fragments of memory flowed from the golden sword. Hyeon-jun skillfully spit out the starting words and threw the golden sword into the sky.

The moment the golden sword pierced the sky, auror blades composed of golden magical power poured down like rain from above. There were hundreds of numbers.



As the Auror Blades poured, the Invaders collapsed helplessly. Some of them opened the shield, but they were pierced and torn like thin paper.

It was the same with Tiringer. A Class 5 Invader and the Great Warrior of Unit 281, three golden Auror blades were inserted into his body alone.

"Big, uh… … ."

Pain mingled out of the harsh breath. A moan broke out and blood poured out.

'It's not just an Auror Blade… … .'

Curses at the divine level are mixed. That too a lot.

Tiringer's eyes fluttered. Even if he was a god, his complexion would change if he used this level of magical power, but the eligible person in front of him was fine without even a slight shake.

'Is it because of the Black Magic Stone? full of energy.'

The corners of Hyun-jun's lips drew an arc. Magic was overflowing. The magical power of the Black Magic Stone was greater than expected.

And Gildre's method of digesting it was also highly efficient.

I thought that maybe it could be superior to the technique used by the invasion command.

"Wow, whoops… … ."

can't win Tiringer groaned in a cold sweat. Despair raised its head.

"Are you going to finish it soon?"

This is not the room of a previous life. That means time passes. And Unit 281 of the Invasion Command was still carrying out an invasion operation on Earth little by little.

The golden sword headed towards Tiringer. Magic power gathered at the tip of the blade.


Tiringer groaned. The magic inside was boiling. It was as dangerous as it was about to explode.

The moment he felt his vision blurred, his body exploded with terrible pain.

"It's futile."

It happened too quickly for the last level 5 Invaders, and it was powerless.

Hyeon-jun's gaze, who had killed Tiringer at once, turned to the airships filling the sky.

Hyunjun's body flew into the sky.

"None of you will come back alive."

As he swung his golden sword, a golden curtain opened. The escape route of the airships was blocked. At the same time, the sky opened and golden aurora blades poured out.

The airships carried out evasive maneuvers, but they were not fast enough to avoid the Auror Blade that was pierced at a speed that broke the speed of sound. And above all, it was huge.

I opened Sword Drain and closed my eyes once and then opened it, but most of the airships were stuck in the Auror Blade and crashing down one by one with the appearance of a hedgehog.

"Turn around!"

Some of the surviving airships started turning at once under the instructions of the leader of the flyer. Like the airships equipped with the Invasion Command's technology, they were on the fast side despite their large size.

But in front of them as they turned hard, there was a golden curtain.

"Don't think you can run away."

Hyeon-jun quietly exhaled as he watched the airships hurriedly blocked by the golden curtain. And once again the sword was poured upon them.

* * *

The troops of Unit 281, which were marching toward the Republic of Korea, were annihilated by Kang Hyeon-jun, who had reached the height of divine status.

Including the late arrivals, more than 200,000 soldiers died near the armistice.

In this battle, Hyeonjun acquired hundreds of Black Magic Stones. Now is the time to think about where to use them.

There are many ways to use it. You can permanently summon and deploy the Infinite Corps, or you can strengthen air carriers and the SS. Hyeonjun remembered that Levian had said a while ago that he could use the enhancement technique using the Black Magic Stone.

'I think it'll be fine if I test it on the SS... … .'

They were strong because they were basically fortified by physical experimentation. Even if there are some side effects, it will be tolerated.

And if the side effects were less than I thought, I was thinking of using a strengthening technique using black magic stone for the guild members as well.

'There is time.'

A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. In the recent battle at the Armistice Line, Unit 281 lost more than half of the troops it had landed on Earth.

It was fatal damage. Unit 281, which was advancing without hesitation, was forced to stop because of this.

After a short break, Hyun-jun headed to Levin's workshop. Levian mainly lived in a workshop built in the guild office complex.


The interior of the studio had a similar structure to the room in the previous life where Gildre was staying and had an atmosphere. Hyun-jun approached Levin, who was preoccupied with something in a nook, and called his name.

Levin shook his head.

"Did you find me?"

"Do you remember when we talked about enhancement techniques using black magic stones?"

"Yes. Although it is weak, he did not allow it because he was concerned about the side effects and expected that the Black Magic Stone would be consumed more than expected."

Levin's eyes twinkled. He thought he was good at reading moods.

And now, I have a strong conviction that Hyeon-jun will allow the use of enhancement techniques using black magic stones.

"Can I perform that enhancement technique right now with only the Black Magic Stone?"

"It is not difficult. However, as mentioned earlier, mild side effects may occur. It also consumes a lot of Black Magic Stone."

And you don't want any side effects. Levin swallowed the back words. Hyunjun looked at him and smiled.

"Black Magic Stone is enough. The side effects can also be found primarily through the test subjects."

"The test subject… … Where do you get it from?"

"Use my bodyguards."

Hyunjun said in a cold voice.

-Gestein and the will of salvation are together. In the name of salvation, cruel means will be tolerated.

- The current liberation degree according to the synchronization rate is level 1. A loyal bodyguard has no antagonism. Levian's sanity is slightly paralyzed.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 174


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